What is the use of meditation and how does it help a person?

What is the use of meditation and how does it help a person?

Meditation to get a Text and a Call from a Specific Person

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Answer 1
January, 2021

Only I do the phenomenon of the resurrection of the body - I have repeatedly offered a TV show to broadcast about this - inside the body I unwind a spiral medium that fills the body, called the Lotus Flower, fullness and aging disappear, I turn off karmic states that act independently of the will of a person - fear, hunger, stiffness, confusion, excitement, experience, reasoning, the Lotus Flower is a vortex chamber, it is filled with a vortex, he opens it from the inside with his wedging pressure and his stirring heats the body, all stages of heating the environment with the help of vibration damping, disconnection of karmic states - any excitement , tension, experience, turning off fullness and aging - I will show you live on any program. Yoga, meditation, techniques of slow movements, pronouncing words, physical education and ... - this is a deception, they are Lotus Flower - they do not open the vortex chamber, they do not turn off the motor storm. Sitting in the lotus position is a symbol, what it means was described by the American scientist Alan Watts in the book The Zen Way, why he sits, why his eyes are closed, what does a smile mean, etc.

Answer 2
January, 2021

I have been doing meditation for several years. Meditation done correctly brings joy and peace. Deep meditation gives you super powers. By doing meditation regularly, you can achieve an altered state of consciousness, which is interesting in itself. The main thing that meditation gives in my opinion is: self-control, calmness.

Answer 3
January, 2021

Everyone who starts or has a desire to start meditating must answer his own question. For what? Meditation is a creative process. Only those who have a long experience of meditation can speak or share the results. Many read fantasies about meditation and begin to talk about what they do not know. Personally, I can not talk about my successes, they are known to me and belong only to me. The truth is hidden outside the letters. In signs and words, the law cannot be conveyed. Turn to the heart inward and backwards. To become Buddha at yourself. Best regards.

Answer 4
January, 2021

The ancient spiritual teaching is based on deep wisdom that everything in the Universe consists of Jing - This is matter, QI is energy, SHEN is spirit. There are thousands of spiritual practices for developing and strengthening these three types of energy. The body is created from matter, energy and spirit. This or that system of the body is formed by matter, energy and spirit.

Answer 5
January, 2021

Meditation is a GOOD for me !!! I have been meditating for twenty years. What can I say, for me this is my life. But in order to get the result from meditation, you have to limit yourself in many respects and this limitation is for the good of a person. It's not as simple as some imagine. Now many do not even know what it is, but They advise and persuade. In order to sit down to meditate: firstly, one must sit in the "lotus" position, and this is not easy, secondly, one must learn to breathe correctly, thirdly one must eat right and one must know the philosophy of the East. If this is not observed, then it is better to sit on the couch. In general, meditation is very useful and very difficult as it seems. Best regards.

Answer 6
January, 2021

The meaning of life is to cognize God and achieve Divinity through refining oneself in the emotions of love.
The growth of emotions of love goes through interaction with their own kind and refusal to cause harm and pain to all living beings.
“ God is Love ”- this is how Jesus Christ taught. And in order to get closer to the Creator, one must also develop oneself as love. We are talking about the multifaceted emotions of “heart” love, which it is quite possible to arbitrarily produce in oneself by methods of psychic self-regulation. One must learn to live in these emotions constantly. The esoteric growth of one's consciousness and emotions of love is called meditations, while the transition to a non-killing diet from compassion for animals is important.
Each of us in our personal evolution has already gone through many incarnations - before getting into the current human body. And now our task is to make every effort to become worthy of Mergence with the Creator in His Abode.
We must make every effort to attain our own Divinity and Mergence with Him, as well as help other people in this.
we go to Divinity through:
- developing in ourselves love for all living beings and for the Creator,
- refining oneself as consciousness in order to master more and more subtle eons - farther from hell, closer to the Abode of the Creator .
Yes, individual consciousness has the ability to quantitatively increase (grow). It also grows simply with the increase in the size of physical bodies - from incarnation to incarnation. And at the human stages of the evolution of an individual soul, this is also facilitated by an intense lifestyle in any area of ​​application: in physical exertion, intellectual creativity, art, etc.
But there are also special (esoteric) methods of accelerating the quantitative growth of consciousness, consisting in meditative training, especially in combination with special sports loads and on special "places of power".
In this case, you just need to remember that an increase in the size and strength of the coarse consciousness will form a devil out of a person and predetermine a very stable, "stable" life in hell ... The value is represented only by the growth of the refined consciousness.
He is Love. We must also become Love, this is our meaning of life.
In order to really direct our gaze - the gaze of consciousness - towards God, in order to aspire to Mergence with Him - we must first find inner peace.
For this there are different techniques. You can start with hatha yoga, Chinese dynamic gymnastics tai chi chuan, or other similar systems. But the problem is radically solved through the withdrawal of the concentration of consciousness from the head - into the anahata (the region of the chest that produces the emotions of love, called the spiritual heart), and then the expansion of the spiritual heart beyond the body in the subtle and subtlest spatial dimensions.
It is also important to understand that you need to be able to bring yourself into a state without thoughts, into a state of rest, when inner attention is always in the chest, where warmth is felt.
There is an exercise for gainingclairvoyance (the "third eye", which was mistakenly shifted to ajna by the translators) and the production of emotions of love: we learn to imagine our head in the chest (you can imagine your smile in it) and we learn to look with this head, from the chest ... in different directions (in some literature of a mystical nature, there is such a concept as "displacement of the assemblage point", this is the movement of the concentration of consciousness in the anahata).
Many people confuse meditation and physical exercises of hatha yoga ... (hatha yoga teaches concentration, but at present, hatha yoga is most often taught to students who eat meat - and this only harms them, because it increases the coarseness of their minds ... few teachers warn about this).
For understanding why we need to improve and find peace (one of the qualities of God that we need to master) - I will describe the meaning of life.
The essence of everything in the universe - EVOLUTION OF UNIVERSAL CONSCIOUSNESS
The universe is inhabited by living, self-aware energies and they are called souls, spirits, consciousnesses. Among them there are small energy "clots", there are more, there are very large ones. But there is also the largest Consciousness that occupies the entire boundless universal space - this is God the Father, Who is also called the Creator, Jehovah, Yahweh, Sabaoth, Allah, Ishwara, Tao, the Primordial Consciousness, Adibuddha, etc.
Life God is Evolution, i.e. continuation of the positive development of His Universal Organism.
It is for this reason that He creates material worlds in one or another part of the universe, and then on planets suitable at this time for the existence of organic bodies on them, settles in the latter insignificant particles of His energy - so that these particles grow and ultimately merge into Him, enriching Him with themselves. Their growth begins on crystal lattices of minerals, continues in the bodies of plants, then animals, then people.
Each of us in his personal evolution has already gone through many incarnations - before getting into the current human body. And now our task is to make every effort to become worthy of Mergence with the Creator in His Abode.
God created all His Creation not at all for us, people. And for Myself. We humans are not at all self-existent. And they are not objectively separated from God. On the contrary, we are in Him, and our separation from Him is only our stupid illusion, which leads us to our troubles.
We are completely subject to Him. He grazes us as His flock, sends us to grow and mature over and over again on the "pastures" of the Earth. Here, in interaction with similar to ourselves and with objects of the material world, we acquire and strengthen certain of our qualities - good or bad. We must learn to see, hear and obey our Shepherd and love Him. And someone learns this with joy, and someone tries to hide from Him, pretending that He is not at all, but there is me! - into, how healthy, strong and beautiful!
The humble, kind, loving, intelligent - He brings up with affection and quickly brings them closer to Himself, lets them intoYourself. The rest continue to incarnate and incarnate in new bodies. And between incarnations they live for a long time among souls similar to themselves - in those states of consciousness to which they are accustomed during their life on Earth.
God continues to take care of us - until the very "end of the world" - constantly reminding of Himself through His Messiahs and prophets, through holy books. He also shows us what it feels like to be evil, deceitful, vile, lovers of someone else's good, - he shows us, letting in people-criminals, ferocious animals ... Through this he wants to explain to us what it means to be in pain, fear, someone else's anger, what it means to be robbed ... - to teach others not to do it. People call it "the law of karma" - the law of the orderly and investigative relations in our destinies. According to this principle, He will "beat" us until we are cleansed of vices, until we become what He wants to see us - gentle, caring, altruistic, absolutely honest, without importance and arrogance, incapable of anger, to violence. On violence - except for the sake of protecting other people for good from someone's evil violence.
He is Love. To merge with Him, or at least approach Him, we must also become Love.
The term meditation can be defined as a person's personal efforts to develop oneself (as a soul, consciousness) in the directions of the correct functioning of one's own emotional sphere, refinement and quantitative growth of consciousness, as well as direct cognition of God in the Aspects of the Primordial Consciousness, the Holy Spirit and the Absolute - and Merging with God.
The evolutionary development of each person is made up of three main closely interrelated components: intellectual, ethical and psychoenergetic.
Meditation is the main way of realizing, first of all, the third of these developmental components. Although it can significantly accelerate growth in two other directions.
Immediately I would like to draw your attention to an extremely important rule of spiritual work: complex meditative training should not outpace the ethical component of the development of each practitioner, as well as his intellectual capabilities at this stage of his life!
In other words, to engage in complex meditative training, it is not enough just the desire of a person. But we must take into account, among other things, his age - both ontogenetic (ie in this incarnation) and psychogenetic (ie, taking into account the entire foreseeable part of his personal evolution).
Therefore, both teachers and and the practitioners themselves should be careful about this area of ​​activity.
Although there are meditations that are completely safe and can only benefit everyone, including children. This is, for example, attunement with the harmony and beauty of nature. Also - the corresponding works of different directions of art, including music and vocals, dance, etc.
We must accept that success is achieved precisely by one's own spiritual efforts, and not at all by participation in rituals, not by "prayers of saints", and by no one at all -or prayers.
At the same time, let's not confuse prayer with meditation (these concepts sometimes overlap each other). The main meanings of these words are as follows: prayer is a request to God, which often degenerates into asking God for earthly blessings; meditation is precisely the work of consciousness aimed at cognizing God, which gives success on this Path, if everything is in order with ethics and intellect.
P.S. Without a developed intellect, it is extremely dangerous to engage in serious religious practice. Such people easily fall prey to false and destructive concepts such as that for the sake of spiritual progress one should drink as much urine as possible, or that "Liberation" is achieved through a complete rejection of all ethical norms and the "spontaneity" of behavioral reactions ... These people are unable to distinguish love from lust , tenderness - from sweetness, subtlety - from rudeness, God - from the devil. Thinking, for example, that they hear the voice of God, they submit themselves to the guidance of demons and devils, find rapture supposedly by their “personal strength”, uniting with devilish rudeness.
Psychoenergetic work is not for the weak in mind!
For those who want to engage in serious meditation, I recommend looking through the book: "Ecopsychology", V. Antonov.
It gives recommendations on working with the chakras, the main centers responsible for our emotions.

Answer 7
January, 2021

First, concentration of attention increases. You can not only concentrate on the selected object longer, but also easily focus if you are distracted.

Secondly, it improves the psychological state. After meditation, you are pacified, and those who meditate daily for a long time, this passes into a character trait (About this and the scientifically proven effects of meditation in the book "Changed Character Traits" by R. Davidson)

Third , it helps to change for the better. If you wanted to quit a bad habit, then meditation can help to weaken it. If you have a goal but put it off until later, you can be more aware and focused on achieving it. In addition, you can look at some situations differently and draw important conclusions for yourself.

Answer 8
January, 2021

Meditation, in its modern hypostasis and understanding, is the training of volitional control of attention based on breathing. It came to us from Buddhism and Indian yoga, which also indicated its role in "spiritual development" (whatever it may be).

Although the term itself is Latin, it has a common root with "medicine", for example. A means simply "thinking", "pondering" and other terms in this sense. The philosophers of antiquity, in particular the Stoics, also highly appreciated the importance of meditation, but not in terms of contemplating the breath, but in purposeful, concentrated thoughtful comprehension of certain topics at certain periods of time.

But so - what is specific benefits can be found here: https://www.healthline.com/nutrition/12-benefits-of-meditation#section6

Briefly and in translation:

  1. Reduce stress;
  2. Anxiety control;
  3. General strengthening of "emotional health" (stress resistance, more precisely);
  4. Strengthening self-awareness;
  5. Development of attention control - in particular, the range of the period of controlled concentration;
  6. May (not yet clear how, but yes) prevent or mitigate age-related memory impairment;
  7. Generation of positive moods (benevolence, gratitude, compassion), with certain modifications of the technique;
  8. Support in overcoming addictions;
  9. Better sleep;
  10. Pain management (the same principle as hypnotic analgesia);
  11. Reducing high blood pressure;
    There are more lists, but the general topic is clear.

It is important to understand that with all these "sweet things" - meditation is not effective, cannot be applied and is not designed for:

  • Serious mental health treatment (by itself, as a separate exercise);
  • Achievement of "fatness" and well-being (sitting in meditation and watching your breath - you just sit and train to watch your breath, body and mind. No other useful skills can be developed this way and other achievements cannot be achieved);
  • Naturally - the solution of interpersonal problems and so on.
    In short - meditation can help in stress management, psychophysical recovery, development of attention and self-observation, through which you can control other mental functions, and act as a supportive practice in complex solutions. Not a "panacea", but a very worthy exercise.

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