Why does my back hurt in the morning after sleeping?

Why does my back hurt in the morning after sleeping?

What Causes Back Pain At Night? | Backsplaining

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Answer 1
June, 2021

If there is back pain after sleep, back pain, there may be two main reasons: muscle damage or destruction of the cartilage of the spine (osteochondrosis).

In the first case, muscle pain may be caused by an uncomfortable posture in during the day or while sleeping, uncomfortable bed, hypothermia at night (for example, from an open window), excessive physical activity. Accordingly, the treatment of back pain will be based on the use of anti-inflammatory and analgesic drugs (NSAIDs - tablets and ointments), you can also use warming ointments and plasters (for example, pepper).

In the second case, the causes of back pain are in destruction intervertebral discs. The fact is that the vertical position of a person leads to excessive stress on the spine. Sedentary work is especially dangerous - office and sports exercises with vertical loads. In this case, treatment should be based on competent physical therapy and the use of chondroprotectors.

Answer 2
June, 2021

Exogenous and endogenous factors are commonly referred to as the causes of back pain after sleep.

External causes of back pain after sleep:

  1. Sleep in an uncomfortable position. When the muscles of the back are in tension, spasm occurs, resulting in "aching", "pulling" pains.
  2. Unsuitable mattress. Rest on soft mattresses that do not adapt to the peculiarities of the position of the spine, forcing the spinal column to be in an unnatural position, again exerting stress on the back muscles. As a result, the muscles are overstrained.
  3. Wrong pillow. Painful sensations in the cervical spine can occur due to an incorrectly selected pillow: it is either too high or low.

Internal reasons that every morning a person has lower back pain:

  1. Osteochondrosis. This destructive process of cartilage and bone tissue of the spinal column can occur in the cervical, thoracic and lumbar regions. It develops against the background of neuralgia, hypothermia, or as a natural wear and tear of the body. Symptoms are tension at the site of the problem, numbness of the limbs. With cervical osteochondrosis, headaches, tinnitus, vision problems occur, pain is felt in the area of ​​the shoulders and shoulder blades. With thoracic osteochondrosis, pain occurs when breathing, with an incorrect posture while lying. Lumbar osteochondrosis is characterized by intense pain during movement, sharp turns.
  2. Diseases of the joints. Another cause of lower back pain after sleep can be joint inflammation. Painful sensations arise due to a long stay of a person at rest, that is, during sleep. As you wake up and increase motor activity, joint pain disappears.
  3. Spasms in the muscles. Cramps are usually caused by increased muscle tension. Overvoltage occurs as a result of injuries, physical overload. Inflammation of injured tendons, ligaments and muscles is characterized by acute painful sensations during movement (especially after prolonged static posture), and may decrease with rest and adoption of the "correct" body position.
  4. Intervertebral hernia. Pain in the back occurs immediately after sleep in the lumbar region with a hernia, and during movement the intensity of pain decreases. The pain is sharp, severe and may come on suddenly.

If a person feels lower back pain after sleeping on his stomach, then the predisposing factors may be diseases such as:

• Spondyloarthrosis;

• Scoliosis;

• Osteoporosis;

• Bechterew's disease;

• Diseases of internal organs;

• Neuralgia.

What can develop diseases?

Pain in the morning in the lumbar spine can be the cause of banal overexertion, the result of prolonged sitting, as well as a consequence of the development of pathological processes in the spine and in case of malfunction of internal organs.


Possible pathologistai spinal column:

  1. Oncology of the spinal column. The disease is rare, the reasons for the formation of metastases include a decrease in immunity as a result of HIV infection and AIDS, human papillomavirus, radiation and chemical damage.
  2. Vertebral fractures. They occur when there is excessive stress on the vertebrae, for example, jumping from a height. Seemingly insignificant mechanical damage can lead to serious consequences for human health.
  3. Tuberculosis of the spine. It occurs with pulmonary tuberculosis in an advanced stage. The pain is of different nature, occurs mainly during movement and load on the back.
  4. Osteoporosis. The disease manifests itself in connection with the thinning of tissues in the spine due to the lack of sufficient nutrition of the cells.

Alcohol, caffeine, decreased or increased activity, trauma to the spine, chemical or radiation therapy, taking hormonal drugs, underweight accelerate the process of destruction.

In internal organs

Diseases of internal organs are also the cause of back pain in the morning after sleep. The list of dangerous pathologies include:

• Diseases of the kidneys and urinary system. Kidney problems are characterized by localized pain sensations on one side of the body. The intensity of the pain does not depend on the position of the body. Eliminate soreness only means for relieving spasms, frequent and painful urination is observed.

• Gynecological diseases. Severe pain in the lumbar region in women can occur for various reasons. This may be the wrong location of the uterus, inflammatory processes in the reproductive organ and its appendages, endometriosis, premenstrual period.

• Prostatitis in men. Prostatitis is a very dangerous disease that, if not treated promptly, can quickly turn into prostate cancer. Pain in the lower back and groin area, the same painful urination are included in the list of symptoms of inflammation of the prostate gland.

• Pathological processes in the intestines. Often, pain in the intestines is accompanied by the ingestion of dangerous parasites into the human body. Inflammatory processes of the digestive system lead to the destruction of the integrity of the connective tissue. As a result, the patient develops a peptic ulcer or peritonitis. In the future, bacteria multiply in the circulatory system, which can be fatal.

The lower back hurts in the morning after sleep, and then disappears in pregnant women due to the severity of the fetus. Stress, a sedentary lifestyle, unhealthy diet - everything that a person experiences and gets used to during life is reflected in changes in the body.

My personal experience. My back was very painful in lower back. I came to the hospital - they did an MRI, they said: “You have a hernia and osteochondrosis of the 4th degree. Get ready for the operation ”… I almost fainted there! Horrible! What operation, I'm only 38? It turns out, and soOm age, you can get osteochondrosis of the 4th degree. But it all started with the usual pain in the lower back, which then became chronic, aching, then a lumbar hernia formed! She interfered with sleep and walking. I refused the operation because I was afraid of anesthesia: suddenly I would fall asleep and would not wake up anymore. I also have heart problems. As a result, they prescribed me a bunch of useless medications, and when I returned, the doctors simply shrugged their shoulders, saying what do you want, the operation should be done ... A couple of months ago, on the Internet, I came across one article that literally saved me. I regained my health and the pain is gone! I am so grateful to fate, the chance that led me to this article! Finally my spine is healthy, thanks to this article! Everyone who has pain in the back and joints - it is MANDATORY to read to everyone! Now there is NO PAIN, I sleep normally, I walk and work in the country. For anyone interested, you can read an interesting article in detail at this link. I wish everyone to defeat this disease!

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