Why do I quickly get tired of simple things and communicating with people? After going to the store for bread, I need to lie down for 20 minutes in silence, while being physically healthy?

Why do I quickly get tired of simple things and communicating with people? After going to the store for bread, I need to lie down for 20 minutes in silence, while being physically healthy?

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Answer 1
November, 2020


Physically healthy is a very conditional category. Often people confuse the absence of acute health problems with the health of an infant who was born in the village, that is, with some absolute.


When you go out into society, a number of mental processes are triggered in you character. People do not always know how to track these processes taking place inside the psyche. Thought - image - feeling. Or image - thought - feeling. OR feeling - an image - a thought.

Many subconsciously begin to defend themselves in society, gut grips, muscles build a blockade from attack. It eats energy.


It is always worth maintaining awareness, vigilance. This is attention that envelops both yourself and the world at the same time. This way you can identify those processes that are wasting energy.

You can also do things in different modes. Strained, serious and playful. The first way is exhausting and energy-consuming, the second one fills!

Answer 2
November, 2020

Because you sit at home all the time, it's a matter of habit! Get a job and a day without going outside will bring the same tiredness .. well, the second day for sure!

Answer 3
November, 2020

Go to an endocrinologist, take a blood test for thyroid hormones. Based on the analysis results, the doctor will prescribe the correct treatment for you.

Or maybe you are 90 years old?

Then walk, lie down and enjoy life :).

Answer 4
November, 2020

The first thing to understand is where the cause comes from? The cause of your symptom of chronic fatigue is social maladjustment. You resist the need to communicate and create a strong intrapersonal conflict by self-hypnosis, which provides severe mental stress and, as a result, fatigue.

To get out of this pattern of destructive thinking, you need to understand the basics of psychophysiology, learn self-regulation and self-hypnosis through the formation of a new pattern of positive thinking.

Answer 5
November, 2020

First, you need to be examined in detail by doctors of different specialties, tests, CT, etc. If everything is in order, then to a psychotherapist, it is possible that something is driven inside. Find the cause with your doctor. It is undesirable to leave this way.

Answer 6
November, 2020

because I was lazy at the end, less physical activity, less strength, and greens with meat (red) should be eaten in sufficient quantities. or check your health properly.

Answer 7
November, 2020

Anonymous writes that he is physically healthy, but after a trip to the store, rest is required. It turns out that going to the store is a job for you, after which you need to rest! You need to emotionally tune yourself to the positive, as if you are going for a walk. Be curious: examine buttercups - flowers growing along the house and so on. In the store, be sure to first, you need to greet the seller, the cashier, on occasion, and a compliment will not hurt. If you are capable of basic politeness, then it will return you positively. Near the entrance, be sure to sit on a bench for 5 minutes with any neighbors. In the apartment, turn on Yandex music of the desired genre. You don't have to lie in silence. And if you want to lie down, then lie down - laziness will be positive. So everything depends on you!

Answer 8
November, 2020

First of all, I would recommend that you undergo a full medical examination, get tested. The symptom you are describing may indicate a certain physical illness, a lack of some vital elements in the body.

If the tests are in order, then you need to contact a specialist psychologist.

In your case, these steps are necessary.

Answer 9
November, 2020

Monotony, boredom, lack of prospects and the impracticability of important life goals. Life is fixated on secondary things. Routine sucks the life energy out of us.

No one comes from outside and will not help. To break out of this circle and not fall into depression, one must make an effort on oneself. Like a dog emerging from the water, you have to shake off thousands of drops of unnecessary things.

Answer 10
November, 2020

Energy (ATP) is produced in the mitochondria of brain cells in the Krebs cycle. For its implementation, you need: oxygen, proteins, fats and carbohydrates. With vertebrobasilar insufficiency due to problems of the cervical spine, the blood supply to the brain decreases. Consequently, the energy (ATP) in the nerves is produced less. Mitochondrial failure (when there are few of them) may also occur.

Answer 11
November, 2020

The answer is simple: you hate people who, in turn, hate you. Be more friendly and others will respond in kind. In the end, grocery shopping will bring you a little joy. You smiled at someone and they will answer you with a smile, you said something nice and in return you will hear the same. We make our world good or bad. Think of examples from your own life and acknowledge that these are not empty words.

Answer 12
November, 2020

I had this, they still found the disease, I had to spend a lot of money in a paid clinic and spend on examination, I was treated already in the state, if I hadn't got to the bottom of the reason I would not have been here.

Answer 13
November, 2020

Each case of fatigue and exhaustion after a trip to the store should be considered individually. If these problems continue for a long time, then they must be resolved urgently. Perhaps this comes from childhood. If everything is normal on the physical plane, then the consultation of a psychotherapist is required.

Answer 14
November, 2020

Lack of perspective, everything seems meaningless. After the death of my son, a year and a half has passed, I can not get out of the impasse. I am 74. Quarantines, such do not survive. There is nothing to pray.

Answer 15
November, 2020

Good afternoon! The nervous system is exhausted due to this, the body is weakened! It is necessary - communication with positive people - drink iodine preparations (tyramine) vitamins - supradin and switch to separate nutrition - bowel cleansing is necessary - you can drink - fraction - ASD -2 - from your experience. Be healthy!

Answer 16
November, 2020

I had this when I drank coffee. I stopped drinking coffee - everything went away. It mobilizes strength, gives vigor, but everything is quickly exhausted and a breakdown occurs. If you drink coffee, then try to refuse for a week and see the result.

Answer 17
November, 2020

You feel the energy of other people, many are in the negative, they don't even flog themselves, but you do it. Get used to it, pump it inside, this is the norm. You can drive up if you steam up

Answer 18
November, 2020

Did the doctors say "Physically healthy" or because of their inner feelings?

Get tested for hormones. Get tested for autoimmune.

You may have myalgic encephalimelitis. Such bugs with health, this is just a symptom.

Answer 19
November, 2020

Take a closer look at the environment, perhaps there are envious people or vindictive people, etc. that suck energy and health from you. You yourself can feel who exactly. Watch your dreams, there may be answers or warnings. Your deceased relatives can help with problems just ask. There are many methods of restoring energy and defensive settings Read and listen to lectures on the Internet (on YouTube, Yandex) of spiritual mentors of humanity, news from contactees, bells, cleansing prayers. Your level of knowledge will rise, your strength will increase, learn to defend yourself, you will understand a lot, you will begin to compare, evaluate both yourself and others. It is more difficult with sorcerers, but they can also be thrown back. Ask for help from the big Saints and Gods. The main thing is to make efforts in business, and then it will become a habit, do not give up.

Answer 20
November, 2020

If this happens from childhood, then the psychotherapist's answer in the second paragraph is more suitable for you. Engage in bioenergetics, learn to put a protective invisible screen or put on a virtual protective cap in order to prevent involuntary energy consumption and from those who like to feed on someone else's energy.

Answer 21
November, 2020

An adult knows that outside of family and work, ANYONE does not care for him! If nothing attracts attention to themselves, they do not see at close range! I'm talking about residents of large cities. If you breathe well for the first minutes on the street, or on the balcony before going out, such thoughts do not come to your sober head. The egoist has never had to provide emergency psychological help to himself or to those close to him, to the grave, everyone must, even help themselves - this is not a royal business! Pride and stupid stubbornness guides such people, calling for help from the whole world for the sake of "my beloved" is already the norm. Moaning and slandering, curses of loved ones and innocent people, high demands on others - understandably, from mental illness. Self-criticism, humor and physical education are the key to health! Remember, life is so short, it's not worth worrying about nonsense, and I think everything, except children, their well-being, is bullshit! Breathe deeply!

Answer 22
November, 2020

I think there is too much negativity around, unnecessary heavy information. Human relations have lost kindness and positive. The brain gives the body more relaxation and relaxation. Hence laziness and apathy. But this is not bad, so it’s necessary. In time, everything will work out by itself. But this is my personal opinion.

Answer 23
November, 2020

All actions are simplified for survival. All communication comes down to just staying in your down-to-earth, amiable manner. Therefore, a thinking and not indifferent person gets tired of this empty shell. He wants real human moments.

Answer 24
November, 2020

I think you are a higher-frequency person than your environment, the energy is simply asleep from you. Therefore, any place where there are a lot of people is not shown to you. To nature, to the river, to the sea

Answer 25
November, 2020

This is not a rarity and not a disease, but rather a fairly common symptom. Generally speaking, indeed, now the environment of communication, the atmosphere itself, is devastated, if not toxic. You can drink vitamins, go to a fitness room or a 4D cinema, but the fact is that the environment is the sum of all the psychological states of people, if you like, the background radiation does not nourish, as before, with the joy of communication, but rather draws out the remnants of mood. Especially the place of accumulation of shopping centers, for some reason they especially affect the mucous membranes: the eyes are the throat, they are the most sensitive. And just personal communication, seemingly harmless conversation and trifles, despite the cheerful, carefree tone and trivial topics, how the communicating vessels quickly equalizes energy. And if you have a small edge, you will feel a drop in mood.

Answer 26
November, 2020

It is quite possible that it seems to you that you are healthy ("health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being, and not only the absence of diseases and physical defects" https://ru.wikipedia.org/wiki/%D0% 97% D0% B4% D0% BE% D1% 80% D0% BE% D0% B2% D1% 8C% D0% B5). If you exclude psychological troubles (falling into the category of self-diagnosis in a healthy person), then you have somatic (bodily) problems. If you dismiss the assumptions from Roman Dubrovsky, then, most likely, you do not notice the psychological fatigue that has been accumulating for months or even years. In general, as an option, the depletion of the nervous system. From assumptions, either a high daily load (200 letters from work, 150 calls, 20 tasks at the same time, etc.) the body stupidly does not have excess reserves (the nervous system is gradually exhausted, and any stimulants such as coffee give a temporary effect, but aggravate the situation and over time, they no longer really help), or (1.5 tasks for 5 working days) problems with the provision of necessary substances to brain cells (and not only nervous ones :)) as nutritious, plastic, microelements, oxygen. For example, vasospasm, usually in the cervical region, can affect the supply of oxygen, their compression is more likely in the same place (in the neck) by muscle spasm or discs / spinous processes of the spine, a lack of fat (used for the production of surfactant (lining of the lung alveoli, which increases the permeability of oxygen from of inhaled air into the bloodstream), an excess of sugars (due to which the body is rebuilt to anoxic utilization of glucose, which leads to large fluctuations in blood sugar levels).

My resume - contact a neurologist, other narrow-profile specialists later

PS I forgot to write it down right away.It is believed that a vicious circle can develop - insignificant oxygen starvation (and oxygen delivery is a difficult process and the quality of inhaled air is just the beginning) transfers cells to energetically unfavorable anaerobic (oxygen-free) glycolysis ( utilization of sugar with energy storage in ATP) to obtain lactate (lactic acid), which a person who wants sweets, which increases blood sugar, which glycolizes ("saccharifies", joins) hemoglobin, which then loses its elasticity and does not penetrate into small capillaries, causing oxygen starvation of peripheral tissues and - the circle is closed - pulls for sweets ... By the way, you can take an analysis for glycated hemoglobin HbA1c, the norm for which WHO regularly increases ...

PPS The vicious circle described above only describes a possible side picture, which has many branches. For example, an excess of sugar (although it is considered that the brain feeds on sugar, but they forget about oxygen), including the walls of blood vessels, which, according to recent studies, causes thickening of the walls, increases their fragility, followed by the deposition of cholesterol plaques and impairs the supply of the same brain with oxygen, from which a person feelsfeeling tired ...

Answer 27
November, 2020

The first reason is lack of sleep. Checked on myself. The second is malnutrition. Yes yes exactly. The body does not have enough vitamins, it begins to conserve its strength so much, so it arranges for itself such "respites. Then dehydration. Drink more water. Every hour, 50 ml, this is enough. And yet. You may be very worried about - because of this stress, and again the body saves energy. Think about what is going wrong in your life.

Answer 28
November, 2020

Too little information. If you always remember yourself this way, or the condition became more acute in adolescence, then go to a psychiatrist. He will ask if these states are accompanied by irritability, for example, low mood or anxiety? There are already three diagnostic hypotheses that need to be tested. Is there some kind of chronic stress experienced?

And if there is nothing like that, and the body seems to be healthy, you need to check for parasites. Which ones? - Remember where you have been, where you went, what animals you had contact with, etc.

Answer 29
November, 2020

You're just a hypersensitive person. This type of introvert, there is nothing wrong with that. Many people are like that, you just need not be afraid to admit this to yourself and others. I, too, like that, when I accepted this fact, it became easier to communicate with people and live, in principle.

There is a wonderful book by Ilsa Sand "Close to the Heart". All hypersensitive people are described in it

Answer 30
November, 2020

There are two common reasons that can be assumed without any additional information: 1) Slowly developing depression, which can be in such an embryonic state for several years (often accompanied by an inability to focus on one activity). Something happened, you could not even notice it, ignore it, because everyone does it, and go on living for yourself, but for the psyche this is a wildly difficult thing if you do not react. Accordingly, all the forces of the nervous system are wasted on isolation, albeit not special, and any other activity is simply devastating. 2) There is a lot of unconscious tension associated, most often, with shame, with the need to control oneself or behave more positively in communication with someone, on the street, and so on. The so-called good boy / girl syndrome, when efforts are made to indulge the people around them. It can take a huge amount of energy.

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