What can a smoker do to somehow compensate for the harm received from cigarettes?

What can a smoker do to somehow compensate for the harm received from cigarettes?

15. Compensation versus Redistribution

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Answer 1
April, 2021
  1. Drug therapy (medicines for smoking)

The use of drugs that reduce cravings for cigarettes, thereby helping the smoker to gain willpower and quit smoking.

Popular among such drugs:

Varenicline (Champix, Chantix) - this substance binds to the neural nicotinic acetylcholine receptors α4β2, which are involved in the enjoyment of smoking. It is on α4β2 that nicotine acts, but varenicline intercepts this connection, replacing it, the only thing is not addictive and does not give you the pleasure of puffing.

Cytisin (Cytisinum - "Tabex", "Tsiperkuten", "Desmoxan" ) Is another nicotinic receptor agonist, similar to varenicline, which, due to its stimulating effect on the ganglia of the autonomic nervous system and the adrenal glands, reduces the craving for smoking a cigarette. Available in the form of tablets and patches.

Bupropion (Bupropion - "Wellbutrin" (Wellbutrin), "Zyban" (Zyban) - an atypical antidepressant, included in the TOP-5 drugs for the treatment of nicotine addiction in the United States and many other countries (not licensed in the Russian Federation as of 2020) It has the property of reducing symptoms when quitting cigarettes and minimizing smoking cessation syndrome. / p>

  1. Psychological ways to quit smoking

2.1. Understand all the consequences of smoking that we have written about, and which have not yet been discussed. Remember, even if you are young, there are no health problems, this does not mean that in a year or two the disorders will not appear.

Smoking causes a health problem in 100% of cases, because it is poison!

Now make a firm decision to give up cigarettes. The decision must be accompanied by a clear them in steps.

2.2. Throw out all smoking accessories from your home - cigarettes, empty cigarette packs, your favorite lighter, ashtray, pictures of cigarettes.

2.3. Pay attention to those situations in which you want to smoke. This is usually stressful. To get rid of nicotine addiction, avoid stress until the moment, until the urge to inhale is gone.

2.4. Replace smoking a cigarette in response to a stressful situation with another action from which you can get positive emotions, forget about the cigarette.

Try spinning a spinner, playing with neodymium balls, etc.

2.5. If your thoughts about cigarettes appear during a period of rest, when there is nothing to do, come up with an interesting activity, a hobby that will captivate your thoughts from cigarettes to yourself. It could be putting together puzzles, painting a picture by numbers, or even some fun game. Yes, gambling addiction is also a modern vice, but at least it does not cause cancer and other serious health problems.

2.6. Count the number of cigarettes smoked and theircost - for a month, for 1 year, for 10 years. This is a good incentive to save the same money, for example, for your own deposit, and then buy something very pleasant and useful.

2.7. Switch your desires towards achieving some important goal, for example, getting your body into a good pumped state. Watch videos of how people perform virtuoso tricks on a horizontal bar, bicycle, roller skates. Active exercise will help the body to clear itself of cigarette toxins faster and improve its health.

  1. General recommendations for the treatment of nicotine addiction

3.1. Stay away from people and places of the smoker. Avoid secondhand smoke.

3.2. Alcohol and smoking often go hand in hand. Avoid gatherings in companies with drinking alcohol. Keep your mind sober and temptations at a distance!

3.3. Eat more food rich in vitamins and micro-macroelements, thereby the body will be easier to cope with the withdrawal syndrome.

3.4. Wash curtains and other furnishings that may smell tobacco. The car should be dry cleaned so that odors do not stimulate the desire to smoke a cigarette.

3.5. If you liked to drink coffee with a cigarette in the morning, then in the first months of fighting the habit, give up your morning coffee, or better, stop drinking this drink altogether. Break this link.

3.6. Drink 6-8 glasses of clean drinking water daily, which will help to quickly remove the toxins of cigarette smoke from the body, reducing the need for a new dose of nicotine.

Personally, I quit smoking (I used to smoke 2-2.5 packs a day over 8 years) with a very good product. Its advantages:

• Removes cravings for cigarettes

• Eliminates psychological addiction

• Suppresses the desire to smoke while intoxicated

• Prevents weight gain

• Cleans the body of tobacco toxins

If interested, here is a link to a useful article.

Answer 2
April, 2021

He can do the rest. Health is made up of many things, and quitting smoking is just one of them. You can play sports, yoga, eat healthy food, breathe more fresh air, swim, walk, ride a bike, give up alcohol, drink more water, get enough sleep, and most importantly, cultivate positive thinking in yourself. Stress, unloved work, not knowing what to do with life, all this modern hat undermines health much more than smoking.

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