What to do in such a situation when you want to lose weight, but in the morning you ate chocolates? How to fix the situation and at least not get better?

What to do in such a situation when you want to lose weight, but in the morning you ate chocolates? How to fix the situation and at least not get better?


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Answer 1
January, 2021

After meal dessert !! is almost a ritual that puts an end to lunch or dinner. I figured out what is fraught with sweets after eating, and how to get rid of this habit.

Many people associate the concept of "healthy eating" with diets. But it, unlike diets, does not imply a restriction in food, but its correct distribution. A person should not give up sweets in order to have a good figure, and many people develop the habit of eating sweets after eating in childhood.

Mothers and grandmothers promise their children candy if they eat soup. From these children, adults grow up who consider a meal that does not end with sweet as invalid.

In certain doses, sweet is good for the body, so you need to learn not to get rid of sweets, but to correctly distribute its dosage and consumption schedule per day. Anastasia Gübner, a nutritionist, nutritionist, nutritionist and coach, helped us figure this out.

“We have certain scenarios and patterns of behavior in our society that allow us not to think about how to do the right thing, but to do as usual. This also applies to food. For example, a birthday is always an abundance of food, a big cake.

Any holiday or vacation in our society is like overeating. When children are given candy after a meal, it is a way of reward. As we grow up, we begin to reward ourselves. These are all food scenarios that you can get rid of if you connect thinking and remove templates. ”

It all starts with our desire to eat sweets. This craving can have several reasons.

Psychology. We experience stress and nervous tension every day, but the body already knows by what mechanisms it can compensate for this condition. Sugary foods release the pleasure hormone dopamine. We have memorized the combination "sweet = high" and use it.

The state of the gastrointestinal tract (GIT). Glucose, which enters the body in excess after eating sweet food, is a breeding ground for pathogenic microflora, which is able to send signals to the brain that are similar in their action to neurotransmitters. It feels like we ourselves want sweet, but in fact the bacteria that live in our intestines want it.

Lack of complex carbohydrates in the diet in the required amount. We are used to neglecting enough cereals, legumes and pasta from durum wheat or whole grains and trying to compensate for them with sweet.

The female body - PMS and different phases of the cycle. Physiologically, a woman's food desires also depend on the cycle. The body these days needs foods rich in magnesium and iron, vitamins of group B.

So what to do with dessert after meals?

The rule of energy balance.

Consuming sweets Anastasia does not consider it a bad habit after eating. “The rule of energy balance applies here. We consume as much as we spend. For active life, we need carbohydrates, which are contained in sweet.

If, after taking sweet, we spend the amountin the energy that the carbohydrates received from it gave us, this does not in any way make our body worse. Simply put, if a person ate a chocolate bar and went for a walk or did some chores around the house, then all carbohydrates will go into energy to do these things.

It is completely different when a person after eating chocolate went to bed and fell asleep, for example , or just sat down in front of the TV. The balance is upset and the energy turns into fatty deposits. "

You cannot refuse sweets.

" Now it is very fashionable to have abs cubes, even among women. The image of the so-called phyto-baby. And it is these girls that resonate today. For example, I do not have abs cubes and do not strive for them, I have a good figure, thanks to proper nutrition, but I am not of interest to girls who want to lose weight. From the outside I look like everyone else. Just a girl with a good fit figure.

And girls who exhaust themselves with training and diets, deny themselves sweets and achieve the cherished cubes are interesting, but until they get tested.

Denying ourselves anything, we make the body worse.

And even if everything looks nice and fit from the outside, the analyzes, most often, say the opposite, even if the girl feels great and does not complain about her health. Therefore, there is no need to strive to become like girls from Instagram and deprive yourself of sweets. ”

It becomes clear that sweets after eating are harmful only for those who do not waste the energy received from them. If you are one of those people, then these tips are for you.

How to stop eating sweets after eating:

Relieve yourself of stressful situations. The sweet = relaxation pattern that has lodged in us works against us. Try to strain as little as possible, be stressed, and you will feel a decrease in interest in sweets.

Do not neglect enough cereals, legumes and pasta made from durum wheat or whole grains, and you will notice that you have begun to look less often in pastry shops, as the body's need has been filled with the right foods.

Don't gorge on sweets. Glucose, which enters the body in excess, is a breeding ground for the appearance of bacteria, which cause the subsequent desire for sweets. Cut back on these bacteria, balance your digestive tract, and your cravings will decrease.

Choose the lesser of evils. If you can't get rid of the desire to eat sweets after eating, then use marshmallows, marshmallows, marmalade. They are easier to digest and less high in calories.

How sweet affects our body depends only on us and our lifestyle. The main thing is that the daily energy expenditure exceeds the number of calories absorbed. Don't let food become the meaning of your life and learn to find pleasure in something other than sweet.

I personally lost weight with an effective fat burner that is safe. I recommend reading the home weight loss diary, which tells about the safest strongest fat burner. The product stimulates the burning of fatra in the body without physical exertion. It has a very powerful effect. If interested, here's the link.

Answer 2
January, 2021

Just 5 hours before bedtime there is nothing at all, the entire diet of this day (after sweets) should be completely free of carbohydrates, which contain sucrose, which have a high glycemic index. There should be some proteins and vegetables in the diet of this day, roughly speaking. And the best thing is to go somewhere for a walk, even go to the mall to shop, and then walk at least a couple of stops on foot. This is an efficient normal way

Answer 3
January, 2021

1) You can eat sweets and move a lot, then stay the same or lose weight. Once I ate fast food for two weeks, while walking 20 km a day and losing weight. My friends cyclists eat for two, while being slim as chips - they exercise every day.

2) You will crave less sweets if you eat something rich in protein before "dessert" (for example, 300-400 g chicken fillet or cottage cheese)

3) You can replace sugar with a sugar substitute like aspartame or stevia. Drink tea with him.

Answer 4
January, 2021

If you really like sweets, try replacing it, for example, with honey (just make toast with honey using yeast-free bread). Also (if the financial situation allows), you can learn how to cook "healthy sweet", then you can also candy and no harm :)

Buy dates (800 grams), nuts (100 grams) and cocoa (50 grams) ... Soak dates and nuts in water (dates for 15 minutes, nuts are better at night). Remove the stone from the dates and blend everything in a blender (adding cocoa) until a homogeneous mass comes out (should stick to your fingers). And then just make candy balls :) If you want, you can roll them in cocoa, or coconut, etc. You can also add lemon zest to the mixture if you like. In this way, you will not only eat sweets, but also get vitamins and nutrients from nuts and dried fruits. Plus, these foods are well absorbed by the body and very nutritious.

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