What snacks can I take to school / university instead of sandwiches?

What snacks can I take to school / university instead of sandwiches?

3 Easy & Delicious Sandwich Recipes For Lunch or Dinner!

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Answers (22)

Answer 1
October, 2020

Healthy and comfortable snacks are fruits, berries, dried fruits, nuts. In terms of snacks outside the home, in my opinion, it is optimal to subscribe to the service like https://www.eatitsnack.com/ You can throw off the whole team or order through the management. Conveniently. We take it to the office.

Answer 2
October, 2020

Soup thermos with a very wide neck and no handle (it is more convenient to wash). Soups, crumbly porridge, cream soup, jelly, liquid porridge, cocoa, ice cream - without anything, with jam, with oatmeal. In health food stores there are several dozen names of dishes that are boiled or steamed with boiling water.

You need to calculate the temperature - open the lid shortly before lunch. If time is short, something comfortable to drink.

Answer 3
October, 2020

Fried / boiled chicken breast is generally a godsend.

Tasty, healthy, protein food. It is dry enough so that nothing will spill in any container.

Answer 4
October, 2020

I took plastic food containers with me to school and brewed instant noodles like mivina x)

But I don't advise you - it's better to take something healthier. The apple is there, the banana.

Answer 5
October, 2020

I always take what I eat at home. In one container (with screw cap) pasta / buckwheat / soup / salad. In the other there is an eternal set - tea / coffee, sugar, cookies and so on that you can find at home

Answer 6
October, 2020

Fruits, vegetables and pork (boiled, stewed, fried - it doesn't matter, I like pork), you can stuff nuts, or you can stuff a bun and yogurt, always satisfying and tasty)

Answer 7
October, 2020

Snickers or something similar. Fast, cheap, nutritious, convenient. Energizes and stimulates the brain.

Eat some more crispy French rolls and have some tea.

Answer 8
October, 2020

I don't understand people who carry containers of cold pasta with them, so for a snack I recommend anything that you can eat right away:

  • Nuts are very satisfying.
  • Bread.
  • Fruit - you can cut it, so as not to steam up and then where to put the garbage
  • Yoghurts (food) - I add a spoonful of klechat to them at home, also very satisfying.
Answer 9
October, 2020

I bought lunch boxes at my leisure, in the evening before a hard day I usually eat some kind of snack, in the style of chicken breast + side dish \ own croissants made of puff pastry with cheese filling (by the way, it turns out very tasty)
If it's stupid in a bastard, or little time, everything is limited to semi-finished products.

In general, muesli in milk helps a lot, and besides, no one canceled the old BP-shki = D

Answer 10
October, 2020

Very good soylent! Convenient and fast, because every meal is balanced! This is a very good alternative to any snacks and undoubtedly fast food! Moreover, now you can easily buy it in Russia!

I recommend

Answer 11
October, 2020

Cottage cheese with sour cream in a container, banana, as well as various fruits, kefir and stuff like that. And so girls studied with us who took different soups with them)

Answer 12
October, 2020

Curd casserole: hearty, healthy, a lot of protein and there are carbohydrates.

Super live hack to optimize your time: make a huge cottage cheese casserole (just 1 kg for 2 cottage cheese), cool, divide into portions and freeze separately (conveniently wrapped in disposable bags or foil).

To have breakfast or a ready-made lunch in the morning, just take it out in the evening and leave it at room temperature overnight. And with condensed milk, mmm!

Answer 13
October, 2020

I do this: I buy puff pastry and, after it thaws, I cut it into ribbons, and cut the canned pineapple rings in half; then I wrap the dough ribbons around this half-ring - croissants are obtained in shape, and pineapple inside (pineapple pieces can be dipped in starch for better results); bake at 180-200 degrees Celsius. after that, optionally, either sprinkle with powder, or anoint with honey and sprinkle with crushed nuts. many such crescents come out at a time and take with me

Answer 14
October, 2020

Sometimes there is no time between couples to run to the cafeteria, cafe or buffet. I carry a lunchbox with me.

Tomorrow, let’s say, I’m lucky to have lunch with lentils, half a tomato and zucchini pancakes. But this is only when there is a lot of steam.

I usually cook pancakes from buckwheat flour, a handful of nuts and an apple. Energy boost for 5-6 pairs.

Also popular in my diet: buckwheat and a mixture of fried vegetables. I also often take all kinds of vegetables and fruits. Thermo mug or thermos, tea bags separately. We have boiling water in every buffet and you can make hot tea during a break.

In fact, get a convenient, compact lunchbox. Ideally - with 2-3 compartments, and in the evening vary any filling. Porridge, vegetables, fruits, homemade cakes. Take a fork with you and you can eat in any corner of Univer at any break, and do not rush headlong into the dining room .. And there are queues 😄🍲

Answer 15
October, 2020
  1. Surprisingly, the cottage cheese with banana is very satisfying. And you can also add flax seeds there for a healthy and satisfying snack.

  2. Salad from your favorite vegetables.

  3. Boiled eggs.

  4. If you want something hot, take homemade food with you. Surely you will have a microwave in the dining room, where kind aunts will help you warm up the food.

  5. We did this at the institute. They arranged a tea party with classmates, where everyone brought something to the common table. Sometimes they discussed who would bring what, and it turned out to be very sincere gatherings with a mountain of food.

Answer 16
October, 2020

I want the snack to be simple, healthy and nutritious. My top in terms of frequency of use:

1) Kozinak (peanut, sunflower).

2) Unroasted peanuts (but salty roasted tastier).

3) Banana .

4) Apples \ pear.

The first three can be bought at any store along the way and immediately eat. Apples should be prepared from home or washed in a public place.

The first two are extremely nutritious)

Answer 17
October, 2020

I take homemade oatmeal cookies: oatmeal + banana + dried fruit, dry in the oven for half an hour and cool. A good charge of complex carbohydrates, satisfying and without unnecessary nasty.

Egg rolls: beat an egg and bake tiny omelets, wrap everything in them like in pita bread or corn tortilla. By the same principle, chicken or meat rolls - lay a slice, stuff and pinch with a toothpick

so you can take all sorts of lunchboxes, and there is already a millet of a breakthrough of imagination. there are good lunch recipes on youtube, for example the channel "Kitchenshow"

Answer 18
October, 2020

If it's only a matter of variety, and a small container does not bother you, then you can take mini-pizzas, pieces of pita bread roll with different fillings, focusing on your taste and budget. And if sandwiches disappear due to inconvenience or inconsistency with a healthy diet, then drinking yoghurts and fruits will do, which has already been written about.

Answer 19
October, 2020

The already mentioned banana, in my opinion, is optimal. Hearty, and very satisfying. Convenient for transportation and food packaging included, hehe. It's also delicious :)

Answer 20
October, 2020

I take milk such as fermented baked milk, sugar-free yoghurts, kefir is possible. It won't go bad in a day. You can also take fruits, nuts, cool carrots are sold in mini-packages, already peeled and washed. Once again, you can take whatever you want in the containers, if not laziness (personally, it's just not very convenient for me, but I know that many people use them quite safely).

Answer 21
October, 2020

I always take with me an apple / pear / banana and tea in a thermo mug, and somehow I live more calmly. You can also take lollipops to activate the brain for the duration of some important subject; chewing gum to stay awake.

Answer 22
October, 2020

I will write in priority for myself:

  • Fruits / vegetables / berries - in season (chopped carrots / celery, peppers, etc.; apple / banana / pear - something that is convenient to peel or eat whole, well, strawberries (do not forget about hard packaging) can cheer you up).

  • Muesli / nuts - all year round.

  • Ready snacks like: brainfoods.ru - all year round.

  • Homemade nuggets (or the same steamed chicken breast and cut into pieces along with carrots, for example

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