What should a person who has a lung pierce do?

What should a person who has a lung pierce do?

Lung Metastasis - All Symptoms

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Answer 1
January, 2021

before losing consciousness, you must get to the hospital. it is within the city or 10 kilometers before ,, civilization ,,. if in the mountains or taiga, as the Lord will give (with a hole in one lung). if two lungs are injured, a meeting with the Creator is guaranteed in 30 minutes. I wrote this from my own experience. so I'm lucky.))

Answer 2
January, 2021

Good afternoon. It is important not only the fact of damage to the lung, but also the type of trauma, and the presence of concomitant conditions.

In other words, how and how the lung was "pierced", is there a foreign body, are there other more dangerous injuries.

Unfortunately, an ordinary person without medical education will not be able to fully assess the status of the victim. Therefore, it is important to promptly and correctly provide first aid:

  • Call an ambulance or the Ministry of Emergency Situations (depending on location).
  • If there is visible injury and bleeding, cover the area with a pressure bandage.
  • Avoid further trauma to the victim.

Keep in mind that you will not be able to independently, especially in outdoor conditions, neither properly anesthetize, let alone carry out an intercostal puncture in case of pneumothorax. All these are myths of the series, which can be followed by criminal liability - if you aggravate the condition.

Therefore, the main tasks are to stop bleeding, immobilize, and prevent further injuries - and of course, ensure further access of specialists.

Regards, I hope my answer was helpful.

Answer 3
January, 2021

This is a very important question, from the category of emergency medical care.

Do you know what this condition is called correctly?

Open pneumothorax !!!

What is the complexity of a lung injury?

Nature has arranged the lung so that air is sucked into the lungs under negative pressure. Although it seems to us that we are just breathing and the air simply, by itself, enters the lungs and exits back))).

Injury to the lung will lead to the fact that it collapses. In other words, it will turn from a large anatomical formation into a small lump.

Do you think a person can breathe with such a collapsed lung, or not?

The answer is not comforting - NO! !!

And woe if both lungs are injured !!!

In this case, there are several minutes to take the victim to the hospital!

I'll scare you again Little. Few people know, but in addition to an open pneumothorax, there is also a closed one.

What is a closed pneumothorax?

This is when the lung naturally took and gave a crack, a hole, for absolutely not clear reasons. The only logical explanation may be blunt chest trauma. Other cases are predisposition to pleural rupture.

Such a story happened with a close friend of mine, while I was still a student.

A friend called in the morning on a day off, and said that he was dying and could not fully breathe. I said come. And he would have to be carried in his arms. At home, I listened to him with a phonendoscope and lo and behold))), as it turned out, I made the correct diagnosis. It was a closed pneumothorax from nowhere. A friend was rescued in intensive care. My mission was to get him to the hospital quickly and convey the information correctly. The doctors understood me perfectly and turned green))).

What to do?

  • Call an ambulance immediately !!!

No need to swagger and think that you will solve the issue yourself. Don't decide! The patient will die before your eyes. Don't take a sin on your soul!

  • Stop bleeding if you see an open area !!!

Squeeze the vessel tightly enough. There is hardly anything else you can do.

  • Lay the victim down to breathe as comfortably as possible.

Don't panic to drag him somewhere on foot !!! So he will lose his last strength !!!

  • Close the hole tightly.

Take cellophane, preferably food grade (transparent), and seal the hole tightly! Even stretch wrap will work too! You also need to press and hold the wound, because air can be sucked in through the defect in the tissue.

If you do not have either stretch film or cellophane (which is absolutely normal), use a wet cloth, preferably clean !

And most importantly! If you really faced such a situation, nand in any case, do not panic and help the victim as much as possible !!!

Do not remain indifferent !!! Until the ambulance arrives, his life is in your hands, no matter how pretentious it may sound !!!

Since such a conversation has begun, do not be lazy and read articles on providing urgent ENT care, with a variety of traumas of ENT organs and emergency conditions.

Believe me, this will be very useful to you:

  • General principles for the treatment of gunshot wounds;
  • Gunshot wounds to the nose and paranasal sinuses;
  • Gunshot wounds to the pharynx;
  • Gunshot wounds to the larynx and trachea;
  • Gunshot wounds to the ear;
  • Foreign body of the nasal cavity;
  • Foreign body of the pharynx;
  • Foreign body of the larynx;
  • Foreign body of the trachea and bronchi;
  • Foreign body of the ear;
  • Foreign body of the esophagus;
  • Providing emergency medical care for upper airway obstruction;
  • Providing emergency medical care for sudden (clinical) death;
  • Providing emergency medical care for bleeding from ENT organs;
  • Providing emergency care for nosebleeds;
  • Providing emergency medical care for anaphylactic shock;
  • Providing emergency medical care for acute stenosis (asphyxiation).

Sorry for the long and detailed answer))).

Don't get sick! Take care and love each other !!!

Always yours, Doctor Zaitsev.

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