What exactly are you doing for your self-development?

What exactly are you doing for your self-development?

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Answer 1
January, 2021
  1. I'm a student, so I'm looking for myself.
  2. I am mastering copywriting, neuromarketing, illustrations .. For BTM.
  3. I am pumping leadership qualities. And work with the team. For BTM.
  4. Physical exercise. At least sometimes. I am an equestrian, sometimes I take classes, and for this I keep in shape.
  5. I have been reading every day for 4 months.
  6. I study English and other languages.
  7. I study physics and mathematics. For a university and just interesting.
Answer 2
January, 2021

(briefly I don't know how, I don’t practice, I don’t want to, suffer :)
You, like a pendulum, must swing in different directions, increasing the amplitude. We all start small and probably noticed, for example, in childhood, when a lot of things to do, all sorts of circles contributed to the development more than just a school-home.

It should be taken into account that different people have their own approach to each issue and ways of solving certain problems. I also ask you to forgive, I do not want to delve into theory, quotes and proofs, I will just tell my experience.

I was about 8th grade, I moved to a new school, new opportunities opened up. Circumstances developed in such a way that I ended up in an architecture school without any education, and even on the 2nd course out of 4, in addition to that I was actively involved in various sports, the latter was a hobby for computers, more precisely games, and even more precisely MineCraft: D>

My day went something like this, in the morning at 7 o'clock I got to my grandmother and in 40 minutes I had to do all the homework, 10 minutes for food, 10 minutes to go to school. At 1330 I finished, again to my grandmother, ate, did assignments for the arch school and by 16 there, an hour on the road, there until about 19 or 20, I was at home by about 21, so 3 times a week. The rest of the days in the sports section where I was up to 18 and at home about 19. 1 day off. In the evening and until the night I spent at the computer, or rather MC, where an even more interesting story. At first I just played, very soon, due to a great interest in construction, I got into the server administration, created all sorts of "clans" there, held events, soon this resulted in the need to create my own server, create a website, I started learning programming languages, setting up my server, administration, personnel management, slowly it even reached a small web studio. This went on for 2 years, and then everything abruptly stopped. With the wording "exams, exam". And I didn't do anything. Just for 2 years I was sitting according to the scheme of house-school-computer-games, hoping that the university would change something, but it only made it worse. This is how in 2 years I became someone out of nothing, and in 3 I did not take a step.

It took me 3 years to master one simple truth, we live with only one need - the need for emotions. Games, alcohol, a comfort zone are given to us, and therefore we remain standing still, thank God the TV has passed me by, I have not watched it for 6 years, but it gives me emotions, you can watch for days without getting up.

So what have I done for my self-development? I dropped out of my university, where it was not comfortable and easy for me to study without interest, I worked for a year, this gave me a clear idea of ​​what I want and the way to achieve it. I entered a difficult university, a specialty that is given to me hard, with a full understanding that I will not work in it. I continue to study programming, I am fond of creativity, theater, cinema, music. I meet new people, I try to go to competitions on hikes, I photograph a lot. The main thing I do it for myself, and I bastard about it. And I am very pleased to read what I wrote above and understand - this is all true, this is me.Yes, I have many problems, unfortunately, everyone has them, but they also give invaluable experience and network development.

I have not written about books, about reading articles, this is always full. It has always been easy for me to read books on achieving goals, success, psychology. Watching motivational films that kicked to 1 failure. But getting up and going to do something - noooooo. COMPLEX.

So that's about the universal method. If there is, it won't work for you. However, I have highlighted the main points for myself, and you yourself see.

Diversified development, but without dispersion:
1. Mind, logic
2. Creativity
3. Physical development
Important! In each of the 3 points, you must find yourself, what you like, what you will be interested in. And the main thing is to enjoy the process.

Learn to step over yourself, nothing is impossible, take a step, look for the new and abandon the old. The most basic thing is to start doing something the other way around.

There is only one life, who knows you may die tomorrow, but you haven't tried so much, somewhere you were scared of trifles. Get started now.

Answer 3
January, 2021

I read a lot of literature. Starting from classics to science pop.

I can also recommend watching different lectures like TED.

It is good to develop logical thinking and memory while studying programming.
Actually not as difficult as it seems.
It is always useful to solve all kinds of logical problems.

Basically, my job is to solve difficult problems.

Answer 4
January, 2021

I read books, try to communicate with people cooler than me

and I also have fun going to some lectures, like here http://zilcc.ru/

I watch webinars at work here http://edumate.ru/all/events/?company=49

Answer 5
January, 2021

For me, this is development in several areas.

  1. Physical development. Weightlifting workout + morning run + hand-to-hand combat.

  2. Mental development: now I am reading Hermann Hesse and Huysmans.

  3. Development in the profession: I study Sketch, Phyton, C #, create guidelines for iOS.

I sleep for 6 hours maximum, I don't have enough time for anything. This is self-development.

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