The question for those who have been able to gain weight as a “skinny” is: how did you do it?

The question for those who have been able to gain weight as a “skinny” is: how did you do it?

Why Some Skinny People don't Gain Weight? | Dr.Berg

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Answer 1
May, 2021

As a person who at one time gained 20kg from 63 to 83 in six months, I would advise you to just eat a lot, and not to split into 6 receptions in any case, and not to abuse it with water, this will only speed up the metabolism, and our goal is slow it down while gaining meat. But the set, as already specified above, is both high-quality and not very good. A quality set comes with a surplus of calorie intake, but without the abuse of fast carbohydrates, which instantly turn into fat. We gain weight on rice, buckwheat, couscous, durum wheat pasta, eat protein food (chicken breast, turkey, red fish, ideally, we finish off the grasp with whey protein isolate) in a ratio of 1.5-2 g to 1 kg of weight, carbohydrates - 4 g per 1 kg weight, fat - 1g per 1kg of weight, ideally even 0.7g. 80% of calories should be consumed before 6 pm, you can have a snack at night with cottage cheese (casein at night will slow down catabolism and muscle breakdown from cortisol). Active sports will activate growth hormone (it is quenched by insulin, so refrain from sweets after inhaling) and the muscle mass will be trampled by leaps and bounds. For a more accurate calculation for the first time, you can connect the applications of the fatsecret plan (there is a mobile version for Android and iOS). Regarding classes - we exclude cardio, because we gain weight, we train with an emphasis on strength, not endurance. Workouts every other day for different muscle groups (legs, core muscles + biceps, back + triceps), leave the day for stretching and do not forget about warm-up and cool-down to avoid injury. We wear a chest heart rate monitor to count the calories burned and subtract them from what we ate during the day.

We do not forget to recover, muscles grow during rest, and not when they are regularly clogged to a burning sensation, this only destroys them and is the main mistake beginners make, hammering the same muscle group every day in the hopes of progressing.

How do you know that we are on the right track? We weigh ourselves every week in the morning on an empty stomach. If the set is on, everything is in order, if the set has stopped, we increase the calorie intake by 5-10%. Only a surplus of calories will give us a set of mass, remember this. If the weight is very tight, you are a hard gainer and you can add even a little junk food, flour, sugar to your diet, but do not abuse it.

In training, I recommend using creatine (10 mg is drunk for 2 weeks in a row, then a maintenance course of 2.5 mg for another 2 weeks, then a break for a month), L-arginine, do not forget about Omega 3 (complex 3-6-9 is possible), calcium and magnesium, drink vitamin C, for joint pain, we connect chondroitin and glucosamine (effectiveness small, but still) and / or animal (namely animal) collagen of group II. All this stuff can be ordered on iherb in reserve.


Forget about veganism, if you want to gain muscle mass, protein from plant products is absorbed 3-4 times worse than from animal products. And even pea (any legume) protein is a very useless food.

Answer 2
May, 2021

If you are here for a magic pill, then immediately by)

Everything and like everywhere else, basic exercises, increased consumption of carbohydrates and protein, adequate sleep, discipline and regimen, eat / train / sleep .

There are tons of step-by-step recommendations on YouTube on how to gain a lot of ectomorph.

Answer 3
May, 2021

Not so long ago I weighed 52 kg with an increase of 170. Growth has not changed until today and now my weight is 66 kg. One day I thought it was time to change something. I decided to fold my menu and eat according to it. I made a calculation of calories and drove. For the first three weeks it was difficult to eat a lot. But I still overcame this period. After three weeks, the body gets used to eating a lot. Then I added a gainer to the diet, which I drank after training and on rest days. For a month and a half, I gained 6 kg. Later, of course, the weight did not go so rapidly. Trained in the garage) with naggels, horizontal bar) made a beautiful body. I want to continue to gain weight further. In general, all that is needed is the desire and desire to become better, and of course willpower

Answer 4
May, 2021

I was gaining from 62 kg with a height of 182 cm. I went to the gym for a year, then there was 1 course of a techie. I studied with friends, then alone. For the year I scored up to 74-75 approximately. He threw the rocking chair, but the habit of eating according to the regime has remained to this day. I really wanted to gain weight. Now the weight is about 85. I will give a simple recommendation, sign up for a gym, and start eating more. I ate 5-6 times a day. Mostly cereals, pasta and of course meat. If it doesn't fit, you take a glass of water, put it next to it, and drink a spoon in your mouth. If you feel that just a little bit more and everything can go back, then sit for 5-10 minutes and continue. Personally, I gained weight like this, and many friends also gained weight. I need to eat through I can’t.

Answer 5
May, 2021

Ahah, very funny and stupid answers, honestly (especially a guy who gained 37kg in half a year IN NATURA and doing only bench press from the base, just rofl, sorry)

In short, to gain a lot of muscle , and not engage in fat building, you need to make a base, a base and again a base. There are 2 large muscle groups in the human body: back, legs. Middle muscle group: chest. Small: the rest. When a person trains large muscle groups, he has an anabolic explosion in the body, testosterone is actively produced. Another point: testosterone is produced in 3 cases: training, sleep, sex. So, to gain muscle, you need a lot of base. I usually train large muscle groups along with small / medium muscle groups 3-4 times a week. In training medium / small muscle groups, very little testosterone is produced, so in order to have an effect, you need to train them together with large ones (I repeat). In addition, there are the most effective exercises: squatting, pull-ups with a wide grip and a sumo-style deadlift.

Specifically, the drish should be eaten often, but it is advisable not to get too drunk at night. I think about the features, and so everyone knows almost everything, I will not paint. I will say one thing: to grow - you need to have a calorie surplus. That is, you must consume more than you spend. To lose weight, turn over.

Sleep is also clear, preferably 8 hours of good sleep.

I wouldn't bother with sports nutrition, it actually carries a placebo effect more than it really does helps. Sometimes it's convenient, but it's no better than regular healthy food. Vitamins are another matter. I would advise them to drink a course 2 times a year.

Chemistry or not - everyone's business, the main thing is not to deceive naive guys. They will believe, and those who fumble will poke their fingers and laugh. Of course, the results will be faster and you will be able to step over the human threshold, because in reality a person has very limited physical parameters. In any case, if you are not doing this professionally, then you better not. At least if you have already decided, then start with something easy and preferably understand pharmacology yourself or consult a specialist. Incorrectly designed courses have ruined many lives, I'm sure you don't need it.

The main thing in training is to find motivation, a goal. It will take a very long time and if you want to keep yourself in good shape, then you must understand that this is most likely even for life, because without training, the muscles very quickly atrophy to their original state (but if you resume training, thanks to muscle memory you can quickly return what was previously gained). I myself have been training for 3 years, from 67 kg I gained up to 95 kg (last winter I was on the mass), now 88 kg with an increase of 187 cm, I dried a little by summer :), the weight went smoothly over the years, without particularly sharp jerks.
I hope this wall of text really helps someone. Remember that there are a lot of liars, braggart and just bad people on the Internet who write absolute nonsense. There is a lot of false information in sports, so filter it more often, aboutbelieve in yourself, listen and feel YOUR body and how YOU are more effective.

Answer 6
May, 2021

From 17 to 22 years old, my weight did not change at all, no matter how much I ate and how much food I ate. And somehow, at 23, I gained as much as 12 kg in 5 months. Ask how? Everything is elementary and simple! I went to the gym and, in addition to the usual food, began to drink a gainer, before and after training, that's the whole secret (a gainer was necessary, because 6 times a day I could not afford to eat physically and financially). So the gym + food, that's the whole secret, if you want to gain "muscle mass", if you just be fat then McDonald's + sofa.

Answer 7
May, 2021

I was not always thin, in childhood and adolescence, I was constantly engaged in martial arts. From the age of 6, there was jiu-jitsu, then judo. But towards the end of school, due to studies, I gave up somehow. In six months I lost weight to the state of the skeleton. The muscles were literally absorbed. What can I say, I was a teenager, ate poorly, moved a lot, that's the result. A year ago I realized that I would like to gain weight. At that time he weighed 62 kg, height 176. I calculated with the help of BMI that the normal weight for me is 71 kg. It was not even about recruiting, but about the growth of quality indicators - an increase in endurance and strength.

Now to the point, how I approached the question. On average, this text can only help ectomorphs (thin from birth) - meso- and endomorphs need slightly different activities.

The most important thing that was mentioned above is nutrition. You need to eat regularly and correctly.

For muscle growth, 2g of protein per kg of body weight per day is recommended. So meat should be in abundance, it is a building material for muscles.

For example, as an option, it can be chicken breast.

Slow (complex) carbohydrates, they are responsible, in fact, for energy, because during the breakdown of carbohydrates, the greatest release of energy occurs (it seems, in Joules). These are cereals - buckwheat, oatmeal + potatoes + rice, etc.

Fast carbohydrates are also good, but mostly before a workout, they are good for boosting energy for a short time.

Definitely, you need to drink plenty of water.

And the most important thing is exercise. Hall or simply horizontal bars on the street, as it is convenient for anyone. I personally signed up for the gym, you need to train wisely. You don't have to put big weights right away. A circular workout and a subsequent split into muscle groups are well suited.

To summarize - normal and high-quality nutrition during the day + a couple of workouts for 2-3 weeks. In this situation, you can gain weight.

That's short.

A couple more life hacks, like:

Cardio workouts are good - but burn a lot of calories, try be smart about building your cardio workout. You should not run for 1.5 hours, otherwise you will burn all the calories and food will not help here.

After training, you can drink an easily digestible protein (isolate, hydrolyzate, etc.), unfortunately, many confuse this with harmful additives such as steroids and other things. No. It is a peptide, just in finished form, that is easily absorbed immediately after training. Diluted with milk and get a regular milkshake. Of course, you need to drink it in small dosages + always after training, so it will immediately go for absorption into the body. You can also add multi-vitamins, this is certainly not harmful.

Fast food can be consumed, but in moderation. There are a lot of calories in it, if you are gaining weight, then those fats that are contained there can help a lot. But that's only if you're an ectomorph.

In general, how to build your average day if you are trying to gain weight and increase strength:

Breakfast - slow carbohydrates (energy at the beginning of the day - most important)

Someone starts with btrees, but as for me, this is already a hassle of professionals, carbohydrates in the morning give a lot of energy and this is the main thing. Here you can eat porridge or rice

For lunch - slow carbohydrates + protein. Well, for example, chicken + buckwheat or + rice, as convenient.

For the second lunch, you can also eat carbohydrates with proteins

For dinner, I would eat something like cottage cheese. Carbohydrates need to be reduced because energy is no longer needed.

If you are exercising on this day, then it is worth going after a meal with carbohydrates, as they give energy. After training, you also need to eat - and you need to eat protein.

Relatively speaking, weight gain is simple math:

Weight gain = Daily calories consumed - calories consumed

You need to spend less than you need to get or get more than to spend :)

Then the weight will go uphill. But it's better all the same, not just to gain weight, but to pump up strength. Because just weight, in fact, does not give anything, but you can be strong even on low weights.

Something like that. This is my opinion based on my positive experience. I do not pretend to be a specialist!

Answer 8
May, 2021

All my life I was a drish, no more than 55 kg, although I ate usually like everyone else. But I smoked. How I quit smoking I probably knew for the first time a real feeling of hunger. I almost got hippopotamus, but I started to play sports in time, now I weigh 73 kg so we throw more actively, eat)

Answer 9
May, 2021

I will answer for those who do not want to read about squirrels, energy days and bodybuilding: I got a sedentary job, I have breakfast in the morning, I have lunch on schedule, I have dinner at home, sometimes I intercept another shawarma.

Answer 10
May, 2021

I have been engaged in bodybuilding all my adult life - for about 20 years. During all this time, I have not met a drisch that would have managed to gain any significant high-quality muscle mass. Drisch can become more athletic, increase power performance, endurance. But he will never be able to become Hercules. All of these recommendations - eating more sleep longer, work only on ordinary people. Drish will remain drish as long as you feed him. And maybe it's for the best. We big jocks need drishch, they create a favorable background. Nature is wise in its diversity, don't try to argue with it.

Answer 11
May, 2021

Due to the experience of weight gain (from 56kg to 74kg), I will allow myself to answer.

First, it is worth deciding why you cannot gain weight. There are "real drishchi" (ectomorphs) - these are people whose basic metabolism is amazing, and no matter how much food a person devours by both cheeks, he will still be thin. And there are "fake drisches" - these are, most often, young guys and girls with a thin physique without excess fat, and maintain such a figure simply because they do not consume enough food for active muscle growth.

The next steps will be: normalization nutrition, sleep, drawing up a suitable exercise program.

With nutrition, everything is easy and at the same time difficult. The main principle is to consume enough protein. For a basic calculation, multiply your weight by 1.5-2 and you will get the daily protein requirement for your body. The daily intake of carbohydrates is your weight * 5. You shouldn't worry about fats at all, if you are a "real freak", a surplus of calories due to fats will even benefit, naturally, within reasonable limits. The diet should be divided into more meals than you are used to consuming normally. You need to eat not to the dump, so that the digestive tract has time to process such a volume of food in 2-3 hours.

It sounds good at first glance, but then difficulties begin - it is difficult for thin people to consume such an amount of food and so many times a day ( The gastrointestinal tract is not ready, there is no time, there is not enough money). Here it is worth considering the use of sports supplements, in particular, weight gainers. They will make life much easier, relieve your digestive tract, save money on the purchase of expensive, high-quality products and speed up the process of building muscle mass.

You need to sleep for 8-10 hours, taking a dose of "long" protein before going to bed. "Long" protein is 100-200g. cottage cheese, or an equivalent portion of casein (milk protein, one of the types of protein supplements). Perhaps someone will say: "You can't eat at night! It's harmful" at night you can eat and even need to, but only protein. So that the body, during sleep, at least partially suppresses catabolic processes due to the breakdown of protein into amino acids.

The training program for ectomorphs (drins) is not much different from any other training program. It is worth noting that it is better to use a training split than a fullbody program. Split is the training of different muscle groups on different days. This is due to the fact that the body of an ectomorph recovers a little longer after training than the body of a mesomorph ("athlete" or normostenic) or endomorph ("hero" or hypersthenic).

The basis of any weight training is basic exercises + isolated for "finishing off" the muscles. If you have never visited the gym before, then it is recommended to do basic exercises with great care, or replace with exercise counterparts to reduce the risk of injury.

Answer 12
May, 2021

Two indispensable ingredients for gaining mass: nutrition with a surplus of calories and strength training with free weight, mainly basic exercises. If we want a beautiful mass, and not a tummy (belly) and sides (thighs), then a calorie surplus is desirable from slow carbohydrates (foods with a low glycemic index) and protein (plant protein for weight gain can be ignored). Necessarily vegetables, this is fiber. Do not forget about fat, it is better to get it from fish, flaxseed oil and nuts. The proportions of the BZHU are 30-20-50. This is approximately, desirable, but not necessary.

We take food 6-7 times a day, in approximately equal portions. For an approximate calculation of the required calorie intake during the week, we calculate how many calories are eaten per day, and we start from this figure in the future, gradually increasing the number of calories. The result will not be quick, it is better to control the recruitment process in the mirror and measurements of the chest-belly-thigh in order to regulate the set and not overdo it.

We refuse tasty harm during the week, we allocate one day a week for cakes / ice cream , in which we sharpen to their unconsciousness (figuratively). This is an outlet, and in one day, subject to the correct diet for a week, nothing will be deposited anywhere.

These are general principles in brief, but we are all different, with different metabolism, so in the process we adjust the diet and regimen to yourself.

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