What can cause red spots on the face?

What can cause red spots on the face?

Red acne marks on the face: Q&A with a dermatologist|Dr Dray

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Answer 1
January, 2021

Red spots on the face can be single or spread to the entire face. They can periodically appear on the entire skin or be localized in certain areas, and also have a different origin and character.

Red spots on the face can appear as a result of the following reasons:

Heredity and features of the structure of the skin. Very often they appear on dry, dehydrated and irritated skin.

With flushing of the face. In this case, they appear as a result of active physical activity, stress or strong tension, with high blood pressure, when there is a sharp change in air temperature, after taking certain medications, as a result of menopause.

After overheating. Usually, the skin turns red with a long time in the sun, visiting a solarium and heatstroke.

When exposed to cold on the skin, as well as with general hypothermia.

As a result of allergies. Allergic reactions can appear when eating certain foods, also when using cosmetics, in spring, when plant pollen blooms and spreads, in case of sensitivity to animal hair, when treated with certain medications. As a result of an allergic reaction, in addition to redness and peeling of the skin, itching, swelling, sneezing and watery eyes may occur.

If red spots appear on the face, then a skin disease can be suspected. So, redness and peeling can signal the development of viral lichen, demodicosis, psoriasis, rosacea, eczema.

Severe dryness and dehydration. Sometimes the skin can be red, flaky and irritated due to severe dryness and dehydration.

Herpes appears. Dryness and redness of some areas of the epidermis may indicate the onset of herpes.

Excessive activity of the sebaceous glands. Overactive sebaceous glands provoke increased synthesis of sebum (sebum), resulting in acne, red spots on the face and acne.

Deficiency of certain vitamins and a poor diet. Avitaminosis and a deficiency of nutrients lead to a poor condition of the skin, including its redness.

If red spots appear on the face, this may indicate some pathologies of internal organs. Most often these are malfunctions of the hormonal system, diseases of the cardiovascular system, pathology of the liver and gallbladder, kidney and digestive system diseases, venous insufficiency, hypertension.

Sometimes areas of redness can serve as indicators in the diagnosis of ailments. So, for example:

spots located under the eyes and in the upper part of the cheeks indicate the presence of hypertension in a person;

red spots on the face and swelling indicate diseases of the renal system;

their appearance around the mouth indicates liver and gallbladder diseases;

if a stain appears on the tip of the nose, then a cardiologist's consultation is neededIn the case, perhaps, there are heart diseases;

if they appear on the whole face, then - perhaps we are talking about rosacea, since this is a chronic phenomenon that is constantly present on the face.

Symptoms that accompany redness

If the face is covered with red spots, then it is worth taking a closer look at them. Additional sensations will help to understand the nature and cause of the rash.

So, according to the sensations, we can say that if the spots:

hurt, then we are probably talking about viral lichen;

if they are hot, then - an increase in blood pressure;

when sneezing, itching and swelling - allergies;

if they peel off, then this is the result of exposure to frost or ultraviolet radiation;

itchy and flaky - a skin disease.

In appearance:

protrude above the skin and are inflamed - pimple maturation;

small and frequent - irritation or allergies ;

weeping - skin disease (eczema);

large, dry and flaky - exposure to ultraviolet radiation or cold;

red - white - the result of hypothermia or frostbite;

bluish color - diseases of internal organs;

rough and dry - dehydration (dehydration);

large and edematous - kidney disease or allergies.

By location:

on the nose - heart disease;

on the cheeks - rosacea and rosacea;

on the chin - malfunctions of the hormonal system;

under the eyes - blood pressure;

around the mouth or near it - the gallbladder or liver.

The most dangerous red eruptions - weeping. Very quickly, they turn into eczema and begin to fester if timely treatment is not provided. It is best to consult a dermatologist so as not to speculate about the origin of the stains. He will prescribe the appropriate tests and deliver the correct analysis.

Rosacea on the face

Eczema or rosacea on the face

Rosacea is the so-called rosacea, which is more often localized on the cheeks, neck and back. With this ailment, the skin first turns red, resembling a single conglomerate, and then acne and acne appear on it. The symptoms described above need urgent correction, because if you miss the time, the disease will turn into a chronic form. It is especially dangerous to self-medicate and apply various creams and ointments without the knowledge of the doctor.

Much of the redness on the face is associated with an improper lifestyle and bad habits. So:

smoking and frequent consumption of alcoholic beverages contribute to the expansion of blood vessels, which leads to the appearance of stars and blood vessels all over the face, over time, red spots will become constant companions of nicotine and alcohol lovers;

stress are also capable of causing redness on the face, since the body reacts differently to the psycho-emotional state, they can appear at the time of acute stress.

Infectious diseases can become the cause of this phenomenon. For example, red rashes can accompany:




scarlet fever;


Spottingeven during viral and bacterial infections. In this case, they spread at lightning speed to the entire face and even to the body. Treatment: https://psorifort24.ru/

And also the result of fungal infection:


demodicosis (epidermis damage by a specific type of tick);

pink lichen;


Answer 2
January, 2021

There may be several reasons:

Unhealthy diet

Bad habits

High blood pressure

Excessive exercise;

Improper nutrition

Allergic reactions





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