Why do Russian people tolerate everything?

Why do Russian people tolerate everything?

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Answer 1
July, 2021

Another stupid question that does not imply any alternative. You can immediately see an admirer of some Shevtsovs and Stalin Gulags - just to give a shit about your country and your fellow citizens - but not yourself, "I'm smarter than the rest, these ..."

Russians do not tolerate - those who do not like it, protest, leave, try to change something. Or, as in the case of many who answered this question, they just whine and call people in Russia "scoops", "ossified", and they say nonsense about "love for the owners" - yes, yes, a half-wit in the top, I, as a student Department of Genetics, University of Waterloo, I appeal to you!

And some people, can you imagine, like what Putin is doing, yeah! And there are quite a few of them - they do not care that the salary has become one hundred rubles less - but Putin "scares" the Americans and Crimea as part of Russia! Yes, these people are fewer and fewer, and I disagree with them, but this is their opinion! And how our liberals love to shout about the undemocratic nature of Russia (and this really exists, I will not deny it), but when it comes to taking into account the opinions of all these millions of Russians, they simply pout and say: "Nobody asked the opinion of cattle!"

And I sincerely hurt for my country and the liberal movement in it - I am a liberal myself. And it hurts me primarily not because the "bloody regime" oppresses the opposition, but because of what the opposition is turning into. Every day more and more people are becoming more and more popular, sweeping and despising a country with a thousand-year history, a country that has gone through so much! A movement with such elitist manners has no future - having looked at how the already present members of the movement treat them, they will not join it for anything. And if such guys become the leaders of the movement ... let it be better for the crab to reign for a hundred years.

But to answer briefly: Russians do not "tolerate" the current situation, they either change something, or this very situation enjoy. I allow people who offend me, my country and my people not to be considered Russians - I think that the majority of fellow citizens who read at least one of your posts will be in solidarity with me.

Answer 2
July, 2021

most likely this is one of the bonds of the people that came from Orthodoxy, driven into the mentality of the people.
Patience is a Christian virtue, but like any virtue it has its limits. However, those inexperienced in these subtleties confuse patience with connivance and lack of will, humility with servility, veneration of the authorities with servility before them, faith with self-confidence, the teachings of Christ with the teachings of Byzantium, the New Testament with the Resolutions of the Councils, the Apostles of Christ with the Equal-to-the-Apostles Constantine and Olga and Olga and Further. And because of this confusion, what is understood as virtue is actually ignorance. That is why Alexander Men, observing this state of affairs, spoke about this as follows:

Answer 3
July, 2021

And not only Russians. What do you think, ordinary Chinese or French are happy with everything?

Actually, if people were unable to agree with the leaders and the system they created, then there would be no states, and we would live like bears, each in his corner of the forest.

But it's another matter that the leaders are too often very bad individuals, because of this the tactics of tolerating all this is not justifiable.

Answer 4
July, 2021

What exactly do you mean?
If - a cattle-drunkard, wallowing in his vomit, then I wonder what can be done in order not to put up? Come up and make a remark, call the police, drag them aside?
There are such activists of "Lev against", great guys, athletes. They are doing the right thing, only if they have less work to do?
I personally don't know how to deal with this "fucking", the only way I see is not to be a part of it.

Answer 5
July, 2021

I don't see shit. I understand that in the outback it is most likely. But I live in St. Petersburg, here I have the opportunity to earn money, travel, dress decently and eat well. I’m not a pensioner, I’m not a single mother, I’m just an ordinary thirty-year-old man. Around me are my colleagues, friends who also try to live well, someone doesn’t. I’ll say right away that I’m not a jacket, I don’t support our government, but I’m not an oppositionist either. Someone will say that I suffered and so on, but what can you offer me good in return for my decent life? Revolutions, pogroms? Give your life on the barricades? Alas, the bright revolutionary future does not seem so bright to me. PS I see that they are already minus, I expected it would be just interesting to listen to the arguments and not stupid cons.

Answer 6
July, 2021

I think everything is relatively simple here.

Many of the commentators, although not without reason, write that we have always been patients, that being slaves is in our blood, and so on.

However, history does not show us this.

The same veche meetings, collective solutions to problems, free movement of peasants in Russia.

All that slavish mentality became characteristic for us after the full-fledged formation of serfdom under Ivan the Terrible.

And to fight for yourself and your freedom is a habit. And we simply do not have it. For over 400 years this habit has been hammered in us, for very obvious historical reasons (nevertheless, in a country with our density and population, the decision to secure the peasants in a certain area so that they do not scatter, unfortunately looks appropriate) .

We did not have the prosperity and opportunities to protest against the government. And as soon as they appeared, other countries also took advantage of this, and we got communism, which finally turned people into conformists.

Not much time has passed since then, the spirit of faith in the party and her line has not yet weathered.

Of course, the masses are in fact always inert, the policy is carried out by a few, and hundreds obey it.

But now those units that we have, and could do politics, feel great in this state of affairs.

Or they are trying to do something, but their efforts are clearly not enough to resist those who are happy with everything.

Answer 7
July, 2021

Everyone is used to this environment. Since, people compare everything that happens to the 90s. If it is better now than in the recent 90s, then everything is fine in the country. Nobody wants to compare with the USA and Europe, because they are stupid and will soon rot !! 1 !! 1! We are all patient and it is unlikely that all this will change, while we are ruled by people from the "90s". It is because of them that we regress and nothing new and positive awaits us in the future.

All this Soviet mentality destroys not only Russia, but also the former USSR. The situation is the same everywhere (even worse in some regions).

Answer 8
July, 2021

I think that most do not understand what is happening, if they understood then everything would surely change for the better for them. They don't know what they are doing. The blind follow the blind and they all fall into the pit. And why?
Russia is a country which, according to the classic, was baptized, but was not enlightened . Since then, everything has been so in most cases. Russia was baptized into Orthodoxy, but they did not teach even the simplest - everything was reduced only to external rituals, to formalism, dogmatism and not a desire to reason and consider their worldview. 99% of people baptize in infancy, and since then they are considered Orthodox .. Can you imagine the degree of such absurdity? Me not. Baptism without an act of faith and your own choice, even consciousness - but you are already ORTHODOX, that is, correct. This is the root of all the delusions and diseases of Russian society. Orthodoxy teaches people hypocrisy as a bond and does not fulfill its vocation - the enlightenment of the Russian people. Instead, it has learned to live at the expense of society, and to live well-drunk and collect tribute from the people, and the people are taught to endure this state of affairs as pleasing to God. By the way, such a situation once existed in the West - the so-called Middle (Dark Ages), until the light of the Reformation dawned there, the motto of which was Solo Scriptura - Only Scripture. As soon as the nations turned to the light of the Word of God, understanding, understanding, structure came, sciences, rights, art and other benefits of civilization developed.

105 Your Word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path .
(Psalm 119: 105)

17 Sanctify them in Thy truth; Thy word is truth.
(John 17:17)

1 In the beginning was the Word , and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.
2 It was in the beginning with God.
3 Everything through Him began to be , and without Him nothing began to be that began to be.
4 In Him was life, and life was the light of men.
5 And the light shines in the darkness, and the darkness did not grasp his.

(John 1: 1-5)

But unfortunately the Church in Russia turned out to be strong - in it there were no forces similar to those in the West, which would lead to renewal, refreshment, Reformation, and those that were cruelly suppressed. The absence of the light of the Word of God makes Russia all these times in darkness. In Orthodoxy, even divine services are held in the Old Slavonic language, incomprehensible to the majority. I think that it was precisely because of this guilt that in 1917 the ROC was severely punished by the same people, which the church did not want to enlighten.
Everything continues in the same spirit - darkness in hearts and minds, and in darkness people can be fed whatever they want, because they do not understand what is good and what is bad, what happens - people are put on ideological glasses on their heads, fed myths, subject them to intimidation and phobias - Putin has outplayed everyone, if not Putin then who, Maidanophobia, Americophobia, conspiracies, we are respected, we fucked everyone, people are eaten in Ukraine and so on. LizoObservance before the authorities is presented as humility, black as white, green as pockmarked.


Answer 9
July, 2021

"God endured and ordered us."

In fact, it is not necessary to endure the fucking thing at all; And most often it turns out.

For the best thing about this all said Topic Lebedev. https://tema.livejournal.com/1718993.html

Answer 10
July, 2021

In fact, the question is very difficult. Although it seems so simple that few people think about it, answering they say "this mentality" or "it's all a drunkard."

Although I do not pretend that I will be right, I will explain how I see everything .

Basically, people do nothing either out of powerlessness or despair.

If you take an initiative group who are not satisfied with something:
They do not find support among their environment and they cannot do anything alone.
They do not know that someone owes them something.
Or they are so tired of beating against the wall that it is easier for them to put up with than to waste energy and nerves on something that is not gives no result. And they flow into a passive group.

If you take a passive group, which is not satisfied with something:
Here people think "yes, fuck with him and so I will live" or "well, at least not like 100,000 BC when people were whipped with lashes, there was food and they got fucked. " And people are sitting, they do not see the initiators and support, they are afraid to die in a mess.
Or they are waiting for the moment when there will be a critical mass that can change something. And which is able to instill in people hope for change.

If you take those who are satisfied with everything:
People are already tightly repulsed, live in their own little world and deny what does not fit into their picture of the world. Accusing everyone left and right, just not to admit that he is wrong and carries heresy.

In general, no matter how the younger generation shouts, no matter how many channels appear on YouTube, the majority is for Putin, the majority is for the current mode. Most do not know how to fight for themselves and do not know that they should fight at all. I won't say that most people like to live like this, but they do not mind. As the saying goes, "you can be patient." The younger generation is more sophisticated, although there are fears that they can also go for bulk goods no matter what, but this is unlikely. Young people are also raised to love the regime and the kings. They ridicule those who disagree and try to "rock the boat." There are quite a few of them in my environment and they are more busy with their lives, that is, if you show them that your life will get better, you can go abroad and you can buy good food for your child, then they will join (yes, 20 years old and there are already children in 2018 ggwp ). And so, it turns out that people who are ready for both changes and reforms are simply locked in a huge mass of inert population.

Answer 11
July, 2021

The problem is that the overwhelming majority of the population of the great immense does not see this shit. Basically, these are people who grew up on the propaganda of the scoop, and their descendants.

In general, if you look at our history, you will notice that ordinary people have always been under the yoke of their superiors, and did not really want to change anything. This is well expressed in the works of Russian writers such as Leo Tolstoy or Ivan Turgenev. An ordinary person, at the level of instincts, had an inherent adoration of all his masters, from the landlord to the head of state. How could such people have any revolutionary ideas? They did not notice anything around, and if they were told that it is possible to live better, they would not believe. With the advent of the scoop, everything only worsened.

We, ordinary Russian people, have always been obedient slaves-terpila. Freedom, which appeared for a moment at the arrival of the Great and was rapidly fading away with him, did not help a person to begin to consider himself a person who has responsibilities and rights that she has the right to defend. On the contrary, we see as if the savages have broken off the chain, living on the principle of "I eat pills, and I don't give a fuck", with awe following the propagandists of this way of life. They do not want to think about consolidation to achieve universal human goals, harmonious development of society, etc. Their main goal is to fuck as many "bitches" as possible, drink as much as possible, die as early as possible. And these are not dystopian, invented by me, heroes. There are actually plenty of them.

Various kinds of anecdotal creations about Russian tourists - true, but not at all funny. A man of a "fair breed" really looks like a dirty, disgusting monster, and I do not understand how one can admire this.

Now the Russian society has split into three "camps". The first are representatives of postsovka. They have a conserved brain, and will never, even with obvious advantages, accept a new one (I can say this, since most of my relatives are like that). The second - the very same "I spend money on garbage and spend it without stopping." I will not even comment here. And the third are those "stars of captivating happiness" who could, hypothetically, help Russia "wake up from sleep." But such units, and they are scattered in all corners of the boundless. And alone, it is impossible to change the regime that has formed throughout history. Therefore, these people, which is absolutely correct, leave the country while it is still possible.

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