What films would you recommend to watch in a state of melancholy?

What films would you recommend to watch in a state of melancholy?

Melancholy - A student produced short film

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Answer 1
January, 2021

People are all different, and what works for one will not suit many. I'll just post my list. 1: Films of Danelia. "Autumn Marathon", "Way to the pier", "Mimino", "Kinza-dza!" (in kinzadze I watch selected places, loud sounds and obvious antics such as alien show business - I skip). Someone will say that Danelia made comedies - this is not so. Yes, there is something to smile about, but these are not comedies. This is not a laugh and not a collection of witticisms with offscreen laughter and moronic characters, this is not even Gaidai. Some of his films are like a window open to the garden, others, on the contrary, like a refuge from the outside world. 2. Ryazanov: "Cruel Romance". 3: Nolan "Interstellar" is not all favorite places. 4: Maslennikov: "The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson. The Dog of the Baskervilles", "Winter Cherry", some places (someone will say: a woman's cinema - do not care, there is the right atmosphere and mood). 5: "Lost in Translation". 6: Groundhog Day. 7: "One of our own among strangers, a stranger among our own" - Mikhalkov. 8: Tarantino's Pulp Fiction. 9: "Scorching heat" - how m .. so we translated it so, the original name is "Sunshine". 10: "Solaris" by Tarkovsky and "Solaris" with J. Clooney. 11: "Three poplars on Plyushchikha". Here ...

Answer 2
January, 2021

I would recommend the films of Emir Kusturica, though I find it difficult to single out one of them. I began my acquaintance with the work of Kusturica with the film "Underground", and I could not stop (perhaps I should start with it). If you get acquainted with the plot, you might think that the film will be filled with sadness and injustice, but once you watch it, all ideas about it will turn upside down in an instant. There is so much life and funny situations in it, brought to the point of absurdity (perhaps for which I love this film). As a person who spent most of my life in a state of melancholy, I highly advise you to see this.

Answer 3
January, 2021

I will also compose my top films for this state of mind.
1. Beautyful
2. Mountain of Virginity
3. Elena
4. Lobster
5. Great beauty
6. Calvary
7. All or Nothing
8. Case # 9. Family portrait in the interior
10. Icy wind

Watching these films will allow you, on the one hand, to enjoy a wonderful movie, on the other hand, to enjoy this rare state of mind. Happy viewing.

Answer 4
January, 2021

Watch Keisann's wonderful film on Perek's book "The Man Who Sleeps". The film is not that melancholic, it rather appeals to apathy, and not only by its content, but also by its form: a black-and-white film, the only hero who has not uttered a word for the entire film, and the words of the author addressed to the protagonist, but projected onto the viewer ... And here it is 50/50 - you can either get out of a melancholic state or aggravate it to despair. Look, enjoy, suffer.

Well, and another suggestion, but here you need a lot of excerpt - the films of Bela Tarr (a). Of which - "Turin Horse", "Curse", "Satanic Tango" (7.5 hours, Karl!). Absurdly drawn-out scenes await you here, for example a 15-minute dance from "Satanic Tango" to Víg Mihály-Galicia, or a 3-minute scene with a drying shirt from "Turin Horse", etc. All in black and white, of course. For all the paintings, the music was written by Mihai Vig, and that means a lot.

Well, since I'm out of print, I suggest you "Double" in 2013, although it seems to have nothing to do with melancholy, it's just very atmospheric.

Answer 5
January, 2021

Tarkovsky, all his films.

Canadian TV series "The client is always dead" for the first two seasons.

Atypical Soviet film with Kaidanovsky and Terekhova - "Who will go to Truskavets?"

Answer 6
January, 2021

I'm not a fan of Trier's "Melancholy" at all, but the feeling itself is very familiar to me)) Roy Anderson is much closer in this regard than the confused-contrived Trier. His "You are living" from the realm of a certain sacred and metaphysical, but understandable to a clerk, and a student, and a biker, and an alcoholic. This is where the real melancholy is!

Watch "Young Adam" with Evan McGregor and Tilda Swinton. A very English film in terms of scenery, atmosphere and music. Here it is advised to look with the same Swinton "Only lovers will survive", but in my opinion, he rather catches up with boredom with his meaninglessness than sounds in unison with sorrows. Boredom and sadness are different things!

"Inappropriate person" (directed by Jens Lien) is an excellent metaphor for finding the meaning of life, your place in it, but isn't that what a melancholic is doing?

Answer 7
January, 2021

I think I understand what you mean, I love this state and some films help to enjoy it. Melancholy of Von Trier is of course the very thing for melancholy! I subscribe to those who answered above.

Category "Russian cinema": films by Balabanov (Brother, Brother 2, Fireman), Yuryev Day of Kirill Serebrennikov, Euphoria of Ivan Vyrypaev.

Category "films about teenagers ": Palo Alto, Submarine, Paranoid Park, Hesher, This is England 1984 (and everyone else This is England)

And also Last love on earth (ignore the sugary title, in the original the film is called Perfect Sense and generally there is Eva Green). The last days of Gus Van Sant.

Answer 8
January, 2021

They come to me in melancholy: "Only lovers will survive" - ​​there is both beauty and endless sadness. However, another Jarmusch is possible.
Trier. Actually, "Melancholy", for example. And the rest will do, even Nymphomaniac. Moreover, it is long.
Some Nolan. Interstellar, The Dark Knight, Inception.

Answer 9
January, 2021

Do you want to get out of this state or aggravate it? Because the answers will be different.

Aggravate (loneliness, hopelessness):

  1. "Stay in my shoes" / "Under the skin"

  2. Buried Alive

  3. in fact, what prevents you from watching the entire trilogy of von Trier, and not just "Melancholy"?
  4. "Dark City"

Leave the state (revisiting the classics!):

  1. Inglourious Basterds

  2. Pulp Fiction

  3. The Big Lebowski
  4. "Lock, Stock, Two Barrels"
  5. Big jackpot

Just look at the beautiful:

  1. "Carol"

  2. "My boyfriend is crazy" ("Silver ray of hope" is a question for translators)

  3. "From the car" (can be included in the item "Aggravate")
  4. "How I love now" ("How I live now")
  5. "How to catch a monster"

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