Why can't most of the 80s generation give birth? Were we bullied as a child? Or has it always been? 20% give birth, 20% cannot, 60% can with great difficulty.?

Why can't most of the 80s generation give birth? Were we bullied as a child? Or has it always been? 20% give birth, 20% cannot, 60% can with great difficulty.?

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Answer 1
January, 2021

I would not say that. I am born in 1985 and all my classmates are family members already and not one child and in parallel classes as well. I know only 1 classmate did not get married. And one couple, married for a long time, but no children. But this has always been the case. If we take, say, our 2 graduation classes in 2002, 25-28 people per class. That is 50 people. Only 5 probably have no children. And now we are 34. So there is still time.

Answer 2
January, 2021

Sorry, of course, but I have the feeling that I was gossiping with my grandmothers.

I can say with confidence that a late age for childbirth does not in any way affect whether a woman is carrying a child with difficulty, or it's easy, here everything is strictly individual and doctors who say that "it was necessary to give birth earlier" are hardly guided by scientific data, rather they are just the same grandmothers whose abortion is a sin, and everyone around them needs their advice "as live right. " But I think you yourself could read such stories about our doctors.

Secondly, at that time abortions were performed at the proper level and could not affect the health of the mother, especially if she gave birth after that. Anyway, I doubt that an incorrectly performed operation can affect the subsequent pregnancy, maximum on the mother, and only (I want to clarify that the bad consequences of abortion are found in girls, but in a certain group - girls with a negative Rh factor, but this too will of chance, and not everything in a row).

Thirdly, although I am not an expert, but nevertheless, it seems to me that the moment that the generation itself turned out to be such may still influence here. For example, someone wants to first build a life for themselves, acquire an apartment, receive a decent salary. Someone is not ready to have children and this is their choice. You will not interrogate each of this generation, and those who have problems do not confirm some incomprehensible conspiracy theories of the USSR times, and you cannot build statistics from them)

However, I want to say that not so long ago I came across somewhere on a similar topic and hoped that someone who possesses this information will write it down in more detail

I could not find the source, and I can also lie a little with information, I warn you

That, what you are talking about may be related to the then hormonal. At that time, they were selling some kind of drugs for women, who subsequently had an interesting side effect - their children could not give birth. If anyone has read and seen this information, please share a link.

P.S. I forgot to say that the problem may be not only in women's health, the examination should also be carried out by a man.

P.P.S. I hope, about "low-quality drugs, hormones in food and GMO" as a reason, it was a joke) if not, then please do not sow groundless doubts with the masses and study the issue)

Answer 3
January, 2021

Nobody answers, then I'll answer the set myself. Many cannot, because they had abortions in their youth. Then, when it was necessary, difficulties suddenly began. These are women from disadvantaged families, as a rule. With the collapse of the union, the ban on abortion has been lifted, so it certainly has an impact. But oddly enough, all of them then gave birth anyway, although medical intervention was required. At least the same number, if not more, of those who do not look like prostitutes and grew up in a normal family, but they have exactly the same problems. The thesis that they are all infected with anything can hardly be taken seriously, because these women are not station whores. As well as the untenable assumption that they wait 40 years. In my environment, if a woman is 30 and has no children, then 99% of the problem is, this is not a secret at all (they are more or less willing to tell). About the fact that you have to go to the doctor for hormones right away at 18, it looks ridiculous at all, since before, without pills and operations, 6 children were given birth. According to my observations, the problems started already in the 60s generation. Then Soviet medicine loved to poison women with hormones preventively, prescribing the same to everyone. And now they do this, although literacy has become higher. But all the same, abortion, punitive medicine and hunger of the 90s can explain even half of the problem cases. Why the rest have a problem, and why they are so numerous, I don't know. Here, either it has always been this way (but very unlikely, childless in the old days is rather an exception), or we were still poisoned with vaccinations, low-quality drugs and hormones in food and other GMOs. The 80s are the first generation to have extremely serious fertility problems. And this generation itself is numerous and now constitutes the bulk of the active population. Therefore, it is impossible not to notice.

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