What ways can you relieve stress and nervous tension without alcohol and meditation?

Meditation for Relaxation, Managing Dependency & Addiction, Release Stress, Improve Mental Health

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Answer 1
February, 2021

Try one of these options:

ASMR video

Autonomous sensory meridian response is almost a scientific name for unscientific and little-studied effect of goosebumps and pleasant tingling in the back of the head. ASMR videos try to create this effect through different sounds and demonstrations of some actions. Rustling candy wrappers, sharpening pencils, banging nails on the table surface, whispering, rustling pages, imitation of visiting a beautician or hairdresser. In many ways, it is routine actions and the demonstration of sensations familiar to everyone that leads to such a result. Many fans of these videos like the relaxing effect of them. And some even use them to sleep. The main thing is to choose the very sound or the calming effect - the trigger.


For some, yoga or Pilates will bring the desired relaxation, but for someone something for peace of mind you need to go all out in strength training. Listen to yourself what types of physical activity your body likes, which gives you a pleasant feeling of relaxation during or after completion.


Dance! Alone or with a partner, to your favorite music, without thinking about how you look from the outside. Give yourself up to the dance, let your body release negative energy and tell you the rhythm you need. Dance flash mobs with popular performers. If your family will connect with you, it will be no worse than a group session of psychotherapy.


Singing helps to relieve stress, the nervous system is calmed by vocal exercise and your favorite tunes cheer you up. When a person sings, he breathes deeper. The body is well supplied with oxygen, which means that the state of health also improves. Do not like to sing - speak or shout emotions to relieve tension.

Antistress toys

Various entertaining little things help to switch attention and relieve anger and irritability. Puzzles, slimes and hand gum, squishies and toys with buttons and switches. Helps to distract if the person is stressed or upset. They can also help you focus on work and direct your thoughts in the right direction.


Find something that brings you joy and helps you recharge with positive any conditions. Do what you love, choose a hobby you like. Draw, embroider, prepare desserts, knit, create decorations. Use fine motor skills. Monotonous movements help to relax, and the result will fill you with joy and satisfaction.


Hug and kiss with loved ones. Try to bring as many positive physical contacts into your life as possible. Hugs help you feel safe, love, and protected.


Sex is more than relievingphysical stress, it also helps in emotional release. For sex to work therapeutically, it must be fun. Intimacy helps you relax and enjoy life, which puts stressful situations into the background.

Choose an appropriate stress management method for yourself and try to use it in advance, anticipating problems, and not driving yourself deeply into a depressive state.

Answer 2
February, 2021

Masturbation perfectly relieves psychological stress, and also brings sexual satisfaction.

Oh, okay! Say it dirty, dirty. Still minus. Guys admit honestly, which of us doesn't jerk off? :-)

Answer 3
February, 2021

what helps me personally:

  1. cleaning. heap everything in a heap and sort through books, records, receipts, advertising brochures. wipe off the dust. or take clothes off the shelves and sort them.

  2. going to the gym or pool.

  3. reading books. take fantasy and go.

Answer 4
February, 2021

My way is to just turn on some relaxing music and listen until it starts to get sleepy, and then the stress goes away.

I just don't recommend listening to depressive music.

Answer 5
February, 2021

Try ASMR video on YouTube.

If it turns out that this thing works for you, like many other people, then it helps to relieve stress and relax.

Answer 6
February, 2021

I recommend your own method. I rake the windowsill during stress, and if during this work the stress has not gone away (there are really a lot of flowers), then I sit right on it and look at the clouds. I combine the clouds into symbols and plots ...

It works like a meditation, but very funny and interesting. I advise

Answer 7
February, 2021



Answer 8
February, 2021

Doing what you love to do.

For some, stress and tension becomes an excellent fuel for physical activity. All emotions spill out, let you calm down. Punching bag, running, whatever. Sport distracts from unnecessary thoughts and problems.

You can get creative. Music, poetry, prose, there really is who in what is much. Emotions, any, whether it is joy or anger, or the same stress, can serve as an excellent basis for anything, everything can be thrown out in creativity, distracted. It can also help you relax.

Answer 9
February, 2021

Personally, any physical activity brings me out of the state of nervous tension. Whether it's dancing, running, just exercising in the gym. I also recommend a bath / steam room, hot tea, soothing music and long naps.

In general, it's better not to overexert yourself;)

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