What healthy diet to choose for yourself if you are a poor student, but you want to eat healthy food?

What healthy diet to choose for yourself if you are a poor student, but you want to eat healthy food?

How I Eat Healthy on a Low Budget! (Cheap & Clean)

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Answers (10)

Answer 1
October, 2020

You will be surprised, but wholesome food is often the most simple and inexpensive products . It is not at all necessary to buy fancy “eco-foods” and “superfoods” to eat right.

Let's divide the food into proteins, fats, carbohydrates for convenience.

Inexpensive protein foods :

  • chicken breast;
  • squid;
  • fish - the simplest and cheapest, is as useful as the fashionable dorada, just do not fry it, but simmer, boil, steam;
  • mushrooms - they contain a lot of protein, but the food is heavy, it is better not to eat them at night;
  • any legumes;
  • curd;
  • eggs.

Carbohydrates are the most affordable food, even a simple student can afford oatmeal and buckwheat, other cereals. According to scientists, ordinary buckwheat is not inferior in usefulness to the superfood quinoa.

Healthy fats are not only trendy avocados or expensive red fish. The simplest and most useful product is linseed oil. It can be bought in liquid form or in capsule form (it tastes slightly specific). It is worth a penny. Fish oil is also an affordable product, it is high in omega-3.

Vegetables, fruits and berries buy seasonal, simple. For example, ordinary apples contain a lot of nutrients, and cabbage salad is generally a vitamin bomb.

Answer 2
October, 2020

Be sure to eat lard, an indispensable product for brain work, olive oil and porridge with it. Buckwheat porridge with roasted carrots and onions in olive oil is a mind to eat away.

Olive oil 1 tablespoon of trace elements replaces -200 grams of nuts and promotes digestion. Buckwheat is the main supplier of an important B vitamin.

Answer 3
October, 2020

There are many good answers, but from a practical point of view, for a student to cook porridge, cook chicken, go to the store for apples, etc. - laziness and no time :(. Especially if you are in a hostel.

Therefore, here is a secret recipe for people without stereotypes, approaching food utilitarian:

1) Take a liter of kefir, coffee a mug of raw oatmeal (~ 200 grams), fruit and berries to taste

2) All this in a blender and drink. The consistency is like jelly. At some point, I did it even without a blender, just in a shaker - then it turns out like fruit Activation with cereals, you have to partially chew the cereals, but this is quite normal for the taste.

3) This is about 1000 calories ( excluding fruits), 40-50 grams of protein, a mountain of fiber. It tastes quite good. It is cheap.

4) You can not only live on this, but also play sports successfully (then you can optionally also add protein powder to this jelly).

5) If you are dry, you can make smaller portions (proportionally) or pour less oatmeal.

Answer 4
October, 2020

Beans and cereals are very cheap and contain a huge amount of proteins, complex carbohydrates and saturated fats, as well as a huge range of amino acids, including essential ones. They are so varied and tasty that in addition to their cheapness, dishes from them are also excellent. On average, I spend no more than 100-120 rubles for a dish of 6 servings in cases where I want something interesting. And so, as a rule, no more than 50-60, or even less.

Answer 5
October, 2020

I would like to add a couple of tasty and cheap products:




Halva (high nutritional value, but it is much better not to eat)


Banana puree (do it yourself)

I ate it all when I was a student. And also - less white bread. It is better to replace it with black or cheap pita bread. Cookies only biscuits. Well, you need a minimum of plump with such a diet, and there is less spicy food.

Answer 6
October, 2020

Porridge, oatmeal, in general, normal homemade food. However, you will have to cook yourself. And if you live in a hostel, it's still a hassle. Eliminate fast foods altogether. With them "economically" will not work and is harmful to health. I wouldn't go vegan.

Answer 7
October, 2020

Due to the fact that I am the same student and I can imposingly walk around the top five only after the salary, my imagination helps me. With the move to the hostel, it somehow increased dramatically.

  1. Cereals are not expensive and tasty.

  2. Apples (if there is no money for other more expensive fruits)

  3. Proteins. Eggs, soy meat, chicken breasts in ordinary tents with skin are in no way inferior to packaged fillets from stores.

  4. Lavash / bread, if you like bread, then this is a cheap alternative for a snack.

  5. You can take seasonings on the wound (cheaper and tastier).

These products can be used to make such dishes! One of the hungry days, buckwheat with an apple for breakfast came to the rescue. Very tasty and healthy.

The main thing is imagination and desire to cook, and not "oh, too lazy to cook, I'm in the poppy."

By the way, student PP is cheaper than fast food :)>

Answer 8
October, 2020

The question here is motivation and willpower, not money! Lack of money is an excuse!
The basis of a healthy diet:

  • Proteins (that is, eggs, cottage cheese, chicken, fish),
  • Complex carbohydrates (cereals, cereals, pasta, bread),
  • a little Fat (fish oil, olive, linseed, sunflower oil)
  • and Vitamins (vegetables, fruits).
    All products are absolutely affordable even for a student. The main thing here is to tune in to the correct regimen of 5-6 meals a day and not be lazy after couples to cook food for several days in advance to take it with you.
    We cooked buckwheat, chicken and eggs, cooked a salad - so dinner is ready for 4-5 days!
    And with fish it is even easier - buy canned food, there will be enough cans for 2 dinners.
    And finally, novice healthy food workers, instead of having a snack at McDonald's - buy kefir and bread - cheaper and healthier!
Answer 9
October, 2020

Read the answers to the questions "How to eat properly and fully if you are a rogue student?" and “What should a future student be able to cook - a lot, cheap and tasty?”

Answer 10
October, 2020

A lot of cereals, preferably different, buckwheat, yachka, pearl barley, millet.

Meat - chicken! One whole chicken is enough for several meals for the whole week for one person.

Fruits - oranges, apples, bananas. One or two fruits a day is enough.

Dairy products - 2 liters of milk, a liter of kefir and two packs of cottage cheese a week - not so expensive.

Well, this is at a minimum, purely so that be healthy and not hungry

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