Why are vegans and vapers so disliked, what have they done?

Why are vegans and vapers so disliked, what have they done?

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Answer 1
January, 2021

People, like living organisms, have a tendency to reject, hate, despise everything new. Also, vapers and vegans are gaining popularity too quickly due to some particularly aggressive representatives.

Answer 2
January, 2021



ALREADY WILL NOT BE THE OLD! (Read to the end)

I don't know, I can't speak for everyone, but I can tell you why I don't like vegans. I think many will join me.

I'll start with a lyrical digression. As you all know, billions of bacteria live in our gut. They are our irreplaceable helpers. They digest fiber for us, produce vitamins. They work tirelessly with flagella! There are also a lot of bacteria on the hands. Every day they selflessly fight against yeast-like parasitic fungi, protecting us! All these bacteria want to be friends with us, risk their lives for us ...

And now, let's look at you, "correct" vegan. You sacredly honor, it would seem, the commandments of veganism. At first glance - well, truly "he ate only grass, did not touch the booger", a spiritually exalted person, you can take an example, all so compassionate and sensual ...


Every time before eating you wash your hands. Do you have any idea what that means ?! You are killing millions of bacteria! Bacteium that GIVED FOR YOUR LIFE !! Who only wished for GOOD...

Every time you take antibiotic medications, you create a HOLOCAUST in your intestines! GAS CHAMBER FOR BILLIONS OF SMALL LIVES !!! And don't excuse yourself that "evil bacteria wanted to kill me, I defended myself, it's not a sin, because even the most peaceful herbivores do this." Oh, don't lie! Together with the harmful you kill and the useful! WHAT FOR ? !! What have they done to you ?!

You, two-man! You cry from the sight of a suffering cow, you argue with meat-eaters, and yourself !!! Do not you understand??!!!! After all, they also WANT TO LIVE ! They have the right to do so! Have you ever seen HOW they die ??! How does their endoplasmic reticulum shrink with terror when they feel the first doses of poison ?! How do their membranes tremble? How they jerk desperately, trying to hide from the suffocating poison, rushing about, but there is no way out, no salvation ... AND ALL THANKS TO YOU . If you have even a drop of a soul in you, JUST IMAGINE WHAT YOU WOULD BE IN THEIR PLACE, Eh ??? !!!!! Flayer !!!! Soulless KILLER !!!! Cro ... The cytoplasm of innocently killed bacteria is on your hands !!! How come you haven't hated yourself yet ?? !! How ...

Don't make the excuse that you didn't know about it - meat-eaters also " DON'T KNOW ". Yes, you are one of them, no better than them! And maybe worse! You are PHARISEAN!!!

But NOT LATE TO REPENT . Millions of little lives cannot be returned, but you can try to REDUCE SINS . Stop KILLING : don't wash your hands, never drink antibiotics, don't use antiseptics, do not fry and never boil, and if you wash something (say, an apple), then without soap in cold water! And then this water with bacteria - you pour it on the grass, the bacteria will live there! Tell EVERYONE AND EVERYONE about it! And maybe we will CHANGE THIS WORLD FOR A BETTER ...

P.S. Sarcasm only, not more.

The author of this answer does not intend to offend anyone's feelings. The author is ready for a constructive dialogue with vegans.

Answer 3
January, 2021

At one time he was subscribed to vegan "overheard" until he was banned there - for 1 adequate post there were 9 posts with insults to meat eaters, and even his own, but not hardcore, herbivores. One girl said she didn't mind if surgeons trained on miniature pigs. As a result, she received a lot of insults in her address that surgeons need to train on her, and only a few defended her.

Concerning vapers. Itself was for some period like this (until my kangertek broke down). And only now I understand how unpleasant the person was. He soared absolutely everywhere, without thinking about the appropriateness of this action. It is trite because there was not enough nicotine, and at that time I threw regular cigarettes. Summing up, I will say that ordinary smokers are more disciplined (though they smell bad) than vapers. Most of the smokers are aware of their addiction, while vapers are not - they just follow the trend without thinking with their head.

Answer 4
January, 2021

"Nothing spoils the music like its fans"

Not so long ago, after finishing a working day in my favorite edition, I was waiting for a minibus at the bus stop. Also, a boy of 13 years old with a box mod and a 5 ml tank was expecting transport. Smoke, as you might have guessed, constantly.

Since no one has canceled the rules of conduct in public transport, and "you also need to shine a toy in front of the heifers," the kid took out 10 jars of liquid from his pocket (and how did they just fit in there ?!), frantically going through them alone hand - in the other there was still a box mod. It is worth noting that he did not sit down as no one would see. Neither the chicks, nor the others paid attention, so he started mixing liquids, and he still didn’t hold onto the handrail.

I don’t know how it ended, I got out after 3 stops (because I live next to work).

And the moral is this: everywhere there are posers - let's remember emo, for example.

Answer 5
January, 2021

but I think that insincerity is even more important than obsession.
is another trend that is being intercepted by all and sundry. the first did it because he was going / always wanted / thought it was better for health, etc., the second, for example, the third too ... but the fifth, guys. and one hundred twenty-fifth?
I am very respectful of people who have beliefs. my best friend is a vegan for many years. but she lives like that! she came to this, came to the general fashion, her whole way of life corresponds to her convictions, she is not inclined to profanity or demonstrativeness, a person just feels so good, but otherwise not very much.
but what is happening now? it is important to shout at every corner that you are so fully understanding, you keep up with the most advanced.

at such moments it really seems to me that descent from a monkey does not require proof - people who begin to have a nervous itch until then, until they urgently acquire what the neighbor / friend / that guy has on the TV desperately resembles monkeys grimacing in the mirror.
do you want to sign that you have no opinion of your own and are rather tight with fantasy in principle? ok, then read in a magazine what is fashionable to do, wear, eat, drink, talk and do just like your previous ten clones. for me, this behavior is a confirmation that a person does not know how to fill the void of the skull, and in communicating with people you have to pretend that you have views / principles / point of view / lifestyle

Answer 6
January, 2021

People are annoyed by the obsessive concentration of attention by individual representatives of these groups to their lifestyle, positioning it as the only true one, and presenting their own success in observing certain "standards" as an achievement worthy of the approval of others. In fact, annoying requests for attention to the hobbies of vapers / vegans addressed to the last people around them only cause irritation and a corresponding negative reaction.

Answer 7
January, 2021

I agree with the answer above.

Unfortunately, people from such groups strongly impose their opinions. I can't say what it is exactly connected with, but it is.

especially as for vapers: there was a case in a minibus when a guy started vaping right there, frantically trying to hover through a slightly open window transport. I think this is inappropriate, but there are many such moments. therefore, many people are furious and condemn not just one person, but all people who are united with that person by only one hobby.

Answer 8
January, 2021

I think it's a matter of the "obsession" of individual representatives, because of them, "their whole tribe" suffers (
so in any group of adherents of this or that there are individuals who persistently impose their priorities as the only correct .. most of these zealous are just fanatics, why not make fun of them? (
but about vegans this fashion upsets me.

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