What about a man if you are about 30, but you do not have a car, your own apartment, a successful career, few friends, your health is failing, and instead of your personal life, you have progressive sexual deviations?

What about a man if you are about 30, but you do not have a car, your own apartment, a successful career, few friends, your health is failing, and instead of your personal life, you have progressive sexual deviations?

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Answer 1
January, 2021

The question, of course, is interesting. Not everyone is allowed to drive, and it is not particularly necessary. Housing, as far as I know, millions live in renters all over the world. Career is also a convention, someone needs revenge in the courtyards, and this cannot be shameful. Where have you seen at least a healthy student? And deviations, as you said, I think there is nothing that is not decent. I think that what happens behind closed doors (positions and where) concerns only those who are there, and it does not matter gender, the main thing is that it is good for both ... Just believe that life is wonderful and good luck.

Answer 2
January, 2021

No successful, but which one is there? Is it possible to do something to make it successful? Or maybe look for something else? Just think about it well and be honest with yourself. Yes - yes, no - no. In general, 30 years is a great age to change something (like any other, in fact). Engage in self-education in your own and related areas. A car, if you really need it, will appear. Review your expenses, think about what you can cut. Stop drinking / smoking, start cycling more, and walking - this is both about saving and about health. Stop eating all kinds of rubbish. Consider any ideas for additional earnings, and set aside at least 10% of the money you receive (more is better). Friends are few, but they are, as I understand it? Well, okay. Rarely does anyone have many friends. Do not start health. If the body gets pissed off, everything is khan. So yoga, walking, fresh air, and no amphetamines.

Set specific goals for yourself, and go for them. Fast, slow - it doesn't matter. The main thing is in the right direction

I will not advise on relationships. There are better advisors here - there are a million experts on YouTube, and some of them are good.

Or forget it. Get out on the highway and hitchhike somewhere in Central Asia. This is also an option. Or on watch to the north. Or something else. Do not stand still, the main thing.

Answer 3
January, 2021

If you think that there are many men in the world over 30 with a successful career, an expensive car, many friends, an active personal life, and even with excellent physical and mental health, then this is not so. Rather, it is an exception and the majority do not fit into this matrix. Film But, of course, there are such people. So what? Do you think they are necessarily happy - is life a success? I wouldn't be so sure. Here is a woman living for herself, she has everything, work, child, husband. And something sharpens her and sharpens her, and in the end she goes to some crazy lover who mocks her and ruins his life. It's the same with a man - everything seems to be fine, but something is still wrong. He takes it and invests in a risky business, burns out, gets into debt, everything collapses. Game over.

However, it happens that people do not have jumps. And they achieved everything, and they understand everything adequately. It's okay. And tomorrow hop - and a drunken chelik crashes into your car, the whole family is corpses. Or a cancer, or a brick fell on my head. Anything can happen.

Well, there are only a few lucky ones who won the life lottery. They have everything in ointment materially, both spiritually and intellectually, people are not fools - they understand everything. Sometimes it happens. But this is exactly what a rare lottery win - and it would be foolish to seriously worry that you did not win the jackpot in some kind of drawing. Of course we didn't! And you are unlikely to win. So what's the point to fixate on this and grieve about it?

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