What foods contain vitamin C?

What foods contain vitamin C?

How to Absorb MORE Vitamin C (and Top Foods to Eat to Get More)

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I do not want to drink vitamin tablets. I would like to replace them with natural products. What is better in this case?

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Answer 1
October, 2020

Vitamin C is found in large quantities in citrus fruits, kiwi, black currants, rose hips.

As well as tomatoes, red peppers,
broccoli, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts.

Answer 2
October, 2020

As you know, vitamin C is one of the worst enemies of viruses and we habitually eat oranges to get it, but it turns out that there are a lot of products in which the content of this vitamin is much higher.
- Mango
- Kiwi

  • Pineapple

  • Brussels sprouts

  • Cauliflower

  • Strawberry

  • Red pepper

  • Papaya

  • Broccoli

  • Kale

  • Chili pepper

  • Green pepper

Read more about the properties of these plants at https://znatprovse.ru/polezno-znat/pomogi-immunitetu-jetoj-osenju-12-produktov.html

Answer 3
October, 2020

I heard vitamin C is in guava juice, in general, I myself like tropical juices and fruits. But the most difficult to make natural juices, it is expensive if you buy guava, mango, pomegranate.

Answer 4
October, 2020

Vitamin C is found in most fruits, berries and vegetables, but only in varying amounts. For example, in fresh apples it is from 5 to 10% of the daily intake per 100 grams. product. That is, to get the norm of this vitamin from apples, you need to eat them from 1 to 2 kg. every day, which is quite difficult and dangerous! There is also a lot of vitamin C in exotic fruits that are imposed on us in advertising and diets. For example, in fresh guava, its content is about 250% of the daily value (per 100 g of product), in kiwi - 200%, in an orange - 60%, in pineapple - 40%, etc. But eating these fruits all the time is quite expensive and not always possible.

I suggest paying attention to local berries, fruits and vegetables, as well as wild plants. For example, fresh rose hips contain about 720% of vitamin C, while dried rose hips contain more than 1100% of the daily value (in 100 grams). There is also a lot of this vitamin in bell pepper (from 160% to 270%), sea buckthorn - 220% (+ 30% vitamins A and E each) and black currant - more than 220%, in viburnum - 160%, in red mountain ash - more than 80 % (+ 160% vitamin A), in strawberries - 65%, in raspberries - 30%, in gooseberries - more than 30% (+ 1000% of vitamin H), in cranberries - about 20% (+ 200% vitamin H), in red hawthorn contains 30% vitamins C and E each (+ 140% provitamin A and 100% vitamin B9), etc. There are also many vitamins in herbs and needles. For example, quinoa (white marie) contains up to 100% vitamin C (+ 65% vitamin A and 25% vitamin B2), ordinary dried coriander (coriander) contains more than 630% vitamin C (+ 70% provitamin A and B9 each + 80% of vitamins B1 and B2 + more than 50% of vitamin PP (C2) and more than 1130% of vitamin K), in wild garlic - 110% (+ 80% of provitamin and vitamin A each), and sorrel contains 50% of vitamins C and A, as well as provitamin A (+ about 40% vitamin K). Also see wild plants such as nettle, sour cherry, chalice, burdock, chicory, conifers, etc. All of them are very useful and always available + free.

For help, you can refer to sites like health-diet.ru, where for each product the caloric content, content of BZHU and chemical composition are shown, as well as search for information on sites of healthy nutrition, raw food diet and survival.

Answer 5
October, 2020

Top most fruits with a high content of vitamin C

Name \ presence in 100 grams \ percentage of the daily value

Dried rose hips 1300 1850

Sea buckthorn 320 450

Guava 260 370

Sweet pepper (paprika) 245 350

Hot pepper 235 335

Dried redhead (boletus) 210 300

Black currant 200 285

Parsley 170 240

Blackberry, dried boletus 165 235

Bulgarian pepper (swallow)

Answer 6
October, 2020

Vitamin C is found in all acidic vegetables and fruits, its most valuable combination is in Antonov apples with iron, so these apples should be eaten immediately after being removed from the tree, during storage Vit. C is lost when heated after 60-65 gr. decomposes. The pickling process is formed in cabbage. Iron is a hematopoietic element, together with vitamin C it strengthens the immune system. Alcohol, caffeine destroy Vit. C. Freeze the fruit and it will be preserved. Iron and Vit. C cannot be combined with dairy products. Cranberries, lingonberries, sea buckthorn, peppers, currants, Antonovka all are available to eat and be healthy, do not smoke.

Answer 7
October, 2020

Vitamin C is contained in the following food products (indicated in decreasing content per 100g of product):

  • rosehip
  • sea buckthorn
  • sweet pepper
  • black currant
  • kiwi
  • parsley (herbs)
  • pomelo
  • orange
  • spinach
  • grapefruit
  • sorrel
  • lemon

However, it is important to note that vitamin C is destroyed during heat treatment (when heated to 60 degrees). However, the faster the heating occurs, the less the vitamin is destroyed, so it is advisable to place vegetables and fruits in boiling water, and not to heat them gradually.

It is believed that an adult's need for vitamin C is 70 mg per day.

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