What were your most ridiculous injuries?

What were your most ridiculous injuries?

Most HORRIFIC Injuries XI Part 2 | Coleman, Ederson, Batty

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Answer 1
May, 2021

severely bruised a finger ON ANOTHER HAND while dancing

pinched my fingers by the car door

and my favorite thing is when I pinched my finger with an iron door, that the meat under the nail turned blue and the nail through what -that time fell off

Answer 2
May, 2021

We played classics in the yard, you know, throw stones and jump on squares, that's all. So I somehow lagged behind everyone and could not normally hit with a stone, once again I missed the cage and, getting angry, decided that the stone would pay for my failures. I swung my leg, which was urine to kick him, but did not calculate and just kicked into the asphalt, it hurt and I could not step on my foot. The traumatologist stated a CRACKED HEEL, I still don't really understand how a two-week plaster cast helps with such an injury, but here's an instruction on how to get one of the ridiculous injuries out of the blue.

Answer 3
May, 2021

I got my only serious injury (a cracked finger) when I closed the front door behind a friend. I just put one hand on the doorframe, and the other closed the door with sufficient force, well, and hit my finger. Went in a cast for a week😬

Answer 4
May, 2021

1) Dedicated. First course. Around 6 o'clock in the morning, everyone goes home. They hug, discuss what happened (a little screwy, of course). I, as the smartest person, by the way - quite sober, decided to jump on a classmate. He was just drunk (although he didn't show it). Unsize himself, space and new load ... He plopped down on the asphalt. Rather: I flopped, he fell from above. They laughed and parted. The next day I could not walk. My legs hurt like hell. I still don't know what it was.

2) I was desperately trying to reach the shelf at work, standing on a chair and holding a pile of documents in my other hand. The chair slipped from under my feet, I hooked on the cupboard ... I dislocated my arm.

3) Accidentally broke a vase, began to collect the largest fragments in my hand. I stumbled on the way to the trash can, accidentally squeezed my hand and one of the fragments entered my finger.

4) In the morning I did not want to get out of bed, my mother jokingly decided to pull me by the hand. Outcome: dislocation of the finger.

5) I passed the standard with the ball (throws over oneself). Received the ball unsuccessfully, I had to leave the pair. Severe contusion of two fingers. The standard has not been passed.

6) I was 4-5 years old. We sat in the country, drank tea. I was enthusiastically proving something to my grandmother and waving my hands. She poured a cup of hot tea over herself. I was badly burned, the scar remained.

But I have never broken anything in my life * pah-pah-pah *

Answer 5
May, 2021

At the age of 13, in February, I put on fashionable boots with heels, a skirt and, of course, got up on a skate board ... I fell almost immediately on my back, as the ice and all the things. Broke the radius and the crack went to the elbow ... It was very dull and painful

Answer 6
May, 2021

I twisted my foot after I went to play football with friends, and no, this was not done in an attempt to take the ball away, in a prolonged slide, I also heroically did not substitute my body in order to protect the goal intact, no, I just he played football worse than anyone else and therefore remained a substitute, and while they were playing I walked along the edge of the field, and there I just slipped on the lawn, that day I didn't really play

Answer 7
May, 2021

I came to my grandmother in the village. House, stove in the center. He was small, started running around the stove in a cap. Not noticing the stove valve, he flew into it with his forehead with a loud metallic sound. There was a lot of blood, I had to seal it with honey glue. There is a scar left, I'm getting sick)))

Answer 8
May, 2021

Yesterday I fractured a boxer after hitting the couch after being bitten by my guinea pig.

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Answer 9
May, 2021

In my student years, while still living in a hostel, I was really very tired and fell asleep, waking up I suddenly wanted water. Getting up and reaching for the mug fell and broke her leg. And not the tibia, but the metatarsal on the foot. At the hospital, the surgeon looked at me very strangely 😂😂

Answer 10
May, 2021

I was 5-6 years old. I was playing with some kind of doll / troll and at some point I started to beat her (him). I beat and beat and then somehow I bent over or slipped and fell face down on the floor. So for the first time in my life my nose started bleeding. End.

Answer 11
May, 2021

I broke my thumbnail in half when I pressed the flush button in the toilet 😑 Now it's funny to remember, but then it hurt, the nail then grew back to its usual state for a long time 😓

Answer 12
May, 2021

Gradually I begin to make a list of the ridiculous injuries I received. Only in the last six months I managed to get up to the following: 1) to pull the cervical muscles with stretching (sorry for the tautology); 2) cut your hand with a suitcase; 3) smash your nose on the cat.

Answer 13
May, 2021

Ahahaha, it all started when I broke 2 arms, jumped off a swing. I barely crawled to my house. For a long time I thought it was just a bruise, but my arm was so swollen that I still had to go to the surgeon, after which they put a plaster cast on both hands. At school I didn’t write anything and was basically resting.

My second ridiculous trauma was when I threw a stone at other stones so that it shattered into pieces. After a couple of hundred meters I noticed that something was flowing down my leg, it turned out that there was blood and a large piece of stone sticking out in my leg. I didn’t realize that it didn’t need to be pulled out and pulled out. Blood flowed in a stream, and my dad is terribly afraid of blood and almost fainted at the sight of this. Well, nothing, we got to our hotel, treated the wound, but the scar still flaunts on my leg.

At the age of 12, I loved tossing the cat up and catching it, but at one point she, falling, she caught her claws on my forehead and rode all the way to my cheek, past the eye sockets (I was lucky, however).

And probably the most curious case when I decided to fry dumplings, but the lid from the pan was a little larger than need to. And forgetting about this, I grabbed this frying pan and, having already seen a glass vessel flying down, released the handle and tried to jump away, but it didn’t succeed: the shard stuck right at the base of the nail and cut off a third of my finger (the lid was thick and quite heavy). Blood, fried dumplings and spoiled moods.

Answer 14
May, 2021

at the age of 10, sobsna went into the room for something and hit her little finger on the corner of the bed. she screamed in pain, it didn't seem to hurt, she remembered that she had forgotten to take something from the other room. She went and took the thing and that - hit again, with the same little finger, on the same corner. as a result, a broken little finger and a crack on the ring finger, they put a plaster cast on their birthday.

Answer 15
May, 2021

It happened just recently, in early December. It got very cold and I took out the heater. It heats up pretty well when set to the maximum level, so we had no problems with the cold. Once again, after couples, I was very tired. Then I quietly prepared for the session and did everything in advance and got tired decently. Then the next night came and it was chilly, so I turned on the heater. He was standing by the bed, not far away. I fell asleep facing the wall. At night I woke up from a sharp pain, not understanding what was happening, but for some reason I decided to continue to sleep. In the morning, I realized what it was: when I was sleeping with my face against the wall, I wanted to turn. I turned, so that my right hand managed to fall to the edge of the heater. I woke up with a burn. As it turned out - the second degree. Now I have a scar there that reminds me of how stupid I am sometimes that I didn't even think of turning off the heater before going to bed, or at least moving it away from the bed: D

Answer 16
May, 2021

I was about 12 years old and my friend and I decided to play other guys, that we supposedly welled up with a bike. I even made a tear on purpose. Keeping the plan in mind, I accelerated and flew into a bush at the turn. Bottom line: a broken arm and genuine tears.

At the age of 6, I saw a praying mantis on my shoulder, rushed about and hit a birch with my forehead. There was enough blood.

Answer 17
May, 2021

Actually, I don't think anyone else had a more ridiculous story. I received my very first injury on the threshold of my 18th birthday, it was a dislocation. When my family and I celebrated my 18 years at home, I called my friends and we went for a walk. The bottom line is that we all walked, as it happened, in one row and walked unanimously into the city center, but suddenly I, the only one who did not raise my leg, stumbled on the bardur and got a dislocated arm! At first it, of course, was painful, then it was funny, and then again it hurt, and even very much. But this is not a denouement at all, the end of the story is that when the next day I went to the hospital to see the doctor, I was sent for an X-ray, and after serving a whole line with a sore arm, I began to go into the office and at that second they turned off the light in the whole hospital !!!! I freaked out and went home, the pain in my arm went away in about 2-3 months. But even now in physical education, it hurts to do some simple swing exercises.

Answer 18
May, 2021

I got an eye injury on the belt ... without anyone's help ..


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Answer 19
May, 2021

I was very sad, I was crying, I sang a song with life and words, so much so that I had a sharp urge to pee, as if tears were no longer only flowing from my eyes. in short, I run to the toilet, in tears, sing a song and hit my little finger on the doorway to the toilet. fracture. so I didn't even realize that it was a fracture, I rode around the city all day, drinking beer (12th grade escho, everything is normal), only in the evening I found a terrible hematoma on my foot. but I didn't go to school for 3 weeks, maybe a plaster cast on the floor of the leg because of just one little finger.

Answer 20
May, 2021

It was at the beginning of this summer. So my favorite apricots had not yet ripened in the garden, but they were already sold in full in supermarkets. Wanting to pamper myself and shutting up the inner Jew, I bought a kilogram. In the evening of the same day, when I started eating apricots, a brilliant idea came to me: to split the apricot seed and get the kernel. Only scissors with very sharp ends were at hand. As a result, these scissors slid down the bone and went over the index finger of the left hand. I thought about the absurdity of the situation: "Well, I got scratched when I split the apricot seed with scissors!" to the brim, as they say. There and then bloody rivers poured, which successfully dripped the entire bathroom. I poured everything with peroxide and tightly tightened it with a strip of an old sheet, for there were no bandages at home. They were purchased the next day. The cut healed within a week and a half, and it hurt for more than a month. I did not go to the doctor, but I suspect that I touched the bone / cartilage with sharp scissors and therefore it hurt even after the wound healed.

P.S. The apricots turned out to be tasteless, and I vowed to buy off-season fruits in supermarkets.

Answer 21
May, 2021

Once, when I was 5 years old and I was on summer vacation with my grandmother in the village, I broke my toe. It happened by chance, but that's not the point. In a local emergency room somewhere far near Kolomna, they somehow bandaged my finger and let me go home.

Two days later, already in Moscow, Dad took me to the emergency room to apply a normal plaster cast. And so, we go up the stairs, I stumble, fall and break the tibia on the step.

The traumatologist laughed for a long time, and I passed the last month of summer with my leg in a cast :)

Answer 22
May, 2021

Sheared the puppy's tail with scissors from overexposure. He had fun and jerked sharply. The tail and the puppy are all right (found a home), but the scar is still visible six months later)))

Photo immediately after the cut

Answer 23
May, 2021

Well, disgrace so disgrace ...

I inadvertently cut off a part of the ring finger pad on my left hand when ... CHECKED THE CORN!

There was a lot of blood, I can't feel anything with my finger to this day.

Answer 24
May, 2021

In the fourth class, she smashed her head in a very ridiculous way. We played catch-up with friends in winter, I decided to run under the hill, but the slide was quite childish, and I was high. As a result, I smashed my head on the flat part of the slide. The swearing nurse sewed up, smeared the wound with brilliant green, and I walked like a punk rocker with green hair. And yes, there is still a tiny bald patch, which, fortunately, is not visible.

Once I managed to get hurt with oatmeal cookies. It was very old and tough, but I still wonder.

Answer 25
May, 2021

They rolled me on a swing, I decided to jump, jumped, my right hand let go, and the left, for some reason, no. I hung on it, and a sharp swing hit me twice in the armpit area on my arm, after that I fell down, got up and started laughing and shouting that everything was okay, then they told me “look at your hand” I look, I start screaming for the whole block about that that my meat is hanging. Like this

Answer 26
May, 2021

I was sparing against a guy who weighed 10-20 kilograms more and after his next attempt to get through to my feet, the thought flashed that I had time to grab him relatively comfortably. As a result, I tried to throw it over myself on his own inertia and, during the throw, turn over and land on it. Only it didn't work out, as a result, the force of the joint fall was directed at my shoulder - a fracture of the clavicle.

Answer 27
May, 2021

I tried to prove to a friend that his wife is a whore. He did not want to believe, mutual acquaintances conveyed that he considered me a liar) Regarding the injury - she tore the frenum of my penis when she sucked it off) Needless to say, the injury is stupid, unpleasant and takes a long time to heal)

Answer 28
May, 2021

I was 4 years old. Grandma was watching TV lying on the couch. I fiddled with toys and decided to throw a medium-sized teddy bear at my granny. It amused me so much: I threw, picked up and threw at her again. She ignored. I began to be indignant, they say: “why are you, granny, not playing with me?” She not out of anger, but just so that I fell behind and threw this bear in my leg. It was unpleasant, I was limping. I told my mother that at first she did not pay much attention to this, since my grandmother is over 70, and how can one be hurt by a teddy bear? after 2 days the X-ray showed that I had a severe bruise

Answer 29
May, 2021

At one city student event, I took the phone number from the teacher of the naval school I liked and left to do what I was actually sent there. We crossed with him once again when I went down the stairs, and he was standing at its foot. I decided to impress him with all the charm I have, but did not take into account that I do not have the same amount of grace. In short, I began, like Scarlett O'Hara, languidly descending this staircase, stumbled with my right foot on my left, fell, rolled head over heels straight to his feet, broke my nose and tailbone.

And one more time I broke a tooth and bit off a piece of my tongue when I sat at a sooooo boring department meeting and dozed, leaning on my hand. An elbow slid off the edge of the table, and behold. Now I don't pronounce some sounds very clearly =)

Answer 30
May, 2021

went to the mountains and fell there at an altitude of 2100. out of bed. spent the night in a shelter for travelers, set the alarm clock at 6 am and left it on the nightstand downstairs, when it went off, as usual rushed to the side of the sound to quickly turn off and not wake anyone up. and collapsed from the second tier, head down. it was very painful. the skull and jaw seemed to be split, teeth were broken. but at the same time it was very funny, because in the mountains there are many where you can fall, but not from the bed! making sounds and opening her eyes was very painful, so she laughed in silence with her eyes closed. sat on the floor and shook in general. probably it was something else.

Two hours later I felt better and I went upstairs anyway. from time to time uncontrollably shaking with laughter, still silently) my husband was terrified, I thought I was in agony

Answer 31
May, 2021
  • Slipped on the bathroom floor, rolled forward and bumped my thumb into the nut, splitting a nail
  • I washed a frying pan and cut myself on it
  • Sneezed when she was ill, hit the bed frame, broke her lip.
  • Rub / cut my fingers many times along with cheese and tomatoes.
  • There were 2 bottles of wine in the string bag. The string bag fell, and one bottle broke. While my companion was throwing the pieces out of the bag and the string bag itself, I was holding a whole bottle. Arriving home, I took off my jacket and sat on the sofa with the phone. Two minutes later, I noticed that a drop of something red fell on the phone, looked at my hand, and it was in red liquid. It smelled like wine, but the color was not wine. It turned out that the whole bottle had small, inconspicuous pieces of glass that made me more than five micro-cuts.
    This is from the recent and memorable one.
Answer 32
May, 2021

I would classify my story as "ridiculous trauma".

It was at the end of March 2017, I arrived in a neighboring city on business, finished with them and was going to go home by train, but it took a long time to wait, 20-30 minutes, and then just in 5 minutes Sputnik (express) was supposed to arrive. And I decided to go ON IT, that is, with a hook. It would seem a common thing. And here's the absurdity itself: I was not injured from snatching as such . I hadn't even gotten on the train yet, as I got an awesome injury.

The train arrived at another, adjacent platform. I had to jump off, go to adjacent tracks and just get on the train. I HAVE DONE THIS MANY TIMES BEFORE AND NEVER HAVE ANY PROBLEM . But now, I jump from the platform, when the train has already arrived, I cross one track, I change to another and then I understand, suddenly for myself I understand that I am FALLING . Muzzle into the rails. But he managed to hide behind his hands.

Result: severe injury to the left knee. I didn't go to the doctor, because there was no point. At the time of mid-April, my knee continued to hurt (but I could already run and jump) and was completely gone only by May.

Answer 33
May, 2021

In the 6th grade, they walked with a classmate before me to play Warcraft, while they were making fun of each other, but at one point my joke touched him and he decided to take revenge on me by kicking in the ass, but I managed to cover myself with my hands and hit on the reaction fell on the little finger of my left hand. Suspecting nothing, we reached me, sat down to play, but I noticed that the finger did not listen well to me and was generally swollen, but did not attach any importance to this. The next morning I began to complain to my mother that I could not lift a finger, it hurts me! She took me to the emergency room and it turned out that I had a fracture, so I lived for 2 weeks with a cast and problems with control in Warcraft.

Answer 34
May, 2021

And here I am enchantingly crashed into a shop window of a shopping center on about the third day of my vacation. Therefore, I spent the rest of it with a sinus under the eye and five stitches.

Answer 35
May, 2021

In the second grade, in some way incomprehensible to me now, the desk fell on the left leg. A classmate jumped among them and one turned out to be too unstable ... as a result, a fracture of the 5th metatarsal bone and three weeks in a cast. A little later, a friend got angry with me and decided to make a nettle, didn't calculate the strength and made a crack in my wrist. Then she somehow decided to call out to her younger brother, knocking on his shoulder from behind, and when he turned abruptly, she did not have time to remove her hand and knocked on the chest. A week went with a swollen thumb, it turned out to be a fracture.

Some time passed and the machine and the ring finger of my left hand were in the cast, because I was playing basketball with my dad and, catching the pass, I reached the ball only with my fingertips and they obediently bent the other way after ball.

And the apotheosis is the fracture of the kneecap. So I went with a friend to the Maza Park entertainment center. A terrible place, I know too many people who received treatment there ... but at that time I did not understand this and selflessly rode amusement parks, roller skates and played tennis. When I was about to go home, my friend insisted that I ride a bull - an American attraction with a huge swirling cow in the middle of a trampoline. I didn't really want to, but I agreed. And I didn't even saddle on it! Climbing, putting my left foot in the stirrup, and throwing my right one, I didn't calculate something and my left leg slipped, I couldn't stay on it on a wavy trampoline and fell, twisting my knee. For almost an hour I lay like a grasshopper waiting for an ambulance.

Since then, thank God, I haven't broken anything, but I do less sudden movements;)

Answer 36
May, 2021

In fact, I have not yet managed to get ridiculous injuries, but my brother once unsuccessfully rubbed his hands together, he had such a habit, and broke the phalanx of the middle finger on his right hand. The coolest thing is that he only noticed discomfort after three days.

Now there is no such habit.

Answer 37
May, 2021

Well, quite a funny story, it was the story about my scar on my forehead. I was then 10 years old, and we played hide and seek with my friend, everything came to the point that I want to go into the entrance where he was supposedly, but the door was closed. It turned out that he then held the door, but next to that, instead of opening it normally, he kicked it out. The door flies straight into my childish lobster, immediately bleeds, I am in tears. My friend picks me up home, takes me into the bathroom, washes me from the shower, the whole bathroom and corridor are stained, which hinted that he would also fly over the damaged floors today. As a result, my forehead was sealed with a roll of adhesive, right around my head, through my hair, and we sat watching "Radioactive People" (X-Men) until I calmed down.

Answer 38
May, 2021

Well, since cutting about book pages and little sticky notes is probably the mainstream, I will mention three more notable cases:

  1. I tried to cut the sugar cube in 2 because it was too big for me. No, she did not suffer from the knife, but the cube itself, which flew out of the hand with a decent force of friction, left a sickly bleeding scratch on the finger.

  2. I put my hand into my jeans pocket to get my work pass - pulled it out, again covered in blood, ripping off a bank card lying there.

  3. In an electronics store, I was looking for a hair dryer for my mother, checking the air flow and temperature control for various models - for this, it was necessary to alternately plug the hair dryers into the local outlet. You know some of the outlets have such thin metal things on the sides? This is the kind of beauty I successfully drove under my nail.

Answer 39
May, 2021

And my dad somehow broke my leg :) Well, he broke it ... he ran over by a car :)

As a child, I played football. And so we had the Kiev championship on some new field, where we had not played before. The coach gave me only the address, and when he came home, my father said that he would take me there by car. In general, we came to some kind of ass. No field, no footballers :). Sitting in the car, we argued for a long time in the right place or not. As a result, just at that moment when I agreed with Dad and began to get out of the car abruptly, Dad agreed with me and began to go to another place. As a result, he ran over my leg with the rear wheel and broke it :) The emergency room could not understand for a long time how it all happened and did not believe that my dad was really my dad. They thought it was a random guy who bribed me :))

And he also broke his hand when he beat the wall with nerves, but that's another story.

Answer 40
May, 2021

Well, my injury was not particularly dangerous and strong, but not so long ago I cut myself on bread. I cut myself on a regular loaf, his mother, bread! My facepalm and tears were visible from a kilometer away. It hurt because I cut my finger ... but you still have to be able to cut yourself on the bread.

Answer 41
May, 2021

I bought an "air" pistol (which shoots with compressed air cylinders) and shot with a friend in the apartment at a target. We drank a couple of bottles of beer, and once again, aiming well with two hands, I fired.

Imagine my surprise when my index finger suddenly went numb, and I realized that I had inexplicably shot him at emphasis without realizing it.

Answer 42
May, 2021

Yes, just yesterday. I am a musician and, having seen enough of my favorite guitarist Slash, I decided to do as he did: jump up with the guitar and beat with all my strength on the floor to the rhythm with my feet under the explosive chorus. Before that, everything was fine (because I usually jumped in shoes). And now, drunk under nirvana, he made his highest jump and with all his strength heels into the wooden floor. In short, I did not start walking right away. Then he danced all evening. Today I woke up, I go to the raskoryachka. I'm going home to Minsk now, I'll go to the doctor to find out what's wrong with me)

Answer 43
May, 2021

In the summer I was in the camp. I remember we were making some kind of outfit for one girl out of paper, bags and other crap. While I was collecting the paper in an accordion, my friend sat with a construction stapler (on or as it is called, which is applied and clicked on the handle). I don't remember why, how, everything happened quickly. But a stapler was pressed to my bare knee, obviously for fun, and a second later it clicked. So I became the owner of a leg brace.

By the way, it didn't really hurt at that very moment. It hurt later, when they started taking out this miracle in the first-aid post. Here. It’s ridiculous, and it’s funny to me, although it was no laughing matter then. Such things.

Answer 44
May, 2021

I went to Spain at the age of 11. I met Russian guys there, and we decided to play catch-up somehow. Well, in anticipation of being caught, I gave a fierce tear from the water and fell. Broke his arm. And I gasped a little when I opened my eyes, and my hand was bent in the opposite direction. Well, I decided to put it in its place (so that people in the elevator would not get scared). We arrived at the hospital and said that "very successfully" he broke his arm, they say, without displacement. I still believe that I removed this offset without knowing it.

Answer 45
May, 2021

As a child, he loved to pick chestnuts with friends. One fine day, going out on the "hunt", my friend and I did not coordinate our actions. I climbed a tree, and he decided to knock down stones. I climbed very high and almost immediately received a powerful blow to the back of the head with a stone. Fell like a wrecked plane. Fast and sound. There was a lot of blood. I don’t even remember how I got home, but that day I received a slight concussion.
There was also a rather ridiculous story when I was rolling from a snow hill on an oilcloth. I rode at high speed, and there was a tree in front, but instead of moving to the side, I spread my legs and proudly drove "nuts" into the trunk. I was not very smart.
Well, and one more rub, only about the cat. I had a devil at home, they called him Ginger. Well, I once, for some reason, shot him into the anus with a pistol with suction cups. Needless to say that the cat has gone berserk? No, I think not. Then he cut all my hands with his razor claws.

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