Recommend fiction books that tell in detail about the everyday life of the addict, his states and thoughts?

Recommend fiction books that tell in detail about the everyday life of the addict, his states and thoughts?

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Answer 1
May, 2021

Shantaram sensational, everything is detailed and there is a lot of philosophy. About a drug addict who settled in the slums of India, became part of the underworld. Indeed, a lot of philosophy, dialogues, views from the inside.

Answer 2
May, 2021

On the topic, I can advise from what I did not see in the comments:

Ambroziy Bogoyedov - I didn’t come up with it

https: //www.livelib. ru / book / 1003621186-ne-pridumal-ambrozij-bogoedov is a semi-mystical novel about drug dens and everything connected with them. About 2010s.

Kir Shamanov - Bad Children of Perestroika kirill-shamanov? utm_source = livelib - about junkies of the 80s and 90s and how to get off in this whole situation.

Ivan Volkert - Tales of the Dark Forest

https: // - about the role-playing party in the 90s, eating mushrooms.

Yuri Mamleev - Cranks - already a classic.

Charles Baudelaire - The Poem of Hashish - even more ancient classics, notes about hashish and opiates in Europe in the 19th century.

Answer 3
May, 2021

Daren King - Star and Box, written in an interesting manner)

Everything is described in some detail, teenagers, when the roof can completely move out and you have to constantly look for something, avoiding dangerous situations, but at the same time book humor.

Answer 4
May, 2021

"Naked Breakfast" by William Burroughs

it mainly shows the thoughts of a drug addict during the effects of drugs, so in parts it is difficult to understand and sometimes resembles incoherent delirium. but if you discard the usual rules of logic of a sober person (after all, the author was not sober at the time of writing), then the reasoning in the book will seem quite fair to you.

Answer 5
May, 2021

There is a book called "It is necessary for the living." Everything is described in great detail, from the first person. I recommended it to many friends who read it - they liked it. If you don't find it on the Internet, then, as a last resort, write to me on VK - I'll throw it off. This is definitely worth reading

Answer 6
May, 2021

Irwin Welch "Trainspotting".

This is the book on which the most iconic film of the nineties was shot - a film that laid the foundation for a whole fashion trend - the so-called. "heroin chic", which ruled several years ago and catwalks, and screens, and recording studios.
This is the Gospel of heroin.
This is the chronicle of the existence of those who did not want to "choose Pepsi" or "choose life ".
This is a book that truly produced the effect of an exploding bomb and - by the very fact of its existence - proved that" shock literature "still exists.
This is the novel Trainspotting. The brightest, most violent, most controversial and most outspoken book of the "hopeless nineties".
This is the novel "Trainspotting". The confession of a generation that has learned the terrible justice of the motto "NO FUTURE" in its own skin ...

Answer 7
May, 2021

I would suggest reading Jacqueline Susan - "One Time Isn't Enough". In general, the plot of the book is somewhat broader than the topic stated by the author of the question, there is love and youthful maximalism and manifestations of the father's unenlightened love for his daughter. It reads quite simply, the plot is addictive. Trips with methamphetamine and LSD are well described.

Answer 8
May, 2021

I don’t read detective stories, but Yu Nyosbe - the Ghost - liked it .. there is just about the life of drug addicts plus a twisted plot ..
also Yu Nyosbe read the Son - and there are drugs too .. I still advise a ghost, not bad
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Answer 9
May, 2021

There is an interesting little book by Barbara Rosek "The Diary of a Drug Addict" (Pamiętnik Narkomanki). It was in our school library (no matter how strange it was), and in some academic year we read it in unison with almost the whole class, practically passing it on from one to the other.

Answer 10
May, 2021

Mr. Robot's Diary (the truth is that everything is in English). Fortunately, if you know English, then you will be very much addicted, because it describes the life of a social phobia hacker who often uses drugs, in some places it is very well written.

Answer 11
May, 2021

And you can also read Bulgakov's "Morphine", which, they say, was taken by the writer himself.


Answer 12
May, 2021

If you want a cute story about how to get out of the state of a drug addict, then "Bob the street cat" is fine. Although everything is described too cheerfully and kindly, even naively, it is worth reading. And if you are planning a trip to London, why not meet the author and pet the famous cat?)

Answer 13
May, 2021

## Jim Carroll - The Basketball Diaries

A classic about a young hipster growing up on the dirty streets of New York. The book brought Jim Carroll great fame in the underground environment. Jack Kerouac, after reading for the first time fragments of Carroll's funny and sometimes terrible chronicle about the life of an urban teenager from thirteen to sixteen years old, decided to write: "Thirteen-year-old Jim Carroll writes prose better than 89% of modern writers." Later, excerpts from the work, printed at the dawn of the seventies in The Paris Review, caused a sensation - and continue to cause to this day.

## Alice's Diary (Go Ask Alice)

This is the diary of a young drug addict. Names, dates, names of cities have been changed at the request of the participants in this story. This book does not claim to be a detailed description of the world of drug addicts, it chronicles the life of only one girl who stumbled, who did not manage to survive.

## Selby Hubert - Requiem for a Dream

The book tells about the fates of four New Yorkers who, unable to bear the difference between dreams of an ideal life and the real world, seek solace in illusions. Sarah Goldfarb, who has lost her husband, dreams only of getting on a TV show and showing up in her favorite red dress. To get into it, she goes on a diet of pills that change her mind. Sarah's son Harry, his girlfriend Marion and best friend Tyrone are trying to get rich and break out of the life that surrounds them, selling heroin. The guys themselves indulge in drugs. Life seems like a fairy tale to them, and none of the four realizes that he has become addicted to this fairy tale. It gradually becomes clear that the main character of the novel is Addiction, and the book itself is a manifesto of the triumph of addiction over the human spirit. Requiem for all those who, for the sake of illusion, betrayed their lives and lost a Human in themselves.

## Crowley Aleister - Diary of an Addict

This is a true story. It was changed just as much as the mystery of the names requires. This is a terrible story; but it is also a story of hope and beauty. It reveals with frightening clarity the abyss on the edge of which our civilization trembles. But the same Light illuminates the path of humanity: and we ourselves will be guilty if we step over the edge. This story tells the truth not only about one of human weaknesses, but (by analogy) about all others; and from all of them there is only one way of deliverance.

## Stephen King - Someone who wants to survive

(Not about drug addiction as such, but the GG is forced to take heroin).

He ended up on a desert island, he has everything except food ... He wants to survive, but he is the only food for himself ...

## Irwin Welch - Acid House

Irwin Welch's Second Book: The Journey To Hell Continues! ... Edinburgh junkies and drunks, crime boys and stylish girls. A city of heroin chic that never goes out of style! Welsh with incredible drive sinks to the very bottom - where violence is the norm and escapism is a way of life!

## Radek Yon - Memento mori

In the new novel "Memento"the author touched upon one of the most acute problems of our time, which, unfortunately, has not escaped the countries of the socialist camp - the problem of drug addiction. The novel is based on reliable life material and tells about the difficult period of growing up of a good Czech guy Michal Otava and his peers, drawn into the network of drug addiction and did not find the strength to break out of them. But "Memento" is not just a novel about the destructive power of drugs, it is a warning novel, a book that instills in young people the need to cultivate will, courageously endure adversity, and firmly resist evil. This is her great moral strength.

## Dick Philip Kindred - Gliding in the Dark (Blurred)

This is a frank novel in the form of satire on modern society Bob Arcturus is constantly intoxicated by him strange illusions are constantly seen. When he just started his journey in the world of drugs, he was in a world of peace and euphoria and enjoyed this phenomenon. But over time, everything has changed a lot and after almost every dose, he begins to see terrible nightmares. His visions are completely out of his control, he begins to realize that he is gradually losing his mind. It begins to seem to him that this is not his life, but in fact he is not a drug addict and a completely different person. All these horrors are just a figment of his sick imagination ...

Answer 14
May, 2021

The same good old Irwin Welch - the novel "Ecstasy" - three stories about love and chemistry. The 2011 film adaptation is also noteworthy. -----------

Answer 15
May, 2021

I really recommend "Heroin Diaries" - the real diary of Nikki Sixx, bassist of the cult band Motley Crue (now also Sixx: A.M.), during his heroin addiction, with comments from people who surrounded him during that difficult period. The true story of the life of a scandalous rock star, an honest, dirty, painful and hopeless book. It makes a lasting impression, be sure to read it! Translation, however, amateur.

Answer 16
May, 2021

I would recommend this.

Everyday life, glitches, breakdowns "from the inside", but in such a way that this is not scary (although in fact it is a complete trash) - the already mentioned "Inferiority" by Bayan Shiryanov.

The experience of entering drug addiction, senseless horror inside her, monstrously complex healing - three essay stories by Yegor Radov: "How I became a drug addict", "How I was in a drug addiction hospital" and "How I recovered from drug addiction.

Life, crime, death, horror, but served "from a distance" - the brilliant novel by Mikhail Gigolashvili "Ferris Wheel".

Well, Burroughs too, I guess.

Answer 17
May, 2021

William Burroughs
"Junkie" novel

............................... .................................................. .....................................

Answer 18
May, 2021

Oh! I, as a well-mannered young lady who knows about drugs from books, can recommend three books.

The first - philosophical - Carlos Castaneda "Teachings of Don Juan". Peyote and long sitting around the fire. I made a summary, I remember)))) The second book was "Inferiority" by Bayan Shiryanov. For me, a well-bred young lady, in 1998 this work was just a shock - recipes, pharmacies, cooking "screw" ... no romance ... Well, and the third book is Hunter Thompson " Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas". This book is really scary. I couldn't even finish reading it. I watched the film calmly, but when watching the film you are an outside viewer. And when you read the book, you are a participant. I could not survive all these deliriums ...

Answer 19
May, 2021

Oooh! Read Andrey Doronin "Transsiberian back2black" !! This is a book of correspondence between Doronin and Olya Marquez. He once wrote to her about his dark heroin past, they came out like real letters. Olya first posted excerpts in her LJ, and then published them as a book in a small print run. Amazing thing! Read in one breath. Dirt, of course, but it's absolutely impossible to come off. Bulgakov's "Notes of a Young Doctor" is still a must. A wonderful book. "Wir Kinder vom Bahnhof Zoo" - about a girl Christian, who at the age of 13 tried heroin for the first time. It is based on real events that happened to Kristiana Feldsherinoff in the early 70s. She talks about family, girlfriends, boyfriend, love for Bowie. All this against the backdrop of West Berlin. Depressive, but meets your stated requirements.

Answer 20
May, 2021

F. Christiane - "I, my friends and heroin". 1975, Germany, thirteen-year-old girl Christina. The most important thing in this book is the realism and accuracy of how the main character slowly falls to the very bottom

Answer 21
May, 2021

I can recommend Irwin Welch's novel Trainspotting, I don't know if you can buy this book, as I heard that it is banned in Russia. A film was also shot on it.

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