What drugs to relieve a burning sensation in the leg when the sciatic nerve is pinched?

What drugs to relieve a burning sensation in the leg when the sciatic nerve is pinched?

This Weird Trick Relieves Sciatic Nerve Pain

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Answer 1
January, 2021

Good afternoon. When the sciatic nerve is pinched, it is more correct to get rid of the cause of the pain, and not from the consequences. Therefore, it is better to contact specialists who will remove the problem from the source. Then the consequences will pass.

Answer 2
January, 2021

How to relieve pain at home

When the sciatic nerve is pinched, symptoms can develop in almost the same way. Treatment methods can vary dramatically. Some patients begin to feel better after a few physiotherapy sessions. Others will experience pain for years. Sciatica is characterized not only by a prolonged course, in a second return, even after several years.

Recipes from a piggy bank of traditional medicine will help relieve sciatic nerve pain at home. The patient should take into account that in some cases the feeling of pain will be present for decades. This is especially characteristic when the nerve roots are infringed only in the lumbar region.

Often it is necessary to be treated at home in the first place because the disease has a chronic course and during exacerbations there is not always the strength to visit a medical clinic. Observance of certain rules will help to make treatment effective:

it is important to reduce physical activity to a minimum;

learn how to relax muscles, especially in the affected area;

it is necessary to adhere to a strictly feasible regime at the initial stage of the development of the disease.

How long the sciatic nerve hurts in old people also depends on the causes and general health. Depletion of the nervous and skeletal systems over the years, provokes a weakening of the body's resistance to such pathologies. Self-medication is categorically contraindicated, since the wrong choice of drugs can lead to disability or paralysis in an elderly person.

Therapeutic exercises

To relieve an attack of pain when pinching, it is important for the victim to provide first aid in a timely manner:

Lay the patient on a flat surface, first placing a soft tissue roller in the head and chest area.

It is forbidden to warm up the diseased area of ​​the body. This can provoke the development of sciatic nerve edema and a deterioration in well-being.

The best drugs for relieving a painful attack are Diclofenac and Ibuprofen. You can use both oral tablets and ointment to apply directly to the sore spot.

Bed rest lying on your back, with your legs raised and a semi-hard roller under the lower back, this is the best method that is needed to relieve such attacks .

It is possible to pinch the sciatic nerve with a sharp and careless movement. It will not be possible to restore the state quickly. Doctors advise not to ignore physical therapy. Gymnastic feasible exercises can be done independently. It is only important to relieve acute inflammation with medication.

Exercises should be simple, without tension from the back muscles. Lying on your back with your knees up to your chest, you need to take turns lowering your legs to one side, then to the other without spreading your limbs. In the prone position, it is useful to arch your back. During this exercise, it is important not to forget to stretch your arms forward.

In a position on the back, you can strain and relax musclesspine. It's good if your legs are bent at the knees. Gymnastics should be curative, without heavy loads and abrupt movements. Such home treatment will be effective if you start it when the acute stage of the pathology has already passed.

Traditional medicine to help

There are many popular methods, but the elimination of the manifestations of pinching of the sciatic nerve through traditional medicine has a number of contraindications. First of all, you should consult a doctor. Sometimes some remedies are really good, but it also happens that you can harm yourself.

Folk remedies are good in almost all cases, with the exception of a pinched nerve hernia. Here, the only way out is surgery.

Herbal medicine in the treatment of the disease is indicated for both external and internal use. The most common ways to help relieve discomfort are based on the use of well-known medicinal plants:

An infusion of aspen leaves, prepared at home, will help relieve pain in the leg and back in a few days. Herbal raw materials, traditional healers advise using green, not overdried. For a liter of boiled water, preferably from a well or a spring, one tablespoon of raw materials is needed. Keep in a dark place for 10 days and can be taken.

At an early stage, a compress made of rye flour is effective. You will need a thick dough on the water. The product is fixed with sterile gauze. On top of it, it is shown to wrap the lower back with woolen cloth.

Wax treatment helps to get rid of the pathology of the sciatic nerve. Wax is applied to the affected area, obtained by means of a melted candle. You should get at least 30 layers. The course must be done again every three days.

Warming baths, but not hot, with the use of grated horseradish, relieve the symptoms of a pinched nerve at any age, already after 12-14 days. Such baths can be replaced with conifers after two weeks. When a freshly prepared decoction of pine branches is added to the water.

It is shown to apply heated beeswax daily before bed. When the agent cools, the compress is removed.

Infusions of St. John's wort, chamomile, chaga and stinging nettle have a general tonic and analgesic effect. The high efficiency of these plants in blocking the inflammatory process has also been proven.

The most popular homemade ointment is prepared with vodka using honey, black radish and salt. It is recommended to apply it with massage movements, just before bedtime. The warming and relaxing effect is important here.

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