Which word annoys you the most?

Which word annoys you the most?

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Answer 1
September, 2021

"what" is a widespread virus of today's youth. I would have crossed out those illiterate monsters who introduced this into education. I'm assuming it comes from school.

Answer 2
September, 2021

"miss you";

"to speak FOR (in the sense of / about) something / someone", where did it come from, ahh;

" reluctant ";

" in general ".

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Answer 3
September, 2021

Belarus. The word that the Russians invented. There is no such country. There is the Republic of Belarus (Belarus), Belarus and Belarusian.



Answer 4
September, 2021

"Emergency exit". All my life they said "spare", and now "spare" hangs everywhere. Maybe I didn't notice this, but it infuriates me very much and sounds like a catAlog. They say it is in the dictionary so you can.

Answer 5
September, 2021

The words "gratuti" are enraged and when they say "yeah"

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Answer 6
September, 2021

Girl, woman, heifer, kitty, fairy, man, lyalka (in relation to people). Kote, cat. Himself (just shaking)). Hugs. Delicious. Morozhenko. Friday the lecher. Vanilla, cute. Yummy. Animals (about pets). Dancers. Confused, antics.

Buns (in the meaning - bonuses)

Namanit, dragon, gash, post, lisp.

There is a zest, awl in the priest, walk on tsyrlah.

Answer 7
September, 2021

Tobish (its excessive use)
Fota (photo)
Dvizh-Paris - Let's go (let's go)
Pokladu, fart, fartanulo , fortunate enough to decide, decided (he), drunk (alcohol)
vino, smokes

Answer 8
September, 2021

Almost any word that migrated from Internet slang or games: "lol, cake, gratuti, IMHO, yell" and so on.

All borrowed words used just like that: "krinzh, chill, flex , bow "and so on.

Answer 9
September, 2021

Unified State Exam .. Only three letters, and it gets so sick.

In general, I hate it when a lollipop is called a 'sucker', 'go suck on a sucker', what is that all about?

Still incredible with 'first'. THIS IS JUST A TIN, THERE IS A KNOWLEDGE WHO ETERNALLY USES HIM 'First go to the store', 'first discuss this with him', 'first answered her question' FIRST FIRST FIRST FIRST FIRST FIRST

Answer 10
September, 2021

Meme phrases that are mainly heard from children, like kek, chi yes, gratuti, eshkere. After this, I want to take out my brain so as not to listen to it.

The word “eat” also pisses me off, because it seems to me some kind of diminutive.

Answer 11
September, 2021

I am annoyed by the smell. This is just torture for me. Maybe you still licked the sound or saw the taste, mmmm ??)) 0) 0

And also annoying words in diminutive form. If the thing is really small and cute, then it's okay. But size 46 boots cannot be boots.

Answer 12
September, 2021

Well, it annoys me very much when young people and other strata of the population use English words in Russian - it's kapets !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!! Ukrainian infuriates since childhood, although I like some words); infuriates the frequent use of affectionate-derogatory words in sentences! and if some words, I will start in descending order:

1.chick, 2.write \ pussy and all his prizvodnye (ENCOUNTERS !!!), 3. fumble (like understands something), 4. vpiska (sooo unpleasant associations !!!!), 5. nyashki (fffuuuu !!!), 6. hype ( obvious show off), 7.fat (you want to tear in kind), 8.fat and other derivatives of it, 9.fatty - I don’t know what but infuriates !!! 10.dude - unpleasant to the ear, 11.havat ... 12. Georgian (oh, infuriates), 13.then, 14.smoothing (I mean a plaster grater (infuriates !!!)), 15.redeem - fu! 16.muse (sounds offensive in relation to music)

Answer 13
September, 2021

Oooh. Probably, something is wrong with me, but the words: "drink", "food" are very, very infuriating.

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Answer 14
September, 2021

Ready to kill for the word "kakava". If you do not know the meaning of this word, then it turns out that some people call it "cocoa". For some, this is not enough, so they say "kakavushka" - they generally deserve to be crucified.

  • I want to have some cocoa

  • Drink and then I'll kill you.

Answer 15
September, 2021

I hate the words "delicacy" and "young man". They just sound disgusting. When I hear a "tidbit", Dolores Umbridge from Harry Potter pops into my head. Bue, already sick.

Words from the series "bullying", "slut shaming", "childhead" are even terribly annoying. "Look, I know English, let me translate Russian words into it and scream them at every corner, but no one will understand me!" , "driver". Forgive me feminists, but it really hurts your ears.

Answer 16
September, 2021


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Answer 17
September, 2021

The word cheerful in the context of clothing with a bright color, print, for example, "funny blouse" - straight brrr, hurts your ears. And it's also not pleasant to listen to the code girls call shoes - heels, "put on heels", "go in heels"

Answer 18
September, 2021

I work in the field of photo printing with my parents. Mom, instead of "launching pictures," says "bubble" and constantly with such a happy face, they say, a cool word. And I'm already shaking

Answer 19
September, 2021

French origin: lampshade, brochure, etc.

"Common people": girl, heifer ...

When in relation to wine they say not to drink, but to eat.

Words with the letter "b" : love.

Like "Slavic": Svarog ..

For the words "for" and "chuvapchichi" there is a special place in hell!

Answer 20
September, 2021

I don’t know if it will fit this question .. I am enraged by a lot in the incorrect use of words in our language. Especially with the postfix "sya". Words like "clean up", "rub off" cause me righteous anger. "I just want to get out" - well, get out of here, your motto! Of course, the use of foreign words when there are Russian counterparts also causes me elementary disdain (what the hell is a businessman, if an entrepreneur?) Well, all sorts of "dress" when "put on", but it's all clear.

And the expressions that infuriate me for no reason: "Throw the hog", "Scram the sausage." ... God, I wrote this, and I'm already shaking with rage. WHAT KABAN? Ahhh, this is unbearable, does anyone get angry with these expressions except me? :(

And "well, this" ... oh, Lord, I don't even have the strength to describe my emotions about this expression ...

Answer 21
September, 2021

Eat - have a bite of excrement, please.

Panties - "not a mustache, but a pass in panties", I just don't like it. Cowards - "little gray bunny coward ..", here it is as annoying as possible, with all his might.

Baby, baby, kakusiki, tits, etc. - this causes me a huge attack of indignation with a great desire to wind this very "sissy" around the "neck".

Feast on, tasty, etc. - I just don't like this combination of sounds. Too cutesy.

And, of course, a signature hello: eat a bag of shit.

Answer 22
September, 2021

Rating of words that annoy me:

  1. Panties

  2. Play

  3. Eats

  4. Podokolnik, instead of Window sill (yes, yes ... Some say so) From the word "outskirts" or what? I do not know.

  5. Lay down !!! And with an emphasis on "O". This gives me a nervous tic.

  6. Using the Type Word

  7. I am like that

Answer 23
September, 2021

I am sympathetic to the introduction and penetration of Anglicisms into the Russian language, I myself willingly use it, I believe that in every language there is a lack of certain words that would describe the current state of affairs. Nevertheless, it is terribly annoying when Englishisms are used inappropriately and to an audience that, in principle, does not quite understand their meaning, or when the same word can be called one simple Russian word.

And the extreme, of course, oh ...

This word, perhaps, causes a flurry of not the most pleasant emotions and hurts the ear.

Answer 24
September, 2021

Eat, delicious (not in relation to food) well, and the very top is DELICIOUS. When I hear all this, I want to run far away. Apparently, I am very scrupulous in everything related to food.

And one of my friends hates the word "leggings", please let me know if you do not like this word either, because I have a feeling that she such one in the whole world.

Answer 25
September, 2021

Oh, right on the headlines.

  1. "Hype";

  2. "trash";

  3. "fumble" ("understand", "understand");

  4. "buy back" ("understand");

  5. "to scare";

  6. "plate";

  7. "tian";

  8. "girlfriend" ("a girl whom I see for the first time in my life, but with whom I drink alcohol this evening" and similar meanings);

  9. "LOL";

  10. "mobile";

  11. "well, like";

  12. "list";

  13. "zashkvar";

  14. "top";

  15. hello and other horrible internet memes.

Answer 26
September, 2021

Hashtag - in a music school it was a sharp), like, and all the other Internet words, hype to the same place, from zashkvarn makes me sick - like fried bacon greaves or something like that, all these superstitions about the extreme, all the words of stupid mothers ... even the simplest Treaty - Lord, the village is. Add only nIponila and all the rest of the well, completely simple words, especially when "not" separately from the words with which you should be next. It seems that everyone is so stupid, their eyes are bleeding. Not to mention the difficulties, you write simple words correctly: otherwise they write solved the problem "by means" of the textbook. Write easier: with help, if it is difficult to be literate at least a little, even for the fifth grade.

Answer 27
September, 2021

Strawberry, bear, hedge, eat, regiment, company, content and words in English when used in a Russian sentence.
These are the words that little girls and boys put wherever they go like: top, fashionable, her fight, zashkvar ...
Excessive use of the words "... well, I'm like that ...", "... Well, he's like that to me ... "

Enrages in general

Answer 28
September, 2021

Youth slang from transliterated English words:

Riley, Easy, etc.

Can't you say the same thing in Russian?

Well, it’s annoying when they make very trivial mistakes like -s / -s in a letter.

Answer 29
September, 2021

Recently, the word "baby" has been wildly annoying. Children or a child are normal, but this ...

There are some words like: cabbage, cheese, socks and panties. I understand panties, but "panties" will annoy the word

Answer 30
September, 2021

The word is clear (it's understandable why), a drink (I really don't know why, like a normal word but no) Well, and the most unloved: TREATMENT. I can't hear it, write or pronounce it aloud, it hurts right away.

Answer 31
September, 2021

Shnyaga. I don't even know the meaning of this "word", but it is unpleasant to me. Baba, chick, girl. Well and the like.

"cool". Do you know when your work is rated like that ... and what does that mean? Interesting? Handsomely? Not pretty enough, but interesting? What?

Answer 32
September, 2021

The names of Ukrainian food make me wince

Borsch, bacon, dumplings, potato pancakes, cracklings, ZRAZY


Answer 33
September, 2021

I am a male myself and it annoys me when other males in the presence of females say the words: a woman, a heifer, a girl. For me, these are words from the same category as the "word with the letter H" in relation to African Americans - only African Americans themselves can pronounce it.

I try not to use the word "old" in principle, if there are elderly people nearby, even if we are talking about some thing, for example, "old phone" or something similar, I prefer it situations, replace a word with a similar meaning in this context, for example, the previous one.

It is very annoying to use the union "but" instead of "a". Straight brutally enrages. It's like inserting a word into a verse of a song not into a rhyme - well, it just sounds nasty and that's it, despite the fact that it is necessary according to the rules. Often, especially in the news, there is, for example, the following: funds operate according to the well-known parable: to give the hungry not a fish, but a fishing rod, so that he himself ... "

No politics, but the word" state "annoys me - it does not have a generally accepted definition, and is not even translated into English. Most often this word is replaced by the word "government", that is, specific people who make all kinds of unpopular decisions. For example, "the state has raised taxes or excise taxes on gasoline", "the state will allocate funds help the oligarchs. "I think this word should be replaced wherever possible with a word that is appropriate for the meaning -" government "or" country ", I hope everyone understands that this is not the same.

Answer 34
September, 2021

Annoying "xs". The quintessence of indifference, rudeness, laziness.

_ _ ___

Why do you need one hundred and forty characters? it is annoying, some requirements. who invented this?)

there are only 6 left

Answer 35
September, 2021

"Eat". When you ask a person why he expresses himself like that, the answer often follows: "How else to say?".
The word "pussy / pussy" is especially unbearable when it is used in the sense of female genitals.
"Man (my man) "- when girls (18-23 years old) talk like that about their boyfriends (husbands). It looks very ridiculous when a guy is also 18-23, he is not endowed with a brutal appearance and does not work in a factory.

Answer 36
September, 2021

I'm a redhead, not very red, let's say not a typical redhead, but when they start laughing at the color of my hair, it depresses me, especially when these are strangers, I just want to take it and start verbal vyrashka back. When friends say red, ore, it is not so offensive, in their words you do not feel the intention to offend.

Answer 37
September, 2021

"Plus sign" when someone agrees with something. In any form: written, oral, verbal, symbolic. Film But especially orally. Immediately there is an incredible desire to give bream.

Answer 38
September, 2021

I really hate words like "nice", "money", "nyahya", "eat". Perhaps it still remains from 2007, when I heard such words everywhere, from banged teenagers.

Answer 39
September, 2021

Intestines (in the sense of an abdominal organ), as well as other petting idiotic names: mesentery, subcutaneous tissue (subcutaneous tissue), liver, spleen, vascular and the like. Brrr.

Answer 40
September, 2021

For some reason, the word "send" in the meaning of "let's go" is very annoying.

-Guys, send it as soon as possible, they are waiting for us.

You can send a letter, news, a person to hell, and we are going to "go".

I don't know, maybe it just annoys me so much, but it's hard on my soul when I hear it.

Answer 41
September, 2021

Insanely annoying lisp of some mothers: "he wants a title", "look, what kind of nanny goes" (about any girl). And as mentioned above all sorts of muski - pisyuski, not most of all: "TITI" .... it's a pancake breast, guys !!!! 1

Answer 42
September, 2021

The phrase "you are great fellows!" is terribly annoying. Especially in the form of a positive assessment of serious work. Reminiscent of kindergarten matinees. Where, I wonder, "little fellows"? And if you put on a par with "uchi-paths / pusi", "pretty", "little man" and other affectionate ones - this already brings physical suffering.

And also, if a little more people finally remember to "Put on clothes, but Put on Hope", the world will be a little better, and nerds like me are certainly happier

Answer 43
September, 2021

The word "caviar" infuriates. Red, fucking CAVIAR. Wtf.

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Answer 44
September, 2021

I see. Clear. Enough. You are welcome. Hi-hai. Greetings. Dosvidos. Pakeda. Schmuck. The answer cannot be less than 140 characters. Yeah. No. Cross-eyed. Sasny. Lol. Hmm. True

Answer 45
September, 2021

I hate the word "cool" and "great". It hurts the ear.

Well, we have already spoken about diminutives.

And the blood flows like a fountain from my ears when I hear "THEIR".

Answer 46
September, 2021

"Hype" terribly infuriates this word, lately I hear it everywhere (140 characters, symbols, symbols, symbols, symbols, symbols, symbols now the word symbols infuriates me😑)

Answer 47
September, 2021

" Creative " in relation to a person or inappropriate " Art " (art exhibition, art incubator, art theater, that's all)

- You're so creative! (/ so creative)

A whole phrase that makes your face twist.
(Creative association, creative exam, etc. - ok, but when they say this about people - brrr. There are two cases: when a person is related to any kind of art at a professional level, and when he learned to hold a pencil and sketch portraits with photos, writes poems about love, plays the guitar Bi2, sings on student spring and other imaginary artistic values. in our highly intellectual society are considered "creative" and knock down the bar of value for this word, which is also, damn it, sickening. Explain, of course, in the question was not asked, but just in case :)).

Answer 48
September, 2021

The worst thing I've ever heard:

Stuffed friend.



But my "favorite" Aggressy

AGREE who could have invented this fiend of hell?

Well, to have 140 words.

Answer 49
September, 2021

I hate the word " pick ". I associate it with pus, acne, etc. In addition, it should be added that I myself suffer from trypophobia, and this word constantly reminds me of this.

Answer 50
September, 2021

"Ayda / Aydate" is the most miserable Bashkir alternative to the words "come on" and "let's go"

"Pupsik" "lyalechka" are the most disgusting names for a human cub

"Nasty "-that freezes this adjective by itself ...

Answer 51
September, 2021

when Malakhov says "HYIP" and "MEMY"
What else can I write in 140 characters

Answer 52
September, 2021

There are many things that are a little jarring to the ear, but the peak of it all is "otherwise." Basically it comes in response to some kind of praise and makes you want to kill, tear out your eyes, or at least just cry.

Answer 53
September, 2021

extreme and tasty - this is eternal hatred, of course. but there is also a list

"little man" (especially "this is the closest man to me" and so on "kindness")

"smart", "young", "young"

And also those who use the word "young man" as a praise

Answer 54
September, 2021

"Along the way" means "it seems", "it seems". This is the only phrase that I forbid my children to speak in front of me, although I allow everything, even swearing, if it's about business.

Answer 55
September, 2021

Many borrowed words from English that are most often found in professional vocabulary (like 'storytelling', 'consulting', etc.). All sorts of transcriptions from the same English, such as, for example, 'fashion business' or 'public relations'.
I don't know why, but the colloquial word 'cool' is also gradually starting to become very annoying.

Answer 56
September, 2021

Recently, the word "bombic" and all its derivatives have been terribly annoying.


Please give a detailed answer so that it would be interesting to read. The answer cannot be less than 140 characters.

Answer 57
September, 2021

For example, pendosskie pancakes kick out. All words in the previous sentence. And of course many others, including the use of all kinds of abbreviations.

Answer 58
September, 2021

All words with diminutive suffixes, unless they refer to small children or small animals there. "Apple", "skirt", "eat", "masseur", "Yulechka" ...

Answer 59
September, 2021

In the first place of the rating is the word "eat", followed by the "little man" who is never there, but you can call him and he will settle everything. It's like a Man from Kemerovo, only a "little man", and it's terrible.

Answer 60
September, 2021

"Delicious" and "Extreme" are out of place. When my employee says "Tasty Keys", meaning keywords in seo - I want to kill.

Also - "jacket", "suitability", Ukrainian - "smakolik".

Answer 61
September, 2021

A lot of like-minded people turned out to be here.
I still can't stand when they say "from the word at all." Or they repeat the word twice, for example, "all such a girl-girl".

Answer 62
September, 2021

Bohemian, deshmansky, eat (it was necessary to come up with such a thing), excessive use of diminutives, extreme instead of the last, chicken with a loaf and similar shampoos with trawls, breasts (when they talk about a woman's breast) and testicles (when mean chicken eggs). There was something else, but I don't remember right away :)

Answer 63
September, 2021

The word "normal", which infuriates my husband, and he reminds me every time, although he himself, sometimes, uses. But this is more personal, and now inexplicable:

• "extreme" as the last and any superstitions ("don't say that!");

• crankshaft;

• Odessa;

• disc jockey;

• leader;

• briefcase;

• slug;

• all sorts of potatoes, korefan, discach, kafurik, kentik, drugan, devoulya, fifa, whitefish, as well as all introduced digital slang and social exclamations.

Answer 64
September, 2021

Pre-scriptum: it seems that this will be the only answer, where the hated words will mostly be from the Ukrainian language (because there are reasons for this).

So, the hat list:
- (Ukrainian ) gourmands, (rus) sweets (both that and these options are maddening).
- among the Russian-speaking residents of Ukraine I often hear "theirs" (how have they still not sensed the danger from the grammar-nazi?)
- (ukr) "... having written on their side of FACEBOOK" (the variant with an emphasis on E is apprrr, linguistic conceptualists are shitty; they lived somehow with Facebook, no, we have to find out that we are changing the language).
- cats, dogs, bro, cool and other hipster-cool words are turned inside out.

Answer 65
September, 2021

"chick", and oddly enough "Ksyusha" by association with the song, but already got used to the latter. (In general, it is not the words that annoy, but the tone, in principle, the emotions embedded in the word by the person, and not the combination of letters itself, act on the nerves. If the person is aggressive, then you begin to react to it in the same way.

Answer 66
September, 2021

I'll leave here my top of the worst words in my opinion.

  1. Subsidy
  2. Emulsion
  3. Eat
  4. Hypochondriac
  5. Flux
  6. Dry rations

140 characters.

Answer 67
September, 2021

Hospital. Product.

/////////////////////////////////////// //////////////////////////////////////////////// //////////////////////////////

Answer 68
September, 2021

Terribly annoying words-parasites in speech: "well", "shorter", etc.

And also jarring from an illiterate "send" instead of "let's go", I can’t help but fix it when I hear something like that.

Answer 69
September, 2021

Nauseous from such neologisms as "Kek, lol, easy, gratute, hype, chan" and so on. Especially infuriates when these stupid words are used by quite adults .. There are also more beautiful and understandable Russian words ...

Answer 70
September, 2021

I am terribly annoyed by the word "unfasten". Some colleagues pronounce it. There is no such word. Even in the texts when you read the word "just now".

Answer 71
September, 2021


I don’t know why, but the change most of all freezes with the word "girl". The fact is that at some point my very close friends completely replaced them with all the words denoting "a female person", and for me, meanwhile, it still carried a negative connotation. Despite all my pleas to use other options in front of me, which our great and mighty is rich in, the word "girl" still pops up in our conversations quite often, which makes me sweat cold.

Answer 72
September, 2021

Toastmaster. The combination of sounds in this word makes me tremble, as if someone nearby is breaking foam or as if the Devil himself came down to earth to gently whisper: "Toastmaster".

Nezhnyatin. In general, I doubt that this word generally has a place to be in the language, but I will let it go, because I do not understand. Sounds like some kind of meat: beef, rabbit, tender meat. And generally disgusting.

Paper. Litmus test. I always say "strip". The paper is quite shabby.

Answer 73
September, 2021

Hype, hypanem, hyipanut - all the derivatives of this misfortune, for some unknown reason, grate the ear.

In general, a lot of borrowed words that have appeared in the slang of young people (and not only) in recent years. As for me, it sounds very inharmonious in speech. Okay, in everyday life, but it is gradually moving to the press and screens.

Answer 74
September, 2021

It infuriates when they use the word "for" in one sentence with some jargon and obscenities 🙂 Popular among cattle who consider themselves nitakimikak all

"I don't drink today, because it's lousy"

Answer 75
September, 2021

"Good" is just really infuriating. "Good film", "Good muzlo" .... arrrghkhh ... I don't know how to evaluate this on a scale of interestingness. Good - is it good, or will it work, or super? What is this anyway?

By the way, if someone can explain popularly I will be extremely grateful.

Answer 76
September, 2021

Some kind of disgustingly perplexed feeling arises when the word "yell" is used in the sense of "laugh". As if they faked it and are not shy.

Answer 77
September, 2021


Answer 78
September, 2021

Deadline, team building, lead (a concept in Internet marketing, used in our office so often that it’s sick of it), report ... I think I began to hate my job)

Answer 79
September, 2021

"Drooling", "Baked bread according to your recipe" - comments on culinary recipes, "Hernia" (meaning gooseberries), "Rzhaka, rzhach, funny", "Press!" - this is a call to follow the advertising link ("The best cat tray / granulated sugar / concrete / curtains / slate / horse manure / iPhone / gramophone now in Russia - click!") - but fuck you. I wanted to press, now I will not press for anything. Some kind of prendil "blew up the Internet" or "this video blew up the brain" - but what is there to blow up ?! The word "chic". Well done.

Answer 80
September, 2021

I hate the slang used on the Internet if I hear it in real life. As for me, this sounds extremely pathetic and causes a feeling of shame for your interlocutor, well, or for the whole company.

"lol, cake, op" and so on.

Answer 81
September, 2021

I am enraged by Americanisms and all this dominance of foreign words in our language. Well, for example. The future developers and Q-hey at the morning conf-call, discussed the upcoming team building with the HRs, and went with the future team lead for a coffee break. I propose to introduce the death penalty for this, and for the use of the word "extreme", wherever possible, despite the fact that the person is not a parachutist, and not a special forces contract soldier. Like "I went to the kebabs for the last time last week." Your mother ...

And also my top 5 annoying words:
1) Girl
2) Played "for example, a cat is playing with something"
3) "A namely "- in cases where the use is inappropriate.
4)" For "- for example" I don't want to go out, because it's cold "
5) You will fill it up.

Answer 82
September, 2021

Madly infuriates the word "deshmansky", as well as if the words are distorted, "thank you" "didstviduli" well, all sorts of diminutive words, it still infuriates when they use some English words like "easy" "bro", etc. .

Answer 83
September, 2021

"Muzhchinka" (thank God, it seems, has become history, but before the aunts wildly loved this word), "woman", "hawala". Expressions are not quite on the topic, but the phrase "about nothing" is wildly annoying, used out of place - "went about anything" - what is it?

Answer 84
September, 2021

Masterpiece - a vile word that devalued the meaning of "Masterpiece"
Emotion - your left: feelings, sensations, experiences, indignation, indignation, mood, sentiment ... Stop using "emotion" from right to left, like some chickens.
Barber shop - Barber shop, barber shop - for the most demanding. Enough foam off shit - it's just an expensive hairdresser.

Answer 85
September, 2021

"Chew", "toddler", "hey!"

Recently I heard from my sister "hear, mother". I thought I would drag her mouth to wash it with soap, it was just a comment.

Answer 86
September, 2021

"our". The album of Frank "our" Zappa, for example. Those. it is clear that a joke repeated four times is twice as funny as a joke repeated twice, but there is no more strength to laugh.

Answer 87
September, 2021

In general, I don't like it when product names are used with a diminutive suffix. Sausage, apple, cabbage, cheese, etc. Some hell! + the word "gourmet" without a clue why))

Answer 88
September, 2021

The word "delicacy" and its derivatives. I remember there was an advertisement for Miracle yogurt with this word, I still don't buy it. "Eat". "Nothing" in response to the question "what?" The Delicious Text is Satan's hell. "Was it tasty for you?" - ready to kill for such a question. "Srach" means a mess.

Pop; to write - what is it all about? Why through Me?! Interesting.

Answer 89
September, 2021

Wow, how timely you asked this question :) Just yesterday, I made a decision to make a separate note on my phone, where all these terms are recorded. I don't know, really, why - it looks like a mockery of oneself.

So, my rating:
1. Cupcake 2. Autolady
3. Extreme

Answer 90
September, 2021

"boh", "money", "eat", "how are you?", "financier", "urgent", "lay down"

........... .................................................. ........

Answer 91
September, 2021

The word "head" is most annoying.

"Knocking on the head", isn't it really pleasant? Just listen carefully! :)

......................................... .

Answer 92
September, 2021

The widespread use of the word "extreme" in the meaning of "last" is beginning to get annoying, and people who are not even close to parachutists and other industrial climbers use it. Brr.

Answer 93
September, 2021

Disingenuous) I never understood why people scramble to say "You're lying")))

and recently a classmate has become a victim of slang and listening to her, I want to shut my ears))) Bleeet: D

Answer 94
September, 2021


Because I suffer the most from the consequences of saying it - I postpone too much. Hence the dislike, irritation, an attempt to get rid of the habit and the word itself.

Answer 95
September, 2021

I just hate the words "money", "navel" and "mold".
In the first case, in principle, I am enraged by the diminutive forms of words, but this is, as for me, the most disgusting of all. Oh yes, the word "curd" still seems disgusting.
"Navel" I don't know why, it seems to me somehow ridiculous.
And "mold" is simply disgusting in sound.
It is also very annoying when a person tries to remember something for a long time and tediously, while using long and drawn out words + sounds such as: "uh nuuu, this ... well, this is ... well uh,"

Answer 96
September, 2021

The cutesy "I ate" , " I need to eat " is terribly annoying, there are many individuals who use this word in relation to their imperial person.

English or Latin words that are used out of place, or rather, for the sake of some glamor, are very gratifying, despite the fact that there are a lot of Russian analogues, for example, I recently listened to a photographer who constantly says "location" , " we have chosen a location" , "well, it's time to go to location" , you can at least just say " location" , or else "this will be great inspiration. "
This phenomenon is often encountered among managers, words like "prolong the agreement ", when you can just say "extend the agreement" , etc., unfortunately most I don’t remember idiotic words for example, and maybe fortunately)

There is also a slang of shibanut mothers like: pokakusi , tugoseri , muski, pisyuski , musyupusyusyuski, this is generally such a trash that I don't want to further open this Pandora's box.

Answer 97
September, 2021

Recently, it just pisses me off terribly: "at the bottom", "few halves", "I don't hurt anymore" 😡 and given the fact that it comes through almost everywhere, sometimes I just want not to take out the earplugs))))

Answer 98
September, 2021

I do not know why, but it is wildly annoying when they say diminutive "hello" or "how are you?" It just sounds disgusting to me. Anyway, an excess of derogatory words (or their inappropriate pronunciation) hurts the ear.

Answer 99
September, 2021

It pisses me off when people say / write "tasty" not about food, but about books, music, whatever - I think this is some kind of wild book cliché, I don't know who first said that and where it came from, but when I meet this, it starts to feel sick.

Answer 100
September, 2021

Armored personnel carrier. I lisp, and many jokingly ask to pronounce this very word.

And many words of "modern" slang that the brain refuses to process.

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