Why do people use mate? How does obscenity affect those who pronounce it and those who hear it?

Why do people use mate? How does obscenity affect those who pronounce it and those who hear it?

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Answer 1
January, 2021

Functionally, mate is aggression (in the second person), as well as a signal about belonging to a particular social community (in the third person: in anecdotes, in everyday speech).

If, in response to a mate, they get in the face, it's beautiful. If they flogged in the stable for using the mat, I would be in favor. Actually, there is a place for the appropriate public - in the barnyard or in the pigsty. The coexistence of cultural and uncultured is mutually uncomfortable. I am for segregation.

Moreover, dirty speech is not used out of necessity, but rather out of habit. So, entire communities of mentally complete people do without it. For example, the Old Believers never swore.

Mate as an indicator of sexual and other mental deviations (for example, mate in bed) is not discussed.

Answer 2
January, 2021

Mat is an evil that destroys a person's soul.

1) People who are not Christians swear (even if they wear the cross and declare that they are believers - this is not so). The Christian faith eradicates the tendency to swearing, since swearing is a sin, and sin must be destroyed, first of all - in oneself.

2) Notorious people swear. Thus, they seek to convince others of their own coolness. Matershiniks perceive it this way: "I am strong, I am independent, therefore the opinion of other people and their reaction to my mate is nothing for me." But you need to understand that these are people who will hammer you. Someone quietly, talking about their trip to the store and using the mate in each sentence (after 2 sentences, after 5 sentences). Someone will chuckle in a big way, throwing out their aggression mixed with foul language. You will get used to it very soon. Disrespect for you will become the norm. Thus, notorious people will assert themselves at your expense. They need it. They really need you. In fact, they just use you for their own purposes.

3) People who were formed as individuals in unfavorable conditions (dysfunctional families) are cursing. It should be clarified that a dysfunctional family is not a poor family or an incomplete family. Both rich and intelligent families can be disadvantaged. Here the attitude towards the child is important, namely, indifference and unwillingness to raise him. There is a false idea that the child is loved, he is not pressed, he is allowed to do everything. As a result, permissiveness breeds licentiousness. Mat is a manifestation of promiscuity in a person.

Answer 3
January, 2021

My children! (everyone under 60). Every word of obscenity is associated with the genitals and insults of the Mother. These words and meanings hang over you as a black cloud on a subtle plane. Even if you are beautiful, stylishly dressed and educated, you float across the universe in this blackness.

Answer 4
January, 2021

Well, why what ... Good education is now available to few people. How do abstract people (who swear at something) have a decent vocabulary? That's it.

Answer 5
January, 2021

The use of a mat is usually a sign of age, in the literal or figurative sense of the word, of the one who resorted to it. Tins do this to prove their "adulthood". They do not know any other way to manifest it. In all other cases? He is a manifestation of the childishness of 'culture', its barbaric level with his characteristic knowledge of the language, his vocabulary and emotional laxity, outright incontinence in feelings, refusal of decency.

Answer 6
January, 2021

Scientists have studied this issue and found that mate dramatically reduces the level of stress and its duration. It is not surprising, because obscenities can replace the need to strain the throat to yell, for example, you can replace several words at once and at the same time give it a brighter color.

Read for every taste: https://www.google. ru / search? newwindow = 1 & client = opera & hs = 8kZ & ei = tiNVXfi_DIPXmwWuzpioCg & q = checkmate + useful & oq = checkmate + useful & gs_l = psy-ab.3.0.0i13l2.84311.86106..87601 ... 0.0..0.122..925.9j2 ..... 0 .... 1..gws-wiz ....... 0i71j35i39j0i131j0i67j0j0i20i263j0i22i30.v5s4bA4EVcU

Answer 7
January, 2021

liked the thoughts from one article, wanted to share.

Swearing is "any kind of habitual obscene speech." This definition includes blasphemy, abuse and vulgar language. They use foul language to express anger and even offensive judgment. Mary Marshall, author of The Origin and Meaning of Curses and Curses, says that "curses and swear words are more of a spoken language than a book." But many novels are full of bad language.

Why is bad language so widespread? It happens that some people with limited vocabulary mask their deficiency with the generous use of strong expressions. Others use bad language to give their words more meaning. Often, bad language is associated with irritation, frustration, or anger. Many in difficult situations release a strong expression from their lips as "an outlet for ... pent-up emotions." Researcher Mary Marshall noticed that in her alphabetical list of English swear words, most words begin with plosive and sibilant consonants.

While swearing seems to calm their nerves to some people, many find that bad language breeds foul language. Why is this so? Disgusting speech pours fuel into the emotional fire. For example, one angry car driver jumped out of his car in the midst of traffic chaos in one West African capital to give his opinion to the driver of another car that was blocking his car. When passions flared up, speech became more vulgar, because each tried to surpass the other in insults. Other stranded drivers peeped out of their vehicles and incited both of them to scold each other more and more.

Degrading insults can trigger a flood of swear words in return. In doing so, one may compare the other with some animal, contemptuously speak of his parents or his questionable parentage, or use expressions that draw attention to physical features, and, which may be even more offensive, he may make obscene, shameless and blasphemous remarks.

The Christian Greek Scriptures predict that in our day “perilous times will come. For people will be ... abhorrent [in Greek: blesh · sfe · mine ] ... Of those, go away ”(2 Timothy 3: 1, 2, 5). The Greek word bla · sfe · mi · a means more than just disrespectful speech about what is considered holy. Its meaning really covers any offensive and dishonorable speech that harms others.

The Apostle Paul advises: "Now you put away everything: anger, rage, anger, slander, foul language of your lips." “All irritation and rage, and anger and shouting, and slander with all malice, let them be removed from you” (Colossians 3: 8, 9; Ephesians 4:31).

“each of us must please our neighbor for good, for edification ”(Romans 15: 2).Everyone should ask himself: is my choice of words offensive or constructive?

“The evil tongue will be cut off,” the wise King Solomon warned. Therefore, do not allow foul language to desecrate your speech. Instead, strive to be someone who knows how to speak clean with kind words (Proverbs 10:31, 32; Colossians 4: 6).

Answer 8
January, 2021

Mat is, first of all, an emotionally rich version of speech. You can make a speech for half an hour, describing, for example, the merits of a new film to a friend, or you can simply - "film - zee ...", and the general meaning has already been conveyed. The use of the mate with the intent of insulting has led to a widespread negative attitude towards him. This is one of the most frequent and most primitive uses of this "tool" (you can touch it with emphasis and polite). But for the transmission of short emotionally charged messages in acceptable situations, it can be convenient, funny and, you will not believe, even beautiful (for those who can).

Answer 9
January, 2021

The essence of a swear word or phrase is desecration or insult. Therefore, historically, mate is a prohibition. Now I will answer your three questions:
1. Why do they use it? Often, a person does not even realize the true meaning of the mat, and uses it not for the purpose of direct insult, but in order to violate the prohibition and go beyond what is permitted. Psychologically, a person knowing that by using a mat he is committing something criminal, takes revenge.
2. How does it affect those who speak? Neurochemically, this is manifested by the release of the hormone of pleasure. Cursing the brain rewards us with a portion of happiness, thereby neutralizing frustration. In a fit of anger, disappointment, annoyance, fright, delight or surprise, swearing and violating the very prohibitions, a person encourages himself, violating the very framework of decency, thereby taking revenge on the offender, the living sleep, a mosquito annoying from three to six in the morning, or a ghost and aliens interfering with their light), or an imaginary one (hitting a hammer on a nail, a leg from a sofa that turned out to be in the path of the little toe of his left foot). This is how a person demonstrates dominance. Mat is also used in cases of joy or humor. What does a mate give to a rejoicing person? And nothing concrete! The fact is that a person, as psychologists say, is a destructive being. The subconscious constantly seeks to destroy everything around and care only for its own good. And once again to prove your superiority by hitting someone, or just swearing, this is a huge chance to realize your evolutionary program. Yes, we are so selfish! We have it from the monkeys yet.
3. Those who hear obscenities are affected according to the context. If the mat is used in a fit of anger, the listener first of all experiences sorrow because he realizes that the offender, having transcended the framework, demonstrates contempt and disrespect to him. And in the second place, the very essence of swear words is realized. Accordingly, the person to whom the mate is turned can experience anger and can take revenge, thus restoring justice and his status.
In general, the conclusion is this: mate is a great and expensive pleasure, and it acts destructively. The main thing in mate is not the meaning of the word mata, but the very fact of permissibility and domination. If a child is forbidden to use the word "apple", then he will be called by this word.
Whether it is good or bad to scold is a philosophical question. Swearing is bad, not swearing is even worse. Another thing is to learn gradually, to grow to that spiritual level where pride, vanity, envy, anger and greed will not be of value!
(Sorry for grammatical mistakes!)
Yours faithfully - Andrey Grigoriev, Doctor of Divannyh Sciences.

Answer 10
January, 2021

Mat is garbage.
One litters, the other drowns in this garbage and they are comfortable in this garbage.
Now the question is WHO is it?

The only place where its use is justified is the field battle (shortens the time for issuing the command)

Answer 11
January, 2021

Mat is a part of language and a means of expression.

I am not an avid swearing man, but I like the use of mat in art (literature, cinema, songs). Context and dosage are important here. Let me give you a culinary analogy. Mat he is like a seasoning in a dish. A small amount - revives the taste sensations, adds peppercorns. In large doses, it is impossible to eat a dish, as if a kilogram of salt or pepper were poured into it. From translations of foreign films, I prefer translations with mats. Why? Because they are more vital. They convey the character of the character. For example, if the author wants to show that the character is vulgar or brutal, the mate in his speech emphasizes this.

Or, for example, a movie about criminals, policemen, or the military. How do they talk in life? This is exactly how they talk. Voice acting with obscenities will be more reliable.

Answer 12
January, 2021

My personal experience. Ever since university I tried to learn how to use a mat. Unsuccessfully. Two years ago I changed jobs. Three months later, I was flooded. Mat is not just a language. This is a state of mind. When emotion overwhelms, without having time to turn into words.

Why do some people literally speak foul language? I think they just don't know how to work with their emotions. You must admit that swearing is much easier than realizing your emotion, getting to the bottom of the cause that caused it, and finally doing at least something to eliminate it. On the other hand, it is better to checkmate than to endure-to be silent, and then immediately into a fight. Some kind of emotional release.

Now I use mate only in personal conversations with like-minded friends. In the description of the boss or the political situation. Greatly helps to save time.

Answer 13
January, 2021

Mat is just a language tool, just like courtesy and compliments, for example. The goals of the application are actually the same, to convey your idea to the interlocutor as efficiently as possible.

Accordingly, like any other tool, they need to be able to use it, using inappropriate or incorrectly affects sharply negatively.

Answer 14
January, 2021

Stop. A bus approaches. An intelligent-looking man lets everyone go ahead. Himself trying to go last. And he will press his neck with the door.
The bus starts to move.
- Fuck !!! Piz * ets !!! * bath in the mouth !!! Stop f * ck !!! Oh * ueli pi * arasy !!!
Tear off your head to * beny !!!
The driver slows down, opens the door. A person enters the salon, straightens his tie and addresses everyone:
- Sorry. I was scared.

That's the whole mystery. Cultural, uncivilized, you can talk about it endlessly as well as about religion.

Answer 15
January, 2021

I cannot accept checkmate, no matter how hard I try. I have a bad opinion about a person who uses mat in speech like ordinary words. It is surprising that educated, well-read people who have no problems with vocabulary talk like that. mate prevents me to perceive speech. It seems to be in fashion now.

Answer 16
January, 2021


Because strong expressions are an attempt to enhance the effect, to convey a strong emotion that overwhelms, amplification of speech. It is also a way to discharge. From a purely technical point of view, there is no practical sense in foul language as a phenomenon. Usually it only complicates the way of verbal communication and complicates the language, clogs it, and becomes more difficult to understand. But from an emotional point of view, it helps people understand, among other things, where their own, where a stranger in the manner of expressing themselves.

How does it affect? ​​

Depends on the cultural environment. Among ordinary people, you can also rise up in their eyes by swearing. Among the cultural environment, this will be considered a low level of a person.

Answer 17
January, 2021

From lack of self-confidence: to feel like "one of us" among the same swearing; or to show what a "man" you are, cool, adult; or to humiliate, insult, suppress another person. A self-confident person does not need this.

As for the influence of swearing, at our university a philosophy teacher said that swearing makes not only those who swear, but also those who hear it dumb. I read somewhere, I don’t remember where, that since each sound has its own frequency, the very frequencies at which mats are pronounced have a destructive effect on a person.

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