What is body drying?

What is body drying?

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Answer 1
January, 2021

Drying the body for girls at home means losing weight in order to keep the body in good shape and create the desired elastic forms. In this case, the percentage of body fat is reduced to ideal indicators.

If you want to dry your body at home, you must follow the rules and constantly work on yourself.

The set of exercises is designed to bring back to normal muscles, and proper nutrition will help provide the body with the necessary elements. To do this, you will need to calculate the consumed carbohydrates, proteins and fats at home.

When drying the body, you need to consume carbohydrates - about 120 g, fats - a maximum of 30 g, and proteins up to 130 g.

• It is required to constantly consume water, in an amount of at least two liters per day.

• It is not recommended to drink carbonated and alcoholic drinks.

• It is necessary to reduce the consumption of coffee.

• We use only pure mineral water or boiled, chilled water.

A balanced diet, drinking the required amount of water and having a special set of exercises will help to achieve ideal forms at home.

It should be noted that many people perceive body drying as a method for losing weight. Of course, the effect of weight loss is present, but at the same time it is necessary not only to remove fat folds or sagging skin, but also to maintain the normal condition of the muscles.

Sitting down to dry the body at home, girls need to refrain from large amounts of food. It immediately loads the stomach from it, and all processes in the gastrointestinal tract are inhibited. There is also no effect of tightening the skin.

For girls, drying the body at home means:

• burning subcutaneous fat;

• reducing weight;

• keeping the muscles in good shape.

The process of losing weight at home is difficult and responsible. To achieve the desired result, you need to adhere to the recommendations.

Drying the body at home for girls consists of a number of guidelines:

• Combined and properly designed nutrition program at home. More than 70% of the successful result will depend on it;

• Selection of exercises and a set of loads at home;

• Necessary equipment for physical exercises. If this is not available and there is no way to ask for temporary use, you should not be upset. Everything can be replaced with materials at hand. For home use, any dumbbells or self-made weight are suitable.

Proper drying of the body at home helps to lose minus 10-15 kg.

To lose weight at home, you need to use 10 basic principles:

• Conducting training. To do this, you need to remove one harmful product from your diet for about a week every day. Thus, you will reduce your calorie intake;

• Gradually begin to play sports at homeyah. Morning exercises are fine too. It helps to raise the tone of the main muscles;

• The two previous points give a stressful situation, both for a woman and for her body. Compensate for it by rest, proper sleep (at least 8 hours per day), do not allow neurosis;

• Exclude carbohydrates. A large number of them are found in sweets and instant foods;

• Start introducing cereals and whole grain breads into the menu;

• Choose foods with a low glycemic index;

• Stock up on easily digestible protein (dietary meat, fish, legumes. nuts);

• Reduce salt intake;

• Eat 4 meals a day. Do not overeat;

• Do not exercise after meals for 2 hours.

How does drying the body affect weight loss?

The benefits of drying the body have already been discussed said repeatedly. Its benefits lie in acquiring elastic forms and improving the functioning of the whole organism.

Drying the body has a number of contraindications. It is strictly forbidden to dry the body:

• During pregnancy and lactation;

• For problems with the cardiovascular system;

• For gynecological diseases;

• In case of kidney failure or serious bowel diseases.

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Answer 2
January, 2021

Recently, the word "drying" has become disastrously popular. One gets the impression that drying for summer is the sacred duty of each and every one. True, the majority of "dryers" are extremely vague about the process and its consequences. Moreover, for many, the word "drying" is automatically associated with slimness itself and is seen as an integral part of maintaining oneself in shape.

In fact, it is necessary to distinguish between drying (which is a radical disposal of subcutaneous fat and excess water in the interstitial fluid) and a lifestyle that includes sports and proper nutrition. Drying is initially the lot of performing athletes who radically change the ratio of tissues in the body to acquire a competitive form.

The main mistake of many who want to "dry out" (especially with a strict carbohydrate-free diet) is that no one thinks about the fragility of the results of this action. The exclusion of carbohydrates very quickly puts the body in the "economy" mode, the body begins to get rid of all energy-consuming - primarily from the muscles. As a result, weight does indeed drop, but the reflection in the mirror rarely coincides with the relief of the muscular body.

The fact is that "drying" once a year will not help a person who did nothing the rest of the time to work on his body. As well as more frequent drying will not help, which will only have a detrimental effect on health. And this is explained by the fact that in order to maintain the "form" as such, it is necessary to lead a lifestyle corresponding to the desired form, including the correct thoughtful nutrition. If a person wants to see the result, he must clearly understand that nutrition, training and regimen are not a short-term change in course, but a way of life. If he returns to his old habits, he will return and everything that he got rid of with such difficulty.

For most people who start exercising, it’s too early to think about drying and a carbohydrate-free diet. It is surprising to hear this word from women of somewhat soft forms and in the complete absence of muscles. I would like beginners to understand that drying in the absence of muscle mass will bring them to the state of "bony fat" and deprive them of any hope for fit.
Even those girls who have experience in the gym do not always need drying.

Therefore, there is no need to dry yourself to a state of cut muscle bundles without the need to compete, moreover, such experiments quite negatively affect the state of both the endocrine system and the general appearance (hair, skin, nails). A woman who has competently approached classes and nutrition will not need "drying" by harsh methods.

Answer 3
January, 2021

A significant decrease in the intake of carbohydrates in the body - no more than 20%, at a rate of 50% of the daily diet and the continuation of increased physical activity with obligatory aerobic exercises, determined by the duration. sea ​​fish. It is done after building muscle mass with the help of proteins, carbohydrates and strength training, to remove subcutaneous and other fats, give the muscles visibility and visible relief. As the specialist said earlier, this is done only by bodybuilders before the competition (models). There is data on the Internet: duration no more than two months, no more than twice a year. Otherwise, damage to health. Without describing the biochemical processes of transformation of carbohydrates, glucose, insulin in cells into energy, we can briefly say this: with a lack of glucose to cover energy costs, the body takes what it needs from fat, thereby reducing its volume. Very carefully, you can plant the kidneys. Still, a balanced diet with the right foods is lower in terms of the number of calories consumed in comparison with the sum of your own metabolism and the cost of regular physical activity (especially if you increased their duration and frequency up to 5 times a week for 1-1.5 hours a day) will give you gradual, healthy weight loss, lifestyle changes, health, energy, beauty and youth.

Answer 4
January, 2021

So, let's dispel all the myths about Drying!
It has nothing to do with Beauty and Health. This is pure violence against oneself and depletion of the body, which athletes go to for titles and medals.

And it happens like this - for 1-1.5 months before the competition, you remove everything from the diet with the exception of strictly certain vegetables , nuts, breast, lean fish and seafood. You drink little water and exercise a lot.
In this mode, the body is depleted, not receiving vital nutrients, vitamins and minerals, and easily gets sick. Weakness, neurosis, colds, problems with the menstrual cycle and even hair loss begin.
Therefore, if you are not preparing for a performance or competition in fitness bikini, you absolutely do not need drying!

If you just want to lose a couple of kg or even a couple of tens of kilograms, it is best to contact a professional trainer a balanced healthy eating and exercise plan. Or try to balance your diet yourself with the help of the Internet and make physical activity regular!

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