What to look for when buying a face cream?

What to look for when buying a face cream?

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Answer 1
November, 2020

To the question: "What is a good face cream?" - everyone answers in their own way. For some, the main thing is a comfortable texture, someone chooses advanced formulas, someone likes convenient packaging. There are also those for whom the criterion of efficiency is a high price. But skincare experts still advise paying attention to other parameters.

  • Consider your age
  • Focus on your skin type
  • Pay attention to your skin type
  • Remember the expiration date of creams
  • Observe storage conditions

More details can be heard in the podcast on our channel - https://youtu.be/lIQSh36jsUw

Answer 2
November, 2020

First, the manufacturer's advice. On the packaging there are instructions on the recommended age, on the creams there are numbers: "+35", "+50" and so on. Also on the cream there are instructions for what type of skin the cream is suitable for: oily, dry, normal, problematic, etc. It is important to choose a cream based on these data.

Secondly, pay attention not to the manufacturer's promises: " rejuvenation in a week, "the effect of meso-threads" and so on, but on the composition of the cream. It is better to first find the composition of the cream on the Internet and check it on special sites for the analysis of components of cosmetics.

Third, sometimes it is useful to read reviews about the cream on the Internet. But, as a rule, the cream works differently on different skin, and the reviews will be very subjective.

And, of course, the price. If you are 16-25 years old, then it is enough to use a moisturizer for your skin type, such creams do not contain expensive anti-age components and are available in many mass-market brands. For older skin, look for more expensive brands.

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