What does a man feel at the moment when he deprives a girl of her virginity?

What does a man feel at the moment when he deprives a girl of her virginity?

Would you rather forget losing your virginity or forget your biggest heartbreak? [DATEABLE CHAT]

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Answer 1
December, 2020

Mr. Yam says that the girl, if not dishonored by a man, was a confessor or confessed, that it does not matter what the bodies of the metropolitans are silent about. We hereby know that everyday sin is not washed away by them and their confession is the essence.

Answer 2
December, 2020

Answers may not be the same.
There are many options.

For example, I can assume that it may be the pride of a loved one, that you are the first.
There may be hyper responsibility for the deed. Film There may be a fear of disappointment.
And many more different big and small emotions.
The most important thing is for a girl to understand what she is doing, where and with whom.
I think this is an important step for a future woman.

Vladimir Semin (Psychologist)

Answer 3
December, 2020

This is one of those moments in life when you realize that sometimes it's better to be second. ))

Being the first is not always pleasant and fun, even if it is prestigious. Besides, sometimes, being the first is simply dangerous ... = \)

Answer 4
December, 2020

In general, it hurts (for both the girl and the guy), but if you endure the girl begins to experience an orgasm. and with ejaculation and a guy. True, there are strange deviations (rape-abduction by sadomaso). But with a decent relationship it will be cool =)

Answer 5
December, 2020

If he and her relationship feel almost nothing: "I did the job, walk boldly ...".
If he and she have love, they feel its manifestations: dissolving in a loved one, sacrificing oneself for a partner. ... flight into space .. orgasm ... no such words

Answer 6
December, 2020

In the physical sense, practically nothing. Morally, if a man has feelings for a girl, there is increased anxiety, concern for possible pain, an incredible feeling of tenderness and a great desire to do everything very carefully and in such a way as to please her.

If a man has no feelings, then this process is no different for him from other other acts of copulation.

Answer 7
December, 2020

Nothing unusual for this type of activity. He may not know this. There is one moment in sex that both strive for, this is an orgasm - a reward for the labor of love.

Answer 8
December, 2020

SELF-SATISFACTION and nothing more ... All stupid things in life are done in youth, and the rest of the time we are trying to correct them ... It's funny !!! Is not it?! :)

Answer 9
December, 2020

In our case with my first partner, he was worried, that's for sure, his heart was beating, he ran to the toilet, he still did not get an erection right away. It was almost a fiasco for him, because the boy was self-confident and ambitious enough. He said that this was his worst experience and that I was to blame for this (but not me, unfortunately). Shortly thereafter, we stopped communicating. Here's a short, sad story.

Answer 10
December, 2020

I felt okay, I think your partner too? We celebrated our birthday and were drunk.
Yes, it penetrates a little bit, but there is something unusual in this.

Answer 11
December, 2020

I think that the author is no more than 16 years old ... The man feels responsibility and most likely fear of harming (hurting) his soul mate, and the boy is sure that except for having fun about his genitals, there is nothing else thinks ...

Answer 12
December, 2020

Well, a strong responsibility to make her first time enjoyable and fun. And then the responsibility for the relationship. I was the first with only one young woman, and unfortunately we parted after several months, I left, because love, unfortunately, did not come to me. Therefore, yes, I still feel guilty, although I tried to be as affectionate and interesting to her as possible.

Answer 13
December, 2020

Probably depends on the experience of the man. If a man had few partners, then he worries no less than her. And if there is a lot, then probably pleasure and pride.

Answer 14
December, 2020

If this is a normal person - a feeling of awkwardness. Especially if it is accompanied by pain. A certain "cocktail" arises from the feeling of guilt, overcoming the line and, naturally, love, in its manifestations, with very great variety. And if a man only feels like a winner, this is not entirely healthy.

Answer 15
December, 2020

A man feels a huge responsibility, because he and the girl will fill this moment for the rest of their lives, although now they probably don't think so anymore

Answer 16
December, 2020

Some of my friends and I had the experience of depriving a girl of her virginity. From the point of view of physiology, the sensations were approximately the same for all - physical pain for both due to attempts to break the barrier , which is on the way of deep penetration.

As for the personal feelings that I experienced at that moment, the first thing that comes to mind is I had to try pretty hard to finish what I started. It was interesting to observe behind the reaction of the girl herself. I never again had to see so many emotions in my partner's eyes at the same time - fear, curiosity, irresistible desire, pain, delight, bewilderment. At the same time, they changed at a rapid rate. It scared me a little and at the same time spurred me on. But mentally I was ready, because I knew in advance that I was going to become the first man in the life of a beautiful girl with whom we became soul mates after online dating and long correspondence.

As soon as the process began and I understood that the ending is near, I began to overwhelm with feelings. Firstly, I felt proud that the girl entrusted me with this important mission in her life. Moreover, considering that she had experience of communicating with guys, but none of them came up to the role of the first sexual partner.

Secondly, I was happy that our communication has moved to a new level . After all, sex plays an important role in the relationship between a man and a woman. Moreover, I treated my partner not just as an object of sexual satisfaction, but as a candidate for the role of my future wife, with whom we will live happily ever after.

Third, I felt a huge responsibility. I was well aware that the first experience leaves an imprint on the entire subsequent intimate life of a woman.

Any wrong move or word can traumatize and provoke a negative attitude towards sex.

That is why I read a few interesting articles beforehand in order to excite my partner to the maximum and make an impression. My main goal at that time was to provoke the girl's desire to improve and experiment every day (of course, with me).

Answer 17
December, 2020

There are those who collect it and write it down in their exploits. And then they boast to everyone. Although this is a difficult intimate moment, there is almost nothing pleasant, this is a physical effect and may not work at once. I had to do it 3 times.

Answer 18
December, 2020

I had no fears, as I was confident in myself at this moment. I really liked this process, because the girls who chose me were in love with me. Therefore, I was in no hurry, before deprivation I tried to excite them well with a long admiration.

Time has passed, and those with whom they crossed paths in life thanked them for remembering this moment with warmth.

Answer 19
December, 2020

Age limit: 18+

A mentally normal man cannot feel anything good at his very first intercourse partners. The girl involuntarily emanates waves of fear and expectation of pain, and these "waves" cover the man as well. Fear of a girl can be so strong that the man himself can begin to "sausage" and knock him out of an erectional mood.

Not all acts of deprivation of virginity are accomplished from the first "visit" and this is completely normal for mentally normal people - people capable of experiences and empathy. The main thing here is not to retreat and to be trusting with each other and everything will work out - "patience and work will grind everything!"

Based on my own experience, I can advise men / boys the following:

  1. Do not plan to complete this procedure in the first act, so as not to get frustrated and in addition a bunch of complexes for two. Plan several acts (visits). The act of defloration is comparable to a joint visit to the dentist: you need to tune in, convince yourself of the necessity and inevitability of the "procedure" and accept. In the first test run, limit yourself to joint nudity in bed, hugs and kissing - let the girl get used to male nudity, your hands on her body and feel the first calm (psychological relaxation). As soon as you feel the first mutual comfort in bed - get down to business.
  2. Never look a virgin in the eye during a "procedure". You will not see anything good about yourself in these eyes: you will see in them only your own reflection in the form of a cannibal, a pedophile or in the form of "Dr. Mengele" who came to carry out an ominous blood sampling. This girlish horror is irrational and contagious and can negatively affect the level of erection and thereby put an end to the process of defloration - without a good erection, doing this is painful and futile, like trying to "cut a tomato with a fork".
  3. Never allow the thought to "spit and quit this business"! Meeting a virgin is your personal male test! The normality and integrity of the psyche of both of you in the future will depend on how you will be persistent and courageous. Throwing a virgin alone with yourself without finishing the "case" is tantamount to "throwing a woman in labor during the beginning of childbirth" - if something happens to a woman in labor and a child because of your cowardice, it will become a psycho-trauma for you for the rest of your life - the same the same will be in the situation with the virgin. The defloration process can be started, but cannot stop and leave - it is fraught with psychological problems for both in the future: the girl will think that she is "somehow not like that", and the man will wear a "thought" about his cowardice and cowardice (unmanly). Nobody needs such "inferiority complexes", right?
  4. After breaking the hymen, play it safe and put on a condom! Getting pregnant during defloration is a bad and stupid thing! Newly initiated womenbut should have time to psychologically get used to her "new" body and her new status. For pregnancy, a woman must mature psychologically and definitely not on the day of her defloration! Accidental pregnancy will also be a severe trauma for the rest of your life. You, as a man, should take care of this moment and prevent such an "epic-fail" in your lives. To close up a child in the process of defloration for a girl is still cretinism!
  5. If both of you have no idea what defloration is, then I will give a simple example to understand the "mechanics": take a disposable plastic bag and grease one side of it with ketchup (a teaspoon). Pierce the film with your finger to assess the force of the finger to break through, and how much ketchup splashes and remains on the finger - so much blood will be on you and the sheet. Such is the effort and so much blood! Yes, such a simple and safe business! And there is no need to think up anything here and wind yourself up! Remember that the main painful sensations from defloration are always psychologically twisted by the virgin herself many times (fear has large eyes) and mainly the pain manifests itself as a result of her sexual lack of excitement: the girl's vagina is not moisturized and compressed from fear (in anticipation of imaginary pain). With such a dry vagina, I recommend using a moisturizing lubricant to avoid the side pains from the banal rubbing of dry flesh on dry flesh.
  6. Take care of disposing of sheets with possible blood stains from the defloration process. Buy a couple of inexpensive sheets in advance, so that after use you will not be fiddling with "bloody rags" wondering what to do with them. Just then wrap the used sheets in a plastic bag and throw them in the trash can as a used wrapper. Do not shift this concern to a nervous girl, you should not prepare sheets for her, this will add extra nervousness to her as from "going to the next world". The less a girl thinks about "blood" and everything connected with it - the better for you - one less "hassle"!
  7. If you think that by completing the defloration process you have fulfilled your male mission, then you are wrong! It is not enough to "reveal" a woman in a girl - it must also be "revealed"! Conduct a series of sexual encounters with the newly-minted woman in order not only to consolidate the result, but also to acquaint the woman with the male body. Allow her "riding" postures, so that she can carry out the process of penetration, let her get to know the male reproductive organ tactilely and visually. Let him try and explore all the facets and nuances of being together with a man. Enter the "hand" of the newly minted woman into this "brave new world" of inter-sex relations.

Parting words to virgins: dear girls, while you were reading this article in the world a million girls have lost their virginity and most of them are very happy with it! Therefore, stop making a morbid "fetish" and mortal "darkness" out of your virginity. Defloration procedure - etoh, a minute and painless business, and only your naughty imagination based on various info-game, which has been circulating for thousands of years in an inexperienced teenage-girl environment, can turn this business into a "gripping horror".

Don't be round and scared. " children's "eyes, do not crawl into the corner of the bed" running away "from your partner - just relax and trust your chosen man! The hymen is absolutely unnecessary for you in later life! Just get rid of it and breathe a sigh of relief! Your relaxation, decisiveness and light agitation will negate all the perceived pain of this minute process. Help emotionally your partner and maybe even for the very first time you both will have fun!

Enjoy your defloration! With love and responsibility to all girls, Valentine!

Answer 20
December, 2020

I felt that my dick was about to break. She said that she was in pain, but I also did not have a sky in diamonds. But then everything went smoothly, heh

Answer 21
December, 2020

I can't speak for everyone, but I felt hyper-responsible. For if the first time the girl went negatively, then her attitude towards sexual intercourse can sharply deteriorate. For a girl, after all, the first time is of great importance, although many do not even think about it. One wrong move - and you became the root cause of the fear of the PA, and maybe even to reject it. A man at this moment is a tour guide to Sexland, and when visiting any popular place, the most important thing is the first impression.

Answer 22
December, 2020

. 140 The question is pretty simple. Many will not believe, but physically - almost nothing. Naturally, except that it is narrow and hot there. 140.

Answer 23
December, 2020

Nice little. Oooo very narrow, this is the very sadness. I had to try it several times. The whole thing goes on for a long time, tediously, with a creak and the feeling that you are a maniac-rapist. And on top of that, add wild excitement and fear of hurting. This is probably one of the worst things I've done in my life. The stress was then stronger than that of the girl.

Answer 24
December, 2020

I felt a thrill, a little fear of doing, acting awkward, very painful, giving the girl a traumatic experience. I thought that if I had to part later, then I would cause her special pain. Once my conscience was so stuck that I stopped the process without starting and advised me to part with me and find a less shameless guy. But the girl cried and demanded to continue ...

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