What do you need for a healthy and pleasant sleep?

What do you need for a healthy and pleasant sleep?


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Answer 1
June, 2021

I will answer, like the previous speaker, based on my feelings. If you are very tired and do not indulge yourself with sitting on social networks and watching TV before bedtime, then you should not have any special problems with falling asleep or sleeping. Just ventilate the room.
If you practice a bohemian lifestyle and the most laborious activity during your day is a painful thought in choosing a restaurant for the evening, but the next day fatigue still haunts you, then I would give the following recommendations:
1. The temperature in the bedroom should be at the level of 18-20 degrees Celsius, it is better to choose a blanket not thick and woolen, but a light microfiber, as it is sensitive to temperature.
2. Sleep time should be calculated in one and a half hour cycles. Let me explain how it works: firstly, set the time at which you need to wake up, and secondly, then count 7.5 hours from the set time, which corresponds to 5 cycles (the optimal sleep time for an adult), that is, if you need to get up at 6.30, then go to bed at 11), thirdly, it was not possible to go to bed at 11, then it is best to wait for the start of the next cycle (00:30).
3. It is best to sleep in the so-called fetal position: right-handers should curl up on their left side, left-handers on their right.
4. An hour and a half before bedtime, you need to spend as little time as possible in front of the TV or with a smartphone in hand, which is difficult if you are bohemian, but try.
5. There is a list of foods that should not be eaten at night. Each one is individual, but there are, so to speak, common. First of all, of course, you should not get carried away with caffeine and liquids with a high sugar content, fatty foods that take longer to digest and increase body temperature.

That's all friends, sleep soundly!

Answer 2
June, 2021

I answer according to my feelings. First, of course, when you are tired you fall asleep much faster. I, having taken the evening jogging as a habit, began to turn off, as soon as my head touched the pillow. If it's hard for you to force yourself to run in the evenings, start small: just go outside and wind a couple of circles around the house at a quick pace. And before going out, open the window in the bedroom, let the room be well ventilated.

After jogging / walking straight into the shower or, better, the bath. The water temperature is as comfortable as possible, foam, salt, if you still light up the aroma candles, you are almost asleep.

It is much more comfortable for me to fall asleep in a bed in dark shades, dark blue is my sleepy love.

No TV before bed: falling asleep under it is a bad habit that is extremely harmful to your sweet sleep. Better take some not very interesting book (otherwise there is a possibility that it will drag on until the morning :)), read page 5 ... Your eyes will start to close by themselves)

Answer 3
June, 2021


Pleasant tiredness

From the past day,

And joy,

What did not happen famously,

Things are settled ... or there will be.

And in my head

So quietly.

See you tomorrow

Little things leave,

Trusting them to take care of themselves.

And with a blanket-

Hiding behind the starry sky,

And don't wait for anything,

Without repenting.


Essential oil sometimes helps me. Lavenders, for example. Put a drop-blooper on a cotton wool, taking into account the footage of the room, not far from you.

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