Easy Air Fryer Scones Recipe: Delicious & Ready In 15 Minutes!

Are you looking for a quick and delicious snack? Look no further! I have just the perfect recipe for you – easy air fryer scones. They’re ready in 15 minutes and only require a few simple ingredients. With this recipe, you’ll be able to satisfy your cravings without having to wait ages or slave away in the kitchen all day.

I’m passionate about making mouthwatering meals with minimal effort, and these scones are one of my favorite recipes that hit both marks! I’ve been trying out lots of different dishes with my air fryer over the years, so it has become second nature to me now. In this article, I’ll show you how to make these delightful treats from scratch. You won’t believe how easy they are! So get your supplies ready because by the time we’re done here, you’ll be munching on fresh air fryer scones in no time!

Making scones in an air fryer is easier than you might think! It all starts with the ingredients and preparation. You’ll need to have your dry ingredients ready for mixing, such as flour, sugar, baking powder and salt. Once these are ready, it’s time to set up your air fryer settings. Depending on the model of your machine, there will be different temperature settings available. Generally speaking though, you want to preheat the air fryer at 350-400 degrees Fahrenheit before adding in the batter and other toppings like fruits or nuts.

Next comes placement of the basket inside of your air fryer – make sure it’s securely placed so that nothing spills out during cooking! After that is done properly – take a moment to mix all of your dry ingredients together until they form a doughy consistency. Now add any extra toppings you’d like into this mixture before spooning them evenly into each space in the basket. Ensure not too much batter is added because otherwise they won’t bake evenly! Finally put it into preheated air fryer for about 10 minutes or less depending on how crispy/browned you like them – check regularly after 7 minutes just to make sure nothing burns or sticks onto bottom of pan/basket itself! Finally remove from heat and let cool down before serving; serve with butter/jam/honey if desired!

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