What happens if you don't have sex at all?

What happens if you don't have sex at all?

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Answer 1
September, 2021

I'm 24, soon 25 and I'm a virgin. Among other things, I'm asexual. And no, I'm not scary or stupid. I have no problem with something like misogyny. I have no need for sex, from the word at all. I am healthy in every sense, I have no mental problems (well, except sometimes depression against the backdrop of the weather). In principle, I believe that a person is able to give up this completely if he is busy somehow mentally, creatively, etc. I I think that sex is needed when you have to give birth to children and continue your family. Although, many do not even need it. The question arises, why do we need sex, if there are all sorts of IVF, artificial insemination, etc. In my opinion, the natural need has gone, children can be conceived without putting their own bodily efforts in the modern world. You say get pleasure, but there are plenty of other ways with less energy consumption, to get some kind of pleasure, you will spend a lot of time and money just for the sake of finding someone to sleep with. Instead of sitting on social networks and looking for someone to fuck with, during this time you can, for example, go and buy pizzas and look at some kintso, you will also get pleasure (from pizza for sure) In short, I just wanted to say that sex overrated and there are tons of other interesting activities that are more beneficial and safe, by the way. The number of torn hair, miniskirts, broken furniture and broken lives will decrease. :)
P.S. this is just my opinion.

Answer 2
September, 2021

Problems will begin with the functions of the ovaries and other genital organs, since stagnant formations will not go anywhere. You need to have an orgasm for the orginism to restart

Answer 3
September, 2021

For a girl - nothing will happen, just some discomfort, sadness, loneliness. And so, in principle, nothing. A man will not be able to do this because it is necessary to empty the eggs periodically, otherwise there will be stagnation.

Answer 4
September, 2021

As it was already said here, the absence of sex leads to sadness, loneliness. But this is also characteristic of people who are sexually saturated. Therefore, the conclusion is this: sex in the life of normal, adequate people is far from the main place in life and its absence cannot lead to some kind of negative consequences.

The physiological side of the issue will be resolved through masturbation. And that's okay.

Answer 5
September, 2021

When I served in the army for the first time, we were so loaded that there was no desire from the word at all and we clearly tracked this moment (we talked about this topic). However, after six months, it began to recover.

At the same time, I know for sure colleagues who throughout the service did not have any contact with girls and they had everything ok.

Therefore, I will assume that abstinence may well continue for as long as you like, if not stimulation. For example, in the form of a lot of free time, concentrated food and, in fact, attractive women.

Answer 6
September, 2021

Why are you people ...? Kick yourself against the wall who writes that abstaining from sex leads to all kinds of disease. I was fortunate enough to abstain from it for 10 years. And nichrome I'm not sick at all, but I feel good. After these 10 years, I really rubbed myself with just anyone, and then I really felt that I was becoming empty. Calm down about illness. Abstinence is good.

Answer 7
September, 2021

I am 30 years old, I am a virgin, there are no problems in communicating with the opposite sex, I like to flirt and experience an emotional "orgasm" from this, and this is enough for me, calmly answer the girls that I do not intend to have sex (if they themselves offer) and I say that an impotent person - repeatedly getting an emotional "orgasm" from their reaction, but I spend a lot of so-called energy on such adventures, so I really appreciate the time spent as I want to restore my vitality. I am not going to marry, I do not plan to have children, I think that all these matters should be extremely aware, I also think that the larger the population, the more problems for the same population. I've been masturbating since I was 11, every day 1 time, no special health problems, good job, great friends, a lot of hobbies and I think I'm happy!

ZY consider "emotional orgasm" not as "wet panties, oh I finished" Rather, it is a rush of endorphins, and why so - I don't know)

Answer 8
September, 2021

As a rule, the state of the central nervous system, hormonal balance first changes, in men the figure may change (testosterone is less due to testicular atrophy, provided that he does not masturbate), in women the skin worsens (due to a decrease in the amount of estrogen)

None of this is fatal, but for some, the quality of life may deteriorate.

Answer 9
September, 2021

If you endure at least 30 years, then you become a wizard, so advice to guys: do not be fooled by the temptation of treacherous women. Become a wizard - create as many women as you want!

Answer 10
September, 2021

If you don't drive yourself into a swamp with thoughts like: "I have to have sex, otherwise I'm an insignificant schmuck," then nothing will happen to you. Is that periodic influxes of sadness and disappointment, because sexual desire does not disappear for good. There are still millions of ways to enjoy life and millions of reasons to respect yourself, life on sex has not been a wedge.

Answer 11
September, 2021

How many strange fantasies and ridiculous advice. For some reason, some respondents talk about the dangers of abstinence, although no one in the question said that it was about voluntarily giving up sex. I can only envy the stormy personal life of those who believe that single people who do not have a sexual partner "climb the wall." Nobody is going anywhere. No asexuality happens (think, people who don't have sex don't stop wanting it, and that's doubly sad). No one blows any roof off (take off your rose-colored glasses and look at the people around you - friends, colleagues, neighbors, relatives - well, how many lonely people among them who have not had relationships for quite a long time? These are not psychos, not freaks, and not white crows are people just like you. Only they are less fortunate than you).

And stop talking nonsense about all sorts of diseases and mental disorders. Who is physically and mentally healthier - a single person or a "professional" who have sex several times a day with casual partners? - The answer, in my opinion, is obvious.

Alexander Stepanov is right - nothing special happens with people who do not have a partner, the need for sex is now very exaggerated. It can be sad and lonely. Although after sex it is not clear who this also happens.

Answer 12
September, 2021

Well, life will get much more boring, that's for sure. You will start to recognize pornographic actresses by sight. You will more and more often monitor the circle of your friends girls for the purpose of which of them you could "stir up".

Answer 13
September, 2021

Well, it all depends on the strength of libido, hormonal levels and mental health.

If a person's libido is off scale and the level of testosterone, for example, is increased, he will become aggressive from the lack of sexual release.

If a person's libido level is not particularly high, he, in principle, does not often feel the need for sex, then nothing will happen to him.

The fact that the lack of sex in women somehow affects fertility is a myth, of course it can already reduce libido and turn a woman into asexual, but it will not bring much harm to health. But in men, the absence of ejaculation badly affects both the hormonal background and the function of the prostate gland (probably everyone has heard such a word as "spermatoxicosis")

Answer 14
September, 2021

If you don't have sex, then someone else gets it more.

This is the law of the conservation of sex in nature.

This is my answer (no).

Answer 15
September, 2021

I'll tell you about the possible consequences of the lack of sexuality in women. Prolonged lack of sexual activity has a rather negative effect on their health. In this case, adverse effects can be expressed in different ways: insomnia, increased nervous excitability, gynecological problems.

Sexual intercourse is a massage session for the internal female genital organs, especially for the uterus. With a long absence of sexual intercourse, a tumor of the uterus - fibroids - may form. This tumor is benign, but it undoubtedly bears a rather heavy blow to a woman's health. Also, in some cases, the lowering of the pelvic organs is possible, which, rest assured, is also not a positive consequence.

So, the female body suffers both physically and psychologically.

Love, be loved and desired - this option is clearly better.))

Answer 16
September, 2021

I have bad news for all sorts of believers who believe in sex as useful. Lack of sex only at the very beginning of abstinence has a negative effect. Yes, at some point there is a risk of spermotoxicosis. The guys know what it is. But it can be survived. The absence of a real partner gradually dulls this desire in principle. For those who want to abstain, I advise you to narrow your social circle to a minimum. Then your body will do everything. Nocturnal emissions will do it all. Masturbation at will. I will also upset everyone: masturbation is no different from sex. So the first comment in general sounds like a Freud lover. The presence / absence of sex also does not affect the psyche, if you have well-developed consciousness and adequacy. So do not think about it, do not be afraid of "drought" and sublimate for health. A 23-year-old virgin wrote for you.

P.S. Very funny judgments about asexuality from sex practitioners.

Answer 17
September, 2021

Doctors say with full confidence that prolonged abstinence from sex is dangerous to human health. For men, first of all, physical health is at risk, for women - psychological. Ladies often refuse intimate relationships of their own free will, as they do not want to have a connection with an unloved person. Men treat this issue differently, because in the absence of a beloved woman, they do not stop having sex and satisfy their needs. Often men abstain from sexual activity for forced reasons, for example, military service.

You have heard about endorphins many times. These are the hormones of happiness that the body secretes during sex - they have a positive effect on the psycho-emotional background of a person.

If the body is experiencing an acute shortage of this hormone, then for a person the risk of developing long-term depression, with all its characteristic problems and consequences, increases significantly. But it is also known that not only sex is a source of endorphins - you can eat chocolate, play sports - however, this is only a temporary way out of the situation. It has been scientifically proven that the refusal of intimate life is directly followed by aggressive behavior, irritability increases to a large extent, and it becomes difficult for a person to control his emotions.

It is known that abstinence from sex for a year leads to an increased susceptibility to stress.

Answer 18
September, 2021

First, withdrawal, then the body will redistribute the forces thrown on reproduction to more popular sources. For example, sex is good to replace with sports, creativity.

Sublimate. The main thing is not to get stuck.

Answer 19
September, 2021

Absolutely nothing will happen to some people, others will go off the rails and end up in a psychiatric hospital, and even lose their health. It all depends on the presence and strength of sexual desire, which is very dependent on hormonal balance. There is no norm here: some people need sex three times a day, some need it once a week, and some need sex once a month. For a person who has never had sex in his life, everything in the area of ​​desires is arranged in the same way as for the most experienced lovers: desires either have or not. There are people. who, in principle, never experience sexual desire, so the lack of sex does not upset them and does not in any way affect the body as a whole. But on average, if a person's sexual system functions in the usual way, then the lack of sexual activity will first drive him into depression, and then begin to change his hormonal balance, which can lead to various physiological diseases. At the same time, one must understand that this is not just a mechanical satisfaction of desire: masturbation is not an assistant here. By sex we mean precisely contact with a partner - apart from physical functions, it carries a lot of social meaning, and this is why it is also important and valuable to many.

Answer 20
September, 2021

There will be a lot of surprisingly intimate fantasies and time for masturbation.

It will turn out that you can not shave your face or legs, but orgasm is still guaranteed.

Potential partners will become interesting first of all as candidates for friends, and their circle will rapidly narrow.

Creativity will trample.

Answer 21
September, 2021

Sex is communication! Non-verbal communication! And a person as a socially oriented subject requires communication! And it cannot be jammed. This is a natural need for an adult. As natural as the desire to eat. In general, if the author is a teenager, then he needs to move forward and look for ways to find a new type of communication. Current without deviating from the norms adopted by nature ..... Usually the male sex is more visible in this matter and usually he should direct the partner in the right direction. But there is always BUT and there are many of them.

Answer 22
September, 2021

A person will become asexual, resorting to abstinence and such a specific celibacy, driving away crazy thoughts. At the same time, refusing entirely from sex, taking into account masturbation, reduces fertility and libido in women, and in men, it will negatively affect the health of the prostate gland and increase the risk of prostatitis. Plus, with the help of sex, a person mainly explores and reveals his own sexuality, getting along the way (if coitus is for love and is accompanied by an emotional storm along with orgasm) psychological relaxation. The level of attraction is individual for everyone, but it has been established that through sex you can get a powerful influx of endorphins ("hormones of happiness") and not only them:

a) 103.by

b) ola -la.info

c) livejournal.com

d) psy-helga.ru

e) meddaily.ru

Additional proof - mhealth.ru

However, this does not prevent the same asexuals from creating couples, living together and integrating into society. They simply deprive themselves of a source of fundamentally different and mostly legal feelings.

P.S. Who considers asexuality to be an alleged innate property and one of the types of sexual orientation - re-read the question. Asexuality in this case means the absence of sexual desire.

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