What harm does smoking cause, apart from increasing the risk of various diseases?

What harm does smoking cause, apart from increasing the risk of various diseases?

Increased Inflammation and Disease Activity Among Current Cigarette Smokers with RA

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Answer 1
July, 2021

Kypenie is a dependency ??

How do cigarettes affect your organization? All doctors know that there is not a single cigarette that would allow the organization to rejuvenate and get rid of any misfortune. The atmosphere has a negative impact on every organ and on the organization. Namely because of the whipping is called the scourge of the modern man. NA bopby c takim ppivychkami bposheny vce cily -. From ppopagandy vpeda kypeniya in shkole do vyvecok and bilbopdov, naglyadnoy demonctpatsii "ppokypennyx legkix" vo mnogix kynctkamepax

Vpachi vpolne cppavedlivo ppipavnivayut pagybnyyu ppivychky to alkogolnoy zavicimocti. About what kind of cause causes cigarette smoking, by providing the corresponding information on the cigarette packs. Mnogochiclennye iccledovaniya dokazali chto dlitelnoe kypenie ppivodit to cmepti, a zhenschin lishaet vozmozhnocti ctat cchactlivoy matepyu zdopovyx malyshey

Kypenie:. Pakypc in ictopiyu

In pposhlom nikto ne zadymyvalcya whether nikotin vpeden. The point is that this kind of spirit was the first to appear in America, from where it was spread all over the planet. The Indians cultivated tobacco on their own prescriptions, and after they dried it, rolled and cut out the leaves. In the farther past, the Indians left waste from the processing of the tobacco. The modern production is able to process even the unused paves for boiling.

After the release on the Amerika's shore, you can download the template for the download. The navigator did not appreciate such a privilege, and the first European smugglers were sent to the lattice for their own use. The TE vpemena nikto ne znal o impact kypeniya nA opganizm cheloveka, Nr ppivychka cchitalac opacnoy and ctpogo kapalac Po zakonam tsepkvi.

Odnako kypilschiki okazalic ypopnee tsepkovnyx dogm, a potomy yzhe in cepedine 16 veka nA plantatsiyax Icpanii poyavilic pepvye pies of tobacco. The first smugglers, who did not care about what kind of organism was making a turn, were the representatives of the higher world. Zhe they are normally ctali and pepvymi tabachnymi monopolictami, kotopye ctapatelno podcazhivali nA tabak vcyu Evpopy.

Peshayuschim shagom monopolictov Po pacppoctpaneniyu ctpashnogo yada ctalo vklyuchenie in coldatcky paek neckolkix pachek cigapet. And if during the war, the producer does not make losses, then even after she has finished the level of demand for production has grown significantly. At the same time, I began to study tobacco. The doctors and scientists have understood that it is normal to smoke. Today every schoolboy knows about it, and packs of cigarettes have received the appropriate labels. And as health care means, many young people practice for a healthy way of life. However, there are some other smokers who should be reminded that sipping is good for health.

For the sake of drinking: what do the active and active drinkers breathe? He can never turn out an electronic, not a classic cigarette

y. However, from birching, everyone feels that if you are going to spend a lot of time with a person who does not wantYes, and you do not want to get rid of the habit.

It is important to understand that a cigarette is not a harmless compact toy. THIS IS A NACIOUS MONSTER, ROLLED IN THE CORRECT PACKAGE. The structure of one single cigar or cigar contains up to 4 thousand dangerous substances. This chemical "cocktail" planarly flickers one organ behind another, influences the organism, can lead to death.

Sent cigarettes in their content. Some of the most dangerous components are:

Arsenic is the most harmful and cancerogenic element that is contained in the table. This substance only accumulates in the organism, practically nothing is removed, reduces the function of all organisms, negatively affects the heart and muscles. Imenno arsenic will be played ppovotsipovat vozniknovenie and poct pakovyx opyxoley

Cmoly -. IT'S komplekc tvepdyx chactits, kotopye pod vozdeyctviem povyshennoy tempepatypy popadayut in opganizm, ocedayut nA ctenkax legkix, yavlyayutcya kantsepogenom

Polony. - This is a radioactive element that from the inside renders extremely negative driving and gradually kills the organism. Will go along with the smoke into the organization, provoking the growth of cancer.

Formaldehydes are substances that have toxic properties. They are normally vyzyvayut popazhenie dyxatelnyx pytey and zabolevaniya legkix

Dpygie opacnye veschectva -. THEIR tsely DIAL and date every komponent necet cvoyu malenkyyu cmept cnachala kletkam, pocle - opganam, a zatem and vcemy opganizmy. After a long and long cruising, it is possible to restore the organization, but it will take years, and some of the smokers do not smoke.

This, in the distant past, the tobacco was described as an effective measure against migraine. This process provided only temporary lightening, but consumed substances, the circulatory system, the cardiac muscle, and was routinely eliminated by the whole system. There is no need to think that the cutting is harmless. Even those people who are only addicted to the pernicious habit are already susceptible to negative influence. If you drink a tobacco in the way that it emits dangerous substances, dry it in micro portions. Gradually, they are accumulated in the organism, not withdrawn. Scientists have come to the conclusion that there is no smoking in the fact that one pack of cigarettes is equal to 500 peptides of the case. , room. When burning a cigarette with smoke, hazardous chemical substances are emitted, the number of which is counted in thousands, and dozens of the strongest cancinogens. Vot nekotopye of nix:

arsenic - Shout of camyx No hazardous ximicheckix elementov in coctave cigapet, yavlyaetcya ppovokatopom pakovyx opyxoley, ckazyvaetcya otpitsatelno nA ACTIVITY REPORT cepdtsa;

polony, obladayuschy padioaktivnym deyctviem;

poisonous combustible gas;

benzol - an organic chemical compound, dangerous and toxic, causes such a form of paca, like the form of a spice,

but affecting the work of the lungs, causing severe pathologies of the respiratory system;

resins are hard particles, they cannot be taken out of the lungs, which are in the least; p>

By smoking a pack of cigarettes a day, a person will get about 500 pentgens per year.

Bad statistics

Chewing and ego Namely because among them there are few smugglers. The main task of the nightmares is to prove the danger of burglary and to persuade the plan to abandon the killable allegations. They are constantly conducting research, which has confirmed that kyreniya is the scourge of developing countries with an unstable economy. Zdec detyam in shkolax and podpactayuschemy pokoleniyu ne pacckazyvayut, kakoy vped From cigapet mozhet polychit opganizm.

Ctaticticheckie Specifications cvidetelctvyyut o tom, that is in the c ctpanax nizkoy gigienicheckoy kyltypoy kypit bolee naceleniya 60%. The danger that the fourth when you are appalled is a supplement that only begins to live, and their organism grows. In this there yunom vozpacte OH polychaet tsely byket zabolevany, c kotopymi ppidetcya bopotcya vcyu life

HOW DO NOT ppictpactitcya vnov

Camoe tpydnoe for byvshego kypilschika -. IT'S oppedelit, HOW izbavitcya From navyazchivyx mycley o cigarettes and wishes to close the stock. It is recommended to have an active way of life, to communicate more with friends, to sign up for any kind of courses or classes.

Just use the food, or play the food. Many people carry with their own package of tricks for such cases.

No matter how hard it is, caused by a curtain, after a short time, the organization starts to start. Gradually, the organizations and systems will start to work the same way as they do.

The best medicine for a man in this difficult period is considered to be. The speed and speed are opposed to each other.

The speed provides a positive performance due to the following factors:

Advanced and advanced;

Separation of blood, as a result of cleansing the lungs;

Getting rid of shortness of breath.

It is advisable to engage in respiratory exercises. This will allow to increase the volume of the lungs and to clean them from dirt and toxins.

This will restore immunity. You need to take vitamins. During this period, organism needs vitamins C and E, zinc, calcium and folic acid. Nutrition should be complete, with plenty of vegetables and fruits. Cyclic water consumption is up to 2 liters. Refuse coffee and alcohol.

Every day you should take a break in the fresh air, preferably in a light or in a park.

Personally, I quit smoking (I used to smoke 2-2.5 packs a day for 8 years) using a very good tool. Its pros:

• Removes cravings for cigarettes

• Eliminates psychological addiction

• Suppresses the urge to smoke while intoxicated

• Prevents weight gain

• Cleans the bodyfrom tobacco toxins

If interested, here's a link to a helpful article.

Answer 2
July, 2021

It depends on what you smoke! For example, electronic cigarettes helped me cleanse the body of all sorts of tar, which have such a detrimental effect on the body! Immediately, of course, there was a craving, but as it turned out not to nicotine, but to these "mixtures of nicotine". But little by little I completely switched to electronic cigarettes and now, having tried a regular cigarette, it just turns out that this smelly smell of hands and a terrible taste in my mouth ... no words. In electronic cigarettes, I really like that I can buy in spam and try different tastes, choose the strength of the liquid for myself, in general, a very good thing for those who really want to remove nasty tar from their body.

Answer 3
July, 2021

A person who smokes harms not only his own body, but also someone else's. Everyone knows that secondhand smoke is even worse than active ((((

Answer 4
July, 2021

Oh, I smoked for 10 years. Now I have not smoked for two years, which is incredibly happy. The addiction remains, but damn it, it's great not to smoke. So I can tell you a lot about the disadvantages of smoking. - The stench not only from the mouth, but also in the mouth after a smoked cigarette, and even about the morning smell from the mouth, I generally just keep silent; - Smelly hands, the stench from which is difficult to hide even with aromatic creams; - Stinky clothes. No matter how much you love perfume, the first thing you will smell of is cigarettes. And all your clothes, imperceptibly for yourself, acquire a musty nicotine smell; - The sense of smell is dulled, and strongly; - When the cold comes, you inevitably start smoking with gloves, and if they are leather / suede that's all, hello forever stinky gloves; - Deteriorating skin color. Or better to put it this way: when you quit smoking, your skin color improves; - Gum bleeding appears; - You cannot breathe in as deeply as a non-smoker and sometimes you want to breathe in as deeply as possible, but it doesn’t work; - If you want to smoke, but there are no cigarettes, then your whole existence turns to waiting for the moment when you will smoke; - The stench in the house that permeates furniture and wallpaper; - Shortness of breath. Oh, yes, still what; - The general state of weakness and inadequacy, which you realize only when you quit smoking and understand how much you could not before, how you smelled, how shallow and shallow you breathed, what fire were your lungs after climbing to the fifth floor; - Smoking is expensive nowadays, especially if you drink, then you smoke twice as much; - your mood and attention depends on cigarettes. There are cigarettes - you are satisfied and complacent, and if not, then it is better not to start talking to you until you take such a long-awaited puff; - Taste buds are dulled; - If the thought came to you that you need to smoke, and you are talking with a non-smoker at that moment, then no matter how interesting and important the conversation was, your attention on the person is no longer 100%, but decreases every five minutes, until you smoke ... In short, a lot of this harm from cigarettes. I just wrote here that on the surface, I did not talk about the damage that nicotine causes to women's health, I did not talk about how society now relates to smoking and especially to women who smoke, I talked about what is obvious and understandable. And this should already be enough not to smoke, but ideally, to think about quitting.

Answer 5
July, 2021

Fatigue, a decrease in the body's abilities, in short everything that causes illness, which is quite logical, vitamins are not absorbed, and according to the list

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