UK Seafood Pancakes Recipe: A Deliciously Different Take On Breakfast

Are you looking for a unique breakfast recipe that’s packed with flavour? If so, then look no further! I’m here to provide you with an amazing UK seafood pancakes recipe that will add some delightful variety to your mornings. This recipe combines traditional British ingredients like smoked haddock, soft cheese and chives into light and fluffy pancakes – it’s deliciousness on a plate! Plus, this recipe is easy enough for anyone to make – if you can cook eggs then you can master this dish!

So if you’re ready to try something new, let’s get cooking! Here’s what you’ll need; smoked haddock fillets, plain flour, milk eggs and butter (optional). Follow my step-by-step instructions carefully or tweak the quantities of ingredients based on how many people are eating. Not only does this delicious breakfast taste great but it’s also sure to impress family and friends alike. So let’s get started making these tasty UK seafood pancakes together!

If you’re looking to make seafood pancakes, then you’ll need a few key ingredients. This includes some type of seafood (such as shrimp or crab), eggs, vegetables, flour and seasonings. Additionally, if desired, you can also include cheese or other items to add more flavour. Once all the ingredients are gathered together it’s time to start preparing the batter for your pancakes!

When making the batter for your seafood pancakes it’s important not to overmix them so that they remain light and fluffy. Start by combining the wet ingredients such as eggs and milk in a bowl until uniform throughout. Then slowly add in the dry ingredients such as flour and seasonings while stirring with a whisk until everything is well blended together. Lastly stir in any additional items like veggies or cheese before transferring into a separate bowl for frying later on.

Once your batter is ready it’s time to start frying up those delicious seafood pancakes! Heat up some oil on medium-high heat in a pan before scooping out small portions of your pancake mixture onto an oiled surface with either an ice cream scoop or spoon depending on what size pancake you prefer. Cook each side evenly until golden brown before transferring onto paper towels to allow excess oil to be absorbed off of them. Continue this process until all of your batter has been used up!

You can store any leftover cooked seafood pancakes easily within an airtight container in either refrigerator or freezer depending on how soon they will be eaten again – just remember that frozen food will last longer than fresh food stored inside fridge so plan accordingly when storing yours away! When ready to serve again simply reheat using microwave oven at highest setting but make sure not burn upon removal from appliance after done cooking!

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