Tell us a funny incident from your sexual experience?

Tell us a funny incident from your sexual experience?

Part 2, Section 3 - The Theory of Moral Sentiments

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Answer 1
May, 2021

One weekend, my wife went to my mother, said that she would come on Sunday morning, and my friends invited me to the bathhouse. The wife said that no baths, they say, she knows how it all ends there. Well, I promised no baths. But in the late afternoon, a friend stopped by and convinced me that no one would find out. He agreed, drove into Pyaterochka, collected everything, a friend bought condoms, said the lady. Two more arrived there are already soaring. Well, take off your clothes, one by one and into the steam room. And there are two of this lady, one licks, and the other gives her into her mouth. ... As I saw, I almost fell. It turned out to be my wife ..... My friend also did not know. And these two had no idea that this was my wife. But after small trials, we decided to continue our plans. My wife was on top, all night with everyone several times, even at the same time with everyone. This happens)))

Answer 2
May, 2021

My friend studied at a military school, came on vacation to his hometown and dined with his parents, the next point of a well-deserved rest, decided to make a visit to his classmate, with whom he had warm friendly relations.
Like a true hussar, taking flowers and champagne, rushed to her on a white horse of the 03rd model of the Tolyatinsky horse of the plant.
The meeting was warm, and the absence of the girl's parents only added bright colors to the long-awaited event. Parents went to the dacha for the weekend, so as not to interfere with their daughter's gnawing granite of science and prepare for the session.
Through the open window came the light scent of summer flowers, the South Sea and the chirping of crickets.
Strong male and young girlish bodies intertwined in an embrace. The scent of desire emanated from the skin, the tongue caressed the firm breasts, the hands were squeezing the strong buttocks, the climax was approaching.

Everything was spoiled by the treacherous rattle of the key in the keyhole ...

There was no time to think and The lieutenant, according to the military, quickly put on his underpants, grabbed his things in an armful, kissed his beloved goodbye and leaped out of the window into the garden, since the floor was first. blanket, indulged in sweet dreams, remembering the smooth curves of the beloved's body and other details of the date, which are not customary to speak out loud.
Morning greeted our hero with a gentle ray of the sun and the smell of homemade pastries, for which the young military organism was so yearning.
Mother was standing at the door, inviting her beloved son to the morning meal.
We didn't have to repeat, and our hero, jumping out from under the blanket, hung on his home horizontal bar in order to demonstrate to his mother that he became even more athletic and the army greatly contributed to this.
I must say that mom's reaction was unexpected - her eyes widened and concentrated in the groin area.
Sensing something was wrong, our hero looked down and, O HORROR! I found myself wearing a funky lace panties with roses and cute bows.
Breakfast was held in a tense atmosphere, in complete silence only the clinking of cutlery was heard. The sidelong glances of the parents did not add a holiday to the atmosphere either. I had to tell my father everything, who whinnied like a cavalry horse, wiping away a stingy man's tear and hiccupping from lack of air.
Everything worked out, but the mother of our hero kept looking at him suspiciously for a long time.
Love everyone!

Answer 3
May, 2021

In adolescence, they were very actively indulging in carnal pleasures wherever possible. Therefore, it is often right in your clothes. And now I had such a black loose-fitting skirt. During the "arrival" of passion, the skirt was simply lifted up and crumpled up, active sex, all things. I leave the guy and go home. Relatives should come to the family celebration. After a couple of hours of celebration, I stand in the smoking room with a bunch of relatives, we talk, and then my grandfather stretches out his hand to her skirt and such - Oh, you have something dirty here. I examine the skirt and realize that I have half of my skirt in white stains! Cum and my lubricant !!! God. I have never been so ashamed! Everyone looks at the skirt, mom tries to shake it off. I thought I was going to die. I began to lament that I had accidentally twisted this yoghurt, but she blushed and fussed so much, plus the skirt was all soiled from behind that they looked at me with strange looks for a long time. I am terribly ashamed to this day.

Answer 4
May, 2021

I had sex with my ex-spouse, and on central television and radio broadcasting that day, Formula 1 was shown, as I remember now. That was a long time ago, Montoya was still chasing Williams then. It goes like a muffled background, we completely surrender to the process. My head is busy with a member of my husband, I don’t know what, apparently two mulatto women under the waterfall.

In the bedroom, such nine and a half weeks reign that the neighbors literally called the Tinto breaststroke to leave and they themselves left to smoke. Moans sighs, but even behind them I hear that Juan Pablo went to overtake. I am not distracted from the process, but Popov is pumping from the TV - .... iiiii, here Juan Pablo is taking advantage! and Michael crosses his trajectory for the second time ... IIII .... IIII .... And Montoya overtakes the slip-stream !!!!! Yeah !!!
I let go of a member of my mouth and also like a scream Yeah! Pretty boy!

My husband looks at me with square eyes: Sunny, what are you doing ?! O_O
I say yes Montoya overtook Schumacher.

  • Yes, I heard why yelling like that, you're sick of McLaren ...
Answer 5
May, 2021

We are lying with the guy after what was done, I open VK and leaf through memes, I start to burn out. And then he was like, "Come on again?" Well, I kind of wanted it, and it was still funny. He sees that I am laughing, tries to insert, and it makes me even funnier from this awkward situation and the fact that because of me he does not succeed. With grief in half, I calmed down, he entered, and then says: "In short, listen to the punchline." And I just fell out. And for a long time I could not calm down. And he ended up giving up on this idea. We didn't succeed the second time. :)

Answer 6
May, 2021

Two years ago, I spent the night at my boyfriend's, and his room is a checkpoint. Well, during this event, grandmother comes out. What a shame it was. Or, somehow we came to him drunk at night and decided that now we would have sex! In general, I did not remember anything at all. And the next day he tells me that in the morning his parents were joking about us, because I screamed so hard that I woke them up. I told this when we were already opening the door to the apartment. I would have known earlier - I would never have gone to him for some time. The shame was terrible. But this is all bullshit. I have one friend who told her story. They are engaged in sex with a guy, he is behind, she is in cancer. When finished, he made her a neat remark that she does not wipe her ass badly after the big trip. So he nicknamed her "Nesquik".

Answer 7
May, 2021

Yes, somehow there were no particularly striking cases. I can tell you a little one.

Student years, hostel. Unfortunately, with the presence in it of conservative evil women with watchman's syndrome who keep order, who do not particularly approve of drinking alcohol, smoking and any noise at a later time (including carnal pleasures).

Middle of the night. The girl and I, having finished watching the movie and having tea, are lying naked in bed. Suddenly we hear a knock on the door (which was not considered necessary to close it with a key) with the arriving request "Vika, open it!" Then there was just the inspector, who wears the nickname Ghost, for her habit of walking around the sections with a gentle step, going up to the doors and quietly listening to what is happening behind them.
Clearly, understandably, some sounds were heard, we burned. Lol is that if you don't open it in the next few seconds, then the checker with her impudent disposition will do it herself.

The girl is blown up from the bed, instantly putting on a robe, and I, in Adam's suit, completely cover myself with a blanket, stretched out in an even string, and I start playing "One-two-three, sea figure freeze!", turning on the stealth mode.

They are standing together, the person checking in the head has a blue screen - there were voices, but no one ... In the end, he draws attention to the slightly raised blanket, asking with slight doubts, "Do you have someone there or what?" Here you can imagine the circulation of thoughts in the head of my beloved, on whose eloquence and ingenuity at that moment I very, VERY hoped :)

Nothing better than taking a laptop from the table and throwing it on the blanket under which I lie with words “Well, look,” she didn’t come up with. The inspector somehow bought into this trick and retreated, wishing good night and leaving us in a slight gasp.

P. S.
In the future, it was still evicted, since it does not fall twice in one hole) Yes, and other stocks as a whole were enough, which is already there.

Answer 8
May, 2021

Once, during the celebration of a holiday, they drank beer with friends. Many acquaintances and previously unknown people came. Including the girl with whom we later retired.

As soon as the "process" started, I began to feel a slight bloating, but did not give it up. But as soon as we changed our position and I was on top, the pressure in my stomach began to build up. I tried my best to have time to bring the matter to its logical conclusion before a cloud of stinking gas burst out of my ass !!!! But the gas turned out to be more insidious, just before the finale there was a loud BEEP!

God, how ashamed I was at that moment, the silent scene by Gogol was simple. We froze looking into each other's eyes, I expected that she would start yelling at me and say that I was a complete freak. But no (!) She began to laugh, which calmed me very much. We aired the room a little, and continued coitus calmly))))

Answer 9
May, 2021

Once I met with a crazy romantic, neat and part-time idiot. During the entire period of our relationship, we held hands, walked around the city and hugged only when we met. No vulgarity. But the X-day still happened. We, after amorous pleasures, lay on the bed and I offered to change the bedding on which we had sex while no one was at home. At my proposal, he looked at me in surprise and said: why change, let's just turn it over. And yes, he turned the sheet over and lay down. In short, I left with the thought: how many times has he already turned the sheet over?

Answer 10
May, 2021

One warm summer day I met a girl, we knew each other not so long ago, and that's not what the story is about. In general, she took me to the park, and began to pester me very much, it was an unusual park, the girl chose a place in advance, it was possible to retire in this park, because it is half forest and there are a lot of trees and grass. Skipping stories about the preludes, we hid (aha) behind one thick oak tree opposite the path. But the story is not about how we were burned by a passing grandmother. Kisses, gentle embraces, giving way to passion and now we are making love near this oak tree that grew near the path. A few minutes later (5-7) my companion began to scream wildly, it was a little uncomfortable, yet it all happened in broad daylight, in the park, and even near the path, my companion's screams continued, accompanied by unbridled convulsions, and I was sure that brought her to orgasm, but it was not there, she started yelling at me to get up and almost start beating me. I quickly jumped up, not understanding what was happening, and the girl continued to scream, as I wrote above: we knew each other recently and I was rather surprised at this manifestation of orgasm, BUT IT WAS NOT HERE, it was not an orgasm at all, it turned out that in a fit of passion we did not notice and lay down on the anthill with red ants and after a few minutes the ants started a riot and began to attack the body of my companion and bit Her very hard.

Answer 11
May, 2021

We both had the first time, I asked the lady: "Are you ready?" She made a stone face and said: "Enter." Nothing happened that time, because I felt funny.

Answer 12
May, 2021

One of my boyfriend's mother and grandmother were deeply religious. The whole house is covered in icons and all that. Also, they were engaged in some kind of "healing" and took some strange people home.

So that's it. Once, after sex, I leave the room, and there are five people praying on the carpet. I don't even know what was more at that moment - laughter or fear from such a picture.

Answer 13
May, 2021

Once I was with a young man, and my playlist was on a shuffle, and a song was playing, and there was a sample where the phrase "WHAT THE FUCK INSIDE ME? !!!" samples, but I just tried to turn off my hearing because there was a risk of rolling away in a fit of hysterical laughter.

Answer 14
May, 2021

I came to visit my ex, of course, there were no parents. We decided to arrange a nude photo session in the bathroom for his semi-professional camera. Filled the bathroom with water, I pose in translucent panties and his shirt. He photographed me from all angles, finally put down the camera and climbs up to me. And then ... The doorbell rings. His father is back! I shouldn't have! What I felt at that moment cannot be described in any words. The wildest fear and shame. The guy runs faster to get dressed and open the door, and I locked myself in the bathroom and sat in a wet shirt and panties, not knowing what to do, unable to move from panic. As a result, I washed my hair, left the bathroom and quietly sat in the guy's room all day, still burning with shame. I didn't even dare to go up to his father to say hello. Just before leaving, she said "Goodbye".

Answer 15
May, 2021

Once in the summer our 12-storey building was being repaired by workers - they went up and down on a suspended cradle, revetted, painted, repaired. It was very hot in the middle of the day and the balcony was open. And there was only one curtain - and that one was drawn back. And so, a friend came to me, we were lying with her (not far from the balcony) on the sofa, doing business, and at some point the cradle with the workers drove right up to the balcony, I stared at the workers, the workers stared at me, a short silent scene , bulging eyes, covering my friend with my body, I, naked, with dignity, dressed in a bright yellow condom, rushed at a gallop to the lonely curtain, drew it, and the workers immediately left somewhere down.

Answer 16
May, 2021

About a year ago I came to a friend in another city for a concert by a well-known performer. The concert was a success, the guys and I, after drinking a lot, wanted to continue and went in search of adventures in local clubs. One of the friends gave up the noble revelry and went home, offered to spend the night with him, despite the fact that his parents and brother were at home. They did not spare money for alcohol at all and drank to the point of unconsciousness. The next thing I remember is the subway and an unfamiliar slumbering girl lying on my shoulder, to which I was extremely surprised, because I did not remember who it was or how she ended up with us. Then I vaguely remember how we got home and went to bed. After a couple of hours of sleep, I ripped open my eyes - she was lying next to her, and nothing, very pretty, even further along the knurled line - harassment, kissing, tossing and turning and not particularly cheerful sex. Afterwards, both passed out almost until the middle of the next day.

Tin went when a friend began to talk about what happened last night. It turned out that the girl and I were put in the room with my brother, in his own bed, next to him, and he was always at arm's length and played with the tablet, contemplating everything that was happening. The door to the room was open, parents and friends walked by with a mug of tea in their hands, periodically stopped, stared, discussed together and massively ooh? * Blame what kind of game is going on in principle. Life around us was boiling and seething, someone was getting ready to work, someone sat down on the same sofa and chatted with the brother of the owner of the apartment, and we were carried away and drunk. Incredibly drunk.

Ashamed. Here.

Answer 17
May, 2021

We have been dating a guy for over 3 years. Somewhere in his sophomore year, a couple went to the movies. There was no money for tickets, and we sat in the lobby on sofas in such limited booths. Hormones were playing, but there was no place for sex. And I suggested, they say, let's do it orally somehow. It was winter, I lay my head on his lap, and he covered me with a jacket. The process started, but at one point he stopped me with his hand. And then he said that some guy noticed us and looked, but after a couple of minutes he left. It was a shame then, but now we remember with a smile :)

Answer 18
May, 2021

sat with a former young man on a bench in a park in the center of Moscow. looking around and realizing that no one was around, she decided to give him pleasure with her hands, no one sees

in general, at the climax of the guy I heard applause and admiring exclamations from men from a nearby shop: D

started wearing glasses.

Answer 19
May, 2021

My first boy suggested that I somehow go home to his best friend, while he was going to leave somewhere, so that we, in fact, could move to a new level of relations. Somehow I didn't even ask what kind of friend he was, although the guys and I had been dating for over a year. And so, we come to this apartment, we begin to undress, and at the most crucial moment we hear that someone is ringing the door (we prudently inserted the keys into the lock). And then a guy says to me: "Do you know who came? Alexander Danilovich."

Alexander Danilovich. History teacher at our school. Wildly strict, one might say, an evil man ... And it turned out that my boyfriend's best friend is just his son ...

I almost passed out from the shock, but we quickly got our bearings, opened the door, They smiled wryly and said that his son asked us to reinstall the operating system (a brilliant idea!), after which Alexander Danilovich went to the system unit and, looking meaningfully at us, put his hand on it (you guessed it, the computer was cold and lifeless). Well, we ran away with an apologetic look. The story would have quickly faltered, it would seem, because that teacher did not lead in my class. But in a month I will learn that from September he will be the leader. Never in my life have I shaken and cried so much with resentment and fear.

As a result, the teacher turned out to be a very sincere and humorous man. Of course, he regularly encouraged me on this topic in the classroom that I should be held accountable in general for entering someone else's territory, so remembering this story every time was wildly ashamed.

In general, thanks to him, he warned us against too hasty actions. We never did it with that guy - and well, it was too early.

Answer 20
May, 2021

My former companion was incredibly fond of the riding position. Do what you want, but there must be a rider. Well, what am I, for me it's like a sex bluetooth: hands are free, the whole load is a rhythmic raising of the pelvis at the time of planting on a bee. Well, in order to help her as much as possible in obtaining the cherished orgasm, I held her hips and sharply lifted her body up when she made a direct "landing" in order to improve penetration. And over time, I became very addicted to spanking her ass, which she also did not mind. In moments of ecstasy, she only enjoyed it more. Well, in general, the story is this: I once got too carried away, and started hitting pretty hard, and I wanted to make a "grand opus" so to speak: a fucking strong and last slap so that a direct trace would remain. Well, I myself was already at the peak, so concentration was no longer enough for me. So what do you think? I raise my pelvis, at the same time lowering it down by the thigh, swinging it, and ..... with all the fucks I hit myself in the balls. Have you ever been kicked in the balls? Pretty painful, isn't it? Now imagine that you yourself kicked in the balls, also at the moment when ejaculation is almost around the corner. I thought that after that they would fall off. So that there are no questions: when the pelvis rises, the eggs hang down, so they become an easy target. Well, I am in agony, speechless, I lie with rolled eyes, from which a stingy man's tear is about to flow, and as soon as the companion realized what had happened, she laughed wildly, but then she actively began to feel sorry for me, and asked not to swing so hard anymore. / p>

Answer 21
May, 2021

In general, I have a cat at home.

One of the beautiful summer days we decided to have sex. Well, in general, everything is fine, passion, kisses, thrusts, groans and at the moment of changing the pose we heard a drawn-out: "Meow." The kitty looked at us in bewilderment, and, as it seemed to me, even with contempt.

Another case with the cat too. During the blowjob, he moved his head repeating after me.

During Cooney, he comes and lies on my stomach.

Or sits next to me and carefully watches the guy.

Well, one more time I'm so loud shouted that the men who passed under our house began to applaud my boyfriend and shout: "Well done man!" But no one shouted that the fellow and I ...

Answer 22
May, 2021

I am sure that any couple of schoolchildren / students go through a stage in their life, say, "tasting" all types of condoms. Ribbed, striped, colored, with horns, with wings, with music, with candy there, etc. etc.
How does everyone start their stories here?
"A friend of mine"
... with their passion for the first time they decided to use glowing condoms.
He put on it on your dick. And a girl with humor, and therefore in the voice of a hungry and sex-hungry bitch, she gives him:
Come to me, my JEDI !!

Then there was only laughing ... Unrestrained. Hysterical and long. And fall asleep, embracing)

Answer 23
May, 2021

In one of the acts of intercourse, my man "reached the heavenly heights of bliss" just at the moment when an SMS with a sound from ICQ came to his phone. That is, he finished with the sound of "oh-oh". My rzhach stood for the whole house. And he no longer has that day.

Answer 24
May, 2021

My neighbors in the hostel dumped on some kind of party at all, and I took the opportunity to call my then boyfriend to my place. Everything went on as usual, we decided to boil and eat shrimp, a well-known aphrodisiac, in the hostel is generally a delicacy.

In general, on that day I learned that I was allergic to shrimp. Because during the process itself, my face began to swell, and a lump of these very shrimps rolled up to my throat. We had sex on the second tier of a bunk bed and I did not have the opportunity to quickly escape to the side of the toilet, and I was on top. Yes, I vomited on his face. Yes, disgusting, yes, fufufu. Yes, we broke up after a while, but not because of this. Yes, he deserves it.

Answer 25
May, 2021

Somehow we went with my girlfriend and our friends across the Volga with tents, swam, sat by the fire, in general, camping. At night, when each couple went to sleep in their own tent, the girl and I decided to make love, night, beach, tent, romance in general. But it was not there! Sex in a tent is just wildly inconvenient (the tent is the most ordinary in height about a meter, for two), the heat was unbearable, maybe they closed the tent for privacy and moved a lot, for the same reason the sand under the tent went and after a while the pins that hold the tent, flew out and the tent fell on its side and buried us under it. Situation: we are lying sweaty in a broken tent without the opportunity to get out, tossing and turning, at that moment our friends were walking by (who also decided to retire and went somewhere, found a table there, it broke under them, also funny) and began to help us, we are naked inside the tent, our friends are trying to turn us over, screaming "help fucking friends!" In the end, we were saved. Together with the girl for 4 years, everything is fine, everyone survived.

Answer 26
May, 2021

I retired with my girlfriend on the second floor of a country house, being drunk, and two of my comrades played tricks on the first. I remember it was about 6 am. And at the most crucial moment they burst into the room with a "locomotive" with a tambourine, singing some chants.

After a couple of days of resentment, we already chuckled at this over a bottle of beer. =)

Answer 27
May, 2021

jerked off in a jerk, and then the next day I saw spots on the door. I removed them of course, but I'm very afraid that someone else saw them during this time ..

Answer 28
May, 2021

I once met a strange young man. It was the second month of the relationship, for some reason we did not see each other for two weeks. And then he comes to my house, we lie on the bed, all in anticipation I begin to pester him in every possible way, but he is not in any. After a while, he stops me, looks contemptuously and asks: "What do you like, do you like sex?" Didn't know whether to laugh or cry, but there was no sex.

With the same guy, there were several cases when in the midst of the preludes, he abruptly stopped and said: "No, something lazy." All the harassment ended with this phrase.

There was another case when, before oral sex, this eccentric (ahem) ate a mint candy. To say that everything was on fire THERE is to say nothing. Then it turned out that he had planned it on purpose.

When we parted, she sighed calmly)

Answer 29
May, 2021

Inappropriate, but an interesting fact ... I reach a more epic orgasm in a domestic Zhigul car. For so long sitting on the seats, the young man and I found an incredible posture in which, I don't know what part of the body, the steering wheel touched and was accompanied by a characteristic sound. But we were too close to the peak of bliss after a long search for the ITSELF. Beep beep beep beep beeeeeeeeee !!!!

Answer 30
May, 2021

It's a bit corny here, but still. As teenagers, she remained with the object of the then sympathy at her home. And so, when we were in the costumes of Adam and Eve, we heard the treacherous key in the lock at a very early time for him. And dad and mom came together. Then I probably broke all possible standards for silent dressing for speed, even in very tight and tight jeans I flew in in a matter of moments. It seems they went unnoticed. They greeted calmly and went for a walk.

Answer 31
May, 2021

The first case was with an ex-girlfriend in the room. Her parents once bought a room in a communal apartment. The house is old, with ceilings of 3.5 meters, and the girl's father, an incredibly handy guy, built a "second floor" in the room for optimal use of the space - somewhere at a height of 2 meters, half a room, a wooden platform with a ladder. There was a bedroom on the landing - very cool. In short, during the process in the "spoon" position, I, thanks to the high amplitude of my "vibrations", fall down from this platform. Everything would be fine, but since it happened suddenly and in the process, the sound when "undocking" looked like the sound of a properly opened champagne, i.e. such a "bop". It was painful, funny, and ashamed :)

The second case is connected with another girl. I looked after a wonderful representative of the fair sex, an athlete, an activist, and, in principle, a very bright personality, but at the same time very restrained, well-mannered. You will never hear rudeness or rudeness from her, she is always tactful and modest. Under the onslaught of my courtship, the girl gave up and we met for a while. And then that very day X comes, I am a little worried, because the girl really really likes it, and since she is very modest in behavior, and I don’t like to delve into the history of her personal life, I do not quite understand how ordinary it is for her. In general, after the start of the process, I try to somehow show attention there, kiss my neck, not the point, in short, I do not maintain eye contact :) The girl was straight up, constantly returning my face to hers, and then at the next moment, she suddenly grabs my hair on the back of his head (very painful) presses me with his forehead to his forehead, and looking straight into my eyes in this position shouts: "LOOK IN MY EYES, B * KA!"

I remind you :

a) The girl is shy, cute, brought up

b) Everything happens right in the process of sex.

Say that I was just a * yo, say nothing. But I finished the process :)

In general, love each other, and so that you have more such stories)

Answer 32
May, 2021

When my children reach adolescence, in addition to lessons on "contraception", "trust" and "better - later" they will receive a lesson "candlesticks".

Already my ex-boyfriend gave me a romantic dinner for my birthday : music, alcohol and candles. Dinner was not a surprise and was prepared in my presence. I sat in another room and was bored. I'm tired of it. "I don't care that you almost finished everything and even lit candles." We went into the room, the process started and suddenly he began to shout: "Katya! Katya!" Well, it’s good for him, I think. And he continues: "We're on fire!" I turn around and see a light from the kitchen. We are abruptly undermined there and see a burning table. The candles burned out much earlier than the announced time, and no one thought about candlesticks. We could not save the tablecloth, but we still remember the joke "Katya, fire in the hole".

Answer 33
May, 2021

One of my classmates, not me, was in practice - archaeological excavations. There everyone lives in a field in tents. A classmate's girl slept in his tent for several days, but then, for the sake of decency, she decided to sleep in her original base - her friend's tent, where another girl slept (a tent for 4 people). One night a classmate crawled into their tent, when the hostess and the fragile little girl were sleeping, and the friend of the classmate was not there. Soon they wanted intimacy (well, what, it's dangerous, klevenk). Everything was quiet and pleasant, the neighbors, lying a few dozen centimeters away, slept as if they had been killed after hard physical work. The climax was approaching, as here the smallest girl, the one who was sleeping, did not snore like a horse bitch snoring so that the tent almost collapsed. The heroes lovers almost burst into their voices, the romantic mood was gone, but they did not regret it, it was very funny.

Answer 34
May, 2021

At some point, while walking with a friend, I really wanted to have sex, and to try something new, the playground seemed the most suitable place, closed from all sides, about 11 o'clock in the evening, everything goes on as usual, and now It would seem that the culmination is coming soon, but loud cheerful children's screams begin to be heard, they had to retreat as standard partisans, they cursed their parents for the rest of the evening.

Answer 35
May, 2021

One of my friends, but not me, met a very beautiful kind girl. She had kittens at home. Just kids, a week ago they opened their eyes. And, therefore, one evening: the kittens were escorted to another room, candles, dinner, bed, missionary position, climax, speed, screams, sighs, spanking ...

And then a disturbing cry of a guy ..

The kitten quietly came from the back to watch.

He released his claws.

And began to actively play with the male part of the body, which shakes most of all in this position.

With a "bag"

There was no more intimacy that evening.

Answer 36
May, 2021

I work in one of the fast food companies. And just recently we had corporate managers. Naturally, the youngest got drunk, including me. My friend and I went to our colleague's home, sat there a little, also drank. Then we went to bed, slept together. We were just asleep! In the morning my friend went to couples and left me alone with our colleague. A very handsome boy, but for some reason I never looked at him. And then my friend left, he offered sex, I refused as a decent one. Already in the afternoon I thought, why did I actually refuse, well, we began to have sex. But my colleague forgot that his parents are to return from vacation today. And here I lie, feet to the top, sigh and hear the door opening. It was a shame that we had not finished. But most of all, I have never felt so ashamed

Answer 37
May, 2021

Once having sex on the roof of a 15-storey building, they blinded me with the flash of a camera from a neighboring house. There was a desire to go to the photographer in order to look at the photo, but somehow they forgot about it, although I'm sure the photos are cool.

Answer 38
May, 2021

I met with a very temperamental guy. And so, one fine day, when we were alone in his house (private house), it occurred to us to have violent sex. But under the rough sex he really wanted me to scream. And not just, but "louder, louder!" Well, I'm sorry or what? A minute later I even got into the taste, dispersed, yelling at the top of my throat. And then we hear that someone is opening the front door. Naturally, I shut up abruptly; rough sex spoiled. As a result, until the evening I sat quieter than a mouse (no, well, I not only sat, but this is not the main thing in this story) in his room, and then we quietly retreated to accompany me home.

When my young man came home, my mother decided to talk to him about it. It turned out that she was walking home, and even at the beginning of the street (300 meters, anyway) she heard women's screams. She did not pay attention to this, but as she approached the house the screams became louder ... As a result, she neighing, but asked the neighbors not to scare them anymore.

Answer 39
May, 2021

Once a friend during oral sex accidentally (at least I want to think so) with her teeth tore off a piece of my foreskin in the area of ​​the bridle. Such a healthy piece. It was not so much painful as alarming from the abundance of gushing blood and funny from the situation itself. That's really really "drank my blood", there is nothing to say.

Answer 40
May, 2021

A friend of mine, but not me, was so happy to first meet that I had sex on the old carpet. The night was long, and in the morning his knees had worn out so badly that he could not walk. I lay there for two days)

And another friend of mine, but not me, met a girl who got up after each act, bowed her head (like the Japanese) and said thank you. It was very funny (kinda oh-ho-ho from uni).

Answer 41
May, 2021

I'll start with myself.

In her youth, at the peak of pleasure, the girl grabbed my head with her hands and hit hard against the corner of the cabinet. I passed out.

When I woke up, it was a little scary and very funny.

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