What are three habits that will benefit absolutely any person?

What are three habits that will benefit absolutely any person?

12 Healthy Habits That CHANGED My Life

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Answer 1
October, 2020
  1. A glass of water in the morning

  2. Any physical exercise (exercise, jogging, whatever you like).

  3. Do not accumulate grievances.

There are many good habits, but these will be useful for absolutely everyone, regardless of gender, age and finances

Answer 2
October, 2020

The coolest habits that will work for everyone are:

1) Get enough sleep

2) Eat well

3) Drink enough fluids.

According to my observation, these habits are suitable for everyone, but many acquaintances ignore them for some reason.

Answer 3
October, 2020

1 Eat to live, not live to eat.

2 Appreciate what you have and do not chase after shiny things. The end must justify the means, otherwise, in the pursuit, you will miss out on something more valuable.

3 Do not condemn anyone without knowing his story, perhaps, after learning, you will shake his hand.

Answer 4
October, 2020

1. do not be late, that is, be punctual in everything, which means planning in advance the time, and being able to distribute and manage it.

2. to put aside savings for the so-called "rainy day", but when he comes to think that it is not him, and put off further, then you can really accumulate something.

3. to observe etiquette or learn it, there are too many boors lately, even just passive.

Answer 5
October, 2020

Will suit absolutely anyone:

  • Stop procrastinating in time and finish at least one of the previously postponed tasks.
  • Talk less, do more!
  • Think regularly: Who are you? Where are you going / going? Why?
Answer 6
October, 2020
  1. The ability to assess your capabilities when you take on something, as well as the ability to stop during something, if something does not work out, it will all work out later

  2. Alternate mental activity with physical activity, especially aerobic activity

  3. Understand yourself and appreciate, realizing that any task is within your reach - the main thing is that it is achievable and necessary for you

Answer 7
October, 2020
  1. Drink water. Clean. In sufficient quantity.

  2. Think positively and don't get upset about the little things.

  3. Be a physically active person. You don't have to go in for sports or climb Kilimanjaro - a daily walk is enough

Answer 8
October, 2020

I think it’s time to learn to smile and enjoy it all; secondly, to be sincere with others and with oneself - these are two, learns to see beauty in the beautiful. Regards.

Answer 9
October, 2020
  1. Stop smoking, stop drinking caffeine and artificial sugar
  2. Movement every day (walk, run, swim - whatever)
  3. Read good literature in different languages. Daily.
Answer 10
October, 2020

It depends on what benefits we are talking about: health benefits, for success in a career or in personal life? Each case needs its own habits.

I'll talk about the health benefits. Once upon a time, I heard interesting advice. Despite the seeming frivolity, these three tips are very deep.

The first advice: "Do not take heavy things in your hands" (take care of your spine!)

The second advice: "Don't take bad things into your head! " (most diseases are from bad thoughts)

Third advice: "Don't take dirty things in your mouth" (meaning not only dirty food, but also a dirty word - it's not for nothing that Chinese wisdom says that "all diseases come through the mouth ")

Answer 11
October, 2020

1. Plan the day and, if possible, further.
2. Sincere politeness and to treat everything calmly, as to tests that must be passed with dignity.
3. Observe the Law of Wellness of Soul and Body.

Answer 12
October, 2020

Anyone? A crippled old man, a preschooler, a diabetic with an allergy to light, a paralyzed spinal cord imprisoned in the Black Swan, a meteorologist at a polar station?

Not so easy.


1) the habit of thinking in my mind "now I'm doing this and that. Now I'm I think this and that. Now this and this is happening.

2) Consider familiar things, finding new meanings, interesting forms in them, fantasize: imagine that the blanket is the fabric of space , distorted by a strong gravitational field, that clouds on the horizon hide repair work to replace part of the sky, that the curtains love the radiators and suffer from separation and coldness.

3) Write poetry (if possible, read poetry) and memorize them by rolling the phrases in your mind. Read them to yourself. Add quotes to your speech - so that you get an additional play of meanings

Answer 13
October, 2020

1. The habit of reading for half an hour before bedtime;
2. After getting up before breakfast, drinking a glass of water, it thins the blood and is good for the heart;
3. The habit of being always positive, no matter what.

Answer 14
October, 2020
  1. Breathing practices in the morning. Search the Internet for exercises that work for you and try to repeat them in the morning and when you feel anxious. This will help you return to a peaceful state. It is important that your brain “shuts down” during practice. Don't think about problems, just focus on how the air circulates in your lungs. In general, I always advise you to remain a calm and conscious person.

  2. Another good habit is to say thank you. Gratitude is an excellent quality that is highly valued in society. It adds optimism to you and those around you, helps build relationships. It is important that your courtesy is not automated. Each spoken word must be pondered before being spoken. If you are sincerely grateful to the person, then let him know about it.

  3. Walking. A great habit to keep you on your toes. It is not necessary to stomp 10 kilometers from work to home, it is unlikely that anyone is planning race walking on weekdays. It is enough to go through a couple of stops on the way home, and then take the desired transport. If you have a car, park it a couple of blocks from your destination.

Answer 15
October, 2020

Habit # 1 is a hearty savory breakfast. This helps especially for those who work hard. There is a “reverse pyramid” principle of nutrition, and breakfast is its basis. We can put most of the nutrients and slow carbs in there. It can be buckwheat, whole grain bread, scrambled eggs. This hearty, hearty breakfast, which makes up almost the majority of your calories, is a great habit. And the likelihood that you will not overeat in the evening is higher. If you learn to eat fully, building up all the necessary calories following the example of the pyramid, then the evening will be easy, digestion will rest. This is good for the body.

The second habit is five minutes of exercise in the morning. It may sound a little trite, but there are different charges. You can set a high intensity for five minutes in order to give a little stress to the body, so that adrenaline is produced, and all metabolic processes are activated. You can do yoga, breathing or joint exercises - more gently start your body. If a person has five minutes in the morning, he can devote them to completely different practices and expand the range of tools for his physical development to infinity. From wushu and qigong to classic running on the spot and in the plank (as we had it at the morning work in #SEKTA). Repeat 5-10 times for 15 seconds each exercise, and you're just a different person. I recommend these five minutes to everyone.

And the third habit is walking up stairs and walking in general. A very large percentage of people are sedentary. It's just outside of the five minutes we spend exercising and the hour we devote to the gym. For your body to be healthier, you need to move more. Pleasure appears, you get used to movement, and the body begins to ask for it. But for this you need to try: for example, to walk longer on the way from work to home. Try to breathe fresh air more often: studies have shown that even in a polluted, gas-polluted city, using a bicycle is more beneficial than not using it.

Answer 16
October, 2020

Habits that will make life easier for you and your loved ones will definitely be useful.

  1. Learn to manage finances competently and spend money consciously. Even if it seems to you that you are already spending only on food, this may not be so. Conduct an experiment: write down all your expenses for a week, or count them using special applications. Summarize: if you find unnecessary spending there, for example, snacks during the working day or spontaneous purchases, then it's time to think about optimizing your expenses. Protect yourself from triggers that make you waste money: take food from home to work and stay full throughout the day, change your route to a stop so as not to pass the mall.

  2. A habit that more closely resembles a credo - not to judge people will definitely become useful. Clear your day-to-day thoughts of angry feelings about strangers, friends and colleagues. This also includes stinging gossip: get rid of gossip and resist the temptation to wash someone's bones during the next break. Remember, someone else discusses you in the same way, and rarely has anyone benefited from backbiting.

  3. Be polite. First of all, you yourself will feel how pleasant it is.

  4. Get yourself an informational detox. Put your phone away at least once a week, turn off the internet and go outdoors - even a city park will do. Contemplate the world around you, immerse yourself in your thoughts and enjoy reality, not online life.

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