Those who have tried drugs, tell me why did you do it? Was your life bored?

Those who have tried drugs, tell me why did you do it? Was your life bored?

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Answer 1
June, 2021

Entry into destructive worlds like alcohol, drugs is always predetermined in the family, upbringing. Moreover, it matters whether the child received true love in the family, whether the parents accepted his individuality, whether they respected the choice. If this is not the case, then the growing person eventually becomes a lump of pain. How to quickly anesthetize yourself? That's right - ANCOSIS.

Answer 2
June, 2021

I read Richard's answer here, and so this is fucking nonsense about civilized countries and this is all

in fact, people first of all noticeably become dull from drugs, memory and concentration deteriorate

not listen to idiots! don't even try

Answer 3
June, 2021

You'd better tell me yourself - why haven't you tried it? Come on just without these hackneyed phrases like “I'm not interested in this” (interesting, since you ask).

Answer 4
June, 2021

Do not try synthetics ... although there is so much shit of every kind, I have not heard such names, you will see this on the internet, why they just do not prick themselves, such tin, living people rot, I love horrors so much, but I could not watch it

Answer 5
June, 2021

It depends on what you call drugs)

Ecstasy (a pill) is also from a number of drugs, I ate once, beautiful ones like krasovka nike) it was very fun)))) As an answer, you can count that I tried it because I don't see any difference between cigarettes, alcohol, drugs (depending on which of course) I saw the consequences of using something wild, then they just lie like rotten zucchini and decompose ... If we talk about such, then here the word "tried" is clearly not suitable, here it is more suitable to say: "decently got drunk"!

When we all tried alcohol for the first time, then of course no one thought about anything)

Answer 6
June, 2021

It's hard to believe, but after four years of living in the very center of Amsterdam, where everything is literally saturated and saturated with the smell of cannabis, I NEVER wanted to try. I'm surprised myself. Maybe because he smoked for many years and quit.

Answer 7
June, 2021

I came to the local psychiatric hospital, you need to get a certificate. The doctor asks - have you tried drugs? I say yes. In general, he did not focus on my answer. I received the help. Film And another very important point. When I was a techie, a man came to tell us about the dangers of drugs. And after his stories I wanted to shoot so badly.

Answer 8
June, 2021
  1. grass at 16-17 - it was interesting to touch the forbidden.

  2. spice at 17 - the effect was interesting

  3. ecstasy at 21 - was depressed, and just then colleagues invited to a party

  4. brand (lsd) at 22 - wanted to experience the hallucinogenic effect and find inspiration

  5. amphetamine at 22 - for performance

  6. methamphetamine at 22 - same as point 5

  7. mephedrone at 23 - there was no amphetamine in the area, I had to take mephedrone, because I wanted stimulation with a good mood

the effect of cocaine and opiates is still interesting, but I will not try. common sense is stronger than interest, heh.

But in general, drugs are bad, do you understand?

addiction, withdrawal, fear of being caught looking for bookmarks, plus they can be thrown with bookmarks. if anything, then from hand to hand now almost do not buy. you pay for the goods, and then you are given a description of the place and pictures of where it is. if you don’t find him, then hell will prove that you are not cheating. in this area the client is always wrong)

Answer 9
June, 2021

The point is more often not in boredom (although in it too), but in dissatisfaction with life, a large amount of frustration, stress, lack of positive and self-actualization. The best illustration for this seems to me to be an experiment on rats (which are not as sophisticated thinkers like us, but their basic instincts surprisingly coincide, even though rodents are the ancestors of all mammals): In short, rats in good conditions did not show interest in the drug, but in bad conditions they showed and got used to it. From the experience of narcology I will say that if an alcoholic during the rehabilitation period does not find a meaningful occupation that gives him positive emotions, then he will break back into binges as inevitably as the setting of the sun.

Answer 10
June, 2021

Eugene, your question is a special case of a more general question: why people, knowing about the dangers of drugs (any), go to their use?

There are a lot of reasons, including from boredom, as you rightly noted.

Well, if it is quite wide, then we come to the conclusion that the life of an individual is a continuous "experiment "in which he is in the role of" experimenter "and" experimental rabbit (pig, mouse) at the same time. This is the paradox of our whole life, alas.

Answer 11
June, 2021

at some point, different people try different things: sugar and / or soda, alcohol, tobacco - without thinking why, without experiencing an existential crisis, elementary boredom, and without considering that the substances contained in products are addictive. Did the author try Coca-Cola and did he do it out of boredom? rather, it depended on the environment and availability.

Answer 12
June, 2021

Dear author of the question, read the comments here less. If you want to try - try, if you want to die - die, if you want to live - live! This is your life, you decide.

Why not listen to the commentators? Drugs are a topic that goes deeper than social norms. Those who write that they are harmful are stupid bots that do not know how to argue their position.

In short, that is, synthetic and natural substances. Synthetics - will burn you to the ground in a few years. I highly do not recommend trying, but if you know that someone is selling - take it to the police.

Natural substances are also different, and there are different varieties. Some are technical, some are medical, and some are even used to make weapons. Think, read, find out what you are using!

Above the substances - there is a person selling them. The most ideal option is if you skillfully grow what you will shoot yourself ...

Let's pause especially for the employees of the bodies reading this:

a) like sex education, there is no culture of consumption or modern education in the Russian Federation. This should have been explained at school, your country chose no dialogue, mountains of corpses and cripples. You have read and forgot what you have read now!

b) In a number of civilized countries, such a discussion is not prohibited, just as it is not prohibited in some of them - cultivation. We cannot know which country the author and readers are from, so we will provide the conclusions to them. You have read it and forgot what you have read now!

... So, about a man above ... A cleanser in almost 100% of cases is diluted. Think and analyze (if there is anything left) who is selling you. Do not forget that in the Russian Federation "buying \ selling \ cultivation" is a criminal offense, as well as in some countries where you can grow (or discuss), but not sell!

It is extremely NOT DESIRABLE to use diluted shit. Firstly, you will not understand what the same marijuana actually exists for (if you absorb weeds from the garden, and not a quality product. It's like with tobacco, 80% of smokers don't even know what real tobacco tastes like!), And secondly, "it is not known" what was mixed there (what was diluted). There is a risk of injuring the central nervous system, brain or organs!

Culture is the real reason for the (adequate) use of natural substances (be it ayahuasca, marijuana, etc.), well, and medical indications. This means that each substance has a ritual, household or honey purpose. When something similar is used by Europeans, Russians, Americans, Asians, etc. just like that - it looks comical and stupid, not cool and stylish! The main goal of 95% of consumers is to get addicted, flex or disrupt something (hell understand that).

It is extremely NOT DESIRABLE to consume even alcohol (not to mention drugs) - if your goal is to get addicted! This will lead to planted health and brain damage.

For example, marijuana is used in the treatment of tumors, multiple sclerosis, diseases of the intestinal tract, and in some mental disorders - as prescribedand doctor's dosages!

Concerning "touching the forbidden". You can't publish prices here, but if you have friends who grows or knows how to cook all this rubbish, then you know perfectly well what its cost is. Drugs cost a penny! And their high price in the market is a product of prohibitions. Those. adoption of new zones or oval trapping of dealers - leads to higher prices. All this has a beneficial effect on their business.

Thus, if your motive is to "violate the ban" (to try something like that), know that you are the target audience of the drug business (for you, these bans were established) and the risk of falling into addiction even the first time is very high!

But this does not mean that everyone who tries it falls into addiction. When I was interested in the topic of the culture of smoking (against the background of my passion for the culture of reggae), I made myself a little joint for a couple of heavy ones while writing content - to relieve tension in moments of creative stupor. Indeed, thoughts fall easier and there is no this "what to write or draw" ...

Despite the fact that this happened 1-2 times a month, after about a year I noticed a slight decrease in cognitive abilities:

a) On the psychological side, that the brain refused to work without a candy (this is a passing symptom as soon as you give a candy),

b) And from a physiological point of view, I had difficulties with combining images and information from various fields into abstraction when drawing designs; and with logical connections when writing such a voluminous text. To put it simply, good design (or text) is a little bit from there, a bit from here, a bit of experience and everything altered to suit my style.

After that, I stopped using cannabis. Even after a year, no addictions have developed. There was a common habit (when hands itch), but this is easily corrected. The brain returned to normal quickly enough. I can't imagine how much and how long it takes to smoke for the damage to be irreversible! And addiction, it seems, develops only against the background of psychological problems and has nothing to do with the substance itself!

To summarize: Narcotic substances that could be used without consequences do not exist. That is why they are prohibited. Why alcohol and tobacco are not banned - with exactly the same effects, a good question, ask the president of your country!

Thus, deciding whether to use it or not, do not read the opinion of the sofa experts, of whom there are many, or the clientele of the drug business, and with the statistics of the consequences. Your decision should be based on facts, well, it's up to you!

P.s. Dear comrades from the bodies and state structures of the Russian Federation, please convey my thoughts - to the employees of the education system. In your country, there is such a sad situation with drugs, because there is no open dialogue in schools, and teachers are f *** ing, indirectly encouraging the distribution, sale and use - creating a "kind of taboo" around a very common topic.

If, of course, all thisoh not some kind of Masonic conspiracy!

Answer 13
June, 2021

What do you mean by drugs? I sometimes smoke marijuana when I start reading. Why am I doing this? Because I like it. I like to talk under this case, very often it brings people closer to a person, prompts deep thoughts, especially after a glass of good wine. I tried LSD, I liked it too, but I don’t think it should be abused and tried more often 2-3 times a year. There are mushrooms in the plans, they say an effect similar to LSD. Am I bored? I don't think so, but this is my choice.

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