Why is it more interesting for some people to spend time alone and do not strive for society (even their like-minded people)?

Why is it more interesting for some people to spend time alone and do not strive for society (even their like-minded people)?

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Answer 1
May, 2021

For many objective reasons.

A person could get tired of excessive communication.

Famous and public people often live in seclusion so that the paparazzi would not crawl through the fence to them. And the adorers did not take them away to the imperishable relics. Evita Peron was out of luck. From time to time, only appearing in public, for recordings, interviews, concerts, autographs, these people often live only in a very narrow circle of acquaintances. It is difficult to reach them even for beauties eager to conclude an alliance with them. It is dangerous for them to show their children. They receive many threats, hooligans call them, hackers want to hack them, sometimes terrorists want to kidnap them, sometimes they cannot literally sit in a cafe or go out for a walk in the park. And they are afraid for their children. It’s not just haters that are dangerous. Stupid admirers are no less dangerous.

Some people call sbya not just fans, but "superfans". And so all sorts of superfans ... can be very dangerous out of a thirst for love.

At the beginning of his solo career, Michael Jackson once separated from his security guards, then he described that he experienced fear in a crowd of people that not ripped, "felt like spaghetti in the oven." He lived all his life in the Neverland estate, which he built as his private world based on the stories of Peter Pan. Many did not understand: why is he so isolated? Why is it so rare to give interviews?

To protect privacy, you have to pay a lot of money.

They also pay their personal psychologists for mental problems ... a lot too.

Being in a crowd of those who love you, a celebrity can feel insincerity, artificiality. Therefore, he wants to be only in a very narrow circle. And then it turns out that you can't run away from yourself.

People think that a person can buy friendship, love and fame when money appears. But even world-famous stars die from cancer, AIDS, or mental problems, so there are suicides in people from big social activists. People are immediately shocked: "How is that? He had everything!" You can't buy health that way.

Died of cancer - Audrey Hepburn, George Harisson, Bob Marley. and many more names. The best doctors in the world, could not do anything ... Then dirty demagoguery - "we remember the star!" - but who are not known who have no money, who are just dying of cancer right now, we do not care until we are personally concerned - this no. And then it turns out that all the forcing and hype, at memorial concerts dedicated to the diseases of the stars, goes simply to pharmaceutical medical funds, where it falls into the hands of wealthy investors.

Kurt Cobain was cut in the 90s.

Vocalist Linkin Park - Chestor Bennington, drank in the 10th. The theme of his songs, to be honest, is depressing. He yelled at concerts - Give up !! - and this is his theme of songs in the form of a cry of pain.

These two comrades had bipolar. A very creative illness, so to put it mildly.

Dave Gahan from Depeche Mode wanted to follow Cobain, but his clinical deaths and overdoses have already become familiar to everyone, so he turned out to be very tenacious. the doctors joked about him - "he iscat-cat ". He did not have a bipolar girl, but he was heavily drug addicted to Heroin, and at the same time shitty purified. When he is over 50 now, he says that he has settled down, a decent family man.

All mentioned three are alternatives.

And then there is Ozzy ... a sinister Satanist from Deathrch Dark metal, as he openly calls himself. In the very first concerts of the Black Sabbath group, several suicides happened, and three of his families at once accused under US law that their children got drunk because they listened to his songs. In their pre-recordings, they wrote - Ozzy, we are coming to you! - And Ozzy's posters hung in their rooms. He responded to the accusations - "If all my fans are done life by suicide, who will buy my CDs ?! "Nobody arrested him. Ozzy tried all the buzzes without exception, and assures that this is not necessary, now he oversees funds to help people with drug addiction and alcoholism.

There are also guys from the Ghost gang, not trash at all, they wore masks ... a lot years, they called themselves - three no-names of the muttering voices of darkness ... when I had to take off the masks, everything was fine. Under them were not demons, but good, well-fed people. Their leader is Papa Emeritus Dark Pontiffus, aka Dark Papa. Until they have done anything boundless, health is good ...

Well, what am I for? The rich also cry!

Answer 2
May, 2021

I can explain this by watching movies in the cinema.

I always go to the theaters alone, even when there is an opportunity to go out with friends.

This is because if you watch a movie with others, then they may start laughing at unfunny moments or will try to whisper with you or even rustle popcorn.

Because of this, you watch the film superficially, you cannot get involved in it, you will not be able to fully feel its atmosphere .

(The same applies to girls, you watch a movie, and they climb up to kiss you)

The same is about privacy, you want to stay with your thoughts, and not listen stupid rofly or superficial nonsense.

As one person with an exorbitant level of PSI said: if I want to talk to a genius, I speak to myself.

Ps But there is also a second opinion, and it is related to psychology. The thing is that, according to the Reinin signs, people can be divided into questim and delactim. So, questyms are people who like to listen more and they are interested in hearing a person's opinion about something. Therefore, such people cannot understand how it is possible not to communicate with anyone and constantly be in solitude (they call it loneliness).

Answer 3
May, 2021

Some people think. With your head. And they don't like it when they are often led astray.

Some people read a lot. And this occupation is also "not on friendly terms" with frequent interferences, "loves silence."

In general, contacts "in real life" are selected ... from what is available. It turns out a sort of "elite rabble", selected rabble. It is flexible to form and reform your social circle conveniently on the Web. Well ... relatively convenient.

And even here - few of us put the proper effort into this business. We have all the more important things to do. To become a member of privileged circles of communication, to become influential in some of your own ... But in fact, in terms of communication, there is nothing more important than forming a comfortable and pleasant circle of like-minded people ...

Answer 4
May, 2021
  1. Psychology. It is explained by personal characteristics.

  2. A pragmatic approach. It is explained by personal development. An interesting and developing person always has a line of things that you want to spend time on. And it is always difficult to find people close in spirit, circle, way of thinking.

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