Why couldn't you quit smoking?

Why couldn't you quit smoking?

How ChristianaCare Can Help You Quit Smoking

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Answer 1
September, 2021

The most important thing is probably because I really like smoking, this is my favorite habit. In general, I am a very impressionable and sensitive person, I liked smoking somehow immediately from the very first cigarette. I especially liked the impressions that a cigarette gives: the feeling of wild joy and pleasure, inner uplift. Of course, the habit dragged on right away, and when, two years later, I decided to quit smoking for the first time, I felt very great inner emptiness and dissatisfaction, I was ready to climb the wall just to drag on the coveted cigarette. So I realized that I have a very strong and persistent dependence on cigarettes, and in view of the absence of any solid motivation, a fulcrum and complete emotional emptiness with incessant nicotine withdrawal, the addiction is also irresistible. After numerous unsuccessful attempts to quit and constant breakdowns, a long digging in myself, I just decided to put an end to it. Smoking with the constant thought that I will quit tomorrow does not bring joy and comfort. And I just started smoking, smoking for joy, smoking because I like it, because this is my little comfort zone. Everything is very simple, there is no deep meaning in it. cigarettes should be fun and they do it well. And if you limit yourself to smoking, then there will be no joy and satisfaction. So I adopted this habit and realized that I couldn't quit because I never really wanted to quit.

Answer 2
September, 2021

Every time I set myself such a goal, I was driven only by a psychological desire. The forbidden fruit is sweet, as they say. At the same time, you repeatedly notice an increase in physical endurance (it is easier to run, climb stairs, etc.).

The only thing that began to repel is the taste. When you don't smoke for a long time, this first cigarette is too disgusting. Later, I began to recall this nasty taste more often and the psychological dependence began to fade away.

Answer 3
September, 2021


To quit smoking forever can be hard, though, that kypenye - and physical retrieval, and to extract

First, nikotin is a weak drug. If your organization is accustomed to the regular penetration of nicotine into the blood, then the exchange of substances has changed, and now the organization without fighting from nicotine will not appear. To wrest this physical dependence out of the organism is all the same to conquer the little evil beast. The refusal of birching at the same time will cause painful sensations of the syndrome of rejection of nicotine or slices. Ppeodolet lomky - IT pepvaya cepoznaya tpydnoct, c kotopoy ctalkivaetcya bpocayuschy kypit

Vo-vtopyx, kypenie -. Odna of glavnyx ppivychek, kotopye delayut Vashy life takoy, kakaya ona ect co vcemi eo vozmozhnoctyami and ogpanicheniyami. And this is not just a habit to smoke, but a lot of communion, environment, rest, time to do things: to smoke before work or in the first place, and so on, or on the go Who is the habit. The desire to order in such cases is the year-old legal reflexes, prompting you to take a cigarette.

If you are an avid smoker, then depend on these rules even more than your organization is from nikotina. Therefore, it will be more difficult to win the psychological dependence from the cigarette, than to overcome the physical dependence. This is a great monster, and it will be more difficult to overcome.

Prerequisite. If you know people who abandoned, but started smoking again, ask them why they came back to the cigarette. If this is the case with you, think because of what it happened.


A custom or step-by-step type of behavior before entering the start-up Each of us has a lot of habits. Let's say, in a customary way, we wear shoes or sit on a chair. And we have been doing so for many years. Therefore, with time, we begin to take similar actions as natural. Although they are not given to us from nature, but obtained in the process of teaching life in the community. The same way, when we started to smoke.

Often we don’t know how to do it when we do our usual actions. They are not even always aware. In this way, the presence of a cigarette in the mouth of a smoker may not be reflected in his consciousness. For example, if a person is accustomed to shutting down when he is talking on the phone, he can end the phone conversation, even if you have not indicated what you have done. If not burnt, of course.

But presume that the smoker was suddenly left without a cigarette. So, can he think about something else at this moment? Probably, and you turned out to be in a similar "desperate" situation. Then remember your reaction to her. The power of this habit you then, no doubt, felt. That is why we call a common habit of kypyt big monsters: we must try to defeat her.

Suggestion for self-analysis. It is probably the case that you take the cigarette machine by hand, without smudging it. Maybe try to tell how it happens, when, for what kind ofistax. Have you ever had any extraordinary understanding that you are smoking or have already snatched out a cigarette? quit smoking. For them there was no question of how to give up. You just abandoned the cigarettes and were patient with all the accompanying needs. They started not thinking about the cigarette, avoided talking about it, and kept making candy or gum all the time. At this, no one of them has ever experienced the power of will. They were simply told that it was impossible to quit smoking otherwise. Someone held out. Someone bought a new copy.

Personally, I quit smoking (I used to smoke 2-2.5 packs a day for 8 years) using a very good tool. Its pros:

• Removes cravings for cigarettes

• Eliminates psychological addiction

• Suppresses the urge to smoke while intoxicated

• Prevents weight gain

• Cleans the body of tobacco toxins

If interested, here's a link to a helpful article.

Answer 4
September, 2021

Because this is fucking hard. The amendment is difficult to just quit and not smoke for a while. I'm a cast veteran. And here are some interesting facts.

  • Such people who smoke a pack a day, from school age, for many years, and then one day quit because it is expensive or harmful - just very few, indeed this is a rare, very rare exception.
  • Sometimes I throw up with friends and trust me. If you are at the limit, and your friend says that he does not feel anything and he is generally ok, then he lies to everyone, including himself. And then when you are already standing together at the stall, it becomes clear that he also sucks and also wants to, and apparently even more than you.
  • There is no point in tabex and the like, because psychological dependence is much stronger than physical, and if you think that some kind of tabex will help you quit, you are greatly mistaken, your body does not need a fucking tabex, it wants to drag on in the evening in the kitchen.
  • Quitting smoking is difficult in all years. School, student - it does not matter.
  • If you cannot quit smoking, then you really smoked, did not indulge, but smoked. Heroin also does not insert the first time.
  • I know many people who were frankly fucked for cigarettes in childhood. We discussed this during smoke breaks, of course.
    Quitting smoking is difficult, for me personally, this is a whole test. And the problem is not even that my body lacks nicotine. Just the thought of depriving oneself of this joy does not allow one to live in peace. You understand that you like it, but at the same time (for some reason) you need to quit. It makes sense to quit if you constantly think about how not to break loose.
Answer 5
September, 2021

Smoked for 13-14 years. At some point I replaced cigarettes with a pipe, - I could no longer bear the cheap "tobacco" (read dust), which is stuffed into them. Then there was a ban on smoking in many establishments, and drinking beer, eating sausage and not smoking after that is already blasphemy. Moreover, the stalls were closed, the sellers were obliged to hide everything from sight, the prices increased by 2-2.5 times. Quit smoking one day. I switched to vapering, but here I got tired of winding coils, pouring in the slurry, cleaning everything from the spilled liquid. Yes, and at work, if before there was time for smoke breaks, then it took constant communication with clients (with cigarettes, the voice sat down very quickly and dry wood began), and there was no time for breaks.

So, under the totality of many fatkorov and threw it. Sometimes during a feast I can leave with everyone to smoke, but rarely (more often it is a vape or a hookah) on weekdays I don’t return to this.

Conclusion: do something in your free time, find yourself a hobby ( ideally not compatible with cigarettes, any sport). If there is a physical addiction, cover it with lollipops, seeds, chewing gum, toothpick, etc. Do not read books about smoking, because they will only remind you later about smoking, do not stick plasters, do not chew Nicorette, do not switch to IQOS (awl for soap). Just give up cigarettes one day, preferably on the day of the strongest hangover toxicosis, aggravated by constant smoke breaks. Let the cigarettes remind you how bad you were. Cigarettes at some point become your enemy, kill time, waste money, distract from business.

Answer 6
September, 2021

I love smoking, so I can't quit.

I like a photo with a cigarette, I like blowing out smoke.

And self-hypnosis that when you smoke, it gets better in stressful situation.

Answer 7
September, 2021

I don't believe in dependence. Into theirs. I do not have them. I like beer. Soon it will be 14 years since I tried smoking and did it periodically. Played around. 2 years ago, I woke up in the morning and realized that I just had a disgust for cigarettes. And a couple of months ago she lit up again. And now I do it again periodically. Sometimes I even want to. But there is no dependence. I want to smoke I don’t want I don’t want to smoke. Okay, right? I love to feel free. And she lit a cigarette because of the stress. I stopped drinking. But with cigarettes I felt a completely different taste of the air. It became sweeter as if ...

Answer 8
September, 2021

I might and would like to quit, but I’m not ready and not ready for it yet. Firstly, a smoke break is a completely justified way to fuck at work.

Secondly, I love to smoke when immersed in my thoughts. I love looking at the smoke. I can't do anything about it)

Answer 9
September, 2021

Practice shows that quitting smoking does not make sense. Healthy lifestyle and other heresy can lead to such a terrible event as retirement, which is not only disgusting and humiliating, but also antipatriotic. Quitting smoking increases life expectancy so much that the likelihood of living to retirement becomes too high. Then no. Sometimes a vile instinct for self-preservation tries to fight it, but willpower and a deep sense of love for the Motherland so far prevail.

Answer 10
September, 2021

Because I didn't start :)

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Answer 11
September, 2021

For those who still haven't quit, think about one simple point:

You are filtering excellent shit, and not forcedly, but voluntarily, besides that, you also pay for it! The absurdity is incredible, you just think about it and you will stop.

Answer 12
September, 2021

I have been smoking for almost 14 years now and plan to smoke to the end. Why didn't I quit? Because: firstly, I never had such a thought, and secondly, I, in principle, like smoking. It's not fashionable now, not hype, but to be honest, I don't care. No, I tried once. After defending my diploma I thought, what would I not quit smoking. I have not smoked for three weeks. Then I asked myself the question: "Why, in fact, do not I smoke?" And lit up again.

I could not quit smoking because I had no desire to quit smoking)

Answer 13
September, 2021

I have been smoking for over 2 years. During this time I tried to quit, with varying success. Usually I do not smoke for a week, because of the specifics of my educational institution, I just simply do not want to be expelled. I calmly hold on for a week or more, so apparently, as such, I do not observe physical dependence in myself, but psychological is really a terrible thing. Two years ago (in the 9th grade) it so happened that at the school I sat without the opportunity to smoke and not sleep for a month and a half, I thought that well, it means you can quit, because a lot has been written about what is most difficult in the first month. Then, of course, I went out into the city and the thought slipped through to buy cigarettes, but I did not, and after walking for a while I just bummed Winston's red one at the man, from that moment I began to smoke again. It was that the girls said to quit this addiction, or they would leave me, but this was not a serious motivation and either continued to smoke simply hiding, or quit for a couple of days. Of course, all sorts of drunkenness also interfere with getting rid of smoking, because it is so nice to drag on when alcohol is already bubbling in you. Often the environment (smoking friends) and your type of activity at a certain moment, as well as the emotional state, affect. It's easier not to start, suddenly you will like it

Answer 14
September, 2021

No matter how hard I tried, I could not quit smoking. Life is just so dull and dull that this glow of fire and an island of foggy smoke is the only thing that saves you from suicide. It seems to be the saving light at the end of the tunnel. Do you understand? Another good reason why I never managed to quit smoking is because I never started. It's hard to quit doing what you haven't done.

Answer 15
September, 2021

I am amazed at how many excuses people have. My answer is not in the subject, but I have been smoking since the age of 16 for 8 years. I decided to quit, (not just "I have to quit shaking," but really decided.) a month after I quit, I died father. a good excuse? but I didn’t start and I’m not going to. just who came to read the answers to this question, somehow related to smoking, I wish you just want one day, like me, not to smoke, not to depend on this shit. already more I don’t smoke for a year, I don’t count my days, my friends both smoked and still smoke, in general, I don’t imagine myself smoking

Answer 16
September, 2021

Why can't I quit smoking? Because I admit that in this regard I am a weak-willed brat, that's all. Honestly managed to hold out for two weeks last year and fell off like a junkie. I don't know if nicotine withdrawals actually exist, but if they were, then I would not wish anyone to know about them on my own skin. It is better to die slowly from lung cancer than to escape from it by such masochism.

The whole trick is that smoking is the standard of a bad habit that goes with a person through life in the background and is inconspicuous in a row daily activities. The smoking process is based on the simplest algorithm of a couple of actions, which, due to their banality, are remembered instantly. Everything would be fine, but the longer you smoke, the (especially IMHO) the stronger the placebo effect, which gives some kind of calming after a couple of cigarettes. Not to mention the possible gourmand and conviction to feel, hardly blindly, the difference between the taste of Donskoy Tabak and Camel.

But the truth is one - if the body lacks this or that substance in the blood, then it is quite obvious that sometimes you will have to fill it without realizing this deficiency. I sincerely envy those who were able to quit. You can save a lot of money on buying cigarettes. In general, to each his own - after all, freedom is the right to absorb addiction. Or lack thereof. It all depends on the person and nothing more. But quitting smoking is, according to the experience of the comrades I know, more difficult than starting with, sorry, heroin.

Answer 17
September, 2021

It became boring. If you smoke, then every hour or half an hour you break away from all activities and get some rest. And when you quit - the habit remained, but there is no reason to leave and you sit on. And there is a lot of work. And even if it was interesting for you to do it, without such interruptions it becomes a routine.

Answer 18
September, 2021

I consciously began to smoke after school, and then even inadvertently the thought slipped through that "well, I will smoke for 5 years and I will definitely quit." But now more than 5 years have passed, and somehow it was not possible, in general.

And at first he smoked irregularly, only in stressful situations, but over time, like many of those who unsubscribed here, it turned into everyday ritual, action on the machine. Without this, you already feel somehow different, uncomfortable, something is missing. In addition, the cigarette helped me get closer to many good people, because, as you know, life itself takes place in smoking rooms.

From time to time, of course, the thought arises that I should quit. But, oddly enough, the economic factor predominates: if earlier it invariably kept within 70-80 rubles per pack, then in the last 2 years the price of your favorite cigarettes has gone far beyond 100 rubles.

There is no notorious nicotine addiction when it starts to shake without a cigarette. The addiction is purely psychological. I am almost never drawn to smoke when I am at home for a long time. And in the summer, too, the desire is always reduced. That is, you probably just need to figure out what to do with yourself during these time intervals, when there should usually be a smoke break. Yes, and I like it, damn it, what's really there to hide! The very process of tearing the film on the pack, the sensation of this aroma, striking with a lighter, the first puff ...

I don't know, maybe I'll be able to quit someday. Maybe in 5 years?

Answer 19
September, 2021

I have been smoking for 2 years. Last year I try to quit every two or three months. I started because of permissiveness and close, at that time, friends, polls pulling nicotine sticks. He quickly got involved, grabbed the packs indiscriminately, be it parliament or bond. Spared neither money nor light. Due to youthful maximalism, it happened that a pack was not enough for a day, even if it was red ice cream.

Now I will describe the attempts to quit in order:

I quit for the first time with the thought that a year of smoking is not an experience and it will be easy to do. Yes, it did. But only the first two days that I spent at home. Then I went out and met a friend - where is the nearest store?

The second time I threw it unintentionally. Minor problems with the spine, the doctor sent to pump back muscles. I didn’t grind two days before training, and then gladly went to the nearest sports complex, forgetting about my bad habit, calling with a friend with whom I often visited the gym before. And now, after an hour's training, we stand near the entrance and strike with cricket.

Throwed 3 times after moving. New home - new life and stuff like that. He lived with his parents in the fresh air, not far from the regional center. The father smokes a lot. This means that there were cigarettes in the same room with me, and even with delivery. At first, he did not give up the habit and continued to puff, but mostly at night and early in the morning. It was too hot outside during the day. I worked at home and this also did not affect for the better. My tasks are monotonous and monotonous. At the moment when the routine begins to chew on the convolutions, you want to renounce obligations and forget yourself in reflection for the next few months. Nicotine in this case is very helpful. Just three minutes of mortal walking from side to side with a smoldering goby and the system of protection against sticking [keys] of consciousness are restored.

For the 4th time I wanted to get rid of this habit once and for all after watching some documentary about sports (here I am so impressionable), I was inspired so that I threw away everything that had anything to do with tobacco, stocked up chewing gum and candies. And in addition, I notified all my friends to throw them too. Oddly enough, I was even supported by two friends with whom I had to share caramel. Two days later, I felt a slight dizziness from an excess of oxygen, I would not call this sensation pleasant, but it didn’t cheer me up, because the result is palpable. On the fourth day, breathing was restored, there was a feeling that something was missing in the lungs. Some important detail, because of which the usual inhalation seemed insufficient and it took some effort to be completely filled with air. So the week passed, every day new discoveries: smells, tastes, muscle tone. Everything returned to its original state, but along the way, I was looking at Prodigal California. My impressionability ... What is he smoking there? Marlowe? Does red look like Marlboro? - I have two packs please and a cricket, yellow one.

5th time happened due to a trip to the sea. Everywherelocal bans on smoking, strict uncles with shoulder straps and total laziness due to the heat. The abundance of salt water, shashlik and all kinds of fruits stifled the desire to take a drag. But upon arrival at his home, the found forgotten pack was instantly torn to pieces.

In the end, I came to the conclusion that it is still necessary to quit smoking, but my body constantly requires at least a small change in consciousness. Smoking, alcohol, nootropics, sweets, physical activity, tattoos, the process of acquiring knowledge, pointless purchases ... Anything that can make you look at the environment differently. And in my case, it is only necessary to dwell on something one and constant. Now it's nicotine, but it's much better if it turns out to be a sport. That is why, now I am finishing this and at the same time ordering a subscription to a nearby hall with pieces of iron. Which is what I advise you.

Answer 20
September, 2021

I have been smoking since a very young age, and I would not say that I do not remember myself not smoking, no. It's just that during all this time, the cigarette has become a good friend. As a teenager, she helped me confront my parents. We reflected on the problems together, dissolving in each other. As a student, we made new friends together in a big and foreign city in the smoking room. She and I are old companions and "quitting smoking" for me is equal to "sticking a knife" in a friend, albeit ephemeral. Contrary to the advice of others, I am not going to quit smoking. I am faithful to the cigarette, and the cigarette is true to me.

Answer 21
September, 2021

Because this process gives a lot of pleasure, it becomes a ritual, in the smoking room you get to know a lot of people, it is especially pleasant to smoke while drinking. I’m probably a marginal, but smoking is the most atmospheric way of self-destruction, and sometimes a cigarette, better than the interlocutor, helps to put the picture together or to think about something. It will be difficult for non-smokers to understand. Or maybe I just have life?

Answer 22
September, 2021

In fact, a great many of all sorts of subtleties and reflexes formed over the years do not cause the desire to quit, some of them were mentioned above, but it was from personal experience that I made some observations. That’s the thing, I somehow quit, didn’t smoke for a month or 1.5 sometimes. Yes, but this is not the most tragic thing ... I started EATING so much, but EATING, that I felt uncomfortable, i.e. that every hour (on average) that I spent on a 5-minute smoke break - now it turned into a half-hour snack, and not always "light" and the mechanism of craving for food exactly repeated nicotine hunger, that is, one changed to another. Eating, of course, is good, but through simple mathematical calculations, I came to the conclusion that if I eat so much, and therefore spend so much money on food, then soon I will have nothing to feed myself, or I will have to deny myself something. then just to eat, and even with the price of a pack of 100-150 rubles (1 pack per day), smoking is much cheaper than not smoking and eating like an elephant. so it was.

Answer 23
September, 2021

We had a serious relationship for 4 years. Before the relationship, the smoking experience was about 5 years. There were no reproaches from my partner in my direction, he did not give me ultimatums. But I heard at the very beginning of our acquaintance that this smell is not pleasant to him and, he himself has never smoked and will not smoke. When the relationship began, I, out of respect for this person, decided to quit. And what I felt for him, the feeling of some happiness and tranquility, gave me meaning and strength not to return to my favorite habit. I really like the smell of tobacco, I have never treated smoking as an addiction. It was a pleasant moment for me to enjoy what I love.
There were happy days for 4 years when a partner bought me my favorite cigarettes to please me and give me the opportunity to smoke a couple of cigarettes after going to my favorite bar. But it was so rare that you can count on one hand.
It is clear that these 4 years are over. Some mystery of these rare cases has ended. Now I don't buy my favorite cigarettes (cigarillos). I buy regular cigarettes every day, in a regular store. Yes, I still like this feeling, until now I smoke not out of habit, but at will. But now I see no reason to quit. And I don't feel what I felt before.
It remains only to wait a little longer, when I can feel my beloved and dear tobacco, and with a smile, smoke what I really like.
Who knows, there may come a time when all this will end. Or maybe not. The choice is mine.

Answer 24
September, 2021

I have often thought about this question. My friends smoke a pack a day. For me, the pack takes 3-4 days. Moreover, after visiting the gym, I do not smoke for a day. Parents ask: “Why then do you smoke?”

Someone has already answered about the feeling of being busy. Someone will say that he drinks when he smokes. Personally, after a hangover, I don't smoke for 2-3 days for sure. Rather, I smoke because I have nothing to do.

There are times when, after smoking a cigarette, thoughts come to order, but these are very rare cases. It happens that stress, or pondering some thought - is easier over a cigarette. It's easier to strike up a conversation over a cigarette. There are some pluses in this habit, maybe imaginary, but pluses.

And personally, I don't want to quit yet, especially in view of the way my friends smoke, I'm generally a good boy. Although at a noisy table I can smoke a couple of packs. But again, I repeat, I can not smoke for 3-4 days if I don't want to.

And now I'll go and have a smoke.

Answer 25
September, 2021

In general, while I was at school, far from home, I lived in a hostel, because of permanent boredom and stress I constantly smoked when I had the opportunity (getting a cigarette in a hostel was as easy as shelling pears (the most popular product). I don’t even feel like smoking anymore and I’m having a great time without cigarettes, because nothing soars, no stress, anxiety and, even, not so boring.

Answer 26
September, 2021

I'm crazy without nicotine, just hysteria, I can't stand this state for more than 5 days :( This is a real ambush. Moreover, I clearly feel the detrimental effect of this habit on my health. The first cigarette (roll-up) in the morning is so desirable, but as you smoke it, it is so inside shitty, as if poured with slop. As a matter of fact, I have long come to the conclusion that nicotine is the drug on which I sit, and tight :(

Answer 27
September, 2021

Because every attempt to quit eventually discovers that physically you no longer even remember about cigarettes, but the psychological habit turns out to be stronger and there really is not enough cigarette when you walk, go to or from work, when you find yourself in a new company.

Especially the last one. Smoking gives the illusion of being busy, as if you are not just sitting and silent, but SMOKING. Very busy. And when you try to quit smoking, for some reason this illusion of being busy is sorely lacking, and it's hard to find something that would really replace it.

And also friends. I can hold out for half a year without smoking, but when I meet my friends I still can’t stand it and shoot another cigarette from them, and then I don’t notice how I smoke my half pack again a day.

Answer 28
September, 2021

because a weak-willed fool

And one hundred and forty more signs of self-flagellation. Rag. Loch. Spineless squalor.

But all is not lost, you have to try, because for two years I didn’t take it.

Answer 29
September, 2021

As a smoker, I once quit smoking for six months. During that period I did not smoke a single cigarette, although the desire periodically surged. But I had good motivation and held on. At some point, life went awry and I allowed myself one or two cigarettes while drinking. This went on for three months. And then, when real problems started, I just wanted to self-destruct. You know, when you look for the source of life's problems and find that the answer is yourself, then the picture is not very impressive. I didn't want to mutilate myself or commit suicide, no. I just wanted to somehow punish myself for everything and alcohol with cigarettes and fast food turned out to be the surest way. Bringing myself to a state of unconsciousness and filling my lungs to capacity with nicotine smoke, I felt that this was it.

It was all stupid, but everyone in life probably had such periods and everyone copes differently. My choice was this. This did not last long, then I almost stopped drinking, but I did not part with cigarettes. For half a year without cigarettes, I realized that I miss them. I like to smoke while walking, I like to take a break with them, it is pleasant to smoke after a meal. At the same time, I understand perfectly well that it is harmful and cigarettes cost money. But I do not plan to smoke all my life, I know that the time will come and I will part with them again and forever. Motivation is key.

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