Who has tried pharmaceutical drugs, tell us your feelings, what have you tried and for how long? Was there an addiction? And in general, everything you can tell. Especially interesting about baclofen and lyrics, their comparison.?

Who has tried pharmaceutical drugs, tell us your feelings, what have you tried and for how long? Was there an addiction? And in general, everything you can tell. Especially interesting about baclofen and lyrics, their comparison.?

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Answer 1
June, 2021

Greetings !

  • Here is my story of using tramadol, at one time a very famous pharmaceutical drug and lyrics.

I want to say right away that I have repeatedly consumed this miracle drug in my youth, and this was actually the second psychoactive substance that I tasted after hemp.

I heard about him at about 14-15 years old, it was high school either 10 or 11 grade, a classmate suggested to try or I asked him, I don’t remember exactly, but I remember exactly one it was 3 pieces, that is three capsules that actually changed the next couple of years of my life.

  • From the first time I liked this substance, as it was very accessible, and when I took it I felt a high-quality surge of strength and mood, in short, the production of hormones of happiness and pleasure after taking this drug increased sharply and lasted for a long time ...

It is important to note that at that time I did not really think about the consequences, but there was no one to say to what it would lead to after a while, so I burst into the use of this drugs without a drop of doubt, because I thought that these are magic pills, they definitely will not harm me!

  • After 14-15 years, I can say for sure that tramadol is not what not a miracle pill, but a psychotropic opioid analgesic, which has a strong analgesic activity, gives a quick and long-lasting effect, which develops 15-30 minutes after ingestion and lasts up to 6-8 hours.

It can also be noted here that some reference books classify tramadol as a “narcotic analgesic”, others as an “opioid non-narcotic analgesic”. Although since 2007 it has been included in the list of potent and poisonous substances in Russia and I believe that this is correct, because from personal experience I can note that it is 100% drug, as it causes both physical and psychological dependence, literally after 3-4 doses to the row.

  • I don't know exactly how it happened all over the world, but when I ate it, the prescriptions were not needed, it was sold in several pharmacies in the city at a price inflated from the market, and the pharmacies, accordingly, worked under the cover of corrupt law enforcement officers.
  • Young people gathered in droves near such pharmacies a couple of hours before the opening of the pharmacy itself, and after it opened, a whole show began, all drug addicts began to break into the pharmacy to have time to buy, and for those who did not have money, they waited those who have already bought in order to take away the coveted medicine by force, therefore, without a swing and showdown at such points of health!

This is something like a watering hole in the jungle during a drought, all animals need water, but not all animals were able to withstand the competition to get drunk and still live, some were eaten at the watering hole , so near such a pharmacy there used to be something detailed, drug addicts ate drug addicts!

  • AroundI spent a couple of years in this mode, every morning I drove to a watering hole and fought for my survival, it is important to note that everything did not always go smoothly, since money was needed every day, and it was not always possible to get it, so I had to get out and do something, I didn't always want to do what, namely to take out unnecessary things from the apartment, borrow money, steal from loved ones, and so on ... in short, the classic drug addict everyday life.

There is an interesting video on this topic , look!

Answer 2
June, 2021

Do not try to follow the described. Any substance affects people in different ways. You may not feel anything, or you may suddenly go to the intensive care unit.

Rabbit weighing 60 kg. A neurotic prone to depression. History of the use of everything, mainly psychostimulants, mainly intravenously, for three years is quite dense.

From baclofen (50-75 mg) I have hyperactivity, hypersexuality and the complete removal of any bad complexes. It acts long enough, it sleeps well under it, but the next morning its action turns into heroin sticking. No hyperactivity, just wild sleepiness anywhere, anytime. In short, it is optimal to eat it in the morning, just enough for the whole day. Inserts slowly, so there is a risk of eating a couple of extra pills while you wait. It is not necessary to do this, for dizziness, suddenly relaxing muscles (when they want to) and sticking with failures in restless sleep. It’s unpleasant, in general.

Lyrica I didn’t eat Lyrica directly, only generics Ogrania and Pregabalin (the substance is the same as in Lyrica). Intoxication (450-600 mg) is very similar to baclofen, but there are nuances. All the same hyperactivity, hypersexuality, but there is no complete indifference due to the inability to concentrate. Thoughts scatter. You can't have sex either - for the first fifteen minutes you are a sex machine, then the brain decides that it is tired and for some reason takes all the blood from the cavernous bodies. However, pregabalin has a psychedelic touch - slight distortions of space and powerful visions with closed eyes. And there is no sticking in the morning. I really liked this psychedelic note and I began to slowly get hooked on the system. Systematic use of the "grain of joy" disappears and tolerance grows very quickly. Where previously two 150 capsules were enough for a mild effect, six should be taken. The doctor prescribed it for me for anxiety, but I very quickly saw that he was rushing. Realizing that I was sitting down, I made some effort of will and just stopped taking. I had withdrawal symptoms (irritability, sleeplessness without a dose and increased anxiety), but I was not so intoxicated that it was very hard.

Phenibut I tried it once in a recreational dose and obviously went over (1000 mg and after another 1500 mg). Raked off as from an overdose of baclofen - dizziness, dullness, dips into the darkness and a rather long action with sticking in the morning. I think a 1500 mg dose would be similar to baclofen.

All three drugs are worthy in their own way when taken sporadically.

If systematically, there will be powerful tolerance and withdrawal. Given their alcohol-like effect, I believe that it will be somewhat similar to alcoholic, that is, a patient who is not too concerned about his health will go into a "binge" in order to avoid withdrawal syndrome - just spit.

Well, and, of course, since this is still a pharmacy, all three substances are not intended to stick out, which means that instructions andYou can't believe in boxes. The result will be unpredictable.

And also remember that it is advisable to first acquire something that would be unpleasant to lose due to substances, and only then experiment. Things and phenomena that are valuable to you at least partially insure against all kinds of addictions. There is something to remember on the otkhodnyakh and in the name of this to stop this dirty activity.


Dextromethorphan in the form Glycodin. Dissociative. Perhaps the only drugstore substance worthy of attention. It is described in great detail and exhaustively in the DXM FAQ. Due to the weight of the rabbit, it is very convenient to calculate the dose (how many bubbles, such is the plateau). With our eyes closed, we fly across imaginary worlds (the image is black on black - it's hard to explain, you have to fly). With open eyes, dizziness, uncoordinated movements, loss of sensitivity. The rabbit does not quite enter into dissociatives, but DXM after MXE and ketamine seemed to be the softest and most respectable (only, the dog, well, it works for a very long time, especially after fifteen minutes of ketamine - you get tired of waiting when you have returned from the black hole for two hours, but as an insensitive cyborg has not ceased to be).

Phenotropil. Stimulant. I ate three tablets each, dispersed a little, concentrated and gave a slight feeling of goose bumps. Like a very weak amphetamine (well, a very very weak one). The rabbit felt the same with two pills. The rabbit's husband was fed by four and did not feel a damn thing like that. The animals stuck out in parallel at speeds, the husband did not stick out. It is therefore possible that a placebo.

Amantadine, rimantadine and diphenhydramine. In theory, these are deliriants. In practice, this is some kind of shit, especially the last two. There was no delirium, only a blow to the liver and nausea with rimantadine and a day of insomnia with diphenhydramine. Amantadine still somehow, caused some interesting thoughts (this is when the rabbit called them interesting, but on a sober head it is called "shiza"). Probably should have eaten more. I read reports online, thank God I didn’t gobble it up anymore.

Cyclodol. Deliriant. This is an irreplaceable thing - in a psychiatric hospital, because there is absolutely nothing to have fun with. In general, it is prescribed so that it is not so lousy from antipsychotics (and it fulfills its task), but if you hold the pill, and the next time you drink two, it starts to shake you a little. You lie on your bed and watch indistinct cartoons on the ceiling. If you drink not two, but five, cartoons will be intelligible. But for all my love to watch the carpet, I did not manage to get really intelligible cartoons in a recreational dose. So, on trifles: the light flickered, the carpet was eating flies ... Glitches are "point" and mostly peripheral vision. But the consciousness leaves him in some unknown worlds, and then, without warning, it comes back and you understand that your brother is asking you what you mean. You answer him, but mentally. But you don't know about it, so your brother asks you again, what are you under,and you blink two huge black bolts and try to convince him that you are completely - and again left for a parallel reality for half an hour - sober (when your brother has already left). This effect is not at all happy. The rabbit left at three o'clock in the morning in his underpants and returned an hour later. He vaguely remembers where he was and what he did.

Codeine, Tramadol. Opioids. Heat. Nausea. Half asleep, neither here nor there. Delayed orgasm. IRRITABILITY. I don't know how to explain this, but what about codeine, what about tramadol, just fierce irritability. Only the antidepressant Paxil acted worse on me, when at the beginning of the course I threw a stool at my brother because he told me something wrong. Nevertheless, you can sit on codeine with all the ensuing opiate consequences - addiction, dose escalation and, probably, addiction a la Dr. House on Vicodin. I bought Tramadol twice (not in a pharmacy, of course - it was already completely prescription), the first time six regular tablets, the second time two prolonged action. Prolonged is better.

Diazepam, phenazepam, reladorm. Sleeping pills. Perfectly fulfill their task, I sleep like a dead man. It never entered my head to take them for the buzz, except for a stormy youth, when we figured everything out. We poured diazepam and phenazepam into a shmurdyak called port wine (three to six wheels per bottle). Sometimes with cyclodol. What to say? Drunk quickly. Youth.

In general, I repeat: I have great doubts about the pharmacy. All of these drugs are made to be curable. Torchkov is not appreciated or respected, a pharmacy can kill your health much faster than illegal classics. NO, I DO NOT PROMOTE, BLEAT. It just is.

Answer 3
June, 2021

Baclofen and lyrics? I did not understand the lyrics, I tried 300-600mg a couple of times. I did not understand her buzz. They say it is successfully treated for GAD, but it only increased my anxiety. But baclofen really liked in plans to eliminate anxiety and obsessive thoughts. Dosages ranged from 30mg to 70mg. The mood is much better, but in no case do not eat it for weeks, the withdrawal syndrome after a month of taking it will be long and rather unpleasant. And in general, it's better not to joke with gaiters.

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