What does a girl need to do at 25 to look and feel good at 45?

What does a girl need to do at 25 to look and feel good at 45?

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Answer 1
January, 2021

There is a book by Kerry Kalbom "Gorgeous Skin in 14 Days". It describes the main indicators and causes of aging of the skin and the body in principle. At 25, you just need to look into it so that at 40 it is not excruciatingly late. Everything else has been described above, but you won't be able to eat well after this book. Sugar and white flour can be completely abandoned during these years. Add to this exercise and hardening procedures.

Answer 2
January, 2021

How to look at 50 by 40 and 40 by 30?

There are several options.

  1. You have been for years:
  • sleep well

  • eat well

  • you have good physical and mental health

  • you walk or exercise

  • you are in good gynecological health and after 35 years of age you are taking phytoestrogens, and in pre-menopause you start taking hormone replacement therapy

  • you are taking vitamins and dietary supplements

  • you regularly, without any fools, take care of your skin at home and with a beautician (meaning that these are course procedures at least once a year, and regular care between courses).

  1. You woke up at 40 and knew it was time. Then you have to:

  2. Hard Intensive Massage

  3. Hard Intensive Injection

  4. Possibly more plastic surgery

  5. And after plastics see option 1.

  6. You are a witch. It means that your genetic data is such that you use only baby cream until menopause. And here the most difficult disappointments are possible. When the level of estrogen drops sharply with the onset of menopause, then the face can fall sharply and quickly. Only plastic will help here.

In fact, it's up to you. Look 10 years younger or look good for your age. Or aging beautifully.

In any case, the way you look is the result of either your daily efforts or lack thereof.

Answer 3
January, 2021

Maintain posture.
In the modern sphere of beauty, as far as it seems to me, its significance is catastrophically underestimated in general: a hunched back has a bad effect on the tone of the muscles of the neck and "chin" space (I am not very versed in anatomical terms), weakens the press and generally has a very negative effect on our body .

Find out your type of aging and act accordingly.
Knowing the problem is 50 percent of the solution. Well, at least that's what they say. There are about five types, completely different from each other, for each of them different strategies are suitable. For example, for the future, some may not be particularly concerned about braces, but their skin at a fairly young age may be covered with "cobwebs" of fine wrinkles.

High-quality make-up remover and cosmetics.
It's very simple.

Normal sleep.
Again, no comment.

Do physical culture, in addition to the obvious benefits for the figure, also makes sense for our faces, according to cosmetologist Tiin Orasmรคe-Meder) For example, abdominal exercises tighten the oval of the face, etc. I advise you to get acquainted with her publications. I like the article "5 (or more, I don't remember) beauty myths" she wrote with someone in co-authorship.

Nutrition. Know alcohol, know cigarettes, a minimum of coffee.
A well-known dogma, which is not easy for everyone to adhere to :(
For example, to me, as a person who is drinking coffee with buns (pastry, and not what you might think) .

Hair, eyebrows, eyelashes
I risk winning the status of "the soul of an old conservative old woman" with this recommendation, but the paints for all of the above are really noticeable harm to the hairs and the skin under them. , self-perception, modern beauty standards and just personal comfort often require regular coloring of their mane, eyelashes and eyebrows. However, when buying these services from a master or ready-made products for the procedure, we pay extra on top of the health of our curls.

Dentist .
A surprise for dessert, unpleasant and not always budget. Teeth lose calcium in their teeth over time, break, turn yellow (hello, my dear coffee) and generally require increased attention. Often it is easier and cheaper to predict or decide just conceive I advise you not to neglect preventive visits.

Answer 4
January, 2021

Quit smoking if you smoke. Smoking is very reflected in appearance. Do not go to bed with makeup, use night and day creams, avoid the sun - at least try not to sunbathe your face.

Say "No" to alcohol and nightlife. Try to be less nervous (easier said than done, I know). It is better to replace coffee with green tea or herbal ... But this, again, in theory - if you like coffee, then so many years without it are not worth it =)

As for nutrition - clean it. If possible, give up mayonnaise sauces, fast food, meat substitutes (sausage, sausages, dumplings). If you don't play sports, start. Just for yourself, so that your muscles are in good shape, at least a couple of times a week. Either light weight strength training for the whole body, or yoga.

And one more point - they'll probably throw tomatoes at me on it, but. I would do botox between the eyebrows - botox will prevent muscles from moving and prevent the crease between the eyebrows. It's much easier than controlling yourself. At 25, it seems to me that just Botox is enough. At 35, I read that women are already combining Botox with fillers to fill the folds, because simply not frowning is not enough.

Answer 5
January, 2021

minimize sleep deprivation, engage in physical activity, walk in the fresh air, do not smoke, eat normally, be sure to wash off cosmetics before bedtime, visit the dentist on time, and not when itโ€™s already itchy, select creams and other things for care in accordance with your skin type , try to avoid stress, do not frown.

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