What if you have a painful desire to smoke, but you are trying to quit?

What if you have a painful desire to smoke, but you are trying to quit?

Feeling handicapped in your ability to quit smoking

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Answer 1
June, 2021


The first attempts may still be in school. In the curing company, the support can be provided to try to close. And yet "just" to catch - mol, from one cigarette nothing happens that you are as little. Or do the parents not allow? Podpoctok mozhet poddatcya nA ety ppovokatsiyu, in Lo verily vozpacte OH ocobenno ctpemitcya be kak vce, chtoby ne vybivatcya of ctai.

Vliyanie nA poyavlenie pagybnoy ppivychki okazyvaet and cityatsiya, kogda in ceme kypit Shout or Oba poditelya. This way it shows itself clearly-active thinking, which is done by many of us. The smoking parents give an example that it is normal to smoke. Do not form a safe prescription, even if the parents prohibit smoking by word. It turns out: "do what I say, but not what I do" - and it does not work.

For the sake of convenience, kypeniye is considered to be an indicator of growing up. I want to try. Remove the cigarette starter from the original pack from the parent or the smoker, and then skip it in the company. This is the way the owner of the cutter, which in the sub-period is still not before the end, conducts himself. She wants to look cool. The head is spinning, unnaturally, and the clothes smell like tobacco smoke, but cool. If the parents have not stuck, you can check it again and again. And then and until the dependence is not far ...

Although not all are involved. Many stop after the first cigarette. The curiosity is satisfying, inexperienced, sick, and aching in the head. Interest falls, but not always and not y all.

They start everything differently, but if they continue to smoke, then life lasts until and after. And this "after" the task will include in itself attempts to abandon, which, for some reason, do not work. The habit evolves, and it can be very difficult to maintain. You can talk for a long time about the health issues or about how much it costs. An inveterate smoker will agree that this is healthy and is not cheap, and then continue to smoke.

So why do you want all the people here?

, you must first answer the question "Why does a person smoke?" What are we looking for in kypeniya?

Someone will help us to start and maintain a conversation. Without a cigarette, the accent, which is especially good for people with anally-visual connectivity, does not allow people to enter the circle of interest. And so it would be like a general lesson for 5-10 minutes. And zavicimocti From togo, ckolko cigapet vykypivaesh, mozhno chto verily obcydit and poobschatcya, byctpo ctat "cvoim».

In kypilkax ctpoyatcya paznoobpaznye Linkages in tom chicle emotsionalnye chto ocobenno vazhno for cheloveka co zpitelnym vektopom , which will be preferable to all other lessons. For him, the curry may look nice - a toned cigarette in long, creepy fingers of a skin-eye-looking beauty will display the whole history. She flirts with a cigarette, plays with a cigarette, plays deafening steps with a cigarette, and makes another inter- est: "What did you like, Mighty ?"She looks sexy and it’s easier for her to go to a men's company where she is so inclined. For a man with a visual vector, a woman who smokes may look attractive. But if he himself is not kyrit, then when trying such a woman to kiss him, an unpleasant surprise awaits. Only that the cut out cigarette is inserted into the mouth for a non-smoking person leaves a wish for the best. And for a man who is sensitive to the snacks and drinks of a man with a visual vector, it’s darker.

Sometimes a man himself wouldn’t be able to cook, make a bunch of Well, how can I refuse? Community is a shared activity. Here is a collective subtext of the habit. This is associated with the Russian community-collectivist mentality. When the call is to smoke, it is difficult for a Russian person to give up the collection, to get out of all. For him, this is a way not to stand out from the group, to be his own. Kypenie y nac - IT DO NOT individyalnaya vpednaya ppivychka, IT'S o lyudyax, Ob obschectve

In Poccii clabo pabotayut lozyngi o vpede kypeniya for zdopovya, tak kak in our boarding mentalitete zdopove ne yavlyaetcya tsennoctyu, a cvoyctvennaya pycckim people neogpanichennoct. does not allow purposefully struggle with a common mistake. Neglacnoe mnenie chto kpytoy chelovek o cebe ne zabotitcya and vedet cebya becshabashno, takzhe ctanovitcya ppepyatctviem in bopbe c kypeniem "Kypyu, potomy chto xochy, and unto me glyboko poboky, HOW IT'S otpazitcya nA moem zdopove" - ​​nepedko govopit kypyaschy english chelovek.

After a while, after the call to birching, priests appear, which rotate into the blood. And they just enter into our life that we do not even feel it - until then, until we try to quit. And then it turns out that we are accustomed to: after sleeping in the morning, go to the balcony and smoke, sometimes until, sometimes after breakfast, and sometimes both before and after; turn on before work; to make a perfection a few times a day with smoking colleagues; to wash after lunch; to turn off after work; to smoke, when you have a good idea of ​​something, passed an exam, smashed a car or learned something about it. You are smashing somewhere, in a beautiful place, in solitude. You buy in the company for the company. Absolutely all of these situations come to light when trying to quit, with precision to the smallest detail. Start smoking easier than finishing. Who has tried, knows how easy this habit will come back.

Freedom of choice, or How to quit smoking

Someone thinks what to use to write a file Someone makes communication easier, but for some it is a way to be alone. Some need to be like everyone else, and some - to stand out. And still a lot of things can, as we seem, a lit cigarette: remove the stress, show the article, help to get out of work, find, go to, and so on, use It turns out - a medium from everything. What you get every year, you only need to light a cigarette. But is that so? All this looks very nice until a certain moment: when we try to quit, we suddenly realize that something has happened to oura single choice. We xotim bpocit kypit and ppichiny for etogo y kazhdogo cvoi, Nr vdpyg ctalkivaemcya c tem chto IT'S pochemy verily clozhno and c nackoky ne peshaetcya.

Bpocit cheloveky byvaet legche, kogda IT'S kacaetcya ego zhiznennyx ppiopitetov. For example, to the owner of the cutter, whose values ​​are health, benefit-benefit. He can also restrict himself, as the restrictions from nature give him pleasure. There is a dad, who has an anal-visual connection of vectopes, his beloved daughter fizzled for dribbling, he threw it, as for his family - a great deal. How can you not listen to your daughter? She will be ashamed of such a dad. How can you allow this to happen?

We quit smoking when something more valuable appears and this valuable hindering our cruise. For example, a woman gives up smoking when she takes it. And more often than not, the very desire to smoke disappears, but not just it limits itself. A child is the greatest value for a woman.

On the whole, until you realize that you have no idea about the psycho-logical support of your usual prescriptions. The most important thing that you need to understand: kyrenye serves for the man who is cutting as a tool for achieving good conditions. Psycho-logical tension, shortages, which a person tries to fill with the help of a cigarette, - it is they who make him smoke. Smoke and believe that when we light a cigarette, then we can find a friend, I will use half a half, confirm our statement, solve all problems. But the smoke accumulates, and remains only in the mouth of a drink and problems with health. Problems do not solve, and we again reach for a cigarette and a lighter.

Closed circle. And the attempt to quit smoking, without realizing what we do not have enough for ourselves, will never be successful. The reason is not in the birding itself, but in what we lack and what we want to achieve, change or save with the help of birching. Kyrenie promises us this, but it never does. We spend all our energy fighting the most weight loss, without realizing that it’s worthless. With the same experience, you can use a cable to kill the smoke from a cigarette in an attempt to get rid of the fatal habit.

Get out of this regular circle with a little ecofer, just a little Then the direction of implementation appears.

The desire to smoke should be replaced by the implementation of their innate properties. And this is already a real pleasure, but not a vaporous smoke. Only so you can drop it. And only this helps from relapses. It will help us to survive, when the desire to smoke comes back and tries to pump us a smoking cigarette together with the pleasant pleasure from the realization of the celebrity itself. By the way, in this case you don’t have to ask yourself a question: why, when you quit smoking, you’ll gain weight, then you should not want to make a choice. You simply will not have to experience this voltage.

Personally, I quit smoking (I used to smoke 2-2.5 packs a day for 8 years) using a very good tool. Its pros:

• Removes cravings for cigarettes

• Deliveredfrom psychological addiction

• Suppresses the urge to smoke while intoxicated

• Prevents weight gain

• Cleans the body of tobacco toxins

If interested, here's a link to a helpful article.

Answer 2
June, 2021

Realize what you really want when you think you want to smoke. Psychological addiction is often stronger than nicotine addiction. And when you stop smoking, you not only stop sticking cigarettes in your mouth and light them, but you also lose some of the usual daily rituals, the importance of which you did not realize before. Every half hour or hour take a break, go outside, stand with colleagues, discuss the latest news, or stand on the balcony alone and in silence, or give yourself a confident look, occupy your hands with something in an awkward situation, or do something with 5 a minute break between lectures - it is possible that these social components of the smoking process are much more missing than smoking itself.

Also, when smoking is a way to cope with anxiety, then there may be an internal attitude "In any incomprehensible situations - smoke. " And again, I don't want smoking itself, but a ritual pause.

I drink tea in such situations. Boring - drink tea. If you are worried, drink tea. Time to take a break - put the kettle on. Nothing to keep your hands busy - take a mug of tea. If you want to talk to a person in an informal setting, invite them to have tea. Not a bad alternative to smoking, where there is the same social and ritual component, but much less harm to yourself and others.

Answer 3
June, 2021

If the desire to smoke becomes "painful", then this is most likely an abstinence syndrome caused either by a withdrawal from nicotine or by a sharp decrease in the daily dose of nicotine consumed. In trying to quit smoking, drugs containing cytisine can help. Cytisine is a natural alkaloid found in thermopsis and other plants of the legume family. Cytisine, like nicotine, interacts with n-cholinergic receptors and competes for them. Which manifests itself in a decrease in craving for nicotine, a decrease in the manifestations of withdrawal symptoms, and makes cigarette smoking unpleasant. Which further leads to quitting smoking (often, but not always!). In pharmacies, it is known under the trade names Cytizin and Tabex. There is also its analogue varenicline, but it is more expensive with about the same effectiveness. Before you start taking the drug, you should consult with your doctor, especially if there are cardiovascular problems (after all, cytisine increases blood pressure and stimulates the respiratory center). In any case, it is worth remembering that smoking is not only a medical but also a psychological problem. The effect of the drug will be much higher if you set yourself a clear goal to quit smoking before taking it.

Answer 4
June, 2021

Let's start with the fact that the excruciating urge to smoke doesn't actually exist. Exactly. It's all about understanding: you do not quit, you stop smoking. And when you quit smoking, nothing bad happens to you, but only good. That is, such concepts as "trying to quit" and "painfully" leave for thrillers. Yes, there is a "smoking reflex", but it, like any acquired, that is, conditioned reflex, dies out rather quickly. For example, if you want to smoke, it is enough to perform three deep breaths and exhalations and live on, rejoicing that you gradually stop smelling, but start breathing easier, move, and, most importantly, stop constantly worrying about whether there is enough left in the pack. number of cigarettes. Remember the main thing: quitting smoking doesn't hurt at all.

Answer 5
June, 2021

If you can't immediately and completely quit smoking, you can chew nicotine gum. It doesn’t have the same pleasure as cigarettes, so it will be easier to get out of the habit.

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