Why does the back itch?

Why does the back itch?

Would You Itch My Back?

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Answer 1
June, 2021

Causes of itching in the anus and perineum !!

Lichen planus in the groin area

Experts identify several of the most common causes of itching and discomfort in the perineum and anus in men.

Fungus in the perineum in men

The most common fungus that affects the perineum and anus are fungi of the genus Candid, popularly called the disease thrush. The fungus begins to actively multiply when the body is weakened (illness, decreased immunity). As a rule, candidiasis affects:

The mucous membrane of the mouth, esophagus, stomach, intestines, liver;

The skin of the genitals of men and women;

The skin of the inguinal folds;


Symptoms of the fungus are:

Itching in the groin, anus and perineum;

Pink, red, brown spots on the skin and around the anus;

Spots of different diameters and shapes;

Scaly skin;

In a neglected form, purulent discharge.

Treatment of the fungus in the perineum is the use of antifungal creams Clotrimazole, Terbinox, Triderm, Ketoconazole, Chlorhexidine solution.

To treat fungus in the anus, Heparin and Troxevasin ointment, rectal (anal) suppositories are prescribed. All medications are prescribed only by a specialist, do not self-medicate.


Stages of hemorrhoids

Another disease that causes discomfort and itching in the anus ... This is an ailment caused by a violation of the outflow of blood into the rectal tissue. In addition to burning and itching, symptoms of hemorrhoids can be:

Mucous discharge with blood;

Burning in the anal area;

Puffiness, inflammation;

Admixture of blood during defication.

A specialist should deal with the treatment of the disease and symptoms of hemorrhoids. Practice shows that self-treatment at home rarely leads to a positive result and full recovery, exacerbating the situation.

Hemorrhoid therapy consists in taking antihemorrhoid suppositories and ointments. In advanced cases, the patient is prescribed surgical intervention or removal of formations using a laser or nitrogen.

Intestinal dysbiosis

Intestinal dysbiosis is a common cause of burning and itching in the anus

Frequent constipation, loose stools, gastrointestinal diseases can lead to itching in the anus and perineum. The cause of dysbiosis can be a fungus in the intestines, decreased immunity, infection, poor-quality food, bad habits, etc.

Dysbiosis is treated with:

Normalization of nutrition and diet;

Taking antibiotics (to eliminate harmful bacteria);

Taking medications that restore the intestinal microflora (Hilak-Forte, Linex, etc.).

Candidal urethritis

White discharge with candidal urethritis photo

Itching in the anus in men, irritation in the perineum and on the penis - all these symptoms can signal a fungal disease - candidal urethritis. This is due to the weakening of the mucus barriertrue urethra, candidal urethritis can be caused by:


Neurosis, stress;

Diabetes mellitus;

Allergies, psoriasis ;

Active use of strong antibiotics;

Decreased immunity.

As a rule, the fungus affects the walls of the urethra, but not infrequently it can "settle" on the skin of the inguinal folds and tissues of the anal passage. It can also manifest as pale white discharge from the urethra, reddish-brown spots on the penis, groin and perineum. Spots can be of different colors and sizes with peeling of the skin.

Medication is prescribed using antifungal drugs (Fluconazole tablets, Ketoconazole cream and Clotrimazole).


These two problems are closely related to each other. Excess weight provokes active sweating, which in turn can lead to skin irritation, diaper rash and dermatitis, which cause itching in the perineum in men. There is no definite method of treatment for this problem; it is necessary to normalize your weight by following a diet. At this time, the inguinal folds, the anus and the perineum can be periodically disinfected with Chlorhexidine solution.

Diabetes mellitus

Burning, unpleasant itching, pain in the anus and genitals may indicate diabetes mellitus ... A consultation with an endocrinologist is required here.

In addition, itching in the anus in men may appear due to allergic reactions to poor-quality clothing, infection with parasites (worms), other skin diseases (lichen planus, etc.)

Personally, a new generation natural remedy, which is 4 times more effective than ointments and suppositories, helped me a lot with congestive hemorrhoids!

Its advantages:

• Promotes the rapid elimination of pain and discomfort;

• Completely heals both internal and external hemorrhoids;

• Effective in almost any stage of the disease (amenable to conservative treatment);

• Normalizes blood circulation in the lower rectum, strengthens the venous walls and prevents the appearance of hemorrhoids in the future;

• Prevents the development of complications of hemorrhoids, including rectal cancer;

• Can be used to prevent hemorrhoids and anal fissures.

If interested, here's a link to the tool.

Answer 2
June, 2021

Ooh, whatever the reason, I advise you to find out from the doctor. Normally, the backside should not itch, and the most common causes of this phenomenon are parasites in the intestines, some foods eaten, a side effect of a drug, hemorrhoids or, forgive, hospadi, anal fissure. You can find out the cause by the accompanying symptoms, but you will have to go to the doctor for treatment, and he will not prescribe it until the diagnosis is confirmed. Be healthy and take care of your butt!

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