What really effective masks, cosmetic products no more than 500 rubles, can you recommend for face whitening?

What really effective masks, cosmetic products no more than 500 rubles, can you recommend for face whitening?

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Answer 1
January, 2021

Most often, professionals use peeling based on retinol, lactic or trichloroacetic acid to whiten the skin of the face !! Frightening for many, alpha hydroxy acids, despite their daunting name, are just a group of organic compounds widely found in natural vegetables and fruits.

Light brown spots occur in the surface layers of the skin and are amenable to external treatments. The situation with deep dark brown pigmentation is somewhat different. Here you definitely cannot do without a course of procedures in a salon or clinic.

One of the options is cryotherapy (treatment with liquid nitrogen). Some melanocytes are sensitive to cold. So why not take advantage of this? Another way is mesotherapy; in this case, these are injections of bleaching agents (including ascorbic acid) directly into the pigmentation focus. The treatment is quick and precise.

And, finally, heavy artillery - the destruction of dark spots with a laser and exposure to selective pulsed light (phototherapy), after which the spots darken and peel off a few days after the procedure. And most importantly, they no longer appear in the same place. Such programs are better to take place in autumn or winter, when sun activity is minimal.

• An alternative point of view on the effectiveness of laser procedures in the treatment of melasma

• Bellefontaine Clinic of Anti-Aging and Aesthetic Medicine

Here we have developed a special program for the elimination of hyperpigmentation using a DEKA laser device and cosmetics. Laser beams destroy melanin, after the procedure, the pigment darkens, active exfoliation takes place within two weeks, which as a result leads to a lightening of the problem area. The course of laser therapy is two to four procedures. In the interval between the apparatus exposure, a professional Bellefontaine brightening care is prescribed. Such a team copes well even with age-related pigmentation. In six weeks, not only the lightening of dark spots occurs, but also the leveling and improvement of skin tone and structure.

• Beauty Salon "White Garden"

Along with various peels and mesotherapy using cocktails based on vitamin C, minerals and hyaluronic acid, this salon uses the multifunctional SharpLight system for skin whitening. The smart machine is equipped with special nozzles with pulsed light technology, which quickly and safely deal with superficial age spots on the face, chest and arms. The doctor applies a nozzle to the problem area, the pulsed light energy gradually turns into thermal energy and as a result of heating only those areas of the skin where melanin has accumulated are destroyed. All actions for a specialist take from 15 to 45 minutes. In the first 5-12 days after the session, the treated areas often darken, but then they brighten significantly - until they completely disappear at the end of the course. But there is one important condition: for the procedure on SharpLight to be successful, the skin should not beь tanned.

• Phyt's beauty salon

A very cozy salon, where the atmosphere of Provence reigns and everything organic is revered. Therefore, there are no apparatus or injections, but there are Phyt's cosmetics, created by a naturopathic biologist, and the hands of masters. For whitening face and body care (as well as for all other procedures), not large general jars of cream are used, but an individual set of ampoules, which contain active substances in high concentration. Your personal set of products opens in front of you and begins a comfortable ritual with a long, good massage. Bioactive whitening is based on the high efficiency of a patented complex of plant extracts and essential oils. The list of White Bio-Active products reminds of a botanical encyclopedia: aloe, licorice, parsley, wheat oil and bitter orange ... This is enough to win the hearts of lovers of everything natural.

Our shortlist includes proven means that both the impeccable reputation of manufacturers and positive user reviews stand for. We recommend that you familiarize yourself with each of them in more detail and choose the most suitable for yourself and your skin:

Product Description

System for glycolic peeling Glycolic Renewal Peel, ReVive It is a two-stage peeling system - cleaning and skin whitening + rejuvenating active complex. RES gel preparation technology provokes skin cells to intensive regeneration. Price: ~ 17,000 rubles (30 cleansing wipes and peeling gel)

Lightener-XT, Cellcosmet brightening cream Developed using the latest biochemical technologies and is intended primarily for the care of skin with excessive pigmentation. The effect is achieved through natural vitamin extracts. Actively lightens not only age spots, but also freckles, redness from scars and scars, as well as signs of chloasma during pregnancy. Price: ~ 150 euros (for a volume of 100 ml)

Whitening system Soin White Bio-Active, Phyt's With daily use of this complex of natural products with a delicate texture, the skin visibly brightens, age spots completely disappear by the end of the second weeks of application of funds. Thanks to the use of the innovative PWE complex in creams, the skin acquires a natural radiance, becomes clean and smooth. Price: ~ 3500 rubles for the complex.

Serum against age spots Forever Light Creator, Yves Saint Laurent The product is intended for whitening the face with age pigmentation. Already after one week of application, the skin color is noticeably evened out. Due to the use of the innovative property of reflected rays of light in the serum, a noticeable effect of skin rejuvenation occurs. Price: $ 42-125, depending on the volume of the bottle.

Belle de Jour Whitening Serum, KenzoKi The white lotus extract used in its manufacture has an astringent property, helps to tighten pores, protecting skin cells from pollution. In addition, natural propertiesthe drug helps to block the sun's rays on the surface of the skin, preventing ultraviolet light from penetrating into the deeper layers and protecting the skin from photoaging. Price: ~ 5700 rubles (volume 30 ml).

Pigment spot corrector Melascreen, Ducray The product is designed for local application on skin areas that have darkened due to age-related changes, photosensitivity to sunlight, with congenital hyperpigmentation and period of pregnancy. Perfectly evens out the skin, creating a rejuvenating effect. Price: ~ 1200 rubles (volume 30 ml).

System "Clean skin", Inneov Cleansing complex, recommended for use 1-2 times a year for people with problem skin, with dark and pigmented spots, with excessive exposure to the sun, with metabolic disorders. Helps restore skin firmness and radiance. Price: ~ 1500 rubles (per pack, 40 tablets).

Brightening botanical serum with vitamin C VitaC-Light, Christina An extremely effective remedy for lightening the face with hyperpigmentation. Through the use of natural brightening ingredients (bearberry extract, licorice extract, kojic acid), melanin synthesis in skin cells is blocked. Price: ~ 1850 rubles (volume 30 ml).

Whitening mask of double action, Bellefontaine Promotes evening of skin color, gives it a matte shade, eliminates age spots, prevents premature wrinkles and age-related darkening of the skin. The product is enriched with extracts of natural herbal preparations with a strong whitening effect. Price: ~ 8000 rubles (volume 50 ml).

Serum for correcting skin tone Even Better Clinical, Clinique An innovative development designed to smooth and brighten the skin, to get rid of age spots, eliminate the effect of skin aging under the influence ultraviolet radiation, with damage and scarring of the skin. Price: ~ 4500 rubles (volume 50 ml).

Brightening Serum Crystal Shot, Metatron Has a complex effect on the skin, cleansing, rejuvenating and brightening age spots. The serum's active ingredients protect skin cells from aging, aid in the production of light melanin and effectively brighten natural dark melanin. Price: ~ 5000 rubles (volume 20 ml).

Basic product that evens out skin tone, Melaperfect, Darphin Thanks to the innovative high-tech complex MELA SYSTEM, this cosmetic product actively fights for a perfectly even skin color, helping to get rid of pigmentation , nourishes and protects the skin. Price: ~ 4000 rubles (volume 30 ml).

Personally, a cool and inexpensive tool that can be used at home helped me a lot. I will not blur my thoughts along the tree, I will just tell you what happened to me while using the tool.

Week 1. The skin has become smoother, more rosy. The bruises and bags under the eyes began to disappear. The crow's feet under the eyes have noticeably reduced, despite the active facial expressions.

Week 2. The contour of the face became hetche. The forehead is no longer associated with a Shar Pei dog. Redness has disappeared near the nose. The pores are much smaller.

Week 3. There are almost no facial wrinkles left. The bruises and bags were gone completely. Cheekbones and chin became clearly visible. The face is velvety, and I just want to touch it all the time.

Week 4. Perfect face contour. Perfectly smooth forehead. Shining eyes. Smooth skin tone. Perfect face. For the first time, probably in my entire life, I cry with happiness, looking at myself in the mirror!

Even now, as I write this, tears involuntarily come to my eyes. I am beautiful, my God, beautiful !!! There are no ugly women - there are unkempt and unloved. Taking care of myself, I became on the path to love - to myself, the world, others.

For those interested, you can read an interesting article at this link

Answer 2
January, 2021

I recommend only natural care :)

Mask "Blackcurrant and honey of white acacia flowers" from Pebbles and Naked

Face mask "Toning" from Aasha

Skinlite Multi-Step Intracellular Recovery Program

Answer 3
January, 2021

I can recommend a mask with blue or white clay. Since I have freckles and the skin color itself is darker, I use these masks 2 times a week. It suits me, the skin has become lighter and most importantly fresh. Just take the clay, dilute with warm water , apply for 20 minutes, then rinse. Minus - very badly rinsed off.

Answer 4
January, 2021

I think it's worth mentioning a few factors to start with:
1. You can really whiten your skin a lot only with the help of a beautician, who in turn turns to cosmetics that contain very aggressive substances, after which you need a certain rehabilitation period for the skin. It is not worth experimenting on your own, let alone using shovel methods - the effect of acids on the face will accelerate the aging process and in summer there will be an increased manifestation of age spots.
2. The range of whitening cosmetics for home use is represented in a huge range in the Asian market. For 500 rubles, you can buy a jar of cream or a set of masks, but they can go to you from the store from two days, if the goods are in Moscow time, up to two weeks.
So I advise you budget options - masks based on lemon, chamomile, honey. It's a pretty good recipe that my friend uses: a spoonful of honey, peach oil, beeswax. Then heat up in a water bath. Then add the crushed lemon right along with the zest. After 2 weeks, the skin color evens out, becomes lighter.
Frequent and gentle peeling, as well as creams and toners with minimum spf15 should become your friend.
Even, beautiful skin color requires good and, unfortunately, money-making care. It is more realistic to buy a basic set of cosmetics for 1500-2000 rubles.

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