What is the right (and not expensive) way to eat and exercise at home in order to lose weight if information is everywhere?

What is the right (and not expensive) way to eat and exercise at home in order to lose weight if information is everywhere?


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Answer 1
April, 2021

In fact, losing weight is not an expensive business, you do not need to eat lobsters and black caviar or visit an elite gym.

To lose weight, you need proper nutrition and physical activity, i.e. you need to create conditions under which you burn more calories than you consume - a calorie deficit.

Simple and affordable foods are allowed with proper nutrition:

  • complex carbohydrates - you can eat the simplest and most affordable cereals: buckwheat, oatmeal, bulgur, etc .;
  • proteins: chicken breast is an inexpensive and ideal product for losing weight, and you can also stew or bake any fish, eat cottage cheese. Legumes are high in protein and are cheap.
  • fats. The beneficial fatty acids do not need to be derived from avocados. There are inexpensive healthy foods like flaxseed oil, for example, or fish oil.
  • buy vegetables, fruits and berries according to the season, it will come out inexpensively and healthy. It is better to eat fruit in the morning and exclude everything high in sugar: bananas, figs, grapes, etc.

Be sure to remove fast food, soda, fried from the diet - there are a lot of calories. Sweets and other harmful sweets are also better off, but you can eat dark chocolate, dried fruits (no more than 5-7 pieces per day).

As for sports, you can run, ride a bike, dance, play football, outdoor games with friends. And you can do squats at home, abdominal exercises, burpees, leg swings, etc. You don't even need to spend money on shells.

Answer 2
April, 2021

1. Walk on the stairs !!

When a person is lifted up the ladder, he burns so many calories in a minute, how much you need to go! So it might be worth it, sometimes you need an elevator when you climb up ?!

  1. Use your own food.

food, use mint tea. Cledite za cvoim pitaniem.

Icklyuchite of cvoego patsiona (or Po kpayney mepe cvedite to minimymy potpebleniya) kaptofel fpi, gambypgepy, and chipcy ppochie ppodykty, kotopye mactepcki ymeyut poptit ne tolko zhelydok, Nr and figypy. If you suddenly start shopping, stop your choice on a vegetable salad or fruit yogurt. How he says ad: both good and good!

  1. Don't forget about your legs.

Don't be too lazy to send and feed your steps. Take a daily cream for them. They will remain soft, like a baby.

  1. Download the press.

For your belly to be thin, it is absolutely unnecessary Sit on long, exhausting diets and regularly attend the gym. It is enough to fall in love and regularly perform uncomplicated exercise. Lying on the floor, bend your feet with your feet to the floor. Pyki - at the back. Tighten the abdominal muscles, lift the body in such a way that only the paddles and paddles are torn off the floor. It is necessary to hold in this position (count at this moment up to 4-x, only slowly). Operate into the starting position. Ascending - exhale air, when descending - inhale. Downloading the precca will allow your live to be in the form at all times.

  1. Straighten or thread the hair.

Looks very straightforward. but for owners of straight hair, it is useful sometimes to turn them into fun curls. This will make your appearance and will make you more accurate.

  1. Pick the right color.

Go to the correct color.

from which is the best to refuse. Such a little, as the color of the day, in fact, perfectly emphasizes the advantages and hides the deficiencies. For example, visually creating the effect of a more stylish style is clothing in one shade.

  1. Eat cyxo.

Inga, black microelements and vitamins. Treat yourself, see your season, and watch the vitamins' organism at the same time.

  1. Choose a chocolate.
Shok who constantly follows his figure and does not allow himself to be happy. But only black chocolate can be called useful (about 70%). It contains a lot of kakao beans and a minimum number of caxapa.
  1. Regularly eat.

Your body was just waiting for If you haven't had a meal, you spent lunchtime at the meeting, and first chewed some butters. Try to eat often, but in small portions, not after 6 in the evening. It is also very important not to be in the interruptions between... Namely, this dreadful habit can give you a few extra kilograms of extra century.

  1. Use it with a help.
  2. occupations, as their quality. Dazhe kopotenkie tpenipovki Po 15 minute digits in the den ppiblizyat VAC to idealnomy tely, are played cpocobctvovat ylychsheniyu vashey figypy and ykpepleniyu zdopovya, ybepyt boka and zhivot, konechno ne za 3 days and dazhe ne za nedelyu, Nr pezyltat will be played nA litso yzhe chepez mecyats! And so the same constant training, thanks to the produced endopfins - the gummies of paternity, will remove the eyebags and all this can be reached in your home ol yclio!

Let's start with the fact that they can visually lengthen the legs. In addition, they tend to strengthen the muscles, the legs look slimmer. But the straps on the ankles have no effect of elongation. Shoes on the platform can also use the style. The most optimal option is a cable no higher than 5 cm.

  1. Don't eat with diets.

On a question: “How to get your sides home conditions fast in a week? " - many will tell you that you need to eat a diet. But experts say that this is the way to slow down the metabolism of wasting muscle mass. Therefore, organism begins to need foods that contain a lot of fat. And here are the tough days this is good! Just be hungry and eat well.

  1. Dare and smile more often.

Lead if from the heart xoxotat, the muscles are alive. A viable people always pay attention.

  1. Love grapefruit.

You can get away from the drop by using this cocoon. ... You get an energizing charge from one glass of grapefruit juice, as it is rich in Vitamin C.

  1. delicious
wins and fatty dishes. Yes, yes, for example, our favorite pirogues. Or a roasted pot. They will not help you to lose fat from your belly and sides. Better to eat fish, rice, vegetables.
  1. Keep it straight.

Thanks to a good eye, you can only look a little it is set). Above breathing becomes deeper, and it means that the cells will be rich in acid.

  1. Take more than a kilo.
Ideally, of course, it will be necessary to completely eliminate alcoholic beverages, but this is practically unrealistic. Therefore, you can drink white wine, pre-blended with mineral spirits.
  1. Fight with cellulite.

This is the right place to be today. , which will help you in the fight with the "orange crust". By using them, you can successfully treat cellulite in your home environment.

  1. Don't play yourself.

Even if you ate a lot A pair of portions of creamy ice cream. Usually, a lot of people eat from loneliness or boredom. Try to understand cyour life, eat in the company. Eating food in large numbers is sometimes and not appropriate.

  1. Observe the measure.

We'll take a little bit of it, but often We make the days of trouble easy, but not unnecessarily.

  1. The pool is a great place to spend time.

Here is another one. ... It also burns fats and brings you normal working hours.

  1. Drink water.

8 glasses a day. You can add lemon wedge or dilute with apple juice. This promotes food consumption and reduces appetite.

  1. Don't forget to epilate.

We get rid of the waste fibers at home or in the cavern. They do not decorate us at all.

  1. We follow with the punch.

These paws use both the character and the look. Make a manicure regu- larly: it will be pleasant for you, and those around you will mark it.

  1. Keep on making the most of the eclectic and the rest Seems to just energize and remember something nice.

    Personally, I've lost weight with an effective fat burner that is safe. I recommend reading the home weight loss diary, which tells about the safest strongest fat burner. The product stimulates the burning of fat in the body without physical exertion. It has a very powerful effect. If interested, here is the link

Answer 3
April, 2021

You can also download a convenient application in which there are many different workouts (for different parts of the body, with / without equipment, duration, etc.) Nike Training. I use it myself, it's very convenient and training makes you sweat.

Answer 4
April, 2021

You can put heavy things in the bag, pull up with it, push up, squat. With additional mass it will be more difficult, well, who said it would be easy. Pull-ups can be found in any courtyard, there are also bars there. But also do not forget about food, you need to gain weight. When I started to swing, I tried to cook properly at home, but it is useless. Somewhere in a month of proper nutrition and active sports. There will be changes in your body. The main thing is not to give up and that's it, there will be success.

Answer 5
April, 2021

It all depends on your age. If you are ~ 20 years old or less, then everything will quickly lose weight if you slightly reduce portions, move more and drink water. Do not spoil your health!
And if you are older, it depends on your current height / weight ratio. If you really are almost obese, then it is better to consult a qualified doctor who will monitor your health. By the way, with obesity it is better not to go in for sports. The best is to walk 30-60 minutes a day.
If the weight is practically normal, but you want to "lose a couple of kg", then you can eat simply because of hunger and until satiety, eliminating obvious "harmfulness", like buns and pizza. Hungry - ate and did not overeat. Just don't eat out of boredom. Pasta, potatoes, yolks, cheese, bread, butter - all this is possible and necessary for our body! Sports - 2-3 hours per week average cardio + strength training, but not to exhaustion. Maybe it will not be as fast as "10 kg per month", but without any damage to health. Both physical and psychological.

Trust the person who started out with "proper nutrition + sports" and ended up sprinting on doctors, pills and tantrums.

Answer 6
April, 2021

From my own experience (a year ago I lost 14 kg in 3 months) - exclude bread and flour, everything is sweet. Pizzas, dumplings - in a hard ban! Eliminate beer, cola drinks and packaged juices. If possible, exclude fatty (lard, pork). Do not eat after 18 hours, but around 20-00 you can eat an apple, carrot. Reduce portions, do not overeat (a feeling of slight hunger that remains after eating, disappears in 10-15 minutes). Once a week, you can afford a chocolate bar, a slice of pie, or some candy. Daily physical activity (30-40 minutes before a good sweat) is encouraged. But the main thing is food.

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