What's the point of non-alcoholic beer?

What's the point of non-alcoholic beer?

Non-Alcoholic Beer: The Best Drink for Healthy-Minded Cyclists? (Ask a Cycling Coach 244)

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Answer 1
January, 2021

Read carefully, this is IMPORTANT!

The harm of alcohol-free beer - on the one hand, the alcohol content in drinks of a similar kind can be ten times lower than in regular beer. Thus, from this point of view, the conditionally alcohol-free option is able to inflict significantly less harm on our body. However, in this case, there is no question about the complete absence of the negative impact of ethanol.

On the other hand, with the exception of the amount of alcohol, the drink we are interested in will contain the same ingredients, which is full and complete; we are talking about hops, barley sugar, carbon dioxide, etc. Correspondingly, in the presence of medical contraindications associated with all these products and substances, the consumption of a table of the advertised drink will not be the solution to the problem.

And, finally, one should not forget about the very not harmless chemical additives beer bezalkoholka much higher than in classic drinks. That is, in return for increasing the level of ethanol, which is quite acceptable in reasonable doses, the adherents of the "zero option" will mark their body perfectly for him with alien and, at the same time, more toxic substances

  • The harm of alcohol-free beer for men
  • Regardless of the alcohol factor, regular pennies or daytime can unpleasantly backfire on representatives of a strong sex. As a result of immense beer influences, in this case, there will be a decrease in the level of the male hormone in the body: testosterone and its replacement by the herbal variety of female hormones emitted through the drink: estrogen. The result of such changes, as a rule, will be an expansion of the pelvis, thickening of the fatty layer, an increase in breast volume and the appearance of high notes in the voice. As a result, there is a decrease in the timbre of the voice and the appearance of beer habits.

    1. Antibiotics and non-alcoholic beer

    Ethanol is also ethanol in Africa. Even a small dose of ethyl compounds can weaken or pervert the effect of antibiotics on the human body.

    1. Is alcohol-free beer harmful to the liver

    Judge for yourself. Our liver is a natural filter that, at the cost of destroying our own cells, protects our body not only from excess ethyl alcohol, but also from other toxic substances. And you are going to pour a stream of chemicals on her, and even go for a snack with the same ethanol. The conclusion suggests itself by itself. It is not for nothing that doctors do not welcome the use of bezelkogolki for liver diseases; for example: for hepatitis.

    Alcohol-free beer for some other diseases

    1. Alcohol-free beer for pancreatitis . In this case, the answer will look even more categorical. For even the slightest bit of alcohol can lead to irritatedJune defective pancreas.

    2. On the offense even the symbolic use of alcohol is highly undesirable. In particular, if the treatment of the disease is associated with the intake of antibiotics.

    3. With hemorrhoids the consumption of the mentioned drink can also cause complications. The reason for this is the negative effect of ethanol on the mucous membrane of the posterior passage, aggravated by an increase in the amount of carbon dioxide.

    4. With diabetes, a beer bezel-less is also quite a risky thing. After all, a decrease in the alcohol content in a drink in no way affects the presence of barley sugar - maltose in it.

    5. With epilepsy it is undesirable to use alcohol-free beer. Wine toma is the urinary properties of the drink. Excessive stress on the kidneys can lead to an increase in blood pressure and thereby increase the likelihood of an attack.

    6. With an irritation doctors categorically prohibit non-alcoholic beer drinks. The substances contained in them are processed by the body into uric acid, which is extremely harmful to painful joints.

    7. With gastritis beer "zero" is unquestionably excluded. This time, it was in the presence of side fermentation products, which, with strong support of ethanol, irritate the walls of the unfortunate stomach.

    8. In case of cystitis physicians are advised to limit use. The urinary properties of the drink, in this case, could bring some benefit, but it will be nullified by the irritating effect of such a liquid on the inflamed urinary bladder. If it is still a matter of treating the disease with the help of antibiotics, then in this case there is no room for discussion at all.

    9. Rabies vaccine . According to Western manufacturers of rabies vaccines, the medical products they offer have no contraindications to the consumption of alcohol-free or regular beer.

    Alcohol-free beer and antidepressants

    While taking antidepressants, the use of conditionally dealco-lyzed beer product or it is completely excluded, if it is urgently required.

    Monoamine oxidase inhibitors). Soderzhascheesya in pivnoy bezalkogolke belkovoe veschestvo:. Tyramine in sochetanii with upomyanutoy gruppoy drugs sposobno cause rezkomu nekontroliruemomu povysheniyu krovyanogo pressure

    In the case of other kategory antidepressantov even uslovnaya doza etilovogo alcohol mozhet sposobstvovat violation koordinatsii, poyavleniyu sonlivosti and increase the load on the heart. In this case, it should be noted that the manifestation of similar side effects depends on the individual properties of each individual body. Consequently, it is better, after all, not to experiment.

    Driving a car

    Zero beer contains ethyl alcohol, but it cannotit will not affect the state of the person, especially while driving. The concentration of alcohol in zero is 0.5%, and usually - 3-5.5%.

    Immediately after drinking a glass, you should not get behind the wheel. According to the research carried out, it has been shown that the vapors disappear in 10 minutes. You can get behind the wheel of a car after 20-30 minutes. In this case, the alcohol tester will not show the presence of a promille. If you have drunk more beer, it will take more time to normalize.

    If the smell of a foamy drink soon disappears on its own, then other consequences of the consumption of the product will not pass so easily. The driver may be tormented by belching, heaviness in the abdomen, headache. These consequences can lead to impaired reaction and attention.

    Do you get fatter from alcohol-free beer

    From the drink itself, if we are not talking about the aforementioned hormonal changes in men, do not get fatter. More than that, in view of the low alcohol content, its caloric content equals some 30-50 kcal per 100 grams.

    However, it's all about the fact that the problem of excess weight in brewers is not so much in the drink itself How many, to the point of indecency, caloric traditional beer snacks: chips, crackers, smoked meats, etc.

    That is, theoretically, the product of interest to us can be consumed even while on a diet. But, with this, you need to be morally ready to resist your excessive appetite.

    Is it really weak alcoholic versions who really drink?

    They liked a lot. In Spain, the largest low-alcohol beer market in Europe, the share of such products makes up about 10% of all beer sales in the country. In the Czech Republic, about 30 types of low-alcohol beer are produced. And its popularity is growing every year: the analytical agency Technavio predicts that by 2021 the growth of world sales of non-alcoholic beverages will average 9% per year compared to 4% in the alcoholic beverages market. People are gradually getting used to low-alcohol drinks, and, therefore, it is highly likely that over time their taste will change for the better, since the number of producers competing in this segment is steadily growing. p>

    According to experts, any weakly alcoholic is evil.

    On the one hand, the consumption of a bottle of other alcohol-free beer, not tied with negative consequences, can make a person feel stuck.>

    On the other hand, ethanol contained in the drink is sufficient that a person suffering from alcohol addiction has no brake. The combination of these factors often leads to a transition to regular beer, with all the negative consequences that are possible during coding.

    I strongly recommend reading a useful article about a natural and very effective remedy for all stages of alcoholism, which can be used the knowledge of the alcoholic. If interested, here's the link

    Answer 2
    January, 2021

    The previous friend said everything right, except for the main thing. Non-alcoholic beer can be advertised and soon it looks like even draft non-alcoholic beer will be sold. Schmarlsberg 0% relax with friends, get shorter.

    Answer 3
    January, 2021

    About the same as alcoholic. Delicious, refreshing drink, good thirst quencher, goes well with a variety of foods. In addition, it does not change consciousness and almost does not interfere with taxiing.

    It's a pity, all non-alcoholic varieties are lagers :(

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