Will the coronavirus pandemic end in 2020?

Will the coronavirus pandemic end in 2020?

When Will Coronavirus Pandemic End?

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Answer 1
September, 2021

Now it is already clear that not. It is necessary that in each individual state there is a majority with antibodies, but now it is the other way around. The majority can overtake the minority sharply if vaccinated.

Answer 2
September, 2021

No, this year will not end . And the next one too. All this is serious, and for a long time.

Moreover, those "quarantine measures" that are taken absolutely unambiguously lead to the fact that the immunity of people will decrease, and, therefore, people will be increasingly vulnerable to diseases, including for the coronavirus.

After all, what needs to be done to ensure that the population is healthy, so that immunity in people increases?

there are only three things:

- to make medicine both of high quality and generally available;

- to raise the standard of living of the population;

- to improve the quality of life of the population.

But the Russian authorities are doing exactly the opposite! It is not surprising that immunity in the population of Russia is getting worse and worse, and people are becoming more and more vulnerable to various diseases, especially during seasonal SARS.

But the government, no doubt, will use the time of the beginning of seasonal SARS (the end of September, most likely) to tighten "karan measures ", which, no doubt, will only aggravate the situation, because depriving millions of people of their livelihood and prohibiting walks will not add immunity to anyone - everything will be exactly the opposite.

own exhausts through the mask also does not add immunity.

Wearing a mask in just a few seconds reduces the permissible oxygen level much below the critical (experts have established that the oxygen level is below 19.5% for human organism is already unacceptable). If a person wears a mask, then under the mask, even if the person does not do any hard work, the oxygen content, according to the experiments, is 17.5% .

In other words, if the person in the mask, the amount of oxygen that he consumes is well below the minimum critical level. It is too little, completely insufficient for the human body.

And such a situation, no doubt, causes irreparable harm to human health and reduces his immunity. And this, again, even if the person is not involved in hard work or sports. And if it does, it's even worse, because the body experiences a real oxygen starvation (hypoxia).


Thus, the facts clearly point to the following: prolonged wearing of a mask causes colossal and irreparable harm to healthview a person. Especially if he plays sports or hard physical labor.

And millions of people are forced to wear a mask, because at work they are forced to do it. This is how colossal harm is inflicted on people's health.

This is a vicious circle: the longer the "quarantine measures" and the tougher they are, the worse the situation becomes , for people are becoming more and more weaker and more and more will hurt (especially during seasonal SARS).

And this will be used in order to "quarantine measures" and continue and tighten, as the reason for the worsening situation will be explained to us precisely because the "quarantine measures" are not strict enough, and that people do not follow them well.

And this, in turn, will be the reason for:

  • further deprive people of constitutional rights;

  • enslave the common people even more and worsen their economic situation;

  • reduce the "surplus population" even more and faster to further reduce "unnecessary" social benefits and save the budget.

And this is the true goal of all this so-called "health care".

Another thing is that a lot will depend on the civic position of the people who have to answer for themselves to a very simple question: does he want such a future for himself and his children or not?

And if he doesn't want to, then it's time to remember a very good song from the wonderful Soviet film "The Adventures of Electronics":

" And you, man, you are both strong and brave,

Do your destiny with your own hands,

Swim against the wind, don't stand still,

Understand, there is no simple road! "

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