Where should you start if you want to try yourself in cosplay?

Where should you start if you want to try yourself in cosplay?

HOW I TAKE PHOTOS OF MYSELF: Self Photography Tutorial for Models, Cosplayers, and Costume Makers

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Answer 1
July, 2021

First, decide why you need it at all. By experience, the most common reasons are several, and the approach to the costume and the whole image will be very, very different:

  • I want to go on stage, but they didn’t take to acting

  • I want recognition and fame in the Internet, so that everyone would love and like me

  • I want to feel like a favorite character

  • it's cool and fashionable now, there are so many huge festivals, I want to go to them beautiful

  • cosplayers are a very cool party, everyone is so cute and funny, I want to join them

Understand yourself, it is sometimes difficult to recognize how much someone else's opinion means to you, and how much your own.

So, if you chose the first or second points. This is what you can call festival cosplay.

Accept that you will not cosplay your favorite characters, but suitable characters. Choose according to the figure, height, face type and other things. You admitted to yourself that you are doing this not for your own sake, but for the sake of the response of other people, so do it. Yes, you don't get a dime for it, but you will be judged as a professional. You went on stage or on a special site, no one forced you, mind you. And since you came out, then people expect from you the promised character, made as similar as possible. So, what is needed for this:

  • wig. Dyed hair does not look very voluminous, because hairstyles are often very large. And you won’t change your color from red to green every month. The wig should be of high quality and without shine, like from a carnival store. You can order in China (which is cheaper) or buy from hands or from intermediaries. The likelihood that the wig will immediately be on the character is extremely small (or it will cost wow), then you need to cut it and style it (tutorials on the Internet to help, everything is pretty clear there), or find someone who will do it for you (expensive, but it is better to entrust the regional one to the pros). At first, try not to take the character with combed hair, it is difficult and dreary, you will need to alter the wig.

  • costume. Even without a costume, but with the right wig, you already look like a character. You can, for example, take a picture in a maid's dress and say that this is a maid version. But if you do decide to sew a suit, you need a pattern and fabric. There are patterns even for certain characters, Google shares them with pleasure. If this is not the case, you will have to understand what the hero is wearing and look for items of clothing. It is better to take the fabric with a margin. Not gabardine (except for school uniforms) and not satin. These are the cheapest fabrics, look the same. Do not skimp on dublerin.

  • details. If you think that no one will notice that little pebble on the sleeve, they will. Make an unfortunate pebble.

  • props. It is often not required. Better to do nothing than come out with a cardboard stick. But if a crafter woke up in you, write down the magic words "epoxy", "polyurethane foam" and "expanded polystyrene" and run to the hardware store.

  • makeup. Ttutorials on the Internet, for almost any character. If not, then by type (make-up for an albino, gender-bender make-up). Makeup is needed, on stage and in the photo, facial features are eaten, they need to be highlighted. It is also good to powder a little, so that a greasy, sweaty nose does not shine in the spotlight.

  • shoes. Non-canon shoes will also be noticed. For some reason everyone forgets about this.

  • wagering. You are not a pillar, but the ruler of the universe (or a sweet, cheerful girl, it doesn't matter). It should show through in every gesture you make. Exercise in front of a mirror and stay on top of your look until you take off your suit. But you don't have to overplay and go into absolutely wondrousness. If a friend asked you: "Vasya, do you want to eat?", Do not be against him that you are actually a pretentious lord (lady).

If you choose the third and fourth reasons, your life will be a little easier.

You can cosplay your favorite characters without regard to your parameters. This is a convention cosplay in essence. Sometimes you will be criticized by some anonymous, but chase them in the neck from your page. But! If you upload a photo of your beloved to all major collecting societies, signing it as a cosplay, or apply to a festival (and go on stage), then you will be treated as representatives of the first two categories. And then either stop doing this, or start choosing characters differently. You don't have to overstep your desires, but the community doesn't have to love you. So what to do if you cosplay for yourself. You are much more free here.

  • wig. You can have your own hair, maybe you will dye it like your favorite character, and make a lot of images. If a wig helps to get used to the image, then choose it.

  • costume, shoes and details. Chances are, if the character is your favorite, you are already fanatical about putting together the perfect costume. All recommendations are the same, but the degree to which they are followed is determined by you and the way you see the character.

  • makeup. He is still needed. Moreover, your face may not look like a character at all.

  • wagering. This is actually what everything was started for. Play, have fun.

If you chose the last item. Look for cosband, they will show and tell you everything. And even help. Now many cosbands are recruiting newbies. But the whole party was cute and cute about five years ago, when there were few of us and everyone knew everyone. Now it is a continuous criticism, squabbles, opposition of festival and convention cosplay, attempts to make money on fellow hobbies. If this does not stop you, then go to some group like cosplay search and look for cosbands in your city.

Answer 2
July, 2021

Cosplay is not an easy task, but it will justify all the effort when you appear on the street or themed event in your unique appearance. Most people think that cosplay is a copy of the behavior of anime or manga characters at events dedicated to this culture, but in fact it is a complete repetition of the appearance that is close to you!


Decide on a cosplay character. Do you need a costume to just fool around and walk around town, or are you going to attend an anime festival or other big event? If you have not done cosplay before, then you should start with those characters who have a fairly simple appearance. But if you are not confused by puzzled looks and / or possible insults, then nothing limits you. For the latter occasion, any suit will do, although the easiest way to stand out is with some unique attire.


Think about where you will get the suit. It all depends on the funds and time available. If time is tight, making a suit from scratch is not a good idea. Do not forget that makeup and hairstyle (be it your own hair or a wig) will also take time.


Let's say you've decided on a character and decided to make a costume yourself. To begin with, you need to make a list of the necessary preparations, manufacturing methods and shopping. For example, if your character is wearing a jacket and pants, what color are they? Which fabric should I use? Should the clothes be baggy or tight-fitting?


Even when buying a suit, you will have to purchase and adjust a wig, makeup and lenses. Study the character's hairstyle, eye color, and face shape. Do you need a wig? How should you style your hair? What makeup would work best and turn you into this character? Are colored lenses needed? Learn how to use makeup to reshape your face. Don't forget about the props.


It is useful to sketch the character's appearance from different angles. This will give you the complete picture. Indicate your measurements on the sketches and try to determine the required size of the suit. If your character has any props, weapons or just a bag, then they should also be indicated on the sketches.


Decide how much time (and money) you need to spend on costume making. The more complex the costume and the more details, the longer it will take you. Realistically assess your strength and leave time with a margin. Also consider the time it takes to eliminate possible errors. It is better to deal with it sooner than to be left with an unfinished suit. Determine the order of work.


Practice applying makeup, putting on and removing lenses, styling your hair (or wig). It takes time to get a good result, so be patient and experiment with different ways and products.


When you're done, put on your suit and take a look in the mirror. Do you look like your character? If not, then identify the reasons and do the necessary andchanges. It is best to ask your friend or another person you trust about the similarities and necessary changes. Ask him to be as honest as possible.


Stay confident. If you wish, you can practice copying the characteristic behavior and facial expressions of the character. You can also repeat the gait and / or movement of the character. But none of this is necessary.


Get ready to go! Whether it's a city walk, a party or a festival, you should have fun first of all!

I think I helped you. Thanks for the question

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