Why do men like skinny girls better?

Why do men like skinny girls better?

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Answer 1
June, 2021

Overweight girls on a subconscious level are read as older, older. Weight adds age at the level of perception. And an adult woman is associated with a mother, a grandmother .. And this is no longer from the field of sexual attraction. Another opera.

And in terms of libido, if you turn off social layers, the younger the partner, the better. And thinness is associated with youth, even adolescence. So I like it more.

Answer 2
June, 2021

Because by nature the human body should look slim and most men, even though they may at a subconscious level, understand this, and fat is evidence of any diseases or weaknesses of a girl that she cannot or does not want to overcome.

Answer 3
June, 2021

At the moment, if we talk about Russia, most men prefer slender girls with a well-groomed toned body. However, slender does not mean skinny: excessive thinness repulses many. At the same time, it is important to understand that very often the generally accepted beauty standard differs from the personal ideal. That is, a man can love slender girls, admire their figures, stare at them on the street and even talk about them with his friends, but for a serious relationship, and even more so for creating a family, he will choose a fuller girl with slightly wide hips. And all because on a subconscious level he believes that such a girl will be able to give birth to healthy offspring. From this we can draw a simple conclusion - everything is relative, and men love women of different sizes.

In the LOFT dating app, we conducted a small survey to collect our own statistics in order to understand which ladies gentlemen prefer. The following figures were received:

  • 67% of men like slim girls;
  • 21% of men prefer rounded ladies;
  • 12% of men choose either girls with a boyish figure, or overweight.

If you trace how the standard of female beauty has changed throughout the entire time, it becomes clear that the choice was determined by the territory of residence and the environment. For example, at one time they idolized ladies with magnificent forms - then life was calm, there were enough products, and the continuation of the family was important. At other times, it was believed that a true beauty should be exclusively with white skin, and the girls hid in closed clothes, hid their faces with wide hats and bleached the skin with special solutions. All this indicated that the girl did not work and was leading an idle lifestyle. When tanned beauties with a toned body came into fashion, this showed that the lady had the opportunity to travel all year round, or at least visit the solarium, and also go to the fitness room.

Answer 4
June, 2021

Somehow it is generalized)) There are many men in my circle of acquaintances and I would not say that I like thin ones more. Everyone has their own "fetishes" for different figures or their elements. But basically, the girl's health is important for a man, here it is not so much weight as grooming and a really healthy ratio of body weight to other parameters. Obesity, for example, brings with it many problems and discomfort.

Answer 5
June, 2021

nonsense and not a question. for me, thin patients are equally sick, except for sympathy they do not cause anything, I want to fatten them up or something. Let them not consider themselves better than plump beauties, so that blood and milk are usually kinder as a rule

Answer 6
June, 2021

Skinny girls may not be liked by ALL men, but most for sure. A slender waist, a toned figure, a small neat chest, long slender legs - this is already a kind of socially accepted standard of beauty of the 21st century. Men also watch advertisements, also read magazines, watch films for adults — and almost everywhere, as for selection, slender beauties. Hence the answer why. I have not met a single man who, in public or with friends, would admire the oversized thighs, full of arms, cellulite or folds on the belly of some lady. In addition, it is not excessive thinness, to some extent, an indicator of a person's health and active life.

Another thing is that each man personally has his own tastes. Someone likes it more when a wide pelvis and a thin waist, someone needs a large chest, someone admires thin hands, etc.

But also, I can't help but note that among plump, there are many charismatic, cheerful and cheerful women and girls. It is pleasant to communicate with them, and figure flaws on this background no longer seem so significant. Therefore, a thin, but always dissatisfied with life, embittered or hysterical young lady here clearly loses.

Answer 7
June, 2021

Well, this is a controversial issue, I know men who like skinny women, and the same number of familiar men who love girls with shapes in their bodies! So this is an eternal question! As they say, for each product, there is a buyer! This is more a question for girls, and their self-esteem!

Answer 8
June, 2021

Why are there only girls in the discussion? And they begin to argue that being slim is bad?
Naturally the harmony of forev!
The girl looks like a fragile princess and wants to be saved from the dragon!))
And not a broad-mowed peasant, who in the morning gives feed to the cattle on the farm)
In general, the figure is genetics:
Thin waist, full breast, and round ass is super

Answer 9
June, 2021

First, there is no need to generalize, everyone has their own tastes. Donuts also have fans
Secondly, in my opinion, a man will look more at the face than at the figure

Thirdly, it is better to make friends with a kind and interesting ugly woman than with a beautiful, but empty and a cruel doll

Answer 10
June, 2021

Let's start with the fact that men like feminine girls, and not anorexic or fat-swollen jabahatas, weight is not the main thing here. Femininity is long hair, a waist (even donuts have it), rounded hips, firm breasts (size is not so important, the main thing is that it does not hang like an udder to the knees), a normal ass.

And like it because this is a banal attraction to a female homosapiens, such is our nature of mammals, we must reproduce, and what we don’t have, we are interested in the opposite representative of our race.

Suppose the strongest gets females in lions, because he can protect the litter of kittens. Peacocks have the most beautiful tail. Well, so, chimpanzees also have a strong, natural selection. Each subspecies has its own cockroaches against the background of reproduction.

For human males, the smoothness of the female figure is important, so that it would be immediately clear where the female is. The smoother the female's form, the more mature she is, the more suitable for reproduction. The rest is generally tasteful.

Someone likes the skinny, some chubby, some fitonies, we are generally perverts. Do not bother with this topic, you should like yourself, and there will be a male.

Answer 11
June, 2021

Don't forget metamodel questions!

Which men?

Thin are with what specific parameters?

More than what? And so on.

If we talk about thinness, then of course at the moment a thin girl with perfect skin and long thick hair is the ideal that is broadcast to us from the media. it is considered beautiful, perfect, difficult to access. Girls chase this ideal and cannot achieve - Get upset. And after a while, they begin to work on their self-esteem and constant dissatisfaction with themselves.

I can tell from my life experience and the experience of my clients that every person likes different things. Someone likes a thin girl, and someone is curvy.

Also, do not forget that love is also different. Dopamine is playing somewhere, and there you need a hard-to-see picture and the joy of achievement. And somewhere oxytocin, and I want a nice girl with rounded shapes and procreation. So at different stages of life, even the same man may like completely different women.

Answer 12
June, 2021

Hello). I don’t know other men, but honestly I don’t like those who are thin to the bone or those who keep a diet despite the fact that at 18 they weigh 45-50 kg. I believe that a girl should be a little more plump than thin. I'm not talking straight fat but had a weight of chubby cheeks, etc.

Answer 13
June, 2021

If you ask yourself which girls men like more - thin or overweight, then today the answer is obvious - thin. But here you need to understand that the concept of thinness is relative. For some, tall models with a weight of 40 kg are beautiful, but for some, such an appearance is terrible and does not cause any other desires but to feed ...

Therefore, you cannot speak unambiguously. But you can turn to modern research , which has revealed a direct relationship between body mass index (BMI) and life expectancy.

How does this relate to our question?

It's simple - girls whose weight is ok (I note - “okay”, and not "weight deficit") - they live longer and their quality of life is higher due to the absence of a whole range of health problems caused by excess weight.

It is obvious that nature has laid in men a certain instinct to choose more healthy women for procreation. And such girls are "thin". And here it is no longer so important - the weight is achieved by weight training (conditionally - "fit girls") or by diet and normal physical activity (conditionally - "slim women").

Answer 14
June, 2021

Who said that men like thin women? Where does this nonsense come from? Normal men like not thin and not fat, men love normal slender women (do not confuse harmony and thinness !!!), and not a soup set of bones and skin.

Answer 15
June, 2021

The script of the skin-visual woman is the most ancient and well-developed female script: she has always played an important role in the life of society, but today her finest hour has come. Skin-visual women are in plain sight like never before: they flaunt on the pages of fashion magazines, smile at us from TV screens, sing and dance in front of an audience of millions in concert halls, or make us breathlessly watch them play on stage. In a modern big city, many women have skin and visual vectors, and consequently, the skin-visual ligament, which, regardless of other vectors, certainly affects their entire fate.

Answer 16
June, 2021

Personally, it seems to me that for a thin and normal lady, a man's object of desire is more visible and accessible for caress than a fat lady, that's all the arguments! And there's nothing to break a spear on this topic, everything is much simpler!

Answer 17
June, 2021

When a man sees a fat woman, an ancient instinct that appeared in the Stone Age and even earlier tells the man: “A woman looks fat because she’s pregnant. Or her fullness can mask pregnancy. from another. Do you need this? Raise the children of another male? Better choose a woman with a thin waist - there it is immediately clear that she is not pregnant. " (this explanation is given by the British biologist Matt Ridley in the book "Sex and the evolution of human nature")

Answer 18
June, 2021

I suppose that when men see a thin girl, the instinct of a defender is triggered - there is a desire to protect a fragile defenseless girl from the outside world. Therefore, men are more courteous and show more attention to thin girls.

Answer 19
June, 2021

And what are the extremes, fat, thin? What criteria can be used to judge a fat person? I don't like fat people and I don't like thin ones. I like girls in the body who have breasts, legs, butt and it is nice to look at her. And the thin ones you write about are more like a stick and the bulk of such girls are deprived of breasts, which is also sad for the female sex. Men do not like skinny girls, and if there are such, then this is love for teenagers.

Answer 20
June, 2021

It is not men who like mops more, but weak, delightful and sexually preoccupied men, men have always liked stout girls, in the very juice! In general, I do not understand where these dushy questions come from, as well as dude, stupid appraisers and have no name, under nicknames, and these minds are moderator quirks, at least 140 characters must be written down, although often thoughts can be expressed in a few words, well, ignorance is ignorance and ignorance drives ...

Answer 21
June, 2021

Men prefer thin women, because the collective unconscious, colloquially called culture, has decided for them.

There is a fashion that sets certain patterns. How the fashion for the degree of overweight women has changed can be traced in the selections of Playboy magazine from the time of the first issue with Marilyn Monroe to the last issue. For half a century, the girls have noticeably lost weight.

There are several reasons. First, Big Fashion. This is a world where a significant portion of fashion designers are gay. And in the selection of models, they saw a reflection of their sexual tastes - they selected young models similar to adolescent boys (after all, in adolescence, sexual characteristics still do not appear clearly).

Again, women (and men) themselves are striving to resemble adolescents now, preferring to psychologically isolate themselves from the problems of adulthood and imitate the adolescent lifestyle and appearance

In addition, played a role the rapidly improving standard of living in the West, which has caused a mass fashion for weight loss among women, which sets the standards in usual fashion.

All these trends are reflected in pornography, which, in fact, forms a subconscious idea of ​​the standards of sexuality in Western men ... Therefore, a man is already subconsciously looking for a thinner young lady (like in movies and in porn).

However, the fashion for feminism that has flashed now should reverse the trend. And the standards of beauty will significantly expand both in terms of female figures and in other aspects.

Answer 22
June, 2021

Because if the "child" comes because of the nightmares "to sleep with his mother in the crib", then the "obese creature" can easily crush the fragile "child" just by turning! Genetics itself does not want to produce "greedy" creatures, because, such a feeling, they once "ate someone". Not to mention that being thin is beautiful, because the natural design is visible, and fatness has always been censured precisely because "fat and obese ladies" used to give birth to children in a cesspool, thinking that they "go big", but in the end "giving birth" ... these things are fixed in many works "in Latin", but absent in the writing of "ordinary dialects", such cases. One of the "medical secrets" ...

Answer 23
June, 2021

I never liked skinny girls. I love fit girls with wide hips and a lush ass, and a little fat on the legs and tummy. It's the same with bodybuilders. Most men think that girls dream of jocks, and a girl is just loved by athletic guys. Likewise, only other girls admire skinny ones, and most men like plump and fleshy ones

Answer 24
June, 2021


Answer 25
June, 2021

As a thin girl, I can say that men do not pay much attention to the figure. I have friends "in the body" and guys are staring at them no less (even more often)) yes, they will tell me about beautiful legs, but at this time they will stare at a friend's chest or ass, I would not say that I do not have them, but the girlfriends have more "ripe", so to speak.

And yes, I'm not anorexic, my body is in a healthy tone) maybe I didn't face it, I don't know.

Answer 26
June, 2021

This is a lie. There are no "men" who "like girls" of any one type — thin or fat, blondes or brunettes. Any generalization is a lie. I like different ones. And most of all I like those who are friends with their head.

Answer 27
June, 2021

Not your truth. Women's pranks, complexes. Painful or simply excessive thinness, a sign of ailments. Thinness is accompanied by all fatal diseases. Although ... hormones, common views, proximity of communication. And still there is a great danger of unhealthy offspring. Remember, femininity does not mean thinness.

Answer 28
June, 2021

The concept of "thin" generally differs from person to person. For example, those girls who I like are not liked by my friends and for them they are fat women, but for me they are quite slender and even 10/10. On the other hand, those girls who like them, I take for Buchenwald strong men

Answer 29
June, 2021

Girls, don't give up! No, badass fly, no social stereotypes and any other bullshit. There is eternal, always actual BEAUTY, which beats from the inside of every (and especially the female) organism. And the mind and the madness about this because someone wants to use this beauty is ugly and frowns on. This is the point. The Universe has struggled for billions of years to compile you in order to experience the delight and joy of life and attractiveness through you, your being ... And then - bam! .. the process stumbled on the fat / thin ...

Answer 30
June, 2021

I recently heard the answer to this question on the radio. Scientists have found that thinness in girls is subconsciously associated with youth. It's an animal instinct.

Answer 31
June, 2021

Yes, it's trivial to carry such a girl in your arms, and in sex, girls are more mobile without excess weight. Dresses fit well on her, there is no need to hide anything superfluous.

Answer 32
June, 2021

It depends on what is considered thinness. Monica Bellucci, Marilyn Monroe are absolutely not thin girls, but very appetizing and sexy. As they say: a thin cow is not a gazelle yet. A person should have charisma, sparkle in his eyes. And a dull log is a log. By the way, I don't like fat men. Fat people, for the most part, do not cause attraction. Schopenhauer wrote about this.

Answer 33
June, 2021

now there are a lot of slender girls and a lot of divorces, this is not an indicator of happiness in the body. yes, with a girl whose figure wants to have sex with her, and then what if she is only interested in clothes, there are trinkets and there are such men who are led by this, it means that they themselves do not shine with their minds if they like to spend time with such as Vinopuh sang in my head sawdust yes yes

Answer 34
June, 2021

My friend says that he likes different ones. He even looks at fatties and women, even in the body. He says it's about proportion. It doesn't matter if she is thin or fat. She can have a huge ass and large breasts, and vice versa, the main thing is that all this looks harmonious with the rest of the body.

Answer 35
June, 2021

If a girl is not fat, men feel more attraction to her, feel more passion, as she is more graceful, petite. This is what a man wants - to feel big and strong compared to a fragile girl

Answer 36
June, 2021

Here everyone has such attempts at deep analysis. Let me fundamentally disagree with the question posed. Men don't like skinny people now. And they like the most ordinary ones. And that's why I came to this conclusion.

I have always liked very thin and therefore, looking at pornhub (this is not an advertisement) rating of porn actresses, I noticed that they are all fatty in the top lines. And why should you pump your boobs to a monstrous third size? This is what kind of ladies "consumers" like. I think this is a fairly accurate indicator of public opinion.

Answer 37
June, 2021

I am a thin girl. Not all men like skinny girls.
Once it upset me very much. But when I saw who liked the subject of my adoration, I was also fascinated. These women are much fuller than me, such "blood and milk", but, at the same time, their beauty is brought to perfection. Here, perhaps, we can say about the beauty of a woman as a work of art ... or a genius. I don't know how to explain exactly what I saw. Everything is important. Habits, movements, appearance, style, image ... originality, lightness, impression ...
There are those men who sincerely admire that I am slim. And everything in me is as it should be. And there are, probably, as above, in the answers, the man said. Who are getting acquainted, apparently for the status (?!), for some other reason (?!), but right there, when they meet, they begin to tell that I need to get fat.
Among some friends, with a different constitution and proportions , I see, at times, the desire to have thinness, like mine. And I look at them from the outside, and I do not understand why they do not see that they are beautiful. And, unfortunately, I do not have such a significance in this matter as the man of their dreams, in order to convince them. It can be important for a woman to hear from a man that she is beautiful, and specifically what I found in her appearance so beautiful. And then you listen to women, what they do to themselves to lose weight, it becomes scary for them. At the same time, looking from the side, they have a slender body, beautiful feminine forms. And most importantly, in my opinion, they correspond to the request of men purely outwardly. Yes, not thin, but not fat either. Beautiful, but do not believe in it themselves.
And Iola Tokareva's answer, in my opinion, is very accurate.

Answer 38
June, 2021

I hope to give a more or less "general" answer:

  1. We like active, thinking girls, it's enough just to be well-groomed NOT OVERCOMING (not compensating for the amount of makeup), calmly refers to the fact that you are "plump".

  2. Sex with "skinny" girls is more varied and emotionally "easier". Sex with "fat" is more often "loaded" with some kind of complexes on her part, this problem is also solved with time, but it takes time.

(there was once a night with one small, "full" in Tomsk ... poooooaaa, ​​it was Volcano, so much brave, undisguised passion ... for a second then I did not even think about its weight! but it was the only one that I remember)

Something like this

Answer 39
June, 2021

Many amaze with their answers. Answer honestly the following question "Are you dating / marrying only bodies?" So nothing interests you anymore. Do you care if the character, temperament, habits and goals of the chosen partner suit you?

I will quote Exupery, he knew what to write about:

"Adults are very fond of numbers. When you tell them that you have a new friend, they will never ask about the most important thing. Never they won't say, "What's his voice? What games does he like to play? Does he catch butterflies? "They ask," How old is he? How many brothers does he have? How much does he weigh? How much does his father earn? "And after that they imagine that they have recognized the person."

Do not hide behind the fact that, as if choosing the thinner, you are simultaneously choosing the healthier. This is not a fact! A lot of people bring themselves to anorexia, bulimia, wanting to meet the imposed "standards" and this is oh, how healthy it is! Please learn to separate your own opinion from the "expectations of society"!

Answer 40
June, 2021

Men like DIFFERENT girls, but now it is DECLARE most men have adopted what corresponds to fashion, trends, now they are slender girls. This is done to maintain the status of adequacy, compliance with the norm. (This is much more important for men than for women.)

The mistake of many of the respondents here is that they do not distinguish between true sympathy and declared one.

Then we come to a really important question: how much does the "declared choice" influence the final choice, for example, the wife? I am sure - to a much lesser extent than some of those who answered above think.

That is, a man would rather "choose" (try to build a relationship) a girl who really likes, but still sitting with friends in the bath will often say that "now would be that busty Lyubka from accounting" to whom he is actually indifferent to get support and approval, for the sake of a sense of the common goals and ideals of the male company. Because in this case Love is the girl whose positive opinion helps to emphasize the "normal" sexuality of the man talking about her.

Answer 41
June, 2021

Because they are better than

(8- March ҳazili)

Baқor yaқin, march yin,

Jonlanadi hayollar.

Kўklamdayin kўrklanib,

Solanadi ayollar!

February tugab, bir olam,

Tashvish yain, dard yaқin.

Ogoҳ bўling, yigitlar ,

Sakkizinchi March yaқin!

Gul tanlaidi yor uchun,

Erkaklarning daҳosi.

From narhig teng bўlar,

Bitta gulning baҳosi!

Sovғa izlab tolasiz,

Tauinchoқmi, atirmi?

Baҳorning ilk bairami,

Sovғalarsiz tatirmi? !

Bir maslaҳat: ўshal kun,

Oling bebaҳo pўstin.

Akhir suigan yeringiz,

Baҳosi yўқdir dўstim!

Boring zargar rastag,

Mardlarch қadam bosib.

Uzuk oling tillodan,

Barmoғiga munosib!

Autosalon Sayr Eting ,

Topganingiz bir parkmi ?!

Oling oppoқ Matiz, ё,

Қizil ranli Spark mi.

Urfdan қolgan, dўstginam,

Uyda қozon қainatish.

Darkor ўshal kun yorni,

Baҳru dilin yayratish.

Bir yilda bir bu bairam,

Miriқib I will o linglar.

Öringizni etaclab,

Restaurant boringlar!

Pulni muammo қilmang,

Örning kўngli buzilgai.

Etmasa, dўst-oshnodan,

Karz kўtaring Uzilgay.

Eҳ dўstima, besuyak,

Tilim sўilab ketdimi?

Maslaҳatim eshitib ,

Yurak ўinab ketdimi !?

Khavotir olmang aslo,

Aölning қalbi seҳr!

Eng chiroili sova bu -

Bitta gul, bir zhuft meҳr!

Baҳorning ilk bairami,

Kўngillarga bir malҳam!

Shukur damiz boriga,

Sakkizinchi martni ҳam!

Baҳor yaқin, March yқin,

Zhonlanadi hayollar.

Kўklamdayin kўrklanib,

Sollanadi ayellar! thick

Answer 42
June, 2021

In each of the answers there is a rational grain - and personal preferences (experience) play a role, and the vagaries of fashion and basic instincts. Their voices do not always merge in a single chorus. 1). To begin with, a person leaves behind a relatively small number of offspring, which must be nurtured for a long time until adulthood. If the situation were further complicated by too narrow selectivity in choosing a mate for reproduction, the prospects of our species for survival would become completely sad already at the stage of ancestral forms. In modern terms, the penchant for "diversity" justifies the polygamy of men and women - "more genes, good and different." Hundreds of thousands of years of selection have saved, perhaps for our critical discussion, both thin and fat. 2). From the point of view of biological progress, the main thing is that the partner should be of his own species and of the opposite sex. Galant, the famous author of the typology of the physique of women, wrote that the beauty of a man is the beauty of muscles, and the beauty of a woman is the beauty of fat. From the onset of puberty, girls and boys begin to differ in the relative amount of both. From the age of 13, the body weight in boys increases mainly due to the so-called. "lean mass", and girls - "fat". But this is only one component of the definition of "social sex" - gender. As a woman, I will say that a smart, successful, gallant fat man may be preferable to a dumb Apollo. We are not only biological, we are social, after all ... By the way, in many animals and birds too, in addition to all other items, you need to be able to perform a certain program of mating dances, if you don't know how, you don't multiply, without options. Therefore, men tend to choose women who are not built like a man (whatever that means), and who show a willingness to try to please - behavior, jewelry, hairstyle, cosmetics, figure - not anyhow, as nature gave, but with diligence to please the opposite sex. 3). And the saddest thing is, yes, for a man, only work (social success) is more important than his personal life (woman). One study of primates noted that baboons, when kept in a cage, when different "male families" can see each other from a distance, learn the technique of "fictitious cage". It doesn't matter what the female thinks about this and what she is, the main thing is that other males can see: he has females, he has a lot of them, and he himself is practically a super male ... When living in the wild, females themselves assess the capabilities of the male and, in doubt, leave him for the sake of another. Remains on average 4 per male (it has something in common with some confessional attitudes, right?). And prestige, and a person also has prestige, not only in Africa. Maybe that's why, when a person tries to combine all these ancient instinctive needs (sexuality, attractiveness, prestige) into something socially elevated (beauty, for example), he is drawn to the proposed fashionable stereotypes? Which of those who prefer skinny women has the courage to call Monroe unattractive? And thin - slender - sportswillow? That's it.

Answer 43
June, 2021

As the saying goes: "There are no comrades for the taste and color!" Each person has his own ideal. Everyone sees beauty in their own way. One does not like Malevich's "Black Square", while the other can stand and watch for three hours without stopping. So it is with women.

Answer 44
June, 2021

Despite the fact that the standards of beauty are dictated by the majority, in any case, everyone likes something individually, someone is looking for one specific sign (I like blondes / brunettes / redheads - emphasize the necessary), or, as I like, I just like harmony in a girl and it can always look different.

Personally, I like not only the so-called skinny fat, but when a girl takes care of herself, it is not necessary to go to the gym and be a "fit girl", most often this image is very far from real life, but for For me, this is primarily an indicator that she has the strength to take care of herself, she is not so lazy, and in general, passion for sports says a lot about a person and his character, and these qualities attract me much more than just appearance.

In addition, any person who has regular physical activity is much more active, more strength and energy and generally feels more cheerful, and this is just as important for me as for a person who simply cannot sit still.

And it is banal if we talk about carnal pleasures, then it is more pleasant with slender-thin ones.

Answer 45
June, 2021

My personal opinion:
1) Beautiful is the body that looks more graceful and harmonious, and these are usually slender girls. Although there are exceptions in the form of more complete, but curvy;
2) A thin and small girl will seem more feminine, and against her background a man is more masculine;
3) A thin girl most often looks healthier and more mobile, which is also a plus to the overall rating;
Everything else is most likely interpreted by fashion and some temporary stereotypes (for example, in the Renaissance, in which fat girls with small breasts were quoted).

Answer 46
June, 2021

There is a very good article on this topic in MAXIM. In short: humans belong to the species with the so-called K-strategy: these species live long and spend a lot of resources on reproduction and preservation of offspring. Humanity "calculates" the maximum permissible size of its population in a given territory and behaves in accordance with these "calculations." ... In Ancient Egypt (a narrow strip of land along the river, frequent wars, but no special problems, epidemics and famine; it is not necessary to produce many offspring) "beauties" look like boys, flat-chested and narrow-hipped. In ancient Greece (the population lives in cities, fertile lands, there is no hunger, minor wars; you need to reproduce normally) - "beauties" get fat, faces become symmetrical and rounded, like the bodies of Greek beauties. Medieval Arabia (famine, frequent wars, death of the population; reproduction is necessary for the conquest of territories) - "beauties" are full, with a large pelvis, full legs, "in the body." Japan of the X century (overpopulation, overcrowding of the population, but no hunger; reproduction threatens the population) - "beauties" are very young, without breasts, they look like boys, there is no cult of children. Medieval Europe (overpopulation, everyday discomfort, hunger; reproduction endangers the entire population) - "beauties" are emphatically asexual, very pale, rickety. Europe after the plague (epidemics destroyed half of the population, in some regions - up to 4/5 of the population; reproduction is necessary) - "beauties" acquire fullness, magnificent forms. Europe of the XIX century (the population has returned to its previous indicators, but the level of household comfort and medicine has increased; reproduction is welcome, but is not a condition for the survival of the nation) - "beauties" turn into such "Turgenev girls", young, but exaggerated "feminine" - in dresses, neckline and so on.

And, of course, the crazy XX century. Beginning of the century: pale, nervous women with bruises under the eyes. After the First World War, when villagers flooded into the cities: athletic type, well-fed ladies. After World War II, when several hundred million people died: again a return to a sexy image with a thin waist, emphasized by large breasts and wide hips. 60s: again "boyish" image - thin legs, flat chest, short hairstyles.

Thus, we can draw a conclusion about our current society, observing which girls are becoming fashionable.

Answer 47
June, 2021

Agree with many of the previous answers. Fat and frankly fat women also do not want to see a fat man in front of them, or vice versa, very thin (for a man, this is often considered a disadvantage). That is, it turns out that "handsome men are reproached for not wanting to be with a non-beauty") In this regard, I really liked the plot of the movie "Fatties". The idea, of course, is cool, that even if you are not size 36, you do not need to kill yourself, hang yourself, etc., you need to take care of yourself and radiate positive and people will be drawn to you. But. I was interested in the detail that the main character, being well, very plump, having a full girlfriend and a very athletic sister, dreams of a handsome man with dryness and no excess weight cream. And since this is a fairy tale film, she meets him, and he really turns her on attention, and in the end even her skinny sister wants to please to find a wealthy handsome being fat. This is strange.

Answer 48
June, 2021

Because a sports figure is normal, and being overweight does not adorn anyone. Obviously, the owners of extra pounds themselves perfectly understand that these pounds are exactly extra, but unwillingness to work on themselves and laziness give rise to strange questions, such as the one in the title.

Answer 49
June, 2021

a lot of people have written what, I want to write my own)
firstly, everyone has their own taste. fashion, in turn, does not choose something terrible, but, in principle, beautiful ideals for beauty. Therefore, the guided people (many), due to the fact that there is such a concept as the herd instinct, it is not difficult to impose the standard of beauty.
is still worth mentioning evolution, because when our "grandfathers" were wilder, then the tastes were animals, that is, like those with the best genes, and these are those who have fat and they may not eat longer than thin ones ... but now we have for a long time already been excellent in terms of food and a person does not need to store fat in case he will not eat for a month. and therefore humanity has become thinner over time and excess fat has become an unnecessary luxury, even rather something unattractive.

Answer 50
June, 2021

Everyone has their own ideals (and fetishes) and their own understanding of beauty, so someone definitely prefers fat to thin ones.

But in general, men like thin ones more for the same reason that most women does not throw enthusiastic glances after fat men

Answer 51
June, 2021

I don't understand why all men (and women) are afraid to admit that their preferences come from a standard established in society, and try to justify their preferences with some kind of genetic disposition, allegedly coming from distant ancestors. it's like trying to make excuses for loving Coca-Cola, not Pepsi.

Answer 52
June, 2021

According to my observations, most men just do not like thin ones. They love those who are slender with “forms.”
One poet compared an attractive woman to a branch of a fruit tree: the grace and subtlety of a flexible branch, weighed down by round, poured fruits. You get the idea.

Answer 53
June, 2021

Interestingly, the commentators do not specify which body mass index is healthy and beautiful thinness for them, and which already unhealthy fullness. For WHO considers healthy those women whom modern society can consider "fat". And you can go even further, society can consider fat those who, in terms of BMI, do not reach the norm and are too thin. So the correlation in views on the concepts of health / thinness in modern medicine and gloss is still sometimes very different.

Answer 54
June, 2021

Do not complicate, it is more convenient and better and more pleasant to have sex with thin ones, and only then comes health, reproduction and the ideas of Mother Nature for using a person for her own selfish purposes. And the man still feels his greater superiority. Well, and the muzzle, swollen with fat, is not at all aesthetic. We are people after all.

Answer 55
June, 2021

Thinness is a sign that a woman is not pregnant. It seems to have developed on a subconscious level since ancient times, when we were dirty animals.

Answer 56
June, 2021

I will add Artem's answer. Of course, the ideal of beauty is a social phenomenon, and yet, why are the ideals of beauty different in this or that period? So, the ideal of beauty of all times says - beautiful is what is difficult to access.

Snow-white skin was considered beautiful, because this meant that its owner did not work like a slave under the sun. At the end of the 20th century, white skin means that Madame has nothing to travel to the resorts and she has not achieved anything in life (well, or she cannot pick up a man who has achieved something). Remember the period of grilled chicken, glamor, rhinestones, pumped lips? This all passed as soon as a tour to Egypt (no longer) became available to almost everyone, and plastic surgery is no longer so inaccessible as before. Luxurious tables were available only to a narrow circle - the priority was fatness, as a sign of wealth, nobility, honor. There was a war, hunger, there is nothing to eat, everyone is working hard, and then the image of a plump, strong girl who can work appears, and since she is not thin (pay attention to the word, bad is bad), then she has already worked out for normal food. Now we live in the times of a consumer society: a bun with any filling, any food fantasies - just stretch out your hand, although there is a hand, call the phone and they will bring you as much food as you like, and any drinks to choose from, and everything so tasty .. What is the most difficult thing in such a situation? Not to eat and be thin, so thin beauties came into fashion, and then this image was reinforced with heroin chic and boy-like models. Then we went even further. It's just not to eat - it's difficult, of course, but it's even harder for a fragile girl to work hard like a man in a gym. And then phytonyas came into fashion. It is possible that feminism as an ideology "I can do everything as well" gave birth to pumped girls.

But this is all about health - well, don't be funny. Sports and proper nutrition do not guarantee a figure fit for modern ideals.

Answer 57
June, 2021

Men like different women. Plump, thin, very plump and very thin. In Russia, both men and women tend to be very worried about the impression they make on others. For women, this is expressed in the tendency "I will put on all the best at once," for men - in an attempt to create an external image due to the attributes of a successful life - a car of a certain brand, a watch, a suit. A woman is often perceived not as an equal partner, but as another attribute by which others judge a man's success, so it is important that a woman meets the modern beauty standard. This standard unambiguously dictates: beautiful = thin, therefore such men often choose thin ones, even if this contradicts their true preferences. Evolutionarily, men are programmed to pay attention to wide hips with relatively narrow waists, as genetic signs of good fertility, and large breasts, as a symbol of the fact that the offspring will not starve to death.

Answer 58
June, 2021

And it seems to me that the thinness of a partner / partner makes it possible to build a paternalistic model on the "donor / acceptor" scale. Next to a thin girl, the corpulent dude will feel like a hog-hunter rooted in materiality. That is, it is a matter of compliance with social protocols.

Answer 59
June, 2021

The word "thin" does not have a very good meaning - bad, skinny, etc. see dictionaries. Therefore, it is better to say slender. In my opinion men like beautiful women and all sorts of different. But talking about beauty is not a rewarding occupation. And everything can be perverted. Remember the film "Dog in the Manger" song Tristan's Tips))

All this is so - architecture.
I will cure you of an illness,
You will trust me as a doctor,
It will help you my mixture.
Look at the girls from the right point,
Pour from a honey barrel,
Only add tar to honey.
I will ask you to understand my method.
If you are too greedy for women,
Look for flaws in charms.
Everything will become much easier at once:
The girl is slender, we will say: power!
We will call the clever girl a freak,
We will declare the Good one a madcap.
Affectionate - therefore Velcro,
Keeps himself strictly, means a spit.
Let's call a flirtatious whore,
Let's say about a merry - under the fly.
Chubby: soon burst with fat.
We cross generous in a squander.
Well, is it thrifty? Let's baptize the skvoligu!
If it's small? Growth with a fig!
If tall? Then brute!
In a day, you look,
In a day, you look,
In a day, you look,
Love has cooled down !!!

And happiness, that there is a fan for everyone.

Answer 60
June, 2021

It depends on the culture, country. In Russia, maybe they love the thin, slender. But in Israel, for example, besides slender ones, men love girls in "bodies", because this is also a sign of health.

Answer 61
June, 2021

Men like beautiful women, just like women. Beauty is essentially a social phenomenon associated with various existing stereotypes (as well as prejudices), certain expectations, and all of this is tied to a stable image of the "beautiful" that is being replicated. The current enduring image that we see everywhere is that of a slim girl. That's why men like these. There is no biological idea in this, as the first responder wrote.

The image of a beautiful woman has changed historically, remember the Rubensian beauties and correlate with the current ideals.

Answer 62
June, 2021

Why do girls like fit athletic men more than fat men? Men, by the way, are also more pleasant to look at other athletic men than fat men. On the beach, for example, or in the gym.

Because thinness, if it is healthy, athletic, is a sure sign of health. I think that this is inherent in nature - to look for the healthiest partner. How to define it? On the grounds that are considered to be true.

Answer 63
June, 2021

I will allow myself to say from the position of not all men, but at least myself. Your question is not entirely correct, it is worth clarifying what you mean by thinness. The fact is that visual harmony can have two natures - a severe restriction on food, and as a result thinness, but "bad" - during hunger muscles are burned and only adipose tissue remains + a bunch of health problems; and "thinness" is good - when a person observes proper nutrition, goes in for a lot of sports and has practically no fat. Such thinness is first of all health. And I want to say from the standpoint of myself and some men that health and sports are very sexy. A person who has swollen with fat does not make me want to.

Answer 64
June, 2021

A thin_white_ straight-haired girl is the standard of beauty that is broadcast by the media, soft porn, etc. and the least susceptible to criticism from society (other female types are also "in demand", but as a fetish). It is not surprising that many men and women consider only such girls beautiful, therefore, give them more preference.

The phenomenon of female malnutrition in history and modernity can be found in the cult feminist book "The myth of beauty. Stereotypes against women "Naomi Wolf, also there you can find a great passage about the cultural component of food as a means of creating a hierarchy.

Answer 65
June, 2021

Many men are afraid of women. Many men even have a ban on the right to defend themselves against women. And the old brain inside us says that a thin woman is weaker and cannot do as much harm as a fat woman. This old brain has no idea that you can beat with words, while smiling sweetly.

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