Why are there more righties than lefties? So all over the world? Has it been like this throughout history?

Why are there more righties than lefties? So all over the world? Has it been like this throughout history?

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Answer 1
September, 2021

Something top answer is some kind of delusional. Why there are more left-handers than right-handers in science do not know. It is somehow explained by the structure and development of the brain. For example, animals have approximately the same number of right-handers and left-handers. Therefore, very often the appearance of motor asymmetry in a person is associated with the presence of speech.

There are the following theories:
1) Assumes that pathology lies in the reason for the appearance of left-handedness.
2) The influence of our speech;
3) Someone suggested that earlier people used the left hand after a bowel movement. yyy)

Yes, this is how it is all over the world.
There used to be fewer left-handers because people believed that they were of the devil) And because of this they were retrained. By the way, you can't really do this !!! Brain development disorders occur. And yes, there were always more right-handers. Even when we lived in caves. Studies show that the drawings are drawn there with the right hand)

Answer 2
September, 2021

I really like the "sketch" by Duran (vk.com) about this:

close your eyes and imagine that you are sitting at a desk and then the head teacher introduces a new student to the class. which side did he enter?

on the right. class entrance is always right

why is class entrance always right? because the left is usually windows

why are windows in the class always on the left? because the light should come from the left

why should the light come from the left? because the light on the notebook should not be obscured by the writing hand, and most students are right-handed

why are most students right-handed? because people are mostly right-handed

why are people mostly right-handed? because the sword was held in the right hand since ancient times

why the sword was held in the right hand? because the shield was held in the left

why was the shield held in the left? because the shield protected the most valuable thing - the heart, and it is on the left

comes out, the newcomer entered the right, because you have a heart on the left. and so it turns out that new people come into your life from the side where you have no heart. let's think of a funny chase for a beginner!

(с) Duran

Answer 3
September, 2021

There are more righties, and it has always been that way. This is due to the fact that people with traditional for humanity relations of "right-left" brain structures survived better, were better adapted to the environment. In the past, a tiny number of left-handers were born. This is proved by Canadian scientists who studied the spread of left-handers in the population of the Earth over 50 centuries, using various evidence up to the Old Testament, where the army was mentioned and how many left-handed there were. Therefore, we can say that until the 20th century, the natural selection of nature was carried out without our participation. Babies who are born left-handed - they are weaker and get sick more often, they have weaker immunity. And today we have learned to fight natural selection, we treat and reanimate babies, and the number of left-handed people is increasing.

Until the end of the 19th century, the number of left-handed people around the world in different countries did not exceed 2.5-3%. However, in the XX century we stopped depending on natural selection and the number of left-handed people is increasing in all countries. On the other hand, the number of harmful factors that affect a pregnant woman today, for example, the abuse of ultrasound in an attempt to consider the first smile of the fetus - ultrasound can increase the frequency of birth of left-handed children. The overwhelming majority of left-handed people adapt well to the environment because of their abilities and talents. They often occupy a leading position in society: look at the US presidents: Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Obama. Obama's competitors, for example, were also left-handed. Lefties are an outstanding branch of the human race, but it is impossible to assume that humanity will be left-handed, somewhere up to 20% the number of left-handers may increase, but no more. We in our country are still far from this figure, among our young people about 10-11% are left-handed. We also have massive pressure on left-handers from relatives and nannies, because in principle there is no understanding that this is normal. Like in America, for example: “Eat with your left hand? Please eat! "," If you want to write with your left - write! ", Especially since you need to work with both hands on a computer.

Where there are many left-handers, where people are mobile and are oriented to demand in time and so on, a lot of products for left-handers appeared, including if a person takes an ordinary cup in his hand, kind words towards him will be written from the right side for a left-hander. Handles, knives - everything is done under left-handers, especially in the West. Our salaries are just tiny and the attempt to open a shop for left-handers was unsuccessful, but there is one on the Internet.

Left-handers are born where the development of a child in the womb is more often exposed to harmful factors. By the time they are born, they are already restored to normal, nature has many opportunities to restore the lost functions. All born left-handers cannot be considered sick people. The overwhelming majority of left-handed people have already recovered their health by the time of birth, and with the first cry they are ready to master the environment.

There are a number of authors who have studied left-handers and said that if a person uses his right handoh, this does not negate the fact that he can be left-handed in terms of the predominant activity of the right hemisphere. Not everyone shares this view, but it exists.

Answer 4
September, 2021

There are several theories on this topic. And so, yes, all over the world, including animals. Cats, dogs, monkeys and even fish can also be left-handed or right-handed. And these theories are clearly and in detail voiced on the "Nauchpok" channel, for example. Here is the link to the video:


Answer 5
September, 2021

Why do people have one of the hands (both legs and eyes, by the way) prevailing?*

  1. Man is the only animal with arms. The hand is the first, basic and multifunctional (complex) instrument of a person.

  2. It is obvious that it is more effective to use one developed hand than with two: mastering a skill with one hand is easier than with two; there is no problem of choosing a hand; it is easier for the brain to operate with one hand ( one task ).

  3. Right-handedness is probably associated with division of labor by the hemispheres of the brain . The left hemisphere is responsible for the work of the speech and motor centers. Why left? This geometry of separation of functions was probably accidental and entrenched by natural selection .

* Prevailing hand is a symptom arising from unequal development of motor skills between the left and right hands.

There are four main types of dominance:

Right hand dominance is the most common.

Left hand predominance less common. Approximately 8-15% of people are left-handed.

Ambidexterity is very rare . A person who is ambidextrous is able to accomplish any task equally well with either hand.

Mixed dominance , also known as transverse dominance - rare a type of dominance in which different tasks are better performed with different hands.

Answer 6
September, 2021

I do not pretend that my answer will be correct, but I will tell you what I know.

In Russia (formerly in the USSR), children were often retrained simply because it was easier and more convenient, and most people used their right hand as their main hand. And there was some sense in this, since there are many things that are made for right-handers in the standard version. For example, the structure of classrooms for training sessions. Probably, no one pays attention to this, but all classes (should be at least) are built in such a way that the windows are located on the left, respectively, so that the light from the window falls on the students from the left, and the student does not block it with his body and hand when writing. (From here I will make the assumption that it was much more relevant at a time when electricity was not yet available, and this was the easiest and most convenient way to organize classes). These things include musical instruments, a keyboard, and even a computer mouse. Lefties can add to this list, I think. Therefore, not all people are right-handed from birth, personally me and many of my acquaintances were retrained in early childhood (perhaps with thoughts of making our life easier).

It will be interesting to hear the answer about whether there is this issue is an evolutionary / physiological aspect, and correct me if I'm wrong.

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