Should you go vegan?

Should you go vegan?

Plant Based Diet - Should I Do It?

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Answer 1
June, 2021

If you are a normal healthy Russian person, then definitely not worth it, because it is contrary to our nature and culture.

And if you want to become a vegan for fun, because of fashion or to try it yourself, it is all the more not worth it, since you will definitely not become one - just waste resources and undermine your health.

Answer 2
June, 2021
  • Veganism is a choice of justice at the expense of profit, and the ability to see this choice in every purchase.
  • On my own hump and on someone else's
    I learned a simple concept:
    It makes no sense to go to a tank with a knife,
    But if you really want to, it's worth it.
    (I. Guberman)
  • People are divided into the following examples, and giving examples. There are a lot of the first ones, the second ones are so few that you won't meet anyone live. But history remembers the second: those who change traditions. Among the famous philosophers who broke bad traditions, they were all vegetarians.
  • The choice, it turns out, is this: What is better for you: to be in agreement with the majority or with more worthy ones?
  • A vegan's social circle is much narrower. Perhaps it is worth starting with expanding the number of vegetarian friends, because there will be no peace in the circle of the parental family, they will always pin up.
  • You will have to forget about vegan restaurants forever, no one knows the ingredients there.
  • I consider health issues to be secondary. Rather, I believe that it is not worth helping people who see veganism as food, and not principles, because they promote selfishness. Keeping healthy on veganism is possible, and it is possible to boycott the pharmacy business. But at the same time, it will be necessary to become smarter and healthier than others, so that others understand that your knowledge is one step ahead. And without brains, people get sick on any diet.
  • How to go vegan without counting nutrients and without harming your health? Even before going vegan, follow 2 rules: On the plate, at least half of the food should be fresh (not heat-treated). Vegetables are eaten with other food, and fruits are eaten separately.
Answer 3
June, 2021

Of course! It should be understood that veganism and plant-based nutrition are two different things. Vegans not only do not eat products of animal origin, but also refuse leather, wool, fur, do not support zoos, dolphinariums and everything else related to the abuse and exploitation of animals. Thus, veganism is primarily a moral and ethical position, not a diet.

But if you decide to become a vegan, then you need to pay some attention to nutritional issues. For example, I advise you to order vitamins B12 and Vegan D3 from (it will come out much cheaper than buying fortified foods like soy milk). Contrary to popular belief, getting enough protein, iron, and more is easy. You can find out more in Google or on the sites and

In general, this lifestyle has a lot of advantages. Vegan food helps reduce the risk of developing cardiovascular disease, cancer, type 2 diabetes, and some others. Veganism is also many times more environmentally sustainable because animal husbandry is very harmful to the environment.

Answer 4
June, 2021

Veganism means not only a certain type of diet, but a complete rejection of violence. And the question: "Should I give up violence?" sounds more than strange, so I advise you to study this topic in more detail and make an informed decision yourself.
As for the issue of health: yes, it is more difficult to compose a balanced diet without pzhp, but it is quite possible.

Answer 5
June, 2021

The best answer to this question is in a book by Colin Campbell called "China Study".

It examines the dependence of chronic diseases and cancer on diet.

Caution, danger to perception :-)

* Don't thank

Answer 6
June, 2021

Links to some materials that will help answer this question.

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http: // ...

" Vegan Freak "book Bob Torres, Jenna Torres

http: // ...

What if we milked women instead of cows? watch? v = woXwz ...

VEGETARIANITY [Lee Kay vs. Lee Kay]

Answer 7
June, 2021

What is your motivation? If you want to go vegan for your health, then you shouldn't. There are tons of ways to be healthy without these perversions. A healthy lifestyle does not necessarily include avoiding animal food.

If you are worried about killing living beings, let me remind you that cows give milk without dying (on the contrary, dairy cows are taken care of and they usually live longer for treatment content, all that), the eggs in the store are unfertilized (yes, chickens lay eggs without roosters). So it is not necessary to become a vegan, it is enough to give up meat (do not forget to replace it with food additives, vitamins, omega-3 fatty acids).

If for the company, well ... You can eat whatever you want in a quiet place and position yourself in the company as a vegan. True, if your friends do not compensate for nutritional deficiencies with dietary supplements, you will quickly get bored with such a company. Pure veganism without pharmacy can negatively affect the nervous system.

Answer 8
June, 2021

It's up to you, but from the point of view of scientific medicine, strict vegetarianism (veganism) is not good. It is necessary that 30% of the total amount of protein entering the body with food is of animal origin.

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