What do people mean when they say they "can't lose weight"?

What do people mean when they say they "can't lose weight"?

When Someone Says They Just Can't Lose Weight

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Answer 1
November, 2020

Well, I don't even know. I'll tell you the following example.

I have a good friend who is now 22 years old. Since the age of 17, I hear from her only one thing: "I want to lose weight, I want thin hips, I want cheekbones, I want collarbones, I want ...", but! But over these five years, she gained about 10-12 kg.


Because he doesn’t want to, but he cannot. She's already overweight. L and Sh n and d. And she keeps saying that she really wants to, but cannot.

If I wanted to, I would do without donuts, cakes, pies, salty, chips, crackers, beer, butter soups, soda, excessive alcohol, intoxicants and much more.

I would go to the gym and see a nutritionist. And I would have gone around the doctors to find out where the dog is buried. I would start to solve this problem. But no. She is very pleased to hear encouraging words and pitying compliments from her friends every meeting. She needs a comment from a guy under every photo of her that she is sexy and skinny. This position is very convenient for her and suits everyone. She doesn't need a change. I understand that the point is in complexes and so on, but she refuses to go to a psychologist. She is very comfortable and so.

This is probably why we had a discord with her. When I heard for the 10,000th time that she wants to lose weight, but cannot ... I flared up and hinted to her (very directly) that if I wanted to, I would not eat brownie now, but take a salad. Wouldn't drink cocktails, but drink smoothies or water.

There are things that we cannot, for reasons beyond our control, change. But when you are able to do something, you talk a lot about it, only now, you do nothing, then this To me, laziness and zero willpower.

So, never say: "I can't", better somehow say: "I could, guys! I could!".

This answer does not apply to those who have identified any diseases or characteristics of the body. My answer is for lazy assholes and self-deceivers.

Answer 2
November, 2020

Well, I can't lose weight.

My weight has been standing still for 4-5 years, given that I walk a lot and eat little. The reason for this, perhaps, is the thyroid gland, which I am now diligently treating.

And people cannot lose weight for various reasons - for example, genetic diseases.

Answer 3
November, 2020

Most often, by this phrase, people mean that they have already tried the notorious proper nutrition, and sports, and a sufficient number of diets, but at the same time their weight either did not move at all, or moved, but not as they wanted would. After that, the person is disappointed and no longer makes attempts to normalize his weight, since he believes that this is beyond the realm of possibility for him. And there can be a lot of reasons: poor motivation, improperly selected diets, illiterate workouts, health problems, and so on.

Answer 4
November, 2020

This is individual for each person. Someone means that there is not enough willpower to abandon the usual diet or exercise. Someone follows a healthy lifestyle, but cannot lose weight due to illness.

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