What's the best omega-3? So many different things. And where is it better to buy: at the pharmacy or on iherb?

What's the best omega-3? So many different things. And where is it better to buy: at the pharmacy or on iherb?

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Answer 1
May, 2021

One message cannot be answered here.

There are many factors to consider when choosing omega-3 capsules:

  • raw materials from which the additive is made (cod liver, fish meat, krill oil, algae, etc.);
  • quality standards of raw materials and geography of its production;
  • the form of the active ingredient (ethyl fats, triglycerides, re-esterified triglycerides);
  • balance and amount of EPA / DHA in the supplement;
  • which supplements to choose for vegetarians and vegans;
  • what dosage to choose so as not to overdo it;
  • the best manufacturers;

It is also important to focus not on the price of a package, but on the cost of one serving. According to this parameter, cheap and weak in composition pharmaceutical preparations may no longer be so profitable against the background of imported dietary supplements.

Be sure to study the packaging so that everything that is indicated above is thoroughly described there. If the manufacturer withholds information, be sure that this is not an accident or because something does not fit on the package. This is because the raw material, the form of the substance or other parameters of the supplement are so-so.

For a list of the 15 best drugs in ascending order of their overall quality and detailed instructions on how to choose Omega-3 by these parameters, see here: https : //natulife.ru/pitanie/nutrienty/bzhu/omega/omega-3/kapsuly-omega3-top

I would take on iHerb, because there the supplements themselves are of higher quality, and the same can can cost 30-40% cheaper than in a pharmacy. Just take and compare the same Solgar or Natrol - be amazed.

Answer 2
May, 2021

Omega-3 PUFAs from algal oil (from Nannochloropsis oculata microalgae) have the highest bioavailability. The original article was published on the breast cancer website (Russian Medical Journal): https://www.rmj.ru/articles/klinicheskaya_farmakologiya/Omega-3_polinenasyschennye_ghirnye_kisloty_prirodnye_istochniki_i_znachenie_v_pediatricheskoy_prakti. About the place of purchase - depends on your preferences. All drugs presented in the pharmacies of our country are authorized for sale in Russia and have a certificate of conformity for a drug, a hygienic certificate for medical products and dietary supplements.

Answer 3
May, 2021

Huge review of PUFA, description of almost all worthy manufacturers and their preparations: https://vitaministerstvo.ru/rybij-zhir-v-kapsulah-kakoj-proizvoditel-luchshe
The best dietary supplements (yes, yes, yes , these are dietary supplements) Omega-3 are made from fish, alpha-linolenic acid from plant sources is extremely weakly converted into docosahexaenoic and eicosapentaenoic omega - 3 necessary for the body.

Adding salmonids to the diet will not in any way affect PUFA intake, because This type on the shelves of your stores is an aquaculture pacifier grown on dietary supplements and antibiotics, so the real Omega is only in capsules.

There are two problems with capsules - the degree of purification of the contents from heavy metals and the preservation of the useful composition during purification. For all aspects - link above.

Answer 4
May, 2021

Which omega 3 to choose for iHerb? Only from fish oil, not from plant materials. I've read research. You need exactly animal origin. She is the best. And from freshly caught fish omega 3 is the best and healthiest, especially from deep-sea fish

The pharmacy also has supplements, dietary supplements with omega-3, but much more expensive than iherb

But not abuse. The doctor told me that the dosage of 3.5 grams per day should not be exceeded. Therefore, less is better, if you drink even 1 gram a day, or half a gram, it is better than nothing.

Answer 5
May, 2021

Omega 3 is best bought at iHerb. that is, at iherb com. You just need to understand that the order will take about a week or even 10-12 days because this site is American

If you are in a hurry, then take omega-3 at the pharmacy, but the price will be twice as expensive and the choice is once in one hundred less

That is why I order and prefer to buy omega 3 on ayherb, but I always try to buy in advance, so that later I do not rush and do not buy if anything.

The benefits of omega-3 are clear, here We have already said a lot about it, I will not repeat it.

Choose the omega 3 best brands, even if it is more expensive

Answer 6
May, 2021

It is better to buy omega from sports nutrition stores. Firstly, prices are lower there than in a pharmacy. Secondly, there is a higher concentration of the working substance.

We can recommend that you buy Omega-3 Now - this is a high quality supplement from an American manufacturer at a very competitive price.

Answer 7
May, 2021

Hello! Omega-3 is something that is very necessary for our body.

In 1971, a group of Danish researchers found that the Inuit population in Greenland had lower blood cholesterol levels and lower heart disease than Danes and Inuit people living in Denmark. Danish researchers studying the metabolism of Inuit have suggested that this is the result of regular intake of omega-3 fatty acids. These findings ultimately led to recommendations to include fish oil in the daily diet of all inhabitants of our planet.

Since we are all not residents of Greenland and do not have regular access to fish products (it is in them that the highest content of omega 3), then we need to fill this gap by including fish oil in the diet.

Omega-3 can be purchased at the pharmacy or ordered online. The main thing is not to run into a fake. If you order online, then choose trusted companies, for example, iHerb is the official site here, this is a serious company from the USA with the strictest requirements for its goods. From them I would recommend the Omega-3 " California Gold Nutrition " or " Kyolic ".

Answer 8
May, 2021

Which is the best omega 3 and which one is the best?

The answer to this question is unequivocal. The best omega is sold on iherb. Only the package with omega 3 will go for about a week. If there is a good time to wait, then it is better to wait. If there is no time, then you can take it from the pharmacy.

I prefer omega 3s from fish oil over algae. I read that it is better absorbed.

Answer 9
May, 2021

It is better to consume Omega-3s from natural products.

These fats are found in the following foods:

  • Fish oil (fish, cod liver, etc.)
  • Flax Seeds
  • Eggs
  • Chia Seeds
  • Cauliflower
  • Brussels sprouts
  • Purslane
  • Perilla oil
  • Soybeans (roasted)
  • Walnuts
  • Mackerel

The daily requirement for omega-3 acids is 1 - 2 grams , depending on gender, age, health status, region of residence.

During pregnancy, menopause, bodybuilding, the daily rate rises to 2.5 - 3 grams, and with a reduced body weight to 3 - 4 grams.

The upper safe limit for the consumption of compounds is 8 gram.

If you use little of the above products or, for some reason, do not have access to a sufficient amount, then of course it is better to use Omega-3 in capsules.

Omega-3 is available from your pharmacy or online. The main thing is not to run into a fake. If you order online, then choose trusted companies, for example iHerb - the official site, this is a serious company from the USA with the strictest requirements for its goods. From them I would recommend the Omega-3 " California Gold Nutrition " or " Kyolic ", these are the ones that I order there myself.

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